Lords of the Fallen walkthrough tactics / guides for boss fights

Anyone who has ever played a part of the Souls series, will find within a few minutes numerous similarities between the Japanese hardcore game and this one. Even if you added is not quite so hard in the role of tattooed Harkyn, however, some screen of death waiting for you. So that you always retain the full view with all the dangers, we grab you with this extensive "Lords of the Fallen" -walkthrough under our arms.

Some players were able to pick up the game a few days before the launch from their retailers, but we are not quite so lucky and recently we start the adventure. For this reason, our guide is also currently under construction. So check back for regular updates.

*** Walkthrough in progress***

Table of Contents:

1 Getting Started, see, speak with Kaslo, Key
2 First Boss Fight: First Warden
3 Locate Kaslo # 1, Side Quest: Shard of the Hero
4 Find Kaslo # 2, magic glove
5 Find Kaslo # 3, Tower Key find side quest: Yetkas Dagger
6 Bosses: Commander
7 Find Kaslo # 4, side quest Bloody flint
8 Bosses: Worshipper
9 Destroy the gate of the ruler to stone weir, Ancient panels, open gate
10 Destroy the gate of the ruler to stone weir # 2, # 2, see tables, abbreviations
11 Bosses: Infiltrator
12 Find Antanas and Kaslo in the citadel of the monastery, side quest: Deserters 
13 Find cell broadcast, orientation: 14 Catacombs
14 Catacombs: activate lever, side quest: liberate monk
15 Bosses: Champion
16 Drowned Halls, Fight your way to the citadel to top
17 Head to the Planetarium, chamber of deception find Antanas
18 Bosses: Beast
19 Appliance part to return, return to the Rhogar world
20 Bosses: Guardian
21 Chamber of Deception: Search the levers
22 Chamber of Deception: Holy corridors, looking for the levers
23 Bosses: Slayer
24 Hand of God, interlude, unveiling
25 Bosses: Lost Brothers (lightning and fire)
26 Point Antanas in the citadel to speech
27 Final Boss: Richter

Getting Started, See, Talk to Kaslo, Key

Soon after the introduction you will face your first opponent.

Based on the Rhogars you learn the absolute primordial slime of the combat system and see the first tutorial notes, which you can however skip any time.

Talk to Kaslo

You play as Harkyn, have you followed the instructions and control the demon. Look around, but do not go through the small wooden door in the lower area.

Instead go up the stairs and collect the audio note "The Creature" right of Kaslo, then you talk to your mentor. Ask him some and click on the second option, if you want to proceed. You learn that the two men a man named Antanas on the track - but you need a key for the big gate, which you stand.

Find a key

Go down the stairs again and go through the door on the right hand. Follow the path behind you and do not worry too much about the opponents, because they hardly have you oppose something for now. Surprised you with a series faster attacks and they drop like flies. Considering also that they are blind and act solely by ear - use to your advantage.

After a few meters you will come to another staircase, which you can go down. There separated the two souls from one another. Once you grab both at once, it becomes difficult. Then it may well be the best decision to take the legs in the hand. Have you cleaned the area, however, there is something in the left rear corner furniture, behind which hide an iron barrier, if you have the rotten wood broken. Roll with a push of the X / A button under it and open one of the two chests.

Then go back, go up the stairs, destroy each enemy and collect the audio note "The sick" one. Then run through the narrow passage, which is followed by a larger area. Run there the other path not the stairs. Destroy the opponent, then you see your first portal. From where you will face some enemies and you do well to remember their positions. Take the strong opponents, then open the corresponding portal and there is a handsome free reward.

Above the stairs a slightly stronger demon is waiting. Here you must first bring a serving of tactics and timing, let him make two strokes, then even a few tears and in time your shield up again to avoid being hit. Keep an eye on your stamina bar (the orange) – if it is empty, you are virtually unable to move. So always ensures that it is at least still filled a small piece.

Have you flattened the guy, you collect more quickly the energy behind a splitter and then go way back to the stairs at the narrow path. At the foot of the steps there are two monsters. Make short work of them and collect the huge key behind them, the object of your desire.

Return to Kaslo

Sure thing: You have lost nothing more here. Go to Kaslo and try out the key you have found out right now.

First Boss Fight: First Warden

Well cool, if this has not paid off times. You have the key, open the door and go into the great hall, the initiation space below. Stupid, that this is just not quite as deserted as it initially seems, because a huge demon appeared in a blaze on: the First Warden. And the long beanpole wants you to the leather.

Special Reward: Take no damage

Don’t be afraid when he comes immediately and also running up: he is indeed very likely take you and throw to the ground, but you, this attack will harm you. Right after the grace period has expired but don’t waste any time.

Your first order of business should be to tear the sign with L1 / RB up and as soon not even take down. This piece of metal is your best friend here, with which you can provide reasonably Paroli most attacks of the enemy boss. Get used to the same, or less permanently keep the sign up, but there remember that your stamina regenerates much slower when it protects you. If they run out, it is wise to have a few feet to go back and lower the shield short, so that the corresponding gauge fills as quickly as possible.

The First Warden has four health bars and every time you have an empty, he loses a piece of his armor. During the whole time, it is advisable to stay as close to him and turn to him with a drawn circle counterclockwise. In this way "under runs" of quasi alone some of his punches and they do not have to manually block, what that said, going on your stamina.

Attempt to you in this way only once to make a rough picture of the attacks of the enemy. In essence, he uses three different attacks. Either, he attacks in a combo with normal sword, which you can easily block. After each combo attack it is good time to launch a counterattack. But do not place too many strokes; your time is very short before the colossus itself again go on the attack.

Furthermore, the guy commands a particularly powerful vertical strike. This you can not block, but if you circled the enemy permanently right, the attack automatically lands in nothingness. Then you should immediately go to the counter-attack, as the Warden briefly required to regenerate again.

Finally, he will surprise you with the assault, he already use to open the fight. This you can not block, so you either roll to the side or just stay much in motion. Especially dangerous is this maneuver when you go on a little distance, to heal you with a healing potion that you used by pressing and holding of square / X. Because this action can be short and vulnerable, you should always go on distance - but exactly provoked the Boss to his assault. But when you do not need to be long and go very far from him, you can prevent this attack quite well. Potions you should interject whenever your health is beaten down to a quarter.

If the first Warden has only one health bar, he loses all his armor and is much more aggressive and faster. Your tactics should not change it yet: circling it counterclockwise and always retain the shield at ready. take the time that you need. Beware, however, before the spin attack, which is now new to the repertoire of the opponent. This you can not block with your shield. Stay here at best at a distance.

Place few individual spins, if the enemy is briefly vulnerable. Continue this strategy until the guy is finally defeated.

Locate Kaslo # 1, Side Quest: Shard of the Hero

Have you defeated the first Guardian, seems to drive some of his aura within you. In addition, Kaslo is suddenly gone. Collect the Greatsword resistance as well as your first sealed a rune in the middle of the room. Here do not use full potential because the strength requirement 15 points - a bit too much for the short game time. The ruin is also relevant in future.

Centrally located in the rear of the hall you come across on the first save splitter point. Approache you on the red glowing stone formations and a tutorial Popo, which explains the function of storage and up level opportunity.

Basically, the following applies: Triangle / Y in these places you can save your game, making the checkpoint unlocked multiplier reset your booty and your health, magic and potions to be recharged. In addition, you have the opportunity to exchange your accumulated experience to attribute and spell points, which enhances its your character. But the longer you continuously collects information and it does not save to memory point-splitters, the higher your loot multiplier, so you can get better rewards from defeating enemies. However, their die, all your accumulated experience is gone - so you have to think carefully about how it's going.

Basically, the following applies: triangle/y you can save your game in these parts, which unlocked the control point, reset your prey multiplier and recharge your health, magic and potions. In addition, you have the opportunity to share your experience gained against attribute - as well as magic points that you enhance your character. But: Then you continuously gain experience and not save to memory, so you can get better rewards from defeating enemies. If you die all your accumulated experience will be gone - you need to think about exactly how it's going.

At this point, we recommend you, redeem the experience points. If you are not yet died, your experience is enough for one magical and one attribute point. Solve this one and immediately improve an attribute and a spell you unlock. With Circle / B it is the magic now with fights. Now that you have the boss of the local area defeated, you can also go back into the vault and enter the portal. It's worth - behind you can find a lot of equipment and an empty bottle for another potion.

Step into the other part of the north wing by the entrance opposite door. Behind you will find some Rhogars, but only stronger as those at the top of the stairs in the starting area again. Run right at the beginning the way the far right along, grab the audio note "Three Heroes" and then go down the stairs. Run through a door where a chest with a monk and a small sealed Rune and the note "notes (village)" tracking.

Leave the small portion that runs more steps down and looks you in the stairwell at once, if you stand at the foot of the central statue. There is an object that you reach by jumping over her waist-high railing. Try your best on the right side. Run diagonally down to the left and jump over the barricade away, then you keep the quest item door key (northern monastery wing) in the hands.

Side quest

If you want, you can now take a small side quest in attack, if not, skip to the next section. Run back to the entrance hall, where Kaslo has originally been waiting for you the big gate and run right to the staircase that leads down to the small pile of rubble to the starting area down. If you look around you see right in front of you in the wall a little savings with a white cloth in front of it. With a precise jump you can jump into it. Run up there along the aisle and take care not to fall into the hole in the ground, after you turn left for the second time and the levels are completely risen. Collect there then on the quest item sliver of heroes. We need this later, if you transgress against the second boss opponent.

Then switch the enemies, collect the audio note "your purpose" and open necessarily the chest in the back corner, which is guarded by two blind enemies. It takes several pieces of equipment that should invest from your menu, if necessary. Then you leave the area through the door right next to the chest.

Find Kaslo # 2, magic glove

Finally grab some fresh air. - Left hand finds her second save point splitter in the game, save your experience points if necessary. Go up the few steps down to the snowy area, turn off the enemies there and pay attention not to be surprised from behind, since a stronger demon holding something in the background. Then go left and right up the stairs from the gate, turn off the slightly better-trained enemies and activate both switches on the stone walls.

Then the door opens under you, behind an injured monk needs help. You can leave him in cold blood his fate, but if you now prove yourselves good spirit, you get not only 500 experience points, but also in the rest of the game the way the old man to meet again.

He was bitten by a poisonous spider and the secretion has already spread to his arm. Handed him one of your potions to complete this little side quest.

Left and right in this passage you will find two doors that bring you into the interior of the plant. You can find there a spider-like, new type of enemy, some equipment and a door below that will take you to an alternate path that leads you to the northern watchtower. If you go along this, you should definitely beware of the archers, who stand at the opposite end and bombards you as you mistreated the enemy who is only motionless in the middle of the road at the bottom, unsurprisingly but rises as soon as you approach.

Behind it you will find a door that leads into the interior of the watchtower. There is not only a bit more dangerous opponents hanging around - you can find there also a chest that opens only if you used a rune. Decide for yourself whether it is worth seeking.

Either way you should go north after the monk cross, because you will find here a number of opponents (= experience points), but also a box with numerous equipment. Worth it, so take it with us.

Then goes up the watchtower and rises behind the stairs to the main wall down. Turn around there immediately to 180 degrees, to actuate the switch with which you open the gate to the watchtower. Should you have been there already, but you do not have to back inside.

Find magic glove
Draw near to the glowing object in the dead soldier in front of you. A short cutscene starts, takes in the Harkyn the mysterious magic glove. This you can now use in battle, so throw ideally equal a glance into the inventory to make you over this recent smart weapon.

You resisted then the onrushing opponents, but pay attention to the archers on the castle wall. Follow the path and go toward the storage point splitter. However, before you can activate it, start another sequence get to know in the course of her raffe Yetka. Stop them from getting to let down plunge the poor wretch - she not scared with the statement, here no women were allowed. Leave her the call and speak to them again, they will tell something of an ancient dagger, which she wants to track.

You now have a choice: Do you want to meet this secondary task - what we recommend you as far as possible - you can directly go to the next page of the solution. Do you want to continue on the other hand directly in the action, the next page simply skip and go directly to the next bosses.

Find Kaslo # 3, Tower Key find side quest: Yetkas Dagger

Run up the steps to the left of the stone wall opposite Yetka up, the enemies will turn off, which you should let your eyes wander into the background again, so as not to see the archers, and then go down the stairs.

Here is again a demon of greater variety and a chest. Then proceeds not directly on the floor below, but first in the next room, where you open the gate to the main wall (a welcome shortcut) and the contents of the freezer to take you.

In the deeper floor then you should exercise some caution, because the local spider is a tougher proposition than you might initially assume. Draw near to her as possible not frontal, otherwise they added you with a poison attack. Always placed only a shock, they then circled and repeats this process until it has behind it. Open the chest before her do not leave the room through the open passage, through the door.

Find Tower Key
At the outer passage, you should immediately turn you to the left. Before you, you can see the tower key object. This absolutely needs her to continue to move forward. L plauscht ubricate you attempt to simply jump on the small increase, but immediately on the cheek and instead go back a stock value upward. Run thence to the foot of the next flight of stairs (which brings you back to the top), exactly stops there and looking the camera with care to slope downward. Directly below you will find the wooden boards with the key on it. All you have to do is to let you gently fall on it. You can of course save beforehand if this is too difficult, but if you are going slowly, this drop is not really a problem.

Now go back to the outer passage, run the narrow boardwalk to the other tower along and defeat the enemies and puts the key in the lock of the previously closed door. Locks the door, collects on the audio note and follow the narrow passage to outside where you care for the thick opponents and the chest.

Watch the continued running careful not to fall through the no gap in the floor that lurks to the right of the chest towards the wooden path to unwary adventurers. Sprints, pushing again the X / A button for a small hop to lose no virtual life.

Follow the path and turn at the fork first the demon right out of you, because he can encircle you otherwise, if you walk to the left. Do this then, which you should watch out on the wooden boards not only on the archers, taking you to some distance on the grain, but especially on the gap in the floor directly in front of him. Therefore not running straight for him. To lure the other enemies around the corner, where you can turn off it in peace and then to eliminate the shooter with your magic glove itself on the distance is best. Then jumps over the lock and take the contents of the freezer to you before it goes back and through the small archway back into the interior of the northern watchtower.

At the end of the staircase that leads you up a floor, you should exercise caution, because in this small space lurk four enemies at once. Turns off gradually before her Yetkas dagger, an important subject for a secondary task collects. Also opens the opposite chest, then you can unlock with your key, the next door, causing her again exposes an abbreviation.

Now there is nothing more to do. Return to Yetka, they say, and handed her the dagger.

Bosses: Commander

Before you open the gate behind Yetka, you should play - as before each boss fight - absolutely save. Then checked again your equipment and all the stuff that depends on where your survival in the next few minutes.

Run then on the place of the judge and switches the two demons that await you. Since the bosses directly starts an introductory cutscene afterwards, you should pay close attention embarrassing not to be taken as, because her otherwise draws from the outset was injured in the battle.

Note: Have you previously collected the fragments of the hero in a side brush, you can now use these at various statues. Does this during her boss battle, you will receive a weapon. Sets the splitter but her after the fight one, you will be rewarded with the opportunity to distribute your new character values. Decide for yourself.

Special Reward: Blocks not with a shield.

Did you cut the two flyweights from the flops, he is suddenly in front of you: the commander. The imposing demon wasted no time and immediately goes into the attack, which is why you should first of all take your standard position. That is: sign up and circle the enemy always sideways.

In this way escapes ever a regular part of the opponent's attacks. On some you have to pay particular attention, especially but you should keep in mind that to improve his skills, he is ever weakened. Have you emptied about two of his four health bar, it will dominate more powerful abilities than at full power.

During his comparatively safest attack the commander swings his mighty sword in the air briefly before he let go so that one or two strokes in sight. This you can block with a shield, meaningful, but it is laterally evade them and land in the episode a couple of goals. Was the commander also weakened, also follows each stroke of his sword each a small wave of energy, if you protrudes a little further. Since these are relatively fast and wide, it is not easy to avoid them. Therefore remains as close to the bosses which is generally a good tactic to the following exception.

Keeps the commander namely his shield for a brief moment to heaven, he will make it immediately after popping on the floor, what a circular shock wave triggers that you meet when you are in its immediate vicinity. Therefore Run back immediately three to five steps, as soon as he raises his shield, and sprints towards him, as soon as the shock wave is gone, because you can then re-land a few simple hit Try as fast as possible to internalize the appropriate timing for this because you can cause a whole lot of damage in this way is also the enemy already weakened, he can sign by this attack also bullets raining from the sky, which follow immediately after the shock wave. However, you do not hit one in his immediate environment. Run it, then, as usual, quickly approached him after his shield touches the ground, you have nothing to worry about. Take necessary, but rather in purchase to be made of his shield as the floors, as the latter significantly more damage.

At regular intervals, the commander will also hide behind a circular blockade of shields. If this is the case, you should be wasting time trying to break through in any case. Observed immediately instead of your environment, the every time the boss entrenched a appears, later even two demons. Turns it as soon as possible, since the Commander's protection else leaves and you have it then simultaneously dealing with multiple enemies - not a nice thing. Tried best to slay each smaller opponent with a targeted attack from behind with a stroke or heals you during this time, because you have to fear from these adversaries less and give you more time for an additional action such as this. Once all the demons were sent back to hell, fly the protective shields of the commander aside and give in freely - then let's waste any second and crashes right up to him, because he is vulnerable during this time. If you run all these attacks targeted into space let her go relatively quickly emerged as the winner. Always remains focused and do not be cocky.

Find Kaslo # 4, side quest Bloody flint

Collect the dropped objects of the commander and saves the game if necessary, before you explore the new territory. Have you previously collected the fragments of the hero, you can now use these on the court the judge.

This leads you through the large wooden gate not, which is locked for now, but the steps along the right of it that make you captain. Keep a little chat with him, then he pulls together with the injured soldiers away.

Right after you can find right beside the stairs that you climbed it a portal. If it goes up and it immediately veers off top to rear right, stands in front of her and you can activate it immediately. Expected but no evidence - there you'll have to cope alone. Always tries to stay somewhat in the light and the enemies to separate them, but they shall not go around. Done one after the other, opens all chests and go back as soon as you asking the game to do so. Links from portal also leads from a further way in which you find the side quest-object Bloody flint.

Then follows the fairly linear path and collects here and there a bit Sammelkram. The right of the save point splitter it goes on really, but the most courageous natures among you can before a detour in the left part of the area make - but first must save! You will meet there on the strongest by far "normal" opponents in the game, where you are met so far. Do not be tempted to arrogant actions you, separates the enemies of each other and keep an eye on your surroundings. Especially in the individual crates to hide a few particularly insidious demons.

The archer also shoots fire projectiles that I can set you on fire. But more dangerous are the particularly large and strong armored knights. The first met you almost right at the start in the back entrance. Against these giants you should be nimble on his feet. Surrounded them also in very tight circles and always have your shield at hand. Also remember that you (almost) any time to save point splitter to refresh your health and potions. Thereof and not necessarily trying to tag makes use of the thick heroes. In addition to some very strong opponents look there for i area also a chest with another empty bottle for potions that only opens after you have used a rune, and in the rear of a gate that is still sealed.

Have you been raging you, it continues on the other side of the splitter. Respect in the passage on the right side, where a hidden enemy and then follows the Route. Run at the end up the narrow staircase to the burnt watchtower. Have you recently picked up the bloody flint near the second portal, you can insert it here to ignite the fire logs. As a reward, there's easily earned 1,000 experience points. In addition, you will receive at a later date in support of the citadel characterized. Good thing!

If you already are on the watchtower anyway, you can also still the same the other stairs going down, flatten the enemy there and find an empty bottle in the next room in the chest and expose an abbreviation. Then you leave the tower as you came and follow the other path.

Halfway found her left hand the third portal, which is however still closed. Continues down to the crypt of stone weir. It wait a few enemies, a chest, another portal as well as a save point Splitter on you. Right next to the memory opportunity you can also find the quest item Human skull which you should take.

Speak then to Kaslo, the last place you right next to the save point. It tells you something about the background of all this, slightly obscure situation and asks you ultimately, the area to be cleaned, so you can move forward.

Open the Gate
Quite as easily done as said this is not, however, because what is here Kaslo specifically required of you to do the next bosses. Well thank you very much. So think is important to remember to save again and then go to the opposite gate that you can open it easily with the local switch.

Bosses: Worshipper

The worshiper is one of the lighter intermediate opponents, if you pay attention to a few things. First of all, it is advisable to lose a few pounds if you are wearing very heavy armor and have arrived close to the maximum of the load. In this battle, speed is more important than a trace of a strong defense. You do not have to overdo it, but a third of your maximum carrying capacity should already be still free.

Special Reward: Lasse kill at least two of his helpers themselves the worshipers.

This boss also has four health bars whose subdivision is more than mere adornment. Before this, however, their tills, it is important to know which attacks leave the Grim Reaper.

As with the other bosses before, this one also has local and remote attacks. Of the latter, he has two in store. Either you throw the long beanpole blue glowing balls against flying at ground contact such as grenades in the air. If it keeps moving laterally and not dally, but you can dodge them fairly easily.

Exactly this tactic you should also maintained for the second remote attack. Lying a few feet between you and the worshipers, it can pretending that these rams his sickle into the ground and it can shoot projectiles elsewhere from the ground. This set properly damage, terminate by a blue glow but before and are so slow that you have to run only normal to let them attack into the void.

In the melee, the sickle is the most important tool of the adversary, the once each oscillates for normal attacks from left to right and vice versa. Depending on which plate you have equipped her, the resulting damage will be higher or lower, but the chances are good that you would collect something, even if it breaks your guard up in time. Therefore, it is wiser to use lateral evasive rolls to parry. Since the worshiper blows attaches relatively high, you have little to worry about with some timing. Next you can place a few hits yourself.

Also frequently to see you get a kind of ramming attack, when the sickle is rammed to the ground whereupon it shines blue. If you at this time within the bluish area, you are stunned for a short time and delivered the next attack of the opponent defenseless. You see, therefore, that your counterpart sickle lifts to heaven, you should immediately go back a few steps. His Paralyseattacke missed their target and if you're fast, you can in return immediately even land a hit.

At this tactic will change throughout the course of the fight relatively little. Do you have a health bar, but emptied of worshipers, it goes into a crouch and starts with a strange incantation. You can attack him though, but try your beats little damage. Significantly wiser in time, but to seek shelter in one of the small, brightly lit pavilion. While the earth more and more begins to glow blue namely, the opponent is preparing a huge explosion. If you are on an open field, when the high goes that's it - then you can get your extremities pick up anywhere This attack is always fatal So take absolutely heels and waiting at one of the small pagoda-like buildings until the storm is over.!.

Following the worshiper is also in slightly irregular intervals summon some helpers. It is up to you to decide how you want to proceed with this. However, it is important that these additional creatures are killed by the explosion of her master. Can you manage it so quickly, to provoke such an explosion, the problem will of itself - at least until the boss summons another load helpers.

If you keep these instructions in mind, the fight should finally be won relatively quickly and easily.

Destroy the gate of the ruler to stone weir, Ancient panels, open gate

The usual after a boss fight: Collect the dropped by opponents items and clawing you also the human skull (you will later for a quest need) as well as the audio note, before you go back to Kaslo in the crypt of stone weir. Talk to him and Yetka joins your group of two. After a brief chat Destroy Kaslo finally opens the gate. The gate of the ruler to stone weir

Leave the area through the open passage, then you come to the bridge dimension. It is an imposing sight that offers itself to you on the other side. Do not be put off and cross the bridge. You get to the first blacksmith in Lords of the Fallen. Plauscht a little with him (what with the pseudo-profound ramblings is not easy) until he tells Harkyn of a special crystal that you need to take on the Rhogar.

Now you can instantly make you on the way or - and this is the wiser option - your new friend to ask his profession. He is a blacksmith and offers to you, to improve a bit your equipment. Play the whole thing quiet times by: brecht a rune system for installation into an object of having an empty socket. The more experience points you used when breaking, the higher is the probability to obtain a particularly valuable Rune. This craft is the game progresses essential to keep up with stronger opponents step.

Have you experimented enough and if necessary made some improvements, it continues. Continues to follow the path and speak before the big locked gate with Yetka who asks you a side quest to collect old stone tablets. Your main goal is to press two switches to open the gate, but the way you can also fairly easily raise the searched tables of stone.

Make your way to the area right of Yetka, in the eastern hall. (You directly enter below the entrance through which her area) and looking at the outer wall by a metal grid - Look there to calmly, does the enemies (so beware of which there are a few here new) , Run through it, there is ironing everything and actu the first of the two switches. Destroy it also left the seating area to behind it to get to the first of five Ancients panel that investigated Yetka.

Run back the way and enter the western entrance hall on the opposite side. No sooner have you entered the area, you can hear the sounds of battle of the two hounds of hell. The beasts wearing just a stock value deeper a struggle to the death of - let them and simply waits until one of the four-legged high tear the hooves, which means less work for you. Then goes down cleans the area and enables the second switch, which is again behind a metal grid almost exactly under the entrance of the area.

Now that the gate is open, you should return (which has now apparently turned to other things) and into new territory, the Eternal Flame, run the way to Yetka. However, not running straight into the large area, but turns you on passing through the door immediately to the left and destroy the golden container in the corner (and collect the quest item tyrant a heart). This is the powerful demon a little further forward than regeneration point. Let her without prejudice, he will heal shortly before his death again and again, without you could do something about it.

Said demon comes towards you then. His range is enormous and some attacks you can not block depending on vessel equipped schildi it is wise to make more use here on alternative rolls. Have also an eye on your stamina, because that much blocking and rolling can be emptied very quickly your toolbar.

Have you defeated him finally, he drops the quest item Small Key. Collect it and the empty bottle at the right edge of the arena and go from there to the opposite passage. Go up and keep you on the left, where it gets after a few steps to do it with a mutant dog, which is not, however, as powerful as its appearance. A little humility, you should create the day yet. Is the essence not too long directly opposite, as it spit fire as both also can latch on to you - neither is necessarily the best views.

Destroy the gate of the ruler to stone weir # 2, # 2, see tables, abbreviations

If you want to progress in the main story further immediately, you can save yourself this fight and on the road that leads you there, leave about halfway to the right direction Abandoned area directly to the red statue. The next two paragraphs can you then skip directly. Fights otherwise the great opponent and run the steps in the left circular area, where it waits for you down.

There, you should definitely exercise extreme caution, in addition to a powerful demon knight (the kind of which you have already met some earlier) and a new magic, the skin you within the shortest possible time from the slippers, if you are not careful. You both need to strictly separate from each other in order to have a chance. Also is the magic no longer than strictly necessary over, because it has several powerful ranged attacks that can strive your health very quickly towards zero. Distracting at best and attacked him from behind. If you try this for the first time, but it will take flight - even if you land a critical hit.

In the first small side room of the western vestibule (right of the stairs, on her coming down here) you will find a switch with which you can open the gates to the Eternal Flame and should. On the other hand you could put a shortcut in the inner region open by her unlocks the metal lattice. Do this and walk straight ahead to the Archers, where her unlocks the previously locked gate with the small circuits. There you will find an Ancient Quest board and some equipment. Go back and grab your left Ancient Quest panel (where you have to get it originally to do with the mages) and an empty potion on in the chest behind the barrier that you can remove it with a rune. In the rear area you can also find a portal.

If you have shopped everything you can you make on the way to the abandoned area, be has already passed the her. Once at the bottom waiting for a thicker opponents on you - and he will not remain the only one. You can here again much to explore and jump about on the right side behind the save point splitter carefully to the various platforms of the cave. You have to fight there against two large spiders, find besides some equipment but also a more Ancient panel. Run it instead in the left part of the abandoned area, it is mainly more enemies.

To be able to proceed in the action, you must defeat the spearmen, the angle behind the dog demon waiting in front of the stairs to you, having welcomed you in this area. Just like the first enemy of this kind also regenerates his health this, if you do not destroy that container. This can be found on the hill left of the spearmen. Kill the enemies there,  clawing and the tyrants heart in it and then rid yourselves of the thick enemy, who now can no longer heal itself.

Run up the stairs and then to the switch to open the big gate, on the path to conquering the Holy corridors. Hold on just to the left and go down the steps there, then you will find the last of the Ancients five panels. Remember that Yetka is no longer at its original position anyway, so you'll not need to run back to complete the side quest immediately. Increases instead the next stairs and sprints there immediately behind the spearmen and destroyed his regeneration vessel left behind him - only then you should take it with him. Since hanging around there in the immediate vicinity, another demon, you should be careful not to be surrounded. In the small area behind the spearmen wait two spiders on a rubdown, but it is passable but also equipment in the box.

On the opposite side you'll find the last save point splitter before the next interim boss. So you should definitely check again whether you are prepared according to your wishes. Have you any experience points stored safely? The right equipment at the battered body? Then off you go yes.

Bosses: Infiltrator

Before you take this demon, you should (if possible) to equip one or two runes that protect you against poison attacks. In addition, it can not hurt if you have a distraction spell ("prayer") and has attacks with splash damage.

Special Reward: Kill the enemy before all fire goblins were illuminated above the arena.

First of all: Stay away from the middle of the area. Are you coming to the bluish energy sphere too close, it deprives your body magic, what you can see from the small energy balls that leave Harkyns body. Whatever you do in the following minutes: If this area of the site to close in any way and differs only in absolute emergencies out there.

Furthermore, it is not a good idea to keep the Infiltrator at a distance. His two shots that take you on a hit from the rhythm and make vulnerable for a short time, you can still dodge pretty well, but the jump attack the spider is a much less easily avoidable. Adhere to the cattle so dear permanently at the heel.

In the melee the bosses leaves primarily on a combo of three shots, the first two take place relatively quickly horizontally, while the third is running vertically with some delay. If you bear not too heavy equipment, you can move laterally to the first two. Then goes immediately to the spider zoom when she wants to run her over-head impact - approaches you, you just not to the front, as you will otherwise be taken. The latest attack has so much force that the Infiltrator is shipped your attacks defenseless for a short time. Use of this time and placed a few hits.

The monster is also highly vulnerable to diversion such as eueren clone, which you can conjure with the magic "prayer". The Infiltrator can then quickly of you from and focuses on the mind, which gives you plenty of time to shower the enemy from behind with attacks. In this way you can cause a tremendous amount of damage within a few seconds.

Do you have the first of the two health bars emptied of cattle, a few steps shifts up the expected. Now it has a fast attack with his tail, the latter contributing from the back of the monster ahead of you. Will hit you, you not only suffers harm, but are poisoned for a long time - therefore the previously mentioned Giftrune. If you remain him movement and the beast does not face head-on, this attack is but mostly go unheard.

Significantly more annoying, there are the four summoned lump of flesh, flinging the Infiltrator at regular intervals on the pitch. Current him a few moments later serve as a source regeneration, ye should thus always as quickly as possible destroy. In return, area-fire attacks are preferably very good, but you can just as well with your normal weapon attack. Bear in mind that the spider itself, of course, not only peacefully watching, but you also continue to attack. You must have your eyes so everywhere.
Are the lumps also "grown", they can hold you for a short time when her across runs over them. The added you though to no harm, is the Infiltrator but enough time to attack you. After all these root-like structures are destroyed after you were detained by a.

Have not made it in time to destroy all, the Boss will feast on them. He anchored in the ground and receives health. During this process, you can attack him though, but you continuously receive damage thereby making it not simply the thing. Try it with ranged attacks and -zaubern to minimize the health growth of the beast. You can also attack the energy suppliers themselves.

The regular health boost the enemy the fight can take relatively long, but if you observe the instructions described here and it makes the cattle as difficult as possible to heal, you go finally emerged victorious.

Find Antanas and Kaslo in the citadel of the monastery, side quest: Deserters 

After the battle you have won several options for your further way. The fastest you come forward, if you now directly return to the beginning of the area where you come on the big bridge back to Kaslo. Really this is not recommended, however, because it still can do some other things, which therefore prove quite useful. Either way, you should first take up the quest item crystal of the traveler.

Uses the Portal, you just get past the immediately on the way to the bosses, or go to Yetka at the entrance area of the arena and handed her the five collected stone tablets. Do you all have gathered, you are rewarded for your efforts extensively. Run then up the stairs behind her crippled for Rhogar up trying to explain to you something awkward that he studied human skull. Under certain circumstances you have on your trip so far already found some, but you will have to find even more to get a reward. Keep ye of him from the left, you see a few steps further spearmen against. His regeneration pitcher can be found right up the stairs. Destroyed him, collects on the tyrants heart and then you will take care to its owner. Opposite of container you can also activate a switch that opens a shortcut for Panorama.

Side quest: Deserters

Below her out again, you will find three deserters. It is up to your decision to help them or not, but your choice will affect the outcome of the game. Also: Dead soldiers can not reward you. Can you help them, they need first a healing potion, then a helping hand - demons block their escape route to the tower. Eliminate any enemies in the area, so that they can happen. Return to them once you have cleaned the area and you will receive a reward. In addition, you will meet them again at a later date.

Go back to the blacksmith, look at the very short sequence and then tears at the end of the bridge back to the crypt of stone weir. On the other hand, a soldier is dying. Draw near to the man at the transition to the cemetery, listening to his last words and take the quest around level Human tattoo to you.

Follow the notice of the soldiers and put yourself to the cemetery. Complete the first three opponents in the front section so that you can continue off with the fire sword back in the thick quiet guy. He is also guarding the passage, the double Rundtor on the left, to the catacombs. Take some time for him, as he is a tough cookie, and passes through.

The catacombs are an absolutely confusing bunch of confused paths that are full of ill-tempered opponent - without a reasonably usable sense of you are pretty screwed. Right after the first steps you walk in a narrow corridor a demon of greater variety on the way. Lure him up to the memory crystal and turns it off there before it goes down again. Raises right hand a rune to open the door and then continues.

Just a few meters further down a path leads off to the right. Caveat: You do not have long to go there. Beyond is a finely pinnate corridor braided with many paths, but also some nice things Fund and two human skulls. Consider for yourself whether you want to take the detour towards purchase.

Find cell broadcast, orientation: Catacombs

The catacombs are an absolutely confusing bunch of paths that are full of ill-tempered opponent - without a reasonably usable sense you are pretty screwed. Right after the first steps you walk in a narrow corridor a demon of greater variety on the way. Lure him up to the memory crystal and destroy it there before it goes down again. Raise right hand a rune to open the door and then continue.

Just a few meters further down a path leads off to the right. Caveat: You do not have long to go there. Beyond is a finely pinnate corridor braid with many paths, but also found two human skulls. Consider whether you want to take that path.

As part of the solution, we focus on the main goal: the next boss. To reach it, you have to activate a switch deep in the catacombs. Run it for now straight in this musty labyrinth.

Cells round

After a few steps you come into a small circular arena. Turn the knight and the two smaller, throwing firebombs demon left and right above the stairs at the entrance area before you decide for one of the outgoing paths here. The left of the two paths lie before you lead to a smith anvil, on which you can equip your weapons with runes, as well as a few other objects (especially some human skull) and opponents.

Nice stuff, but not something you would necessarily have to have. Pay attention especially during the transition to Royal grave on the narrow strips of wood over the hole in the ground - it is as thin as it looks and wears not your weight. Jump or run so as to consider, however, that the return path is therefore very dangerous. However, one of the paths leading away from here leads back to the cell broadcast. Whether you want to take this detour really in buying, you must already know yourself.

Now it is more or less regardless of the order in which you explore the catacombs, as you already more or less everything have to scour to get to the boss. We recommend that you start above the stairs in the cell broadcast.

The spiral staircase leads to another narrow corridor, at the end you will be overrun by a knight. Try as much as possible to defeat the narrow passage and not in the cells, otherwise a fat Archer joined to you - and you will not have both demons at once. Then go back to the passage and cleave unto (of the spiral staircase coming) right wall to a grid and a couple of wooden boxes out. You can smash this one-and you roll along under the grid. Lying behind place in the first room on the right side of a ax-demon and another anvil. Not bad if you want to bring your equipment up to scratch. Then you come to a dead end quickly.

Catacombs: activate lever, side quest: liberate monk

The still closed grid but you can open quickly. Go back to the main path and to the cells, where the knight waited. On request, use the memory crystal and strike off to the right behind the ape-standing lattice one. Turn out the enemies before you have to go on the right side only a few steps up to the cell doors. Already the next second you find a switch - activate it and some of the doors open, the first dead end your causes. Behind the second you walk off with an audio note.

More importantly, however, the wooden door is next to the left: open it and stick strictly to a lever handle that you need for the further progress. Run then straight ahead, stay right there and open with the button to the right of the first cell door on the left side of some of the cells. In the chest further down the corridor to claw the key cells, with their opposite monks "liberate". However, they seem to have their best time already behind and wiggle around just pointless. Too bad for them.

Next to the stairs to the right of them you can pull another switch that opens a nice shortcut to Monster dungeon, where you will receive it after the next boss. Speak out: If you steps behind the counter go up, you come to a door that leads out again to the South Watchtower. Good thing, but think twice about it if you really want to leave the area, because by taking the change of location all defeated opponents back their positions.

Go instead to the "crossroads" and run back this time to the right where left hand operates the large lever with which you open the gate in the dungeon monster to a certain extent. Follow the other way a few steps, turn to the right between the two cells next to the small lever on the floor and pick the collective stuff together, wait now in the open cells.

Side quest: liberate, killing monk

Follow the course of the corridor continue until one of the cells from a desperate voice penetrates to your ear. Draw near to owner and talk to him. The monk asks you for favor crude: you shall free him - and then to kill him. Moral doubts left outside times before, do not speak much about it, quite the contrary: For your fact you will be rewarded with 1,500 experience points.

Do you remember the lever handle, which you have found this three sections? Now it is time to use it. Slightly to the right of the monk's cell you find a socket in the floor. With triangle / Y use it. Open the cell and redeem the monk behind by his suffering.

Follow continue the tour, which you should always have an eye on the right side of the cell. You will find two additional ground-levers with which expose her some objects.

Back in the cell broadcast

Now it returns to the original cells round. This time you do not go but the path above the stairs but the right of the two juxtapose in the "ground floor". He brings you to the pit, another round cell. Again, wait a handful of demons as well as a thicker knight whom her best over the wooden planks in the middle of the bloody arena let go. They yield, let him fall to his death and take you from a lot of work. However, it pays not to rush yourself in your misfortune.

Look around a bit and still sags the local stuff before you follow the further course, the well finally stopped a few opponents a memory point crystal for you ready. Turn out the local enemies before it finally flips the switch in the dungeon monster. Do you already have the first enabled above the gate open completely and is now the way to the bosses.

Boss: Champion

An imposing figure, there build up in front of you, the Champion is a decent mountain of a guy who has mounted next to its sheer mass, especially a couple of very sharp blades on his arms, which you should not get too close. But: "Do not judge a book by it's cover". Despite its considerable presence of this boss is one of the lightest, if you notice a few things. The most important Note: If at a distance.

Special Reward: not release the fury of the champions

For basic understanding of the Champions you should know what benefits the yellow Leite among the three red health bar of your counterparty. This fills up every time the guy scores a hit or even taking damage. Is the bar fully to catch his fire and he fights in rage mode particularly fast and furious. Not necessarily pleasant, but the bar increases with each attack again from a piece - and this is also true, if it has not been activated yet. Just stay a little distance and let you meet neither adds nor the giant damage, to prevent that he goes on a rampage. This you can handle well this annoying behavior. Only when you have beaten down a health bar, it automatically switches to this mode.

Generally it is not a bad idea, the Champion (quite different from the previous boss) not too much to put on the Pelle. Sure, a lot to fear you not in close combat. The enemy has only a small impact combo, consisting usually of two, maximum three blows, and a sluggish uppercut and a pressure wave. This recognizes her cry on and his arms raised the adversary. He goes into this pose, you should quickly move back a few steps to avoid being hit by the small pressure wave.

How easily can parry her all these attacks (with a big sign you can easily block almost everything), so little room makes you the champion for a direct riposte. Most likely this would still succeed on the ground when thundering percussion, in which he releases the pressure wave, but even afterwards, he will play a short round cover from the stack.

For this reason, you should fight back with distance. For this kind the Champion has basically two attacks. The first is a wild storm attack, when the colossus is whispered to you. Soaked with a role in time of what is not a big problem, and let the guy so look old. He's got so much weight (and inertia) that he can not continue and runs into the wall behind you.

More suitable is the underground pulse attack. Here the enemy strikes twice on the ground and can at any time go underground a pulse in your direction. This you can escape well by rolling sideways. It makes sense, but it is in the bow on the Champion, to let it run the pulse into space and to counter with a heavy attack from the Sprint out. Run ideally going after the impact of the first pulse, but you should not directly hit the enemy. Do this, as described in an arc, so that the second attack also misses his target. After this tour de force, the champion must regenerate comparatively long, what makes you time for a couple of counter-attacks.

With this tactic you ride relatively safely and efficiently, until only a health bar of Champions is left. Then he exchanges the momentum against ground-fire missiles, which are much faster. With two roles you can indeed avoid problems, but is the champion then no longer behaved as long, which makes a counterattack almost impossible. Anyway the guy turns a gear up, when he is shortly before overturning.

If you are willing to make easy, you simply use now (or if necessary even before) the magic glove. Shoot him with it so long at a distance, until he is defeated. That takes a while, admittedly, but is possible. Alternatively or in addition you can also use a diversion. Create magic with a mind of you and attack the champion from behind while he attacks your mirage.

Drowned Halls, Fight your way to the citadel to top

That's a wrap. After the champion has done his last breath, you collect the rewards and then run to the soldier on the edge of the arena, the call for you and for some reason is called "Portable Soldier". So we did not exactly know it. Anyway, he seems to be a man Antanas' and you can finally pass to him, what was the goal since the beginning of your adventure. Collect previously left and right a little odds and ends and then go through the wooden door into new territory.

Fight your way into the citadel to top

At the save point crystal you can exchange the experience points gained in the boss fight immediately before lose by a carelessness, then it's a stock value upward. Kill the guy with the sword of fire, gather in the opposite corner nor the audio note and a human skull, and then go through the guard to the main hall past the anvil, which you can once again use for improvements of your equipment.

There, waiting on some odds and ends for you. Turn guy in a short time, but beware necessarily before the magician at the end of the first corridor, which is still one of the most annoying enemies in the game. In the room left of him you can find two audio diaries to judge its content by Antanas not all are so devoted. Trouble in Paradise? Behind the door with the runes mechanism can be found for the time being only a chest that can not even let open. Also go through the second room adjacent to the main hall and do the big knight. In the interior chambers arrived, you will hear some sounds of battle - the next Boss announced. Collect more quickly the ax before the statue up and walk up the stairs, because the wood door is locked on the ground floor.

On the way up to wait two enemies, while just watch the cowardly soldiers. Then you think a little chat with the security guard. Respond to his words as you want, it is not as if this changes much.

After you collect even fix the audio note to the right of the big gate, then it's on. From here go three ways in which you can safely ignore the right to hospital. Nothing there to get. On the opposite side you will meet again, however, violate the monk from the beginning of the game - when you rescue him. He asks for a renewed pleasure; his laboratory has been overrun by enemies, you shall cleanse it.

Now run to the spiral staircase, you clawing the audio note in front of it and go up. But do not go immediately above the elevator, but make a brief detour into the next-door Planetarium. There you can store a crystal and an anvil use before you drive up.

On the balcony Kaslo is waiting for you with particularly good news. There are a few banalities exchanged, then you hold down the old man Harkyn when it finally wants to speak with Antanas. In the planetarium, he says. Do we want hope?

Head to the Planetarium, chamber of deception find Antanas

Why waste time? Power turned on his heel, grab yourself on the opposite balcony or fix an audio note and ride the elevator back down. Step into the planetarium. Not by the door next to the elevator, but only run a few steps down, until you get to a now open door through which it passes. Take two opponents below, grab yourself the contents of the chest and follow the right of the two paths, since the left anyway only leads to a dead end. Again two enemies, later left another chest with the Dimension item set. The adjacent reading room you will find dozens of books next to a knight and a mage along with chest, but for now remains closed.

With the door next to it does not look much better, so you will remain for the time being no other choice than to take the stairs. There need to defeat a guardian, which you should be fairly proficient now. Watch out, however, do not depend on the furniture to stay, which represents around here anywhere.

After work Kaslo solves his promise: Antanas confronts you. And he has little to say good, but you equip finally out with a new mission: kill the god of evil. Since you have to but it penetrates deeper into the world, Antanas expanded your magic glove with which you can now open the way to the chamber of deception.

Find the Chamber of Deception

Started walking - you have now most of the way back again. Before the transition to the interior halls you meet inter alia the troubled monk Matthew, who is looking for his brother Simon. Help him if you are keen on the reward.

You too can now return to the injured monk and tell him of your cleanup. He shows himself extremely grateful (read: stingy) and wants to meet with you in his laboratory.

Just step away you can look at the captain pick the reward for killing the deserter who have found her after the Infiltrator. Have you done it, you now brings a bonus, if not at least the good sense not to have useless massacred all, just because you can. Should you, however, that can do - only. Speak last even with the soldiers at the bottom of the front door that can unlock with the improve magic glove now. You tell any botch of a beacon. Not so important to quickly earned 500 Experience points for listening already.

Now you can step through the door. Are you aware, however, that behind it lurks the next boss. It can not hurt, even to make a trip before the next memory crystal.

Boss: Beast

And you thought maybe, the champion would have been a fat guy. All that brought the previous interim boss materialize seems the beast loose to outdo: He is twice as annoying, three times as fast, five times as large and at least ten times as ugly. But also this beast has a few weaknesses. And if you guys made once located, the fight is not as hard as it might initially seem.

Special Reward: Do not run in the poison traps of the enemy

The first moment with this colossus in front of the nose are also truly anything but child's play, because for now this can be a troll not entirely dissimilar creature recognize not many weaknesses. Only two things stand out: The beast has a universal health bar and a separate yellow bar below, which turns orange over time. Concretely, it fills up orange when the boss takes damage. Is it completely filled, the thing suffers an entertaining bout of weakness, forcing it to the ground and brings you the door to a whole truckload attacks.

Therefore, the most important (and dirtiest in the truest sense of the word) Note equal to at this point: Whenever the beast go down, you should try to attack it from behind is very likely that the more a fault of the game as a secret, but when it relatively central attack from behind, landing it several hits at once, thereby exponentially damage.

Your goal is always to bring the creature by filling the bar to fall. Simply but that is not because there is little moments where you can in one, place two beats rest.

The best way to do this lends itself to the opponent's standard attack. In this the Beast swings his mace once from left to right and vice versa. With a bit of judgment and timing, it is no problem to roll away and under side of this shock. Try to dodge the first blow diagonally forward left or right. If it creates reasonably accurately, and you are already almost behind the enemy while it is still busy trying to fire the second string into nothingness. Immediately follow open a short window, which allows you, one, two, to place a maximum of three light blows. Immediately afterwards, however, you should quickly crumble, as the boss will be another attack from the stack.

These will often get to see her. Here, the mountain stomps out with one leg on the ground, which causes spikes shoot out of the ground in its immediate. Clearly, since you do not want to stand. This attack can go on several times in direct succession (with increasing radius sting), you should never try again directly after and to land a hit. Instead remain at a distance.

In addition, the beast runs occasionally as the champion in a forward assault. Timely rolling here is mostly the same problem as with the acid attack that you get to see if it protrudes a little further. But keep in mind that the affected soil remains poisoned for a short time, so you should draw near somewhere else for a while.

Very rarely the Beast also raises his paws and with this club over the head to let them shoot only a moment later the ground conditions. The earth is greatly agitated in frontal view direction. If you (even at a distance) before the cattle, you will be hit. Since this attack but announcing very early, dodging is not a problem.

Finally, the reference to your magic glove. Although these share from not much damage, but is still very well suited, at least to fill the yellow bar at the opponent.

Appliance part to return, return to the Rhogar world

If the beast motionless on the ground, can collect from the knight who witnessed the spectacle of reward and recognition. He teaches you from a vicious, venom-spitting creature that already has some of the men on his conscience. Yes you can even view.

Before her through the same gate as the soldier disappears, you should have the quest item equipment part (Planetarium) sag, the front is just right. Back in the main hall have now opened some new doors that are quite worth to be explored. Among other things, an abbreviation was exposed to the back door, but also the previously locked grating to the old cross animals to which you come, if you walk up the stairs once you're back in the citadel, and the first branch take to the right. Too much to see there is not there (yet). A weapon and a still sealed portal are the most exciting things there are to date to discover.

Your ultimate goal is the initiation room to which it now also is a shortcut. Run above the stairs not the direction of the old quarters, but continue straight. Through the doorway into the wide, lined with a red carpet hallway there, you walk to the left in said room where you stood before now some hours of playing your first boss adversary.

Basically, you do not have this fight mandatory, but against a reward and a playful challenge speak actually not much, right? The green monster holds at least from a lot; you must expect no further interim boss, but some time should allow it. If you stand a little further away, the cattle curl up into a ball and I want you to go overboard. Is not that hard to dodge it. The two, three paw blows in close combat are not necessarily worth mentioning. Afterwards you can always land a few goals. Set ideally equipment, which is Poison Resistance or have at least doing a few healing potions, because it goes quickly, that its poison infects you.

But is only important that you have plugged in the square of the Knights of the planetarium and the unit part goes with this about the very Planetarium - because, if you have already met earlier with Antanas and Kaslo. Speak to both, the ruler twice, so you can give him the part and he brings the machinery something dramatic again. He can predict your future and sees in her the same time two other rulers. Very cool.

With this in mind ugly forecast you sit down direction Chamber of deception in motion. Make your way back to the square for the knight where it left "behind" the great gate through which again Kamt into the open, the stairs towards Monument go up. Run straight to the statue over, take few enemies and turn off to the right at the memory crystal. Old story: off enemies, keep straight. In the crypt of stone weir you leave our world here and step back into the Rhogar.

Hardly there you have set foot before the other, show you a short sequence of what awaits you in a few minutes. Anyway: This boss opponent of his statue is again much smaller than the Beast.

Make yourself then on the way over the bridge dimension, killed the tyrant after you have his cup left behind him and grab the small key (western vestibule), it leaves behind after his death. Already in sight will also be a magician thrashed before you meet Yetka.

The good thing is still here and asks you, nor to push the inevitable battle in the arena on the back burner, so that they can show you their "great discovery". Since there is no reason to distrust it, you should go to the eastern entrance hall, the demons there to kindling process and from mage to claw the key (western vestibule). Since here also a new part area is available now, you can still fix a weapon as well as an audio note pick up before you go in the opposite western vestibule.

With the keys, there's also to find a few nice things. But more exciting are the deserter who finds her in an upstairs areas, when you have not then bump off. You babble from the monster in the arena and surrender in a fit of megalomania. Well done, they encouraged then you strike two birds with one stone. They will put you right in the fight, well, "to stand by", but leave before dropping their human tattoos, whatever that should be possible so easily. No matter, so that you can in any case the main man in the Citadel of the Dead convince deserters, making her once reach a nice reward.

That's it. If you've done all that, you should at the memory crystal again check your equipment and, where appropriate, secure a few experience points, before another interim boss is pending.

Boss: Guardian

This is going to take a while, which you should already be aware. The Guardian has the beast as only a single, undivided health bar, but is beaten up this to zero will take a few minutes, in which you should have a clear strategy.

Special Reward: Stir not the fire chalices

Do you have the two deserters saved in the previous gameplay and incited shortly before this fight against the Guardian, the boss starts with a reduced health, what makes you the thing of course a lot easier. Too much could the soldiers not harm (no surprise), but you can just in this very time intensive combat use any shortening that you can get it.

Compare to previous counterparts, although this type holds with its two huge swords from a lot, but his skills are, however, extremely manageable. Each two attacks you have to keep two distances (near and far) in the eye.

In the melee the guard lets predominantly a different long sword slash combo from the stack. This is very slow, but still gives you no time to intervene at any point and perhaps to place a few hits yourself. Soaked with rollers or block the blows, if you have a sturdy shield, but you are aware that this will reduce your stamina sensitive within a short time.

Another maneuver starts the guy, as he relies on his two blades and step forward. The combination may also degenerate different lengths, depending on how close you stand him - you are far away, he soon realizes that his attempts are futile. Here it is tempting to place a counter-attack immediately after the sluggish passage of the enemy, but even if you stand further behind the swordsman, you can be hit by his blows as he performs very extravagant, so that they extend partially up behind his back ,

By far the most dangerous attack is at regular intervals and is only partially dependent on your proximity to the Guardian. Shall proceed in the squat and performs a similar gesture by incantation. After a moment, he shoots up, causing the fire chalice in the arena shoot fireballs at you. Even if the small beads not look like they are enormously dangerous.

During this invocation you can monitor the well with one or two enforce blows, if you are brave tired of life, but it exaggerates in any case, since you have to be ready for the Dodge the fireballs time. Save you block any attempt by the sign. Instead, it is highly effective to perform a dodge roll just before impact and if so, to be followed by a few more - depending on how often the balls come hurtling at you. Did you get the timing right on it once, these things can barely harm. Even if they hit you during a roll, they are ineffective. However: Do not get cocky! Always remember that a hit can mean your end, so you also should not be too squeamish with the healing potions. Regenerate your health even if you still have half left.

This evasive action you must pass in flesh and blood, if you want to have a chance.

Own results can best land after the watchman performs his assault. This he pulls only at large spatial distance for you to consider, which is why you should always be careful as possible, you move away from him. He then shoots with a slight fire tail forward and starts a very slow sword combo. Soak with a simple roll of, let his punches fizzle into nothingness and then land a maximum of two attacks (depending on play style). Right after that you should go the distance again.

Even though it's tiring, but you tried to limit exclusively to this type of attack, because you have nothing to worry about if you concentrate and remain patient. Remain always in reverse motion to you as quickly as possible to remove as far as possible from the guards, dodges his fire balls and let his assault going nowhere to go even in the offensive.

Something accelerating can you fight with your magic glove. Select the bullet and shoot every time a ball on the enemy, if this just conjures his fireballs. The time for that you have as a rule. If in doubt you should attack but rather have stuck and you concentrate on the Dodge.

Chamber of Deception: Search the levers

Take the stuff on which it now even more so is for a boss fight, and shoot with your magic glove on the magical barrier to the area through which you have prayed the Arena. Get your hands on the contents of the chest and walk over to another area.

Chamber entrance

A magician and a tyrant have it here in the duo apart on you, what is already nasty enough as it is. In addition, but the urn of the latter in the room is to the left of here - so don’t even try to look for it during the fight, but go straight there and take on the tyrant's heart behind it to you. Then switch the two enemies, take the contents of the troop right of the entrance to you.

Basically, you should know that the Chamber of deception substantially similar to the catacombs. Here, too, run from some confuse passages and also to each other again. Not so easy to look through everything, especially since you have to find once again switch to open a gate - this time there are but three.

From the start you can devote the left pane, where you have pound the urn, or walk straight. So a genuine choice you do not have namely, because only three enemies and a chest found in the Ostgalerie: After: It contains pretty much the best armored helmet the whole game.

Defeat the last Rhogar Lord: Boss Annihilator

Either way you must take the path in front. On the northern edge kill the two nimble opponents and then take care of the Magi. Then collect the audio note, which you should keep you as far left, not to be torn from the unstable stones with in depth. Then run up the stairs, where you turn you around 180 degrees and run along the narrow ledge to the right of the stairs. You will encounter an item, an empty bottle, but for which you have to jump very precise. Since Harkyn automatically rolls after each jump, you should jump diagonally from right to left, so logout of the slight edge and it does not roll off the platform.

Now go down again, ignore the magic barrier as it already leads you to a senseless sack gas and walk carefully along the aisle right next to where another magician is waiting for a rubdown. Above the staircase also lurk two large and a handful of small spiders. Care that they don’t encircle you and don’t fall into the holes on both sides. The eight-legged friend to separate is not the worst idea.

As the door on the left yields to no centimeter, your target is on the opposite side. Make your way through the first right of the two doors and open the door rune, since their is a sword, but most of all get hold of the quest item rod handle. In addition, you will see a shortcut to the starting area of the chamber of deception.

And then return through the other door. Also here you lurk on a spinning starlet. It's all flat and improves your equipment at the blacksmith place if necessary. Then run the steps to the top up, where you care for the fat sack Magician duo before bag all the audio note right of the stairs.

Then Cross the door left of the Magi and beckon the obese guy from the narrow platform away before you, when left on the other side of this variety also stand and take you on a bead removal. Tempt the first in the lobby, where you kill the mage, and then go back again. Run here, not straight into the next area, but jump halfway across the two stones on the other side, where fat sack # 2 runs over, the leaves fall to the right wing of the key.

Chamber of Deception: Holy corridors, looking for the levers

Actually you should now jump to the other side and there break up towards the cave lies, but before you can make even a little disturbance here, a few opponents flatten and collect equipment. If not, skip the next two paragraphs easily.

Run to the end of this page and cross quickly to the door to get past the tyrant and to smash the urn right behind him. Take on his heart and then skin him to a pulp. Go on, but not straight to the knight on the opposite side, but cautiously forward - "hidden" about halfway down the left, another knight. First do this, then the other.

The path to your left leads you to a suit of armor as well as a shortcut, but also a ghost magician. You can handle this guy with only your magic glove, which is quite corrosive. The guy also hands out very hard and is persistent in the pursuit. Since you have to take equal but anyway against such an enemy, you can bring it right here behind you and practice a little. Power then even the normal mage cold, collect the equipment, open the door rune and expose the abbreviation before him then run along the other path. Turn on the little fire demon from a distance and take the contents of the freezer at you before you back to the long corridor with the two platforms is on the side again.

Straight ahead you get into the cave of lies. In the glow equal right of you can absorb a large hammer, beginning you should devote your attention but the tyrant and the magic spirit further back, to the left of which the urn of the lance carrier. First attempt to destroy and take the heart to you so that you can lure and kill the little tyrant. Only then you should dedicate yourself in the magic spirit of peace, because it is not easy to do.

Without magic glove you have no chance, as other attack causes almost no damage. A cheap but effective tactic is to always stay on the side half way up in motion, so that the single energy ball the enemy comes to nothing, and waiting for your magic that fills the extent that you can launch an attack. If that is too far away from the target, this eventually returns to its original position, worse health again. So you'll have to stay with him.

However, for the time you pull the first lever directly at the point where there was the magic spirit. Now go into the left passage, lay right on the portal a transition to the Holy hallways free and go through to another area.

Holy Corridors

Run to the left in the large chamber and speak with Yetka. The Good entrust you with the decoding of the large door and as her need to do to reach the next lever anyway, nothing prevents you to do this favor.

Now go up the stairs directly in front of the portal through which you have entered the area, you rotate floor above 180 degrees and do the mental magician drop the quest item drop Chest Key Smith. Use and thereafter as required behind the memory crystal and run the next stairs to the top, where you have to do in the initiation room a poison demon as before. Then sacrifice a rest on the chest, if you like to get a piece of armor and draw the local switch.

Then it wobbles back a value lower floor and turns immediately to the left. Open the chest and clawing you the audio note, then you open the grid and turn sharply to the right there, where you go down the steps. Kill the spirit mage, which is not easy, and still rattle the remaining two chests from here, if you like. Then chat with Yetka and open with your ghost glove the portal to her left, by passing directly afterwards.

Chamber of deception again in the Chamber of deception of two little demons as well as a bully attack, the urn of you is right in the corner. Take the enemies, then use again the memory crystal, if you like, and run up the steps. Take care of there to the large multi-armed opponents and pay attention to the ghost magician who can intervene in the fight.

Still gather the audio note in the right area and eliminate the magical barrier, through which you pass. Do you follow the hallway to the end, you will find a dagger, but your actual path leads you to the passage on the left into the area Southern old trap along. On request, use the anvil, watch a little on the small fire demon and run a few meters until it flip the last lever. The portal next to it is a transition to the Holy corridors.

There, you now have nothing to do - instead, you should back to the cave of lies, where you go down the stairs and move to the right at the end of the path.  You will find the cave, if you run straight from the starting area from the northern edge and then think you are right. There use your magic glove to remove the portal right next to the stairs and follow the path behind it.

Just want to do as Harkyn the monster Yetka comes hurrying. Apparently she has a mystery (which we want it to be) solve and the Beast needs to return to her family (which also should always be this). You can decide: Let live the creature and help Yetka order to get to her homes or kill it. For the immediate course of the game there are no consequences.

Return now to the field in which you have return from the chamber of Deception few minutes ago. Save down again when memory crystal, then the stairs to the large multi-armed demon go up and run the central stairs to the area of the crack, where the next ruler will be waiting for you.

Boss: Slayer

Dogs that bark do not bite and also the destroyer is the best proof that you should never leave them alone hide themselves from the outside. Although the guy in front of you may be of impressive stature, but with his sluggish Mace he is one of the easiest bosses in the game - even though it is the last before the actual final boss. Not necessarily what you would call a well-balanced level of difficulty.

Special Reward: Kill him with a lightning weapon (only the final blow counts)

Once again it is important to know the different local and remote attacks of the opponent exactly. The destroyer has two of each kind, where we start with the less important: the melee abilities.

Basically the long beanpole exclusively uses for his mace, he indeed with great force to your advantage but at the same time swinging large inertia. Each of its two punch combinations he can at any time adjust, if ye have too far away - that means in reverse but of course, that you should not get stuck in again to him after two blows to land a hit.

His standard attack is an ordinary left-right swing, he repeated a few times. You can block all the blows to recommend that is not. Deviate from a role, if you are close, or is equal to distance.

His second variant is common at the beginning, because it starts with a powerful overhead strike, in which the Mace rests, briefly motionless on the ground. This gives the impression passed, the attack of the shredder would already – don’t fall prey to that! He suddenly pulls the leg back up and thus you over the head. Are you then still your proximity, again follow by a blow from top to bottom. Only after you have a short window for a counter strike.

Just the predictability of these attacks you could beat this boss fairly easily, but it goes much faster if you go at a distance. In this case, the guy falls back on one of two long-distance attacks.

When he first goes something into a crouch, holding his mace back to then make a great set for you. With a roll of his dodges easily and can still land a fixed counter-attack.

However, significantly more time for handing out you in the second Ranged Attack of the shredder. Again, he holds his club back slightly, but he's not in the squat, but charges them with electricity, which can recognize him at the stop light radio. Shortly after he throws you against the thing. Again, you can dodge a single role without any problems. Since Depp is now without a weapon, he can not fight back and you have plenty of time to place painful results. Therefore, also performs quietly severe attacks - you have nothing to fear, to be piston again slips into the hand of the destroyer out of the blue and a piece lowers far. Only then it is ready for use again.

To avoid wasting time, you should not be too far away from the boss, but just enough to provoke its remote attacks. Then your way is not so much to him, when he has thrown his butt, and you can put more punches.

Since you also fighting on distance, you can also every now and then use your magic glove. So damage not caused him much.

Once you've beaten down by half (two of the four health bars), the destroyer relies on another attack. These fires regardless of your position to him. He holds his arms in a strange position in front of his body and can appear soon after a blinding flash, the dazzle you and makes briefly incapacitated. For this reason, you cannot dodge his lightning, he releases instantly on you. Hurt neat, too often, so you should definitely not get caught.

But Dodge is also no problem, once you know how. Dissolve instantly the target marker by pressing the right stick from the opponent and spin you with his back to him, so that you don’t see the flash directly. This you will not paralyzed. Take immediately after the legs in the hand and run in constant distance circles around the destroyer. His thunderbolt is indeed persistent you on the heel, but may never meet you.

Note these cross references, and the battle is decided relatively quickly and without any major aches and pains (at least on your side).

Hand of God, interlude, unveiling

Caveat: Since the next bosses follow immediately afterwards, it's not a bad idea to go save the game again and to store the collected experience safe. One can never know. Fortunately, the way there's not too far. Leave the area once on the same path that you came, can one of the two larger stairs down and to the memory crystal.

If the boss beaten, you collect as always in such a case, your reward one. Then go through the portal, which is at the opposite end of the arena and leads you in an area called "Hand of God". The game is now somewhat cryptic, you can with ??? - fall signs something in the dark. It is the preparation of the usual plot twists, which unfortunately is now following.

Run straight path along and listen to you, what Adyr himself has to say about Harkyn. As he open unto you, that Antanas actually the bad guy here, you beat the appearing of the phantoms of you defeated ruler. The whole process takes a bit and then you have to listen to more Talked, this time from Kaslo, who also wants to give his two cents. Click around. Through the questions and listen to the little witty answers to

After a while, it's over and you assume control again, what you don’t bring much but for now, since you will almost automatically be teleported to a new area. Collect the objects left here, before unlock the grid to the next boss. This time it's for the first time ever against two bosses at once in the fight.

Boss: Lost Brothers (lightning and fire)

So, this is now not so easy. Unlike the previous boss fight there is no clear strategy, with it let alone almost do safely ride without conceding a goal in these two lizards. Not unlikely event that you die, the game saves but mercifully right in front of the arena, where it leaves Hayrkn after his passing again into the realm of the living. So you have not only with the church around the cross, but can directly start another venture. Exactly this circumstance you should also make you advantage: Try different tactics, playing a bit with the various options around - you have nothing to lose but your ignorance.

Special Reward: Different reward, whichever brother is first turned

Basically both lizards behave reasonably similar, as it is now heard once for brothers. But even if their attack schemes have a lot of overlap, it is worthwhile to consider both in themselves.

Lost Brother (Flash)

The flash opponent shoots a single flash ball, if you are a little further away, you can avoid it simply by keep moving. It is neither particularly fast nor particularly strong, but you can certainly get in the back when you are busy with the other brother. Also, this guy jumps in your direction, to shorten the distance, where he continues his current environment under which you obviously harms.

The best moment to attack results when the cattle has just finished its melee combo. Here, the enemy strikes only around with his scaly paws in the air, which is not particularly impressive or effective. Is simply a step back and let quickly rain down a few attacks on him when he is finished.

The lizard jumps up and is also twice the area of impact under current circular, wherein the second circuit is greater than the first. If it is not directly on the opponent and run immediately to the rear when he appears to jump, you can usually avoid this attack.

Lost brother (fire) With this guy you will probably have bigger problems, if only because he is not so generous time window for your attacks as his brother's heart. In the melee he proposes again to very quickly what you though hardly hurts, but complicates own attacks. In addition, he is in melee the ground either in a semicircle before him in flames, said fire blazes some time to herself, which is why you should avoid it necessarily. The other flame attack occurs in a faster movement. Also in this lizard gets the short air and turns her body slightly reddish, before the cattle again spitting in the direction of fire, but immediately pulls his head in a quick sideways movement of about 90 degrees to the left. Although this flame disappear immediately, but it also hurt you more when they meet you.

Distance to the Beast puts on a similar leap attack like the other bag transgressor, only the area just in case of fire, don’t energized.

Tips, Tricks and possible approaches

The problem with fire brother: For all his attacks you have hardly a chance to get active without getting the same in return, not on feeding board. Therefore, it is just against this lost brother not a bad idea to put a resistant armor as possible, equip a powerful weapon and strike like a madman after using a fire-resistance-splitter.

Because: Both brothers are not very strong defensively.

If you thin down with neat attack, their health melts quickly here. Although you will also be taken in return, but with the strongest possible coverage and the corresponding resistance splitters (you can also throw in a flash resistor chips in the fight against journeyman flash) you can cope with the halfway. Also power splitter, which increases your health regeneration, can be used regularly.

It becomes dangerous when both brothers change their positions. During this time you should try if possible to stay away from them, not to be taken by both sides in the gun. Above all, however, it is important that you realize where the other one jumps to the ceiling. Jump namely they both jump from the ceiling and you add the part to enormous damage if you stand in the vicinity. Since a large area is affected on impact, you should go as far away as possible - and know exactly where it pops the same.

Point Antanas in the citadel to speech

You know: Wipe mouth, collect stuff, go ahead. With the lost brothers on the ground you have almost made the worst; too long you will Lords of the Fallen no longer throw sticks between their legs.

In the remaining time, however, all the more, as you'll learn in a moment. As you block some way to the penultimate boss battle, you will (if you want to do any huge detours) no other choice than to take the stairs to the top where the first soldiers crave after you.

Caveat: Do not underestimate the jerks. The game overdoes it now with some difficulty, equips every little brat in a suit of armor made with an inordinate amount of health and strong attacks. Why the guys actually constantly need your help, even if they have so much on the box? So be it ...

Anyway, you have to decide how much you want of these fights give you. There is only good and cheap to take the legs in the hand, to let the guys are simply and to follow the path that is fortunately fairly straightforward. Once you come across the now evil-minded soldiers for the first time, you think you just left, maybe even collects the audio diary, and there goes up the stairs.

Then there are hardly any possibilities of getting lost, only some to assign an early stage. If you are missing the successful (whether by fight or flight), you end up shortly afterwards in the main hall. Down to the large gate that leads you to the place of knights, but exactly in the opposite direction to the initiation room. At least this and the immediate area around it you should clean up of opponents. Firstly, because then you can use the memory crystal, on the other hand because you immediately want to compete against the captain. And since the guy has a lot to answer for, it is not a bad idea to lure him into the great hall, where you have much more freedom of movement. Although you do not have the captain bring down, but at least he brings plenty of 5,000 experience points and the priceless feeling to have finally silenced him.

Fight against Captain

Have you freed the hall of pesky soldiers, you leave him by the same gate through which you have entered it, and takes a few steps to the left. Hardly the you are under the archway, the man runs towards you. As I said, lures him into the initiation room, where you have more room for your maneuvers.

While the captain has no special abilities, will rob you with many of his attacks but a large part of your endurance, so that you stand fast without cover, if it goes badly. Surrounded him consistently to make his attacks come to nothing as possible, and then beat him. But do not overdo it, because your counterpart even not long takes to launch a counterattack. Make you also exploits the fact that you can him like a normal enemy attack from behind, with a short animation is triggered, located at the end of the main man with tidy life points less on the ground.

He is defeated, still follow a short chat, then you can strike him down - or let it be. Roll his head, but you get the quest item grave key (south), the armor Large load and an audio note.

Then follow the passage where you lay in wait for the captain, and run up the stairs. At the end is waiting a properly armored soldier in you, whom you may not have to watch, collect your quest item Chest Key (Planetarium). Fit this case, however, the lanky guy in the next room on, the more quickly you should turn off before.

Now it's almost done. Before the spiral staircase take you Kaslos corpse along with an audio note, above a soldier as well as in the room next to the elevator that takes you to the final boss, the last time a memory crystal and an anvil. Necessarily takes this opportunity to bring you best prepare for the coming final battle.

Final Boss: Richter

Well, really impressive, the figure is not that there would widen in front of you, but this is not a reason to underestimate the judge. The expectation of a final boss is the guy though only partial justice, a walk but you should not even expect.

Special Reward: Let the judge of any of his servants from the balcony with his fire attack to kill.

Although the fight starts even in the upper balcony area, but after you have the first mini health bar of the enemy, followed by a brief cutscene, shoot into the Harkyn of the disgusting creatures by the balustrade down - which is good, because you have much  more space available. Should you die, the fight will also continue the same in the lower area.

This boss also has a skills repertoire, with all attack patterns are processed quickly. In the distance he puts on the equipment on his arm, with which he shoots arrows in your direction. Block or soaked with a roll, both not the big problem, especially since a hit will cause only relatively minor damage. In addition, the judge has - like so many other bosses before - a rush attack, which he concludes with a jump in your direction, which causes surface damage in the immediate vicinity. Therefore sprints and rolls you with a jump in safety when these looming attack.

Much more relevant, however, the melee maneuvers of the judge. Two are in the essentials, which you will often get to see the one where he makes a slow right-left combination, followed by a blow to the ground with both arms, which also inflicts minor surface damage from the stack. You have a chance to counter-attack here. Always remain in sideways motion, you should keep some distance. But not so far that you are caught by the splash damage - If the judge strikes the thunder, you are approaching from behind. Right after you have a small window of time, you can hail down by one, at most two blows on him. But are then immediately on guard, because it does not take long until the next enemy attack.

The second melee attack looks similar, only the first is struck here with the left paw before the judge right spot like forwards. Can also block, but eats tons of endurance. Avoid her clever and spacious, offering even here right after the chance of a swift counter-attack. The main thing is you do not overdo it.

Second combat phase

Once you have completed the first health bar, follow your greatest danger and opportunity in the entire fight. The judge remains more or less motionless on the spot, with green spheres whizzing through the air. During this time you should let go of everything on him, what have you, because you have to fear any opposition. Might go even on a heavy, particularly strong weapon (for example, the Greatsword Last Will, that's a good blade for this fight is generally) to hand out maximum damage.

Shortly thereafter, the judge jumps on the balcony - now it is in the truest sense of the word a bit dicey. He conjures a small demon army, but can safely ignore it, as they are already automatically killed shortly afterwards. Above all, you should let them be left, because you see facing a much larger risk to you, fire lines. Three times can the boss appearing in your back and frankly it's damn hard to avoid them.

The best you can do that, if you solve the target detecting and manually rotate the camera back so that looks almost backwards. This way you can see the attacks as early as possible and have a little more time to deliberate evasion. Work especially well with sprints. With evasive rolls you can try it too, but this can sometimes go wrong. Also attempt to position you after the third fire strip below the balcony, because the boss jumps down right there. Is not directly next to it to avoid the splash damage, but covered immediately when he receives it with attacks by killing his assistant health. Also during this time he will not defend him, which opens the door to you.

If you repeat these processes consistently and concentrated for a few rounds, it is finally done and defeated the judges. After you served you a plenty of unsatisfactory ending sequence, which varies slightly - depending on which decisions you met during the game. Then the New Game is available that can take you to your current character in attack.