Shadow of Mordor: Liberate Slaves to get more Miriam

Learn how to participate in the liberation of slaves missions to get lots of Miriam and experience in Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor.

Shadow of Mordor offers various forms of entertainment besides the main missions. There are several side quests available for the player to complete, and among them there are missions for liberation of slaves. Learn how to participate in these challenges to gain more experience and Miriam.

The two ways to participate

There are two ways to join a mission of liberation of slaves: accepting a mission of liberation of slaves willing throughout map of Mordor; or locating groups of slaves and killing their foremen next.

Check out how to participate in each of them.

- Participating in missions

Step 1: Access the map and locate a mission of slaves. Its icon is characterized by a white fist clenched. You can select the mission on the map to make it easier to locate

Step 2. Browse to the location of the mission and accept the conditions.

Step 3. Analyze the mission objectives and try to complete the side to earn a bigger bonus. Each mission has its own goals, there are those who must be liberated slaves punished for breaking tools; those that should prevent them from being killed by the foreman; rebellion missions, among others.

As you complete quests for liberation, the slaves will support and increase the chances of them rebel against their masters. When you complete a mission, you will receive experience, Miriam's - game currency - and fame.

Finding groups of slaves

This way of releasing them is much simpler than the previous one. On the whole scenario of Mordor there are groups of slaves working with their foremen near them. To release them, just delete the next overseers before the slaves die. The reward for this mission type is smaller, but they exist in larger quantities than the Side Quests set standards.