Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor - All Missions, Nemesis system - guide

Middle Earth: The Shadow of Mordor Walkthrough - In this action / adventure developed by Monolith studio game, you play a Ranger called retaliation. After killing his wife and son, retaliation is in turn run by the Black Hand of Sauron. Lost in limbo, the warrior will encounter an Ancient Elven lord who will deceive Death to wreak vengeance. This Shadow of Mordor solution will reveal the complete path of the main and side / secondary missions of the game with all bonus objectives. Our guide to Middle-earth: The Shadow of Mordor will also allow you to perform all the challenges of hunting, survival and Weapon Legends videos.

Table of Contents 

Nemesis system
Main Missions
Weapon Legends
Artifact & Ithildin
Rescue Exiles
Challenges Hunting
Survival Challenges

Nemesis system

Know first that all the interactions and manipulations allowed by the game will be available relatively late, after reaching the region Nurn and completed the task given by the Queen Marwen. It is however possible to mumuse system with infinitely after completing the main storyline.

The power of information
This being established, let us first to the Army of Sauron which lists all the captains and warlords tab. Those you've never met or even on which you have no information generally remain in the form of shade. However, even after crossing one of these powerful enemies, if he fled or defeated, you still do not possess the information about its weaknesses to get, you should track down the green symbols on your card and extract information by force enemies who possess them. Note, however, that sometimes the green symbols simply lead to documents that you'll have to read to get the much desired information.

If it is so crucial to know the strengths and weaknesses of Masters and other Heads of war, it is because their abilities can be quite unusual. Some may, for example, be sensitive only to attacks Caragor back, or even being vulnerable as fire and explosions, which greatly restrict your options if you want to overcome this kind of opponent. Of course, it is possible to experiment with different approaches to a given enemy in order to see through without those famous information, but in case of repeated defeats, it will be better to take time to recover because whenever a Captain will your skin, it will gain in power (which may be an end in itself or part of the epic Runes).

Also in the army of Sauron menu, see how to organize relations in all Captains and their leaders. Heads of war in question, five in number, placed her on the top line.
The following three rows consist only of captains, their power is decreasing as you descend. New newly promoted Captains and the lowest of them so be on the bottom row.

When you place a Warchief, lines will appear connecting to one or more Captains: it means that they are his bodyguards, and that when he appears on the battlefield during the mission you have started to slay, it is always accompanied by these Uruks elite. This will make fighting simply impossible to win, depending on the weaknesses of your target, but you can also make great service ...

Divide and conquer
By completing quests Queen Marwen, you will indeed marking ability, allowing you to return your enemies against their peers. This skill already deadly when used against the rookies will prove quite extraordinary when you get to practice against powerful captains. Captains who once under your grip will put all their band at your disposal and you can manipulate them in turn from their mission icon on the map.

With a Captain under your command, you can create strife between Uruks, during which you can take advantage of different ways to help your foal to overcome his enemies and make him gain power and steps. And if it was not already before becoming your servant, you can even make it become the personal bodyguard of the Warchief you want to shoot, and so will have a mole able to slay itself your target. It is even possible to Mark Warchief, who then put all his strength at your service. In summary, with the marking ability, you can indulge in a little game of power where, if you give yourself the trouble, the Captains and Chiefs become your little pocket monsters. To you ultimately choose your foals according to their capabilities and their (lack of) weaknesses you create an invincible army!

To you, however, to ensure the sustainability of your flock, for it is not uncommon to see a Captain out of your control try to turn one of your marked. To ensure safety and to gain power, so no fault intervene in the mission appears on the card to promote your foal as you would in a classic power struggle.

Epic runes and gram
That you now know a priori how to spend time manipulating the internal power struggles among the Orcs and Uruks. But another hobby is offered to you, even more lucrative, if you want to get the best available runes. This will actually deliberately inflate the level of power of enemies Captains selected in advance (read: you can easily overcome in time by exploiting their weaknesses) by letting them kill you several times and helping to beat where appropriate their rivals. Indeed, the level of Captains you kill depends on the level of Runes they will release their death over an opponent has a high level of power, plus it will give you the Rune will be interesting, then. But it is possible to go even further.

Using the threat of death ability, you can actually send a very clear message to Captain Warchief or through the domination of a standard Uruk and in doing so will increase the likelihood that many of the Captain or Chef in question unleashes epic Rune to his death. This will also increase the number of Uruks that will protect your party against target, but the game is worth the candle since epic Runes all have very powerful unique abilities that will make you almost invincible depending on your fighting style of choice.

Main Missions

Perched on the Black Gate, learn the basics of combat in countering attacks Dhirael, attack your turn, then put it into practice against the Uruks in the ending once the latter stunned with the indicated controls. Learn how to stealth then bringing flowers in the back of your wife, and then turn to this new ability in practice against real enemies this time.

After the scene, skip the Tour de Forge, begin your arc on the Uruks ahead and ask the remaining enemy to get your information first on the first Captain of interest.

The slave
Go to the north near the Black Gate in order to start this mission, follow the directions of your ghostly invited to identify your target that appears orange in the spectral world, then take the time to have the four archers that appear yellow, or in contact with the bow, to fill the bonus objective and be quiet thereafter. Then engage the battle against Captain, starting if the situation allows for a sneak attack, and do not hesitate to clean around him to be able to grab him and ask when its icon turns green that will give you information on the Master or the Head of your choice. Finally, grab the Rune left by your first victim of importance to conclude.

An Interested Party
Not far from where you activated the previous mission is the icon for this mission as well enjoy it to chain! Then activate your spectral vision to follow the footprints of the king of nosy, run the groups Uruks way to free the prisoners and thus fulfill the bonus objective, then placing them not in the cave. Follow in his footsteps more beautiful riding on the rim at the bottom, pick up the artifact, then quickly shoot an arrow in the Caragor to calm their passions.

Back outside, concentrate your attacks on the arc Uruks spears that send you back to the figure for peace while avoiding the potential onslaught of Caragor, then approach the hideout for Gollum wrap up.

The spirit of Mordor
Appointment near the fortress Durthang to initiate this mission, nearly three fellows in very bad shape. One of them, Ratbag, you graciously reveal information about your next target, Goroth, the latter fearing Caragors like the plague. Then follow your new ally circumstance defending troops against the Uruks you meet, infiltrate the fortress dragging you on the right and taking the height and mail you at the point indicated by removing the front archer s 'finds.

You learn while Goroth is outside the fortress, near the paddock just Caragors: go therefore on site, identify your target in the spectral world and shoot an arrow on the cage to free the beast and scare Goroth. Cut him while the road as he tried to escape and make his skin as it should to complete the mission.

Climbing the ranks
Your protege is not very good at being obeyed: You will find in fact in the same position as before initiating the mission and it will still have to take it out of you this mess. To do this, take a tour of the ruins silently to eliminate the archers in contact and thus fulfill the bonus objective, then throw yourself into the fray as directly as possible by eliminating the defensive Uruks armed with a shield that can be troublesome. You have indeed a limited time to pacify the area and you will furthermore examine Brogg Captain who oversees execution, before killing him. So far remove from its congeners as necessary with particular skill execution, very useful, to have peace and be able to enter after weakened.

You will be able to elicit information about his Warchief, which is a long time-for-more bodyguard and conclude this second rescue rule this wimp Ratbag.

The warlord
You're ready to slay your first warlord: Started so for the southern region to begin this final stage and, once again, save the loaves of Ratbag, if your ally valuable and useful to the times. Climb the training area before you use the breath to stun spectral Berserkers, which otherwise counteract your attacks, strokes before moving to charge your execution and launch. To meet the objective bonus, however, you will get to ship one of these Berserkers through openings along the combat area, so calculate your shot well.

The two apprentices in the cabbage, Mogg arrives in the camp with the intention of restoring order: So concentrate your attacks on him by particular attention to attacks defenders Uruks and activate your soon she is ready for execution cause major damage to the Warchief. The latter defeated his men obviously put the sails before your omnipotence and Ratbag takes its rightful place in the ranks of the army of Sauron.

Your job does not stop there, however, because even completing missions below, you can go to the last main mission UDUN "The monument of Darkness" after slain three warlords, This represents a good deal of work on your part: Identify the bodyguards of your target, delete them, collect information by tracking the green symbols on your map and challenge the Chiefs once their weaknesses identified by exploiting the best , either by stealth, the use of the bow or your prowess in hand-to-hand combat. Do not hesitate to intervene in power struggles to earn points, and eponymous prevent some captains do not take the gallon, it will also help to slay a few of the same time out of their fortress.

Broken memories
Go to start this mission to find your favorite villain, namely Gollum, follow the remaining discreet and stopping when it does (after all, it is much more skilled at stealth that you are not), and shoot d a heartfelt archers on your road to head to be able to touch your bonus arrow. Follow the old hobbit with a vengeance, select the spectral vision to backtrack artifact of vision, then get ready to fight.

A horde of ghûls empties into effect on you, but you win in stride a weapon of choice for easy availability: spectral lightning. This very practical attack will befall a wave of shock all around you causing damage, no need to specify that it is advisable to use in your situation. Victorious, you are then free to continue your adventure.

The only truth
This is the last piece of the quest area dedicated to collecting artifacts vision. Once in place, as usual, follow the footsteps mode spectral vision, then pull in the frame shown off to distract the Graug. However, does not waste a second and whisked away in fourth gear into the cave to avoid taking you back on the creature. You then push the bottom of the cavity ignoring some ghûls and climb on the platform from the bottom to collect a new piece of memory.

The fact however Graug a grand entrance and blocking your exit: never mind, you are again with a capacity that will allow you to get out of this mess, the burden of the shadows. Unsheathing your bow, you can literally teleport to a target, in this case the ghul that stands near the entrance behind the Graug. Repeat the operation with the ghul further height, then head out of the cave in the time to conclude.

Appointment at northwest to start this mission and after the scene, follow long Hirgon the heart of the night. Collect the first three plants highlighted in yellow spectral vision by if you want a bit of house cleaning before quietly to your collection, then resume your route. To harvest with confidence the following two plants, you'll need to slay a Caragor, you can not fool the keen senses. So take your pick once the beast to the ground and continue to reach the last stop, where do some research spectral vision enough.

You will then have the poison of grog in their Uruks Hollow. To carry out your task, but you'll have to kill some of them, which is good since it is subject to the secondary objective of the day. Start-so by taking the height stealthily eliminating annoying archers on your way and fight your way to each stock to drink poison. Stay away quickly after each misdemeanor to leave Uruks kill each other and you will soon put the camp upside down.

The Monument of Darkness
Begin this mission by visiting the hideout Hirgon and follow it through the bush to reach the carriage grog. A neat place all around the latter, preferring stealth at least to begin to avoid cashing in Hirgon attacks too, do the same with the second camp you reach after a little running taking care to eliminate the archers first, then once on the bridge to fend off the advances of ghûls a little too enterprising.

Clean the next camp taking care to Caragor that invite to the party before you approach the monument, and then undertake by means of pacifying your choice based Uruk, either with a lot of performances or any discretion. Then comes the moment when you will have to escort your trolley grog to the monument: bataillez farm, quickly remove the archers when they link front and behind you in height and push yourself the truck when necessary to finish.

The Black Captain
The hour has come to face the first of three Black Captains, namely Hammer. You can not jump over it and he will be assisted by a plethora Uruks, but no hope to get rid of all: so concentrate your attacks on the boss. Careful, because beyond three shots chained, Captain you will counter with a powerful blow of mass that is where the Uruks surroundings can be useful for charging your hit counter if needed, which will allow you to launch Performances on the Hammer to melt his life bar. Avoid his shots on the ground, counter diligently and finish your opponent by completing the QTE to finish.

The messenger
Go fetch the mission southwest of the area to see you transported into the region Nurn, the second half of the full map that is given to you to explore. Start by going into the green circle on the map to the west, follow the footprints with the spectral vision to reach a cave and cross it in silence and avoiding the attention of ghul. Once the artifact recovered vision, a Matriarch ghul entered: you will soon notice that your normal attacks are very effective medium. To overcome the problem, use a load of shade to chain a few shots and when the opportunity arises, shoot an arrow into a fire to burn the creature.

Then exit the cave in fourth gear ignoring ghul and you will unexpectedly encounter the dwarf Torvin, which opens at the same time a series of quests related to hunting.

Big game
Meet at the west end of the map to find the hideout of Torvin and start this mission and follow him into the bush, as whenever you encounter an ally he seems. Once the face Caragor, counter office for stun, ride it as if you wanted to grab and fill the QTY to dominate completely. Congratulations, you're back to Caragor! So go chase the Uruk leaving your mount devour once put on the ground to recharge his health and just get on to kill more enemies than you Torvin to grab the bonus.

Eliminate archer arc passing, then after a new series of murders on the back of animal, catch up with the fugitive before returning Torvin help that, as Ratbag seems to get into trouble quite regularly.

Hunting partners
Your game will be this time Almighty Graug: after having watched your target, slip quietly behind her as she swallows Uruk and bleeding-his heel to complete the first step. After the arrival of Caragors, ride one and dominate it after he was turned back by the Graug then lure it into the passage where stands Torvin.

Then pull an arrow loaded in the head of the animal before its load reaches your partner, dismount and climb the Graug to complete a series of Qty to help you dominate.

Then finish in style by sweeping the Uruks as they arise and to recharge by eating the health of your beast.

The great White Graug
As soon as the mission starts, get ready to have a dominate Caragor brings you generously Torvin. However, the case can be resolved in a couple of seconds if you purchased the talent spectral ride that allows you to instantly dominate any creature following a spectral load. Then go into the lair of legendary Graug to recover an artifact of vision and get ready as of course to have to face the beast, that the regular time.

First, stun the animal by unchecking an arrow in his head when you load and dodge to the side. Ride it then to remove him a third of his life, then prepare to be both fast and accurate: the spring ghûls indeed land and open it up to the Graug which regains health every creature ingested. When caught one, pull her then in the hand or in the head to stop eating and slice into the heart to remove other ghûls using the spectral flash as soon as possible to clean. Stay away then most beautiful Graug to encourage them to load and again as many times as necessary to slay for good.

Queen shore
Return all to the east of the region to start this mission, run any leg towards your goal to arrive on time (or ride a Caragor if you can to go faster) and get in stride capacity marking, which allows you to turn against their fellow all Uruks that you can get hands on. Marquez so quickly all archers in yellow touching your bonus remaining discreet, enable them to initiate hostilities and help them eliminate their cronies to put prisoners safe.

After the scene to remember, take care of reinforcements Uruks who invade the place by linking the killings to shorten this and so you will conclude the mission.

The power spectrum
Once this mission support, go to the green circle on the map and locate the Captain you need using the spectral vision. Prune some troops in silence before you tackle him and the guy once in a weakened state, grab it to dominate and control, then ask him to become the bodyguard of Warchief said. Then go to the place of recruitment and help your new foal to triumph over his rivals in the following from the heights and peppering his opponents well placed arrows.

For the next phase, cross the fortress Uruk as quietly as possible by deleting only the really annoying enemies, climb the observation point and when the war chief arrives in place, turn the domination of your Captain marked for that he attacks him. If the Warchief is insensitive referred to ranged attacks, you settle strafing its potential allies and watch his defeats at the hands of your protected.

From this derives a new task magnitude that will have you complete, namely Mark four remaining warlords by all possible means. You can, optionally, remove the bodyguards of your target and be able to isolate the Mark easier or more profitable to their bodyguards VOR your pawns, the rise in power by the challenge their Captains colleagues and send them to slay their leader take their place.

The remedy
Your task here will be to clean three distinct zones within a fortress Uruk without warning is given. To receive your bonus, it will take more Mark furtively at least three enemies, which should not be a problem and most importantly, be very useful. Start by pulling the fire around which gathered the Uruks near the entrance, mark the archers around to have peace and enjoy a friendly support, then put you on the road to the second group.

Free Caragor cage to create an additional diversion, in addition to activating the archers you have marked before, finish the job with your arrows if necessary and go near the last area where a captain. Carefully remove all its congeners around him to be able to duel quietly (it might as well not give warning) and thus complete the mission.

Once is not custom, your ally of the moment is put in trouble: therefore infiltrate the fortress while Uruk northwest and mark in first six enemies while keeping you well being detected: the Uruks are especially isolated west of the camp and on the hills. Once done, hurry up and go find Lithariel to stay in time and get rid of his captors as you think (knowing that you will have more marked over the following will be easy phase).

Then grab the young woman to wear outside the camp and take a break every faith that a troop of Uruk dark on you to push. It was also at this time that it will be useful to activate your marked for they help you defend yourself. Take down three successive waves out to the base in one piece.

Lord of Mordor
You can start this mission after yours five warlords who also take an active part in the short of it. Indeed, upon arrival near the fortress of the Tower, you are welcomed by a captain who will certainly say something, because it is one that you will most killed before, as well as a gaggle of disgruntled Uruks. You will have about you support your five Heads pumped: therefore clear to start some arrows to quickly eliminate the enemy defenders and facilitate the work of your flock and take care of the enemy Captain.

After reaching the next goal, the confrontation against the Tour begins: the aim here is to place three stealth drainages any of the appearances of the boss, avoiding at all costs being detected. Once done, return to the court and fill up the QTE to win the fight.

Mordor in flames
Here comes the last main mission of the game, after which you will be free to continue to browse the entire map of Mordor in order to do what you want. You should charge the enemy lines back Caragor conducting combat all Chiefs and Captains you have left after the battle led to the fortress of the Tower. Your opponents are not left out as they have in their ranks the five greenhouses of the Black Hand, seasoned captains that you will have to slay before continuing. If you still have you with powerful warlords, you will not have much to do with reality: let the big guys kill each other simply by occupying the standards Uruks and you can go challenge the Black Hand up the walls.

After a final remembrance, all that awaits you is actually a series of Qty to fulfill in order to defeat the Black Hand and power scroll credits. Fortunately, long hours of play still waiting for you to forge the legend of weapons and fun to eradicate the Uruk chain.

Weapon Legends

Your three favorite weapons, namely your sword, a dagger and a bow, all have the power to legend you can unlock by completing 10 missions each. 5 of these missions are in Udun while the other half is Nurn, and some may require prerequisites from you before they can be accessed. Note, however, that the main interest of these missions is intake Mirians they offer you for you to offer you the best possible attribute improvements.

Dagger Acharn

Mithril Blade
For this introduction, it will eliminate 10 Uruks working in the camp does not identify you doing to get the bonus and above all, in less than 3 minutes. Here's how you take to succeed.

Stealth will be here as your best ally: Eliminate at least 5 archers from a ledge by luring you if necessary, have the other by jumping over them savagely and especially, do not leave a Uruk sound the alarm, the best means being still never touch the ground.

Demonstration of power
During the passage of the enemy base, eliminate silently archers who cross your path without being noticed then simply run a brutalization on your target by jumping over him to easily beat the test.

The spectrum
For this test, your success or failure may depend on the initial arrangement of Uruks: these may indeed be potentially too together or too far from any perch where you can run an air elimination. Try to distract them with your bow or to attract with your sweet voice spectrum to overcome the problem.

Deadly Whisper
Here you will be forced to use the "draw" to achieve your goals, and how best to attract him Uruk before planting your blade in the body obviously remains to be suspended from a ledge. Change position after each murder not being detected and you will complete the challenge without penalty.

Shadow and steel
Defenders, with shields will be your main targets during this challenge, but to win the bonus it will also have them with an air elimination. And, as always, do not let the sound alert will be an absolute necessity. Do not hesitate to use some arrows to eliminate annoying Uruks and entitled to your head to head with the defenders.

The inner darkness
This mission takes place in two stages: first cross the enemy camp without being detected and not killing any Uruk to fulfill the condition bonus, then go around the room clockwise scoring all archers. When the enemy patrol arrives, check your puppets to trigger the ambush and release some of your own arrows to finish the job faster.

A knife in the night
This challenge may be more sharp than it seems, since the defenders you need to get the bonus mark its surrounded by Uruks rather mobile. Marquez first defender to the right of the entry, and one that is back on the right after scoring archers stationed in height, turn your pieces to create a diversion and go score a last defender while cleaning if necessary.

The purification of Shadow
Within the enemy camp, you have to slay three Uruks groups that keep many entries where groundwater may emerge ghûls, without being detected once. The additional challenge will come from the bonus objective, which will require you to remove at least five enemy from a ledge after being attracted to you, but know that you can kill other Uruks as torch-bearers to meet this challenge.

Fatal Secrets
Your task here is to follow the messenger without being noticed by his colleagues while eliminating in its wake the Uruks who retrieved the information. At the first stop, wait for the right moment to execute a striking shade on your target, follow the messenger skirting the left to take up and remove the two archers, start again a burden on the shadow holder information once its congeners parties following the messenger and repeat the operation for the last time on the defender collects the latest information. From there, be spotted or not no longer matters: So just uncheck an arrow in the head or legs to immobilize the messenger and to complete it.

The cruel beast
Dominate the Caragor you is kindly provided below to jump to your target you, devour at least 5 Uruks to fulfill the bonus objective and reload the health of your animal and quickly eliminate three scattered throughout the area dry slogging groups.

Cut lines
To complete this challenge with honors, you must eliminate all apprentices in yellow, while ridding you of at least five classic Uruks with executions, which is easy as long as the last two or three apprentices do not drown in the mass.

In the pit
Nothing complicated here: everything is indeed a question of endurance to defeat 50 opponents needed to win. Do not skimp on executions, therefore, to quickly complete all the enemies as they arise and come off easily victorious.

Same principle as in the previous challenge, except that Berserkers and supporters will join the party to complicate the task. In return, the cave in which you find yourself will act as a bottleneck, preventing the Uruks in theory you circle.

Unspeakable horrors
The aim here is to destroy three nests ghûls: the task may seem easy, but a matriarch to invite to the party when the last nest is about to be destroyed. So use the charge of the shadow on her after luring her to a small end of the room, charge your shots and run counter to your performances quickly fold this dangerous fight.

The red wave
You will not have too much grilling of neurons to complete this challenge, since you can simply slay five small isolated groups of enemies by running at least two of the many defenders are there to clear out before. Easy money.

Curse of Shadow
Those who love the fray will be served once more: since you will just here to kill three guards precise that you can shoot from a distance, taking the time to skin 25 Uruks regardless of their rank.

They shall not pass
Here you will make good use of your bow to be quiet: when you see approaching in the distance a torchbearer, shoot him an immediate shot in the head to have peace and eliminate his companions in contact. Repeat the process two more times to win the challenge.

The Black Rider
As in the video below, you will need to stop back to three runs Caragor quickly eliminating three groups Uruks and dry slogging to reach each goal. If your horse dies at the second point of execution, do not lose hope and continue on foot to conclude arc if necessary.

Power of One
Here will be the most difficult to take the time to run multiple drainages battle to reach your bonus, but you will succeed without difficulty by linking the basic strokes without completing your opponents. Marquez anyway several Uruks before it to create a diversion and fulfill the main objective, namely to kill each other enemies.

Arc Azkar

Quick clemency
Give yourself in their heart for this challenge and shots in rapid succession by not even bothering to charge them to remove a tower arm 15 Uruks necessary for your success. However, be careful not to break the concentration before slain four Uruks following for your bonus.

A Elbereth Gilthoniel
You will be placed in a weak position at this challenge, harassed on all sides by the enemy archers therefore aim with a little insurance by increasing your concentration if necessary and dodge enemy bursts when you feel the sauce happen.

Eye of Vengeance
You think that using your bow in hand-to-hand combat is against nature? Tell that to Legolas, who surely inspired the test during which you will have to remove the Uruks at close range, and in less than one minute please to receive your bonus.

Shadow besieged
Like a sniper ancient times, this time you will not get the green circle to shoot your target. Do not hesitate to climb on the ruins behind you to get the perfect angle and pull in the barrels of grog to fire five Uruks and thus affect your bonus.

The thunder of war
Dominate the Caragor which is brought to you on a tray You Go forth to the scouts Uruks and remove it from the back of your horse archery. Drain your animal if necessary to retrieve arrows and repeat the process two more times and all in less than 5 minutes to finish with honors.

Steel jaws
Your creativity is honored during this challenge: you will indeed have to kill Uruks as indirectly as possible, including pulling in the hanging carcasses to attract Caragors or by exploding barrels piled grog to west. Note however that for the main objective, only the yellow Uruks count towards the total.

The spirit of fire
To meet this challenge, you have to play the sword to load your counter moves against enemies that you darken it. Once done, pull a flaming pile of barrels in each of grog around you arrow and keep the pace to eliminate five Uruks still using flaming arrows that reminder can be launched with a counter once loaded.

No Exit
During this very short challenge, you will prevent the Uruks running towards their stronghold to reach it so they end up block for Graug. Make sure you have the talent that allows you to immobilize your target before starting the challenge, aim for the legs as much as possible to let the Graug do the job and prevent the slightest fugitive reaches its strong with a small headshot if necessary.

Shadow and flame
Take quickly aware of your environment to be able to protect you from enemy fire and aim only grog barrels to trigger explosions in the chain and you do a little BBQ Uruks. However, be careful not to get hit once to collect your bonus.

The secret flame
Once in the cave, go to the bottom of the latter leaving ghuls follow you and turn around once the back of the room to shoot the barrels of grog and slay the creatures by the dozen. 10 is also the minimum that you must remove ghuls with each explosion to fulfill the bonus objective, so expect a lot of them are combined to shoot.

Artifact & Ithildin
These two types of object will collect any two marked on your map as Towers Forge will be activated and you will yield Mirians to allow you to maximize your attributes. There are a total of 42 artifacts and 32 ithildin scattered in both Udun and Nurn, what offer you the best improvements so if you take the trouble to collect the as.

Rescue Exiles
It is certainly you've ever come across human slaves and free them from the yoke of their masters Uruks: Well this is reiterating that kind of good deed that you unlock everywhere on these cards rescue, marked with a fist raised to the sky, during which you can save more human reduced to the status of serfs. Moreover you will unlock more of these missions as you fill out and they will be a significant contribution in terms of Mirians to allow you to buy the most expensive attribute improvements.

Challenges hunting
Early in the game, these missions will be open and will unlock as you will complete the. In order, and you will crush some small spiders, shoot flying creatures like bats or birds, to hunt for Caragors, crush rats swarming into the fortress, defeating ghul eliminate different Graugs types of more or less powerful (very easy with the jurisdiction of spectral ride) and overcome a ghul matriarch, you easily meet during the main adventure.

Survival challenges
These missions, like the challenges of hunting are open early in the game and are unlocked as you complete them. The hunt for plants is actually a very simple activity, because all the information you need on your cards are present: on the general map, you will see the name and the symbol above the plants you need and spending cursor to different areas, you will see which contain the plants you are looking for. Do you have then just go to a targeted area and watch your mini-map to watch the symbols corresponding to the desired plants. Enable spectral vision is also a great help to locate more precisely the plants around you.