Lords of the Fallen: Empty Bottles / Shards Attribute Locations

Here you will find the locations of each of Empty Bottles and Shards Attribute, they are hidden in a chest in a challenge or a Boss fight.

Empty Bottles

1: At the beginning of the adventure, go down the stairs of the hall behind the first door and destroy libraries left. Then reach the bottle located on the other side.

2: In a chest of West Wing Challenge Portal Monastery. Accessible after defeat of the First Guard.

3: Behind a destructible wall located at the bottom of the basement area. Basements are accessible from a destructible wall located at the intermediate level of the west wing of the monastery.

4: In a sealed metal box located in the area of the Back Entrance.

5: In a chest on the lower floor of the Burned Tower.

6: In the burning tower, look to the left down the stairs to see a chest. Go down in its direction to reach and grab the bottle.

7: Nearly a grid on the right side of the area of the Eternal Flame.

8: Behind a sealed door in the second part of the Antechamber west.

9: In a chest Challenge portal accessible after defeat of the Boss Infiltrator.

10: Reward Challenge portal of new Chambers Funeral available after defeat of boss Champion.

11: In the trunk located in the back room of the Monster Prison. The door opens after the death of boss The Beast.

12: Up the stairs of the Chamber of Lies North End. Walk to the side to reach it.

13: Reward Challenge South end of the gate of the Chamber of Lies. Accessible after defeat of Boss Exterminator.

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Shards Attribute

1: North Watchtower In a sealed chest.

2: In a chest Challenge Portal of Outer Walls. Accessible after defeat of the Worshiper boss.

3: In a chest in the West Antechamber, on the other side of the dimensional portal Claves. Requires the small key of West Antechamber obtained after defeat of the mini boss Tyrant of the Eternal Flame.

4: Reward for reporting 5 ancient plates Yetka.

5: Up the stairs nearby crystal backup Circle of cells.

6: Reward Challenge Portal of the Eternal Flame, accessible after defeat of the Boss Guardian.

7: Reward Challenge Portal - Flooded Halls. Accessible after you meet Adyr.