Murasaki Baby (PS Vita) walkthrough, unlock all trophies

Murasaki Baby Complete Walkthrough: this solution takes you by the hand and guides you to the end of the adventure by taking the time to explain every gameplay mechanics and the solution of each of the little puzzles that make up this game. Full trophies to unlock are also on our walkthrough.

Table of contents

Tentacle Boy
Bunny Boy
Perm Girl
Twisted Twins


The prologue of the game is simple kinematics that automatically plays when you first launch the game. It only lasts a few seconds and you will see your little heroine to wake up at night thinking he heard his mom move. "Mommy?"

You get the bronze trophy ... Mommy?

Tentacle Boy

Familiarize yourself with the controls of your special little baby purple, as well Murasaki means purple in Japanese. Simply tap the touch screen with your finger to grab his hand and push forward on the right. Be careful not to go too fast, otherwise it loses balance and falls to the ground (without however taking damage). You arrive soon face a series of very dark areas: to pass it, you have to get a fingertip lantern that is above your head and hang successively channels located in front of you to clear groups of bats -Mouse.

Then you come to a red balloon. Have fun and change the decor by dragging the background on the right with the rear touch pad. When the baby cries, you must retrieve the ball from the finger to give him in the hand. Too cute! Continue to the right and beat the little winged pins that want to burst your balloon by simply touching the touch screen. You then come face several holes in the ground. In the first ran a balloon; you can not get it back. Spend the next jumping over automatically, and stop opposite the tentacle. Then switch to red background and wait for the puppets appear to scare the tentacle. Then continue your way until you find a new red balloon, burst it, it gives you a new desktop mill screen!

You need it just after dark when a new area is to dispel with a light. This time, no chain: use the mill to repeatedly press the lamp to the right and blow away the bats. Thereafter, again using puppets red background to scare the tentacle up the small bridge, then advance by killing winged pins until you get in the house of Tentacle Boy. Inside, progress by hooking the light on the right and wake the boy, bursting his balloon. Take time to pause before the two paintings on the walls to get a trophy, and back out of the house. You now have the bottom blue screen!

Looking at all the images in the home of Tentacle Boy, you get the bronze trophy: He wants to be left alone ...

The blue background makes you, by tapping the rear touch pad to make it rain rain. Use it at the little pond to raise the water level until the baby goes to himself on the small boat. Here, use the bottom of the mill to the wind and move to the other side. Make new rain to extinguish the fire and continue. Another fire rises before you, Lift up the ball with one finger to move forward without letting it do burst. Further, same thing: lower it with a finger so that it passes below the prickly brambles. And alternate up and down to move safely to the end of the small tunnel. The baby then jumps below: Go back, go up the little log of wood and make rain to raise the water level. There Tentacle Boy clings to you: the right to pull him out of the water and remove his mask! This completes this section on a cute "Mommy?".

You get the silver trophy: You are free, Tentacle Boy!

Bunny Boy

Things get a little complicated in this second chapter. For starters, you lose all the wallpapers previously released. Thereafter, you arrive in a city to go from left to right, taking care to people who, in their windows, throwing teeth on the street. Of course, if a tooth touches your ball, it explodes and is lost to you. So take good care of your rapid progress taking ball of a finger so as to quickly slide from left to right and vice versa when needed. Then you find a way to activate the switch by sliding your ball inside, which opens the door to a new home. Blow to the first two doors and inviting rejection, then third to penetrate into the interior.

Each time, three doors open to you, and you must find the right one. For example, the door 201 opens with a horrible monster that bursts your balloon! Horror! So you have to take the second door, then the third. In order, therefore, take the doors 103, 202, 303 and you arrive at the apartments of Bunny Boy. Again, take the time to stop in front of each painting on the wall to understand its history and especially to unlock the trophy bound. You find Bunny Boy in her room but you are afraid and run away. You still got his ball in the bright. Continue to the right and leave the house to go back to the street. Your new power is to put music with new wallpaper, cool! Advance to find a skeleton cat alive. The rabbit comes to help you but you scared ... This is the place to use music to draw his attention to the screen and be able to pass in peace!

Looking at all the images in the home of Bunny Boy, you get the bronze trophy: He was eaten alive!

Later, you come to a small puzzle. Two elevators are there and linked by inversion. When one goes up the other goes down. Climb up and wait until the rabbit comes out of the left. Here, use the music to be able to come down so that the rabbit continue its path on the right to leave the cat. Step back and go put the ball in the switch. You can go down through the door now open. Here, take the umbrella of a finger and progress by holding open above your head to avoid the shower of teeth thrown through the windows. You meet again rabbit burst his balloon and walk past him using music, then use dark screen to reveal the new background white stairs in the night ...

New area, this time the baby thinks hear his mother and began to run toward the right word! Quick, grab the umbrella to spare him a new shower of teeth! Then you're stuck with a cat again: use the bottom to reveal a dark hole at his feet and make him fall into the void. Then it is rubble blocking the way. By retrieving a new ball of the rabbit, you unlock the wallpaper of Lapinzilla (a Godzilla rabbit, whatever) that allows you to collapse the elements in the foreground. Use it once, then again in the chase that ensues between the rabbit and you! Do not worry, if you are caught, you will not lose. You go on stage with a small lift to reveal the depths of darkness.

What follows is a new phase of escalation with new elevators unveiled by the wallpaper of darkness. Warning, this is rather long and takes you back to the very beginning of the area (the last door) if you fall and thus lose. When you arrive at a sort of small bridge rubble, use the Lapinzilla for breaking him down and then quickly change back to put it in the dark and fall on a platform rather than in a vacuum. You have a checkpoint at this point, if you lose, you pick here. Above, continue using the same mechanisms and taking care to teeth falling from windows. Eventually you arrive in a room where there is a television set. Step inside and flee along with Bunny Boy to get out on the right! Again, pull it out at the end to save it permanently. This completes the second chapter of a cute "Mommy?".

You get the silver trophy: You are free, Bunny Boy!

Perm Girl

You're back in a private world of unprecedented screen until you recovered funds. Progress thinking that these beautiful plants are black your mother to see each time disappear before your eyes. Kill the little beast that tries to have fun with the ball at the bottom, and wear a big head to pass underneath. To resist the strong gusts of wind hit your ball and pull it to the left. Then you cross Perm Girl and burst his first touch to get a screen: that of a heavy heart. By tapping the rear touch pad, you just blow up the heart (happy ...), which turns your heavy stone ball as you do not come back on another screen.

Use it to descend the weird platform where you have to climb. Also use this ability to make weight on bridges elastic and release it to jump up and high! The ball stone also serves to counter the wind gusts. You walk into a kind of big mouth monster house Perm Girl.

There, you understand that it is a slave to his pretty hair, taking the time to scan the same paintings on the wall. She then fled in the mirror on the right, and you follow. Scroll down and progress on the left (watch out for thorns in height) for a new ball burst: now you can lower the temperature at the bottom! Use it to freeze the lake on your right so you can cross it. But be careful, if you stay too long on the screen of the cold, your ball will break! Use cautiously so. Hurry also cross the ice as it melts slowly! Then little riddle: Do not use the elastic to jump height, but freeze it and adjust your stone ball to break! Beware of thorns. New handling: freeze, stone and bottom of the bottom to get out on the right and cross the small pond frozen. New jumps with elastic.

Looking at all the images in the home of Perm Girl, you get the bronze trophy: She's a slave to his beautiful hair!

You're at a small narrow passage with brambles height and spiders that attack you from below. To be sure you spend spiders, change the ball in stone above them and recover its state of balloon when they come down off the screen. Progress and to move in a new mirror. There, you are entitled to a sort of little mini-game: you are on a spider wheels and must progress in rolling to the right and jumping at the right places to go above the hole and climb the small steps. Nothing complicated. Then you land before a new balloon popping: you can now become so small that you attached to your ball fly, so you can move only by touching the heart balloon. Use this mechanism to be elevated due to rising air jets. Run on the bridge rubble crumbling and inevitably end up falling.

Here, go fluttering over obstacles, then use the elastic again with the heart of stone to climb up and move quickly in any light mode to continue your journey on the ascending air jets being careful brambles that are at times over you. Then you come to the Perm Girl blowing up a cable to the mirror. Your turn! Use the bottom screen of cold to freeze his hair and tip back to the ground, then climb on it and use the background of the large heart to drop your ball violently to the ground, which has the effect of breaking her hair. Therefore, it puts life and settles down! This completes the third chapter cute "Mommy".

You get the silver trophy: You are free, Perm Girl!

Twisted Twins

Welcome to the fourth chapter of Murasaki Baby. Again, you lose the full screen unlocked until funds. Start by jumping from platform to platform automatically, turn on the switch heart-shaped, and cross the bridge spider quickly enough as it gradually disappears under your weight. Then Explode the ball little guy you meet: the new wallpaper allows you to reverse the world without over-under with gyroscopic function of the PlayStation Vita! The mustache becomes the man of the angry eyebrows and it will steal your ball to run away with. At the end of the race, quickly flip the screen to make it become nice. Further, flip the screen to pass the pond and to pass down to dry. Again, play with the direction of the screen so that your pet is nice and gives you back the ball he steals.

When he runs your ball in hand, it is always possible to control the position of the ball of a finger. This is what you must do when it falls below brambles. Continue your journey on the path of cobwebs, taking care to their gradual disappearance.

You then get a new power: the power of screen background! It allows you to activate mechanisms directing the electric current on balls electrifying. So use this wallpaper to pass the following platforms and continue the cobwebs reverse being careful to winged pins. Then flip the screen and climb the little boat-shaped duck that is put on the water. To move forward, you need a good shot of electricity! Then you get to a door.

In this short area, go to the ceiling and do not control the ball flew to activate both switches and move properly below the brambles. New door. Here, use the small platform to mount vertically and switch to activate the new ball. When you enter the house of Twisted Twins and understand their history, taking care to turn each table to retrieve the bronze trophy that is bound. Misery, your ball is attacked by a blowgun shooting and begins to leak! Fortunately, you find a new power: the wallpaper of the inflator, which allows you a finger swipe on the touchpad back fully inflate your balloon ... who continues to fly though. So be careful to think about his condition and reinflate regularly! And continue driving and turn the little trolley to cross the chasm. Go up to the ceiling in order to activate the switch in the right direction and fall down below to enter the new door.

Looking at all the images in the home of Twisted Twins, you get the bronze trophy: They can not agree ...

Progress on the right and go up to the ceiling to reach the ball electrifying located on the right of the area. Turn it on and fall down below to land on the trolleys. On the right, go to a spider web to another to get to the front. There is a bit more complicated: alternate between down and up by activating the electrical mechanisms, eliminating the winged pins that seek your ball and do not forget to re-inflate it frequently! Not easy. Spend Zone duck taking care of the ball down so it does not burst on to the brambles in the air. Furthermore, you have several electric currents each linked to a single switch. Use the first switch, go up to the ceiling, back down, turn it back on, raise, call the truck with electric power, get on the truck, turn the switch on your left, go up, turn on the switch in your direction (reverse) , go down to the truck and you freedom! What follows is a new race where you control the ball to activate two switches and go under the brambles. Remember to reinflate it frequently! Finish your journey by going to the home of Twisted Twins that you end up unscrew! This completes this fourth chapter of a cute "Mommy".

You get the silver trophy: You are free, Twisted Twins!


It'll now only attend the scene epilogue concludes the adventure of little Murasaki Baby. We let you surprise!

You get the silver trophy ... Mommy!

Congratulations, you've saved all the children you have met your Mommy found and completed the adventure of Murasaki Baby! It is time to end his night in the arms of his Mother, now!

You get the gold trophy Murasaki Baby