Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments walkthrough

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments is an adventure video game. The player incarnates the famous detective who, with his outsized abilities, will solve six cases giving him the opportunity to make moral choice .

Table of Contents

Case 1 - Black Peter
Case 2 - The Riddle of the Ghost Train
Case 3 - Bloodbath
Case 4 -  Abbey Manor
Case 5 - Tragedy at Kew Gardens
Case 6 - Secret Moonlight

The Fate of Black Peter

Guide the first case of Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments, Peter Black. Find all the stages of the case, the solution of all puzzles and mini-games.

- 221B Baker Street, meeting with Lestrade
- The Crime Scene at Woodman's Lee
- Interrogate John Neligan at Scotland Yard.
- Logbook and Whitechapel Butcher
- CPR and questioning Liam Hurtley
- Find Clues about Liam Hurtley
- Talk to Patrick Cairns
- The Fate of Black Peter

221B Baker Street, meeting with Lestrade

You begin the game in the skin of Watson. Sherlock pulls blindfolded in the apartment and you have to move behind the sofa and behind the table in the center of the room and then to the side of Sherlock to pause.

You then take control of Sherlock and after talking to Lestrade and Watson go in the chamber Holmes, the right looking at the fireplace. Interact with the cabinet to choose a dress uniform and if you think a gentleman of this age should always go out with a hat, interact with the hairdresser to choose one.

You can then enjoy the apartment, including the telescope before interacting with the front door to reach the crime scene, Woodman's Lee. You can also move from place to place directly via your notebook on the map tab.

The Crime Scene at Woodman's Lee

Once there, be interested right away in the garden that is conspicuous by its impeccable organization. Then go to the house to find the woman of Peter the black sitting in a chair next to a small table.

Start initially by draw his portrait. -you move with the keys indicated at the top right of the screen and interact with the following:

- Catholic Rosary
- Cameo
- Birdhouse
- Gardening gloves
- Crested Tit

Once all the evidence gathered, the portrait of Judith Carey adds to your notebook and opens up new questions. Ask all the questions available and "Better Life" that triggers a contextual action during the call, press the corresponding button and choose the term "Pilgrimage" Sherlock inferred from the Catholic rosary.

Once the conversation is over, you have work to do. Before you look at the hut, go to the lane slabs and see the footprints. Activate the vision of Sherlock and secure the footprints to make them yellow. Now go near the cabin and try to open the door. Inspector Lestrade tells you that closed the door unlocked the day before and found an amateur tried to force the lock. Use the talent of Holmes and examine the lock, specifically coarse scratches. Lestrade then opened the door of the hut.

Start initially by observing the scene before us interested in the corpse. Many memories of the marine history of the victim are in the cabin. You can interact directly on the left as you enter with a map describing a golf whaling (Hammerfest Dundee).

On the small shelf, Holmes notes using the vision a clean square in the middle of the dust and deduces a box once stood there. Also examine the sperm whale teeth next door.

Continue with shelf above the bed to add logs sides of the ship Peter Carey. Then continue by inspecting the rack harpoons. The murder weapon was certainly there.

Then open the wooden chest and get inside the boots to get the size of the victim.

Then look at the plate boat against the wall to the left of the corpse. Now go to the other side of the cabin and interact with the table. You notice two dirty glasses and a bottle.

Take the tobacco pouch and highlight the presence of the original PC before returning to open and interact with the tobacco inside.

Identification of tobacco is the subject of a mini-game is to align an image to reproduce a boat. The pipe is the bow and the tobacco leaf to stern.

Now is the time we are interested to the victim. Interact with Peter Carey and the following to create a portrait of the victim:

- Face Peter Carey
- Peter Carey clothing
- Perforated chest
- Harpoon
- Puddle of blood

In the pool of blood, you notice a sailor's knife you can examine the wooden handle and the blade.

Also pick up the notebook and follow the registration JHN on the cover. The bloodstain in the right corner of the book also gives you important information, the notebook is dropped after death.

Finally open the book to find many abbreviations impossible to decipher yet. Now get out of the hut and look again at the footprints in the garden. This time you can use the boots of Peter Carey to find that the footprint is much too large.

It is time to return to chat with Ms. Carey for new information from the items found in the cabin. Once all the topics of conversation exhausted enter the deduction mode.

Here you have to connect ideas together to make inferences. For now you can not establish a relationship between "Notebook" and "Attempted burglary".

By linking these two pieces of information you create a connection in the form of a kind of neuron with an exclamation point. Sherlock Holmes decides to ambush the apprentice burglar persuaded that retry his luck after dark.

Talk Lestrade to explain your plan and circle the cabin to interact with the window. Inspector Lestrade and Sherlock hide and dark. The thief reappeared and Lestrade stops. Join him inside the cabin.

Interrogate John Neligan at Scotland Yard

You are now in the famous Scotland Yard. Talk to the policeman behind the counter to learn that the suspect is in the interrogation room, but also that his personal belongings are in the evidence room.
Take the left lane and enter the room on the right, room sealed.

Examine the personal effects of the suspect on the left table.

You find the notebook that you previously found in the cabin and the pocket knife, which was likely used to pick the lock of the shed.

There is also a tissue and a ring. Rotate the ring to read all of the inscription on the inside. Sherlock reading the sentence tick on the name Dawson and invite you to visit archives in Baker Street.

Once each element analyzed, except the book that has not yet revealed its secrets, get out into the hallway and go to the bottom left in the interrogation room. Start by making a portrait of John Neligan by addressing the following indices:

- Threadbare hat
- Neck end
- Piece
- Expensive fabric
- Buttons developed
- Short sleeves
- Calluses
- Scars

Then ask him about all topics for conversation and when addressing the topic of "Ring of Gold" contextual action appears on the screen, press the required button and choose "Burn to the ring".

Continue the conversation with the subject "The owner of the Ring" and a new contextual action appears. Choose "jacket of his father".

With the information obtained during the interview enter the deduction mode and connect the information, "Nelligan notepad" and "Attempted burglary" for a net recovery "Notebook".

Then connect the information "Cleave fast" and "Impaled on the wall" for the "task: Experience". Sherlock wants to try a little experiment and wants to talk to Watson. You now have two reasons to return to Baker Street.

Logbook and Whitechapel Butcher

- Baker Street

Back to Baker Street, consider the huge pile of papers to the right of the fireplace, then read the article on the failure of the bank Dawson and Neligan.

Then talk to Watson experience on throwing spear, you have to go to a butcher in Whitechapel and you must retrieve a harpoon into the cabin of Peter Carey. Also take the time to interact with Toby the dog by the window. It must indeed interact with each in 6 business to unlock the achievements / trophies "Cynophile."

- Scotland Yard

Before you get there, made a detour to Scotland Yard to discuss the bankruptcy of Dawson and Neligan with John Neligan who is still in the interrogation room. It teaches you more about her father and now you need to go to the hut Peter Carey to view logs of his boat.

- Woodman's Lee

Journey to Woodman's Lee and once in the cabin, grab a spear on display and interact with logbooks.

Read the book until August to fall on an obligation of the Canadian Pacific Railway track.

- Baker Street

Back to Baker Street and Wiggins call interacting with the window to run it, he and his band, in the footsteps of the crew of the Sea Unicorn members.

- Whitechapel Butcher

Now go back on the map and go to the slaughter of Whitechapel. Talk to Watson to start the experiment. Hold your breath with the indicated top right of the screen and press again when the cursor is on the white line to launch the harpoon on the red target button.

With each failed attempt, the white area becomes larger, facilitating you the next action. As in DTG Reviews you are not a fan of the whaling you can see by dint of perseverance minigame eventually becomes very easy anyway.

After the experiment was complete, enter the deduction mode and connect the elements' Killer necessarily strong "and" Impaled on the wall". For the first time you will have to choose between two possible interpretations of the different consequences, "Super Strength" or "stroke of luck". The correct answer is "superhuman strength."

CPR and questioning Liam Hurtley

- Scotland Yard

Return to Scotland Yard because Lestrade new, suspicious lurking around the house Carley was arrested. Walk into the room of exhibits and watch the business again John Neligan, specifically the notebook.

Emphasize the CPR line to get the index Missing documents.

See you at the cellular level and ask to interview John Neligan last time.

Ask him about his "break" and use the 'obligation' index to complete the final investigation of the suspect John Hopley Neligan.

You can now go to connect "missing documents" with "Attempted burglary". You must then choose between "Get the notebook" and "Research paper", the correct answer is the latter, Neligan came to seek documents from his father.

You connect the "Securities stolen" index and the "Research paper" giving you the choice of "Mobile Neligan" or "Neligan is innocent". The correct answer is that Neligan is perfectly innocent in this case.

Now that you have removed the first suspect, return to the room sealed and examine the affairs of Liam Hurtley.

Recover in the first pair of boots, watch the pen unimportant and finally the letter freshly stained with ink.

Return to the cells and ask to interview Liam Hurtley. The man is not talkative and you can only draw his portrait for now.

Consider the following to complete:

- Hands gardener
- Handkerchief crested tit
- Plant debris
- Old scar

It will tell you nothing more, for you to find new index on your side. Direction Baker Street to talk science.

Find Clues about Liam Hurtley

- Baker Street

The first intriguing object you have in your possession is undoubtedly the ink-stained letter. Sherlock needs to prepare a chemical agent to remove fresh ink. Will use its kit chemist near the window. You need to prepare the solution by mixing all the reactants in the following order:

- Blue reagent
- Green reagent
- Blue reagent
- The orange reactant
- The colorless reagent
- The orange reactant
- The colorless reagent

You then get a product that you simply apply the letter to reveal its contents and thus add to your book the "Letter of Hurtley".

- Woodman's Lee

Now let's look at the pair of boots Hurtley. Go to Woodman's Lee and look again at the footprints in the garden. This time the boot fits perfectly.

You can connect the following clues: "Footprints of Hurtley" and "No gardener" for "Unexplained Presence".

- Scotland Yard

New carriage ride to join Scotland Yard and go ask Hurtley. This time you have something to hold a solid examination. Evoke "Woodman's Lee" and present the index on "boots Hurtley".

The man is not allowed to disassemble so far continues to question him about his "presence in Woodman's Lee" and then show him the proof that he is the "Gardener" of Woodman's Lee.

Finally ask, "What have you hidden" and finally present him the "Letter of Hurtley" you have chemically restored.

- Woodman's Lee

You now have enough information to examine Ms. Carey back to Woodman's Lee. Ask about the new topics of conversation, she lies to you for the most part but you give the key to the shed that is behind it.

Open it and use your sixth sense in looking at the floor on the right to Sherlock notices a suspicious board.

Retrieve the trunk and open it to fall on a mechanism that will require a little common sense to be opened. You have to match the lines of each cylinder. 

Once opened you find a bundle of letters giving you access to the "Letter from Judith Carey".

Examine Ms. Carey using the phrase "Liam Hurtley and You" and use the "romantic correspondence" index to make him confess.

Connect the deduction method the words "Admission of Judith" and "Letter from Hurtley" for a finding of "harmless Flirt".

You can deduce that "Hurtley is innocent" in this case. It is time to return to Baker Street to see if the band Wiggins find the crew of the Sea Unicorn.

Talk to Patrick Cairns

- Baker Street

Back to Baker Street you receive immediately visit Wiggins happens with a list of the crew ended up with the specific occupation in front of each name members. Underline the name of Patrick Cairns which is the only harpooner alive list. In addition to these initial match PC found on the tobacco pouch. Go to the menu deduction precisely link the information "Carey does not smoke" and "Patrick Cairns" .

Sherlock develops a plan to impersonate a sailor and "Test Cairns". Go to the chamber Holmes and interact with the cabinet to put an outfit Marin.

- The Sea Witch pub

You are near the end to get to the pub Sea witch. Patrick is at the bottom of the bar alone at a table. Talk to him and offer him a showdown you'll have to win twice to continue the investigation.

Tip: The mini-game showdown consists of three actions. The first is the act of pushing, certainly the most clear, you need to hammer the corresponding gain ground on your opponent button. This action is very intensive endurance and if you force simultaneously with your opponent blocks or strength, you will only waste your endurance. This is where the second action comes into play, not to express in the menu of mini-game action press any button lets you recover your stamina. However, if your opponent grits his teeth and thus pushes you lose ground. Finally, the third action is to maintain the appropriate button to stop your opponent's attack against an amount of endurance.

Familiar with the three possible actions so you have to read the face of Patrick Cairns to know when to attack, when to resist or when you rest.

After losing twice, Patrick becomes warmer and you can draw the complete picture due to:

- Gold earring
- Cheap clothes
- Powerful arm
- Tattoo sailor
- Yellowed nails

Continue all the topics of conversation to learn important information about the victim and when Sherlock wanted a pretext to go to the bathroom, interact with the jacket to slip Cairns tobacco pouch.

Go back to Patrick and ask him tobacco. You will confirm in its response that the tobacco pouch is his right.

Finally enter into the mode deduction and connect the words "Patrick Cairns" and "Joke of Cairns' to have a choice between "Joking - guilt "or" Joke - presence".

The correct answer is of course the first, Cairns is the murderer of Peter Carey. This is also the time when you can change the conclusion of the adventure, for example to discover the wrong choices.

The Fate of Black Peter

Here are the clues that you must have in the final tree

- Stolen securities
- Research papers
- Neligan is innocent
- Flirt trivial
- Unexplained presence
- Hurtley is innocent
- Superhuman strength
- Joke - guilt

You have two choices to conclude this first case, send him to prison or let him go. This choice has no particular impact.

- Condemn Cairns:

Sherlock Lestrade called home, and Patrick Cairns entered quickly. A strong fight fires, perform with the right timing the contextual actions to send the killer to the mat and unlock at the same time the success / "Pugilist" trophy.

- Absolve Cairns

Sherlock gives go head to head to Patrick Cairns who quickly confesses his crime. Sherlock was leaking but calls from the obligations it has stolen. He then received Lestrade and gives him guilty of second harpooner list Crews Wiggins to return, the one who died. Finally, Sherlock receives young John Neligan to give bonds recover from Patrick Cairns.

The Enigma of the Ghost Train

Guide to the second case of Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments, the enigma of the ghost train. Find all the stages of the case, the solution of puzzles and mini-games and all video evidence to be collected.

- Crime scene at Evesham Station
- Meet Mr Robinson at Bridlington Station
- A matter of speeder in Chesterfield
- Referral and Coal Mine
- Return to Evesham
- Doncaster Beach
- The good resolution of the riddle of the ghost train 

Crime scene at Evesham Station

Baker Street

After the conversation with Mycroft, don’t leave the apartment immediately, because this time you will not return there for the entire investigation. First go read the letter on the mantelpiece concerning the case of Black Peter. Reading three letters of previous cases you will unlock achieve / trophy "omnivorous reader".

Then interact with the dog Toby which is again close to the window to advance in the success / "Cynophile" trophy. You can now leave the apartment through the door input to really start this new survey.


After the opening cinematic, you take hold of Sherlock Holmes in the morning. You must initially go on track, the train there or disappeared the night before. When the option is displayed on the screen, switch mode imagination Sherlock. You get the exact location or the train was last seen. Consider the following to complete the scene:

- Sleepers
- Empty bottle
- Ground near the rails
- Rails

Then go back to the station and enter the Ticket Office. Go directly in the window by the door on the right and search the office.

Retrieve the message and the composition of the train to add them to your documents on the investigation.

Finally, look at the telegraph in the front room of the exit. Then go to the waiting room through the dock to get the map of the area, against the left wall.

Finally visit the store found a door after the waiting room. Here, look at the pile of junk on the table, consisting of a locomotive bell and spare parts.

Examine the spare ground to end the exploration of places.

You can now go join the head of Evesham Station which is on the dock next to a bike. Start by making the portrait of the man through the following.

- Gray Hair
- Patches of land
- Alliance
- Honorary Badge

Then ask all the possible questions. If you lack the card or other documents it will tell you where going to recover. He explains that the train was delayed yesterday and tells you Bridlington station on the map. This is your next destination in this survey.

Meet Mr Robinson at Bridlington Station


Once at the station in Bridlington, enter the waiting room for passengers and approach the passenger side of the counter anger. Make her portrait considering the following:

- Work clothes
- 2nd class ticket
- Rough hand
- Alliance

Ask him then on the train the day before, it teaches you that he was in and that despite a ticket in order, he was forced to descend when a group of wealthy men remained. Now go talk to the second man in the waiting room, Mr Robinson. He refuses to talk to you, so Make her portrait with the following:

- Australian Hat
- Expensive clothes
- Big gold ring
- Stylish shoes

You can now approach the subject of the train the day before. Exhaust all conversation topics to learn that Mr Robinson got off the train to meet someone that never came, and the leaders of the South American company hulls was among passengers. Change to the deduction mode and connect the words "Disappearance of the train with passengers" and "Chileans remained on the train". You have the choice between "Accident" and "Chileans on board", good deduction being the second.

Enter the office marked "Private" and turn the vision of Sherlock to distinguish at the foot of a telegraph paper wedged between the wooden slats.

Grab the paper to add it to your address book, it is an insurance policy for the invention of Mr Robinson. Also examine the telegraph in the front room to turn to the stationmaster.

Start as usual draw his portrait due to:

- Young
- Clean clothes
- Instructions
- Inkblots

Exhaust all topics of conversation when addressing the question "Nothing unusual yesterday?" use the index "Head of Station beginner".

You will get the "Telegram Chesterfield St." which will be added to your address book. Go back and talk with Mr Robinson has a new line of dialogue, "Insurance prototype" which then leads to the "Bag important journey". Sherlock cleverly calls the stationmaster to record the bag Mr Robinson in the shed.

Get out precisely the waiting room on the shore side and enter the room on the right to find the baggage Mr Robinson on a crate.

Open to launch a new puzzle lock picking. Cylinder 1, Cylinder 2, Cylinder 3 and
Cylinder 4.

Inside you will find business documents. Underline the words Contract exclusive sales and Mr. Thomas L. Robinson on four contracts.

Then enter the deduction method to connect the words "Special Wagon" and "A prototype, many clients" to conclude that Robinson is a victim.

Now open your map to get to Chesterfield.

A matter of speeder in Chesterfield


Enter Chesterfield Railway Station and search the trash next to the bench at the entrance, not very elegant, but it is filled with liquor bottles, valuable information. Observe also the demands of fishing in the waiting hall.

Now go behind the counter by the door on the far right. Examine the telegraph and especially the Morse code which is right next door. Apparently the station master does not know like the back of his fingers walrus.

Just wake him up at his office and draw up a portrait with the following information.

- Red nose
- Clean clothes
- Flask of alcohol
- Fishing line
- Alliance

Ask her now available and all questions when addressing the "Message strange" he sent the day before, remember his "Alcoholism" after contextual action. You unlock the same time the success / trophy "Failure is not Holmes' for successfully 10 QTY dialog without making mistakes.

Go to the menu and link the deduction "Telegram Chesterfield" information and "Head of Chesterfield unreliable". You have the choice between two deductions, "Past Chesterfield" and "Not in Chesterfield," the correct answer is the first.

Now get out of the side of the wharf and take the door on your left. Holmes notes that the door is locked, a new minigame lock picking starts.

Cylinder 1
Cylinder 2
Cylinder 3

Inside look dirty tools, then snap the vision of Sherlock for that remark ground traces, apparently bags have recently been dragged here.

Now just look at the bags against the wall and move on to find a bottle of wine. Go back to the station master to ask about dirty tools and you learn that workers have come to borrow and must still clean.

Get out on the dock and go left to the warehouse to the station. Inside you find the frame of a speeder. Examine it to give an idea to Sherlock.

Enter the deduction and link elements "No trace of the train" and "Parts of speeder" mode. Sherlock then provides a new experience "Making a dummy train"

Interact again with the chassis handcar to start the experiment.

First take one of the wheels on the left and just fix the axle right.

Then take the board in the bottom right of the screen corner and just fix it on the board.

Pick up the arm mechanism and just fix it instead of the arm mechanism.

Take the gear in the upper right corner of the screen and just put it in the slot gear.

Now turn the Rail and pick up the second wheel to the left of the screen to attach to the axle on the left.

Finally, pick up the brakes near the wood stove to the left of the screen and just fix them instead of the brake.

Now that your dummy train is near, Watson does not seem excited about your work. Use your powers of imagination to see a powerhouse and interact with the dummy train. Sherlock points out the lack of a lighthouse and a steam whistle.

Go back into the warehouse and check the spare parts train next to the stove. You will find the train whistle on a barrel.

To the right of the screen you will also find a lighthouse with dynamo.

It remains for you to retrieve the fire extinguisher on the right table and the long pole near the bags.

Get out and look at the Rail to fix the pole lighthouse and whistle.

Add extinguisher and pump when engaging the whistle and end the demonstration of Sherlock.

Enter the deduction and connect ideas "Parts of speeder" and "Train dummy" mode. You'll unlock the deduction "Gone Before".

Now go to the back of the cab to check the mail archives Sherlock to seek an "old map". Overlay this map on one you already possess for a detailed railway map and your future goals.

Referral and Coal Mine


Use your map to get to the point marked Turnout. On site, examine the switch, red arrow at the Chesterfield panel Bridlington. Then take a look at Mine panel on the other side of the track.

Then use the power of imagination to see the Sherlock possibility that the train is changed course at this level. This information adds to your card Mines. Use it to get there.


On site you will quickly see that the mine is abandoned. Observe the vehicle tracks directly in front of you. Sherlock pulls out his tape measure to measure the distance between the two traces.

With this information, consider again the vehicle tracks and the wooden beam on the right.

Now look at the panel on the ground on the left of the road.

Pick up the board on the ground and just attach the two remaining.

Sherlock asks Watson to lend her his handkerchief. Use it to remove the earth and reveal the inscription panel: WEA Coal Company.

Move now to the entrance of the mine blocked and snap vision detective Sherlock. Look no rails for a while until the camera gets closer and then study a big screw.

Now approaching the two buildings on the left and follow the "Mine Guards" panel, then enter the cabin, the other containing no object. Inside, pick up the canister on the ground at left.

The box is locked, resulting in a new hooking puzzle much more complex than the previous, as consisting of five cylinders.

Cylinder 1
Cylinder 2
Cylinder 3
Cylinder 1-2-3-4-5  (turn all)
Cylinder 4
Cylinder 5

Inside the canister are documents in addition to your address book under the name "New safety instructions". Sherlock suggested contacting his brother for more information.

Get out and go to the mine entrance obstructed. Use the vision of Sherlock to discern a strange package and examine it. Remove the backing paper and analyze sawdust inside.

Then point the gun at the package aiming slightly lower. Package explodes violently confirming that this is dynamite.

Then enter in the mode of deduction and link information "Mines collapsed" and "Explosion in Mines". You then get two proposals, "Stash" and "Sabotage". The correct answer is the latter.

Return to Evesham


Back at Evesham station, go into the office of the Chief to use his telegraph station and contact Mycroft. You get the information "WEA Coal" in your book.

Enter the deduction mode and connect "WEA Coal and Chileans" with "Mexicans against Chileans." Then you would get "no hard feelings".

Get down on the tracks and lift them to a wooden gate. On the other side look at the remains of the building.

Then turn right and use detective vision to notice traces of heavy vehicle. Review them to make the distance between the two marks with your tape measure.

Examine the heavy vehicle tracks a second time then return to the station master who is always next to his bicycle and ask about the shed removed.

Enter the deduction mode and connect this information once "Rails missing the mines" and "Flight of track". You get to the point information "Towards mines" which contradicts the passage in Chesterfield. We'll have to get to Station for further information.

Doncaster Beach


Use your map to get to the station unknown. Once there you learn that this is Doncaster. Enter the waiting hall to see a man leave. Approach the bench to find a cigar butt still smoking on the ground. Smell it to start the mini-game analysis of tobacco already meet Peter in the Black case.

To solve this puzzle you must place the tobacco leaves right and use the smoke of the cigar left to complete the image of a sombrero.

Now go to the vision of detective Holmes and observe carefully the ashtray right next to the bench. The camera moves closer and then you can consider other cigar butts of the same brand as the one found on the ground.

Then collect the piece of paper burned in the ashtray. Then look at the text Remaining to confirm that there is a conflict between Mexicans and Chileans.

Now go to the office of the stationmaster and examine his office. You find a pile of horse magazines, the man is clearly passionate.

Under the pile of magazines, take tickets horseracing and analyze them from every angle to learn that the station master plays significant amounts. Then check out the telegraph in the room before exiting the side of the dock.

Enter the next room to the right, it is the luggage. Inside go to the bottom right to find the bag of the station master.

Examine it to find two interesting letters, a private letter which when opened just add in your book as "Letter to the wife of the head of Doncaster" and a legal letter, which has also just add to your scrapbook.

Now go make a visit to this charming station master who is at the end of the dock next to the warehouse from the station. Watson notes in a flooded road next to the tracks area, valuable information that adds to your questions to the stationmaster. Start by making a portrait with the following information.

- Melancholy
- Button missing
- Brand Alliance
- No shows

Ask him all the questions available and when addressing his addiction with the word "Player", use the "Tickets horse paris" to win the QTE.

Once the conversation is over, enter the deduction mode and connect the "Fund Leader of Doncaster" information and "Telegram Doncaster" and choose between "Past Doncaster" or "Not by Doncaster". The correct answer is the latter, the station master has probably been bribed.

Replace the path opposite to the position of chief of station to a switch. Use it to find that although rusty it still works fine. Now go up the path leading to the quarry while glancing to the rails, rusty but passable.

Scroll up to fall on the end of track and examine it to complete a full review of the fork to the quarry. Now open your menu and deduction connect "flight track" and "Old Road to Career".

You can now end a contradiction in the survey by choosing "Towards career" instead of "To the mines". Now return to the index part of the deduction mode and connect "Old path to career" and "Flooded Quarry".

You have the choice between deduction "Maybe cast" and "No cast". Choose the first option and then use the map to go to the beach.


Once there you interested right away traces of heavy vehicle. Examine the stone to deduce the vehicle weight could bury a stone at this point.

Then measure your tape measure the distance between the tracks and review them again to reconcile with traces of Evesham vehicle.

Walk down the road and look at the advertising for boat ride on your right. Also examine the broken trailer and waste next door. This camp has clearly been recently abandoned.

Go to the edge of the water and use the vision of Sherlock for he distinguishes a metal plate on the ground. Examine it more closely to find Las registration Zarpas.

Go open the archives to the back of the cab and see the document Las Zarpas - River Transport in Encyclopedias / Technology section.

Go to the deduction mode and connect "Heavy Transport" and "Caracal barges" to obtain information "Barges".

Your previous deductions then converge on new information "Train cast". There are times to meet with the Mexican cigar smoker. On the way to Doncaster.


Enter the waiting room to automatically start a conversation with the man with the cigar. Start by making her portrait with the following information:

- Stylish clothes
- Large frame
- Combat Sports
- Luxury cigar
- Rides

Exhaust all dialogue choices and when you ask him the question, "I thought you were Mexican" use the "Mexican Cigars" index to win the QTE.

At the end of the conversation get into the mode of deduction and link information "WEA Coal and Chileans" with "Mexican suspect". You can now choose between "No hard feelings" and "Mexicans furious", the correct answer is the latter.

You then get the item of deduction "Mexican Trap" that allows you to conclude this case or try all other options to see evil ends.

The good resolution of the riddle of the ghost train

Here are the clues that you must have in the final tree

- Chileans on board
- Robinson victim
- Mexicans furious
- Passed to Chesterfield
- To career
- Sabotage
- Barge
- Maybe cast
- Not by Doncaster
- Disappeared before

You have two choices to conclude this second case, choose blind justice by contacting Lestrade prefer diplomacy or by contacting Mycroft. Unlike the first case the end cinematic is in every way similar except a sentence.

Sherlock besets the Mexican through the station master Doncaster. Watson then you play and pull on the Mexican with your firearm. Aim the hand of Mexican to get success / trophy "Fine trigger" and making a deal with success / trophy "On the right track" as a reward.

Case 3 - Bloodbath

Guide the third case of Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments, Bloodbath. Find all the stages of the case, the solution of puzzles and mini-games and all video evidence to be collected.

- Poison and crime scene
- Autopsy examination and triple Scotland Yard
- Unleash your science
- Archaeological excavations
- Frigidarium and catacombs
- Puzzles and castings
- The Temple of Mithras
- The good resolution of the case of Bloodbath

Poison and crime scene

Baker Street

You start the third case in the skin of Watson and Sherlock find you on the edge of death on the couch of 221B Baker Street. Start by examining his pupils and touch his forehead to detect the temperature.

You must then take their pulse on his wrist through a mini-game that involves counting the number of heart beats in 10 seconds. Press required for each pulse appearing on the cardiogram. You should expect to 8 heart beats in 10 seconds.

After the visit of the Inspector Lestrade leave the map screen and take the time to read your mail on the fireplace to know the consequences of the previous case and bring you closer to success / trophy "omnivorous reader". Then interact with Toby lying on the couch where Holmes was still a few minutes earlier in order to get success / "Cynophile" trophy.

You can then leave your apartment to reach the Baths of Strand Lane.

Strand Spa Lane
Onsite ask all questions available Lestrade to learn more about Crime. He invites you to discuss with Mr Phillips. Begin by creating a portrait with the following information:

- Starched collar - Meticulous
- Shiny button
- Manchester City
- Telegram date
- Scissors cut - Cuts hair alone - Living alone
- Slight wrinkles

Then ask all questions to Mr. Philips prior to scrutinize the large circular room. Locate the Frigidarium Phillips on the right, you can not even get there. Then look at the signs of Apodyterium and Sudatorium. This is your next destination. Take fast garments of the men in the sauna, they prove you currently no information.

More interesting is a bottle of champagne in the lower right corner of the locker room. Examine it more closely to distinguish in detail such things as the label, the melted ice and the plug.

It is now time to confront the body of the victim, go into the next room to trigger a cutscene. Then examine the corpse starting with the face of the man.

You notice a nasty wound on his right eye. Examine the blood that seems too much to come solely from the injury to the face.

Then look at the right hand of the corpse. A close examination of the earth under fingernails, Sherlock gets a small amount for future analysis.

Observe finally mark ring to the ring finger and finally the wrist of the victim to complete a comprehensive study of the body. For the moment at least. Sherlock then asked the police to remove the body to take him to Scotland Yard.

Examine the blood spot where the body was found and draw-in a small amount for future analysis in Baker Street.

Then snap the detective vision to distinguish a key in this pool of blood. Come closer now to the second alcove on the right against the wall to find the steam control.

Close-read the nameplate and snap the vapor control using the handle.

The steam filled the room then no longer possible to distinguish any action in three steps. Use your vision to distinguish the vapor control and close it.

Now go near the brazier at the end of the room. Pick the glasses on the ledge and examine the crack running through the glass on the left. Also examine the second glass to learn that it is a thick glass therefore belonging to a short-sighted.

Then take a look at the fire itself to notice a piece of molten metal, but it is much too hot for you to seize it.

Speak now with Mr. Garrow, the man most left. He is in shock and refuses to talk. Check the bottom of his briefcase on which there are traces of blood.

Then ask Mr Pitkin and Mr Blinkhorn without success either, men are too shocked to speak.

Before leaving the room, take a look at one of the gates to find that it is not so removed that the murder weapon could not be hidden. Back in the lobby, tell Lestrade that there is no objection that it takes three men for questioning at Scotland Yard.

Then go ask Mr Phillips about new items you have found. When you mention "The keys Sudatorium", a contextual action is triggered, you must present the "Telegram morning" to confess that he left his post a short time in the morning.

Now switch on the side of the Frigidarium and enter right away in the office on the right, the office of Sir Rodney Bentcliffe. Examine the shelf right by entering.

You find a box on the radius of the medium. Examine it more closely to find a missing plate inside.

Then look at a photographic negative to see that this is a photo of Egypt, as the name of the box left the alleged "Aswan 1888".

Observe archaeological discoveries off the shelf and lean more precisely on the table. Pick initially document which is added in your book as "Draft Sir Rodney."

Pick up a copy now of the Daily Mirror and the Times to add to your notes.

Keep up scrutiny of the room watching the following table where many archaeological discoveries. Take the document located on the metal plate. It is added to your address book as "searches Bentcliffe." Then collect the perforated plate and return it to take.

Finally, look at the table next to the front door, besides the archaeological tools, you can find a clip that will be useful to remove the piece of molten metal into the brazier.

Now get out of the room and continue down the hallway towards the Frigidarium to witness a landslide. Review blocks collapsed before returning to the Sudatorium.

Approach the Brassero and move the tweezers to grab you the piece of molten metal Sherlock will now analyze in Baker Street. This completes this very long inspection of the thermal baths, go now to Scotland Yard.

Autopsy examination and triple Scotland Yard

Scotland Yard

Upon arrival at Scotland Yard appointment directly into the sealed room, the first right into the left lane. You then have four drawers containing the personal effects of major interest in the investigation. Let's start with the left with the business of Pitkin. You can not find a card that you must return to confirm to be that of Gregory Pitkin. Take a quick look at the fountain pen in gold and embroidered handkerchief.

Now go to the affairs of Mr. Garrow. You find a vial Watson identifies as St. John's wort, a remedy against melancholy significant side effects if used in overdose. You will also find the bloody that you had seen in the sudatorium towel.

In the personal effects of Blinkhorn you find a regular pen and a letter in addition to your address book as "Letter from Sir Gregory Pitkin."

Finally look at the personal belongings of the victim Bentcliffe. Pick up the piece and return it to find that it is an old piece.

Then collect the map drawn by hand to add it to your scrapbook. Then pick up the notebook and open it.

Inside you find that the pages were torn. Sherlock then provides with a pencil and you should give light pencil strokes to reveal the text of the last note.

Pass the handkerchief Watson on the text to make it more readable.

It was at that time a sergeant entered and surprises you. It brings you the report of the medical examiner that adds to your list of evidence in the form of the weapon, an unusual, long and curved shape.

Look again at the personal belongings of Bentcliffe and examine the ring. Notice the rough repair money and the ancient symbol engraved on it.

Exit the room and go up the hallway and take the next door on the right towards the morgue. Down re-examine the body of the victim.

Start with a review of the wound to the face, Watson reads you the conclusions of the medical examiner. Also check out the scars on his chest and stomach for further information.

Then return the corpse to watch his back. Here look at the bruises on the shoulders and back.

You're done with the body of the victim, reassemble at the prison and begin questioning Mr.Garrow, which is the leftmost. Once in the interrogation realize his portrait with the following room:

- Unshaven
- Puffy eyes
- Dirty clothes
- Protective amulet - Hand of Fatima - Superstitious
- Transpiration

Ask about all the available topics and then select M. Blinkhorn center in the prison. In the interview also draw his portrait with the following room:

- Concentrated look - Attentive
- Rusted straps
- Worked earth
- Callus

Ask him all the questions to you and when you mention his "Work" remember his "Letter from Pitkin" for him to tell you the truth about the state of his research before arrival Sir Rodney Bentcliffe.

Bring now Mr Pitkin for the last examination, he is on the bench right. Inside the interrogation room start by doing portraits of the suspect:

- Look arrogant
- Drooping mouth - Disdain
- Signet - Roots aristocratic
- Gold Chain - Cardigan Cashmere - Fortunate

Ask on all matters to you and when you mention his "Work" show him the "Letter of Pitkin" to get more information.

Now that the preliminary interrogations of all suspects were performed enter the deduction mode and connect the information "stolen Notes" and "Lie Sir Rodney".

You will get the deduction "Secret mortal", which leads to development "Last Shipment".

You can also link information "Arrival timely" and "Combat Pitkin". You have the choice between deductions "Humiliation" and "Collaboration" good solution being the first.

Unleash your science

Baker Street

It is time to return to Baker Street as we have a lot to analyze and search. Start with the papers left by the fireplace, you should seek information on Sir Bentcliffe and exceptional mention in the 1893 "Draft Sir Rodney." See you on the year 1893 and read the article "mummy Bentcliffe" you add to your documents.

Come closer now to the analysis table, a lot of work ahead of you.

In order start by analyzing the soil sample found under the fingernails of the victim. Take stock for a net image and look at the three types of discoverable items in this sample, Selenite, particles of Kaolinite and finally pyrite.

Sherlock concludes that it is Kaolinite. On the small map, look at the little purple area to determine the origin of the soil sample near the town of St. Albans.

The turn of the blood test. First, adjust the picture sharpness. The blood looks very liquid air, Sherlock suggested they use hydrogen peroxide to isolate foreign matter.

Equip you to the pipette on the right and take a little peroxide.

Pour the peroxide at three locations on the bloodstain for Sherlock finds that the blood was diluted in a large amount of water.

It'll just study the piece of molten metal. Sherlock it appends a silver penny and suggests using acid on the two items to see if the reaction is the same.

Take the acid with the pipette on the right.

Then pour the acid on the penny, and on the piece of metal. The reaction is the same, the piece of metal is indeed money, Britannia quality at that.

Enter the mode of deduction and start with link information "Broken Glasses" and "In the brazier". Deduction "money weapon?" Appear.

Now connect the words "very liquid Blood" and "Wound strange" to have a choice between deductions "Steam" and "Water". The correct answer is the latter.

Now go to the entrance of the apartment, the door to the left is a map of London. Interact in an attempt to find your map in the affairs of Sir Rodney.

Overlap them as in the image to bring up a new location on your map, St Albans. This is precisely the area where the earth seems to come found under the fingernails of the victim!

Archaeological excavations
St. Albans - Archaeological

Marked on the map of Sir Rodney area leads you straight to an archaeological dig. Examine the panel restricted access at the entrance to learn that he was abandoned. Then move the gate on the right to enter.

Make your first stop at the hut on the right. You see by observing the door that it is wide open, a sign of neglect or precipitation. Go inside and look at the table in front of you.

Take a look at the map of excavation on the wall then take the document which is added to your address book as "hidden Temple of Mithras."

Now interested in the shelf on the right. Pick up the big book which is added to your address book as "Curses and beliefs."

Before you go out, look at the table against the door. You find metal cubes curious, interact with to take with you for a future study.

Then take the paper up which is added to your address book as " Mithraic Mysteries" and notes "Tauroctony Knife ".

Get out of the cabin now to start exploring the ruins. The area is rather large and divided into five zones. Let's start with Area 1 - Triclinium. Walk down the wooden bridge and observe the fresco ground.

Two characters are represented, a Cyclops and Vulcan at work in the forge.

Now go into the number 2 area, pits. Be interested specifically in the pit right.

Sherlock looked back once a box containing several tools and grabs a trowel.

No. 3 area consists only of the arch of Hadrian and not of interest, so go down and at the Zone 4 take first left to examine the track and learn it serves to clear rubble from the site. Then come back at zone 4 and get on the wooden planks.

At the end, use your vision for Sherlock detects curious items on the wall. Get close and use the trowel on the plaster ground.

Once the fresco open, point the word Frigidarium. Your trail leads you to the Baths of London but we have not yet completed the full exploration of the site.

Return to the entrance of the area on the right side for the number 5 area. Examine the hooks in a box for future use.

Come closer then statues and watch the naked man is a representation of the God Neptune. Then watch the far right is a representation of the goddess Minerva war and the bull statue broken woman.

Now go to the end of the dig site in a new hut. Inside, examine the shelves and pick up the document.

Also get the paper on the top shelf to get an important information on the "Influence of Bentcliffe".

Enter now mode deduction and connect the "Arrival timely" elements "Complaint Pitkin" and to have a choice between two deductions "Concerns" and "Hopes", the correct answer is the latter.

Finally, inspect the equipment dismantled on the table to the right, and the pattern on the wall to end the exploration of the area.

Also located on a pontoon at the edge of the water. Now, It's time to explore the Frigidarium of the baths Strand Lane.

Frigidarium and catacombs
Strand Spa Lane

Once back at the spa, Mr. Philips tells you that the area leading to the Frigidarium was cleared. So take the right door and go down the hall to discover the Frigidarium in a worse state than the mosaic of archaeological excavations. Each pillar in the area includes an etching, but only three of us are interested, follow the guide!

The first pillar is located directly across from the entrance, there is a helmet, that of the goddess Minerva. Push the block to find a first symbol.

Go around the room anticlockwise to quickly find a trident, the god Neptune. Also push the block to discover a new symbol.

Continue until your turn pillar of Cyclops and activate the button to find the third and final symbol.

Now go into imagination mode to see the room above and begin the association of three statues. Place each statue like the picture to point a bust.

Change to the detective vision in order to examine the bust and open a secret passage. Go into the small room now open and use the rope to go down.

Examine the ground immediately on your right.

You find an oil lamp that will serve you well soon and a plate of broken glass, probably the missing photographic plate of Aswan box found in 1888 in the office of Sir Rodney.

Then collect the cooler to the left of the screen. Before you commit any further, look at the big bag of salt located against the wall.

Advance now in the tunnel and look at the second mural on the line that represents the god Mithras killing a bull. Continue to double fresco same on your right and on your left, these are the Seven Mithraic initiation grades.

Finally, you arrive in a room with large pillars. Walk along the hall on the right and examine a mummy to deduce that this is a sort of catacomb. Each mummy in the area you will earn the same sentence of Holmes, so no need to examine all. You are against the wall to examine a skeleton.

First look at the face of death to find it has the same mortal wound in his right eye as Sir Rodney. Then look at the shoe in his left foot that Sherlock determines its approximate age.

Now continue to the bottom of the room to find a blocked tunnel. Examine the shovel against the left wall and the landslide.

Back in the big room and interact with each pillar to use your lamp on sticks.

You then get three shades representing a trident, an animal head and face. Then look at the collapsed pillar.

Use your powers of imagination to "imagine" the pillar and place even in imagination the perforated plate found in the office of Sir Rodney. You then get the four symbols, the latter being an arch. Sherlock then deduce the path to the hidden temple of Mithras in archaeological excavations. But before we get there, let's take a trip to Baker Street as several objects to reveal their secrets.

Puzzles and castings
Baker Street

We'll start by combining the cubes found at the dig site. There are a total of 12 cubes you'll have to assemble them into a perfectly rectangular mold. Launch our video to know the fastest way to solve this problem. The puzzle is long enough to solve but not very complicated, just like you with a more traditional puzzle searching the corners of the rectangle in the first place. To determine at what level each cube is simply to rely on the grooves. And cubes top do not have it, and those below do not of course have below. Those having grooves on the upper and lower surface are destined to be in the middle.

Once the mold is made taking water on the table and pour it into the crucible. Mix and pour into prepared pan.

Open it for a dagger plaster that seems to fit the description of the coroner about the murder weapon.

Enter the mode of deduction and connect the words "The shape of the mold" and "Wound strange" for "Weapon molded".

The related term "Weapon of money?" You get experience "Creating a silver knife". Again use the analysis table to try this experiment. Place the piece of money in the container and turn on the gas burner.

Once the molten silver, pour it into the mold and open it to reveal a perfect silver knife.

In the mode of deduction connect the information "in the brazier" and "knife money" for "Weapon of money".

Let us now broken plate glass. It is this time a puzzle much more traditional. Start by searching the corners to reproduce the original rectangle like the
Once Watson to develop the image, apply a reagent on the image to reveal its contents. Examine every aspect of the photo including but registration in the upper right, salt, ice, and ice cream corner.

Connect now in the mode of deduction information "Salt and Ice" and "photographic negative" for "Testing ice".

With "Weapon molded" and "Testing ice" experience you unlock "Creating a knife of ice".

Back on the analysis table, this experience will be more difficult than the silver dagger. You must initially add the water located on the right of the screen in the mold. You will need to demonstrate accuracy and speed to successfully cast your dagger of ice. You see where shows the thermometer on the right of the screen. An - sign indicates that the temperature is stable.

Pick up the ice pick and use it on ice left for pound and fill with ice cream maker.

The temperature begins to fall, report by a blue arrow on the thermometer. After a few moments the - resurfaced, the temperature stabilizes, but will quickly rebound. If you see the red arrow for a moment the experience will be a failure!

When the - sign appears, pour salt in the preparation, the blue arrow appears again and the temperature drops to a few moments. Wait until the - reappear and crush more ice. When the temperature drops and the - sign will reappear quickly add salt. Do this four times to reach the desired temperature and then open the mold to admire your beautiful dagger of ice! A video also shows you the full realization of the knife.

Now connect the word "Champagne" and "Weapon of Ice" in the way of deduction for "Weapon of Ice".

With the choice before "Water" you confirm the thesis of "Ice Knife". But the thesis of silver knife can still hold, so back to Scotland Yard to interrogate all suspects again in the case.

Scotland Yard
Bring up topics Mithra and money piece melted into the brazier. Only questioning with Mr. Garrow you add an element of deduction. Connect the words "Garrow behavior" and "Treatment of Garrow" for two deductions, "Madness" and "Overdose". The correct answer is the latter, the poor man suffered an overdose of treatment.

- The Temple of Mithras
- Saint Albans

Once back on the excavation site will retrieve strings in the number 2 then retrieve the hooks in the No. 5 zone.

Then go to the boardwalk to watch the Roman bridge destroyed.

Examine the coated sheet to assume for a secret entrance and observe one of three iron rings space.

Enter the hut at the edge of the water and interact with the device removed.

Take the hook on the right and attach it to the groove.

Then grasp the handle and secure it at the joint of the handle.

Now take the mechanism and just put it in the machine housing.

Now turn the weapon of view aside and just fix the arc on the rebate of the arc.

With rope and hooks picked sooner you are ready. Turn on the boardwalk and aim holding your breath three iron rings. Once the three strings firmly attached, try crossing.

You must move only when the white arrow appears on the screen. When you see a red arrow adjust your position in the direction of the arrow to find a balance and get it back the white arrow and therefore be able to continue your progress. A video shows the perilous.

Inside the temple of Mithras you face a maze. Get out the paper 'seven grades of Mithraic initiation " found in the baths. The symbols of the labyrinth are those of the pyramid. To progress you have to leave the base of the pyramid.

Go therefore initially the door marked with a symbol shaped scepter like the picture. Then go through the door of the symbol-shaped tiara.

The third door, the symbol-shaped helmet is stuck in a grate. You must solve the riddle of the table with stones to open it.. The gray stones and green to the left, the red stone in the center and finally the black and yellow on the right stones.

The gate opens allowing you to progress. In the next room through the door to the symbol resembling an ant.

Next door has a symbol with a moon inside. To access the penultimate piece you have two paths to the same place, then go through the door with a sun-shaped symbol.

The last symbol in the form of a cap, once the door go turn left and not straight to reach the central hall of the Temple of Mithras.

Examine the broken lamp and the Golden Dagger in the hand of the statue.

You can now enter the deduction mode and connect the words "Stolen Notes" and "Golden Dagger" for "Revelation".

With all the other indices walkthrough you infer the "Revenge" which leads to guilt Blinkhorn with a weapon of ice.

But of course, if you have a bit of Indiana Jones or Lara Croft in the blood you certainly want to get their hands on the famous dagger and thus unlock the success / trophy "Robber grave." Admit that it makes good on a resume, you'll have to outwit the riddle of the temple of Mithras for to take his treasure. Once in front of the statue will operate the mechanism on the right. Then switch to take control of Watson and will operate the mechanism made available by Holmes (left looking at the statue of Mithra).

Iron and Holmes will activate the first three mechanisms on your left. Iron and Watson will activate the first mechanism on both right.

Take the Sherlock and go stand in front of the statue. Take this time Watson and activate the second mechanism.

The temple door finally opens! Take Holmes and pick up the Golden Dagger (image42). You unlock the success / trophy "Robber grave" but as often with old temples, a trap is triggered enclosing Holmes and Watson.

Take Watson and activate the first of the two mechanisms to make access to three mechanisms to Sherlock. Go to Holmes and activate the first of three mechanisms freeing Watson.

Take Watson made it through the left room, no need to activate the mechanism here. Take control of Holmes and activate the second mechanism that the center, and you release Watson completely.

Go put it to the exit up the stairs, just in front of the statue of Mithra. Take Holmes and activate the third mechanism, the leftmost.

Pass Watson to the exit and turn right mechanism to release Holmes. Then go put Holmes facing the exit.

Take one last time Watson and activate the mechanism left to open the way for Holmes to the exit of the temple! Back to Baker Street, this is the last time to sharpen your conclusion before the final denouement.

The good resolution of the case of Bloodbath
Here are the clues that you must have in the final tree.

-Weapon ice

You can choose in every investigation as to condemn the guilty or acquit him.

- Condemn Blinkhorn
- Absolve Blinkhorn

Case 4: The Abbey Grange Affair

Guide the fourth case of Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments, Manor Abbey. Find all the stages of the case, the solution of puzzles and mini-games and all video evidence to be collected.

- Lady Brackenstall
- In the dining room with poker...
- A search of the lost silver
- The crew of the Rock of Gibraltar
- The good resolution of the case of the manor of the abbey

Baker Street
After the opening movie of this case are going to read the letter on the chimney to know the consequences of your choice in the matter of Bloodbath. Also interact with Toby for success / "Police Dog" trophy although the dog has an important role in this investigation.

Once these two routines start doing business, take the letter on the table Lestrade. Look at the address, the wax seal and return it to see the arms Brackenstall.

Abbey Grange
You are now ready to join the Manor Abbey, Abbey Grange select your card. Once in the home take the time to admire the different generations of Brackenstall examining the different tables in the room.

Then join the parlor by the door on the left Lestrade. A cutscene will trigger and the conversation begins immediately with Lady Brackenstall. Initially made his portrait with the following information:

- Blue (recent)
- Pale cheeks
- Gold brooch - Kangaroo and Emu - Australian Origin
- Elegant dress
- Blue (old)
- Alliance

Then ask him all the questions available and when discussing his "Unhappy Marriage" use "Hematoma (former)" information you have found these hands to it tells you the hardness of his husband when he was drunk.

Then have the portrait of the girl Theresa which is right next to his mistress.

- Slight wrinkles
- Handkerchief - odor vinegar - Resuscitation - Solicitude
- Hands of worker
- Coffee stain

Once all the issues, look at the table next to the door then take the log. It adds to your address book as "Burglary Randall»

Enter the mode of deduction to connect "Criminals identified" and "Awareness of Randall". You have the choice between "No Randall," or "Randall". The correct answer is the first, the murder may have been staged.

Now go look at the small table in the back right of the room.
ake the photograph that is above.

After identifying two women who are over, flip the frame and move the four tabs to remove the card back and find out the name of the ship that led Brackenstall Lady and her maid to England.

Use the vision of Holmes that detects traces of scratches on one of the frames of the right wall. By moving you find a safe.

Ask for Lady Brackenstall it opens but she said not knowing the combination. You'll have to open it on your own using a mini-game. Turn gently and when the red lines will vibrate wheel is that the number is good, you just have to confirm with the indicated button at the top right of the screen. The correct numbers are: 15, 5 and 17.

Inside look at the pieces and tickets but the most interesting is the clear medical report. In fact it teaches you that Lord Brackenstall was seriously ill due to his heavy drinking.

Go ask Theresa again for confirmation of the violent history of Lord Brackenstall. You learn that at the same time since leaving Australia, Lady Brackenstall lives as a recluse with no social life or any friend. Go back to Lestrade to learn more about the reputation of Sir Eustace.

Enter now in the mode of deduction and link information "violent behavior" and "Story of Lestrade" for the deduction "Violence."

Connect at the same time the word "Australian" and "Life of recluse" you have the choice between two deductions "Alien" and "Dating". The right choice is the latter, she met the world during the long drive between Australia and England.

In the dining room with poker ...

Abbey Grange

Now take the door to the right of Lestrade to enter the dining room. Ask initially Watson so that you learn more about the body of Sir Eustace.

Then look at the corpse of the victim. Examine the poker that is next to the body. It may be the murder weapon.

Then watch the head of the Lord to notice a large head wound.

Then look at one of the legs of the victim to find that he was barefoot at the time of death.

Examine the big stick close to the body and finally the firewall of the chimney which is covered with blood.

Now use the vision of Sherlock on the chimney, with some insistence he noticed that the tip of the bell cord was cut, a particularly big man since Sherlock measures about 1m80.

Now interested in the buffet at the back of the room. Raise the strangeness of having left the expensive chandelier and many bottles of wine.

Then look at the silverware cabinet and lift the empty box to complete the study of the buffet.

The missing bottle is just on the table. Consider each of the three glasses to find one includes the dregs. Finish by checking out the carafe and bottle.

Come to where the chair was attached Brackenstall Lady and take the beta for further Baker Street and to trace the trail of the "thieves" to the study with Toby.

Now enter the deduction mode and connect the information "Dead" with the words "Poker twisted" and "Firewall".

You will then get a choice of "Crash" or "Deadly Strike". The correct answer is the latter, Sir Eustace was a victim of a violent poke to the head.

Then connect the words "Two glasses" and "Glass with Lie", you can choose from the conclusion "three people" or "two persons" the correct answer is the latter.

Baker Street
Now take a cab to get to Baker Street. Take Toby located near the window and study the rope on the analysis table.

Start by examining the bell rope to see more closely the fibers at the break. Use the scissors, forceps and finally the knife to confirmation that the cord was cut with a knife.

Connect in the way deductions words "cord knotted" and "Sharp Knife" for "Sailor".

A search of the lost silver

Abbey Grange
When you return to Abbey Grange alongside Toby you play as directly from the dining room. The smell takes the form of a thread of Ariadne green floating in the air. Follow it to the patio door to call and interact with Sherlock.

Continue along the track that runs through the garden toward the shed. On site, sniff the cabin to tell Holmes that the suspect there was a detour.

Then resume the track by cutting the lawn to wells and sniff it also give information to Sherlock.

Finally, go around the well to the right and continue to the wall, where the trail ends. Smell-wall to regain control of Holmes.

Go back to the shed and look inside. Only the hook on the left of the screen is useful but interact with the bags, the bag and the toolbox to complete the full review.

Now go near the well and remove the wooden cover. Taking a look inside you see a shiny object at the bottom.

Remove the bucket and hang there instead hook you found in the shed. Then operate the winch to retrieve the shiny object.

Take the fork inside the package and turn these sorts to see the arms of the family Brackenstall confirming the same time that it is of silver allegedly stolen.

Complete examination of the scene by Toby sniffed by examining the wall. You have enough new elements to enter the way of deduction and connect the words "identified Criminals" and "Silver rediscovered.

You have the choice between the conclusion "Burglary" or "False flight". The correct answer is the latter, it is clearly a murder disguised as theft. This theory reads all previous deductions for future add the idea of a "Visitor".

If you analyzed the rope Baker Street and deduced that it was a work of "Sailor" you get the new job "Find a sailor". Go back to Lestrade, Lady Theresa Brackenstall and to teach them the discovery of the lost silver.

The crew of the Rock of Gibraltar

Baker Street

Back to Baker Street Looking for information on the Rock of Gibraltar in the newspapers of Holmes to the right of the fireplace. You find the document "The arrival of the Rock of Gibraltar" that contains information about the company that employs the ship.

With this information and after the conversation with Watson, go to the window to call Wiggins. He and his band not easily recover the register of the company you find on the table next to the entrance.

You must strike out the names of the sailors who found themselves on the Rock of Gibraltar when Brackenstall Lady and her maid were on the boat to see if he was in London the night of the murder. On the list of senior officers on board the Gaia you can strike out the names of Henry Southward and Enerst J. Woods, he was at sea on the day of the murder and therefore removed from the list of potential suspects.

Then select the list of senior aboard the Rock of Gibraltar officers.
The names of Charles and William Clann Parttedge appear while the ship is still at sea until January 28, 1895, Sherlock then removes them from the list of suspects.

The list of senior aboard the Bass Rock officers contains only the name Jack Crocker and the boat back to sea in two days. Jack Crocker is a potential suspect in the case.

The latest list is that of Saint Thomas. The boat is currently at sea and allows scratching the last two names Thomas Herbert Walker and Whittington. Jack Crocker is the only one sailor present on the day of the murder and had known Lady Brackenstall. Then ask Wiggins waiting near the front door to pick the sailor for questioning.

Draw a picture of captain thanks to the following.

- Viewing franc - Honest
- Large frame
- Newspaper ink
- Own boots
- Sailor's knife

Ask him about Lady Brackenstall and then when you say "It's you who tied" add evidence "sea Nodes".

Now enter the deduction mode and connect the last two indices of the case "Captain Crocker" and "Deposition Crocker" and choose between "Crocker ment" or "Alibi Crocker". The correct answer is the first. You now have the opportunity of making a deal and try to the wrong conclusions.

The good resolution of the case of the manor of the abbey.

Here are the clues that you must have in the final tree.

- 2 people
- Fake flight
- No Randall
- Deathblow
- Marine
- Violence
- Meeting
- Ment Crocker

You can choose in every investigation as to condemn the guilty or acquit him. In both cases when Crocker arrives at 221B Baker Street Holmes's attitude towards him is the same, very aggressive to the point where Jack Crocker grabbed his gun and tries to kill herself. You must first catch the hand with which he holds the gun and pass both contextual actions to interrupt his dramatic gesture and be rewarded for success / "trophy Not so fast, Captain! ".


A bsoudre:

Case 5: The Kew Gardens Drama

Guide the fifth case of Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments, tragedy at Kew Gardens. Find all the stages of the case, the solution of puzzles and mini-games and all video evidence to be collected.

- Suspicious Death
- Exploring Kew Gardens Part 1

Suspicious Death

Baker Street

After the opening cinematic close the map menu to talk to Toby for success / trophy "Cynophile" and read your mail. When you are near appointment at Kew Gardens.

Kew Gardens
On site, Holmes discusses directly with Hamish employee of the greenhouse and the young Albert takes you to the place of flight. You then learn that his father died of a heart attack in the greenhouse. Start by reviewing the list of plants to add the add to your scrapbook. You will have to search later in the archives. Sherlock is intrigued by the death of Montague Dunne. Go around the pond and look at the broken panel.

Also observe the traces of blood on the edge of the pond. Now activate the vision of Sherlock to put yellow highlight several interesting features. Start by examining the shards on the ground.

Closer raise the presence of land near shards of pot also present on the edge of the shelf.

Now look at the footprints. You distinguish between two types of fingerprints. One fine and the other off, Sherlock deduces that a person staggering in this exact specific location.

Then look at the broken jar on the shelf and the door.

The handle seems new and the panel is particularly damaged to shoulder height.

Consider finally the broken wedge to allow Holmes to run his imagination. You must choose the sequence of actions to replay the final moments of life Montague Dunne. Start by selecting the sinking door number 1.

Choose "reverses the pot" as a second step and finally "fell on the fence" in number 3. Play now the complete sequence for the reconstruction of death in your scrapbook.

Now enter the room and observe the plants at the bottom right. Left vision use Sherlock to distinguish traces of detergent on the floor.

You then approach the object on the floor next to the detergent. This is a piece of stone. Once in close-up look at these two faces to determine that it is a piece of marble which certainly belonged to a statue.

Finally look at the windows to see that they have been cleaned to perfection. You can now enter a deduction mode and connect the information "Porte pressed" and "colonial emptied Collection".

You get the "autopsy Dunne" task. Open your map to travel to Scotland Yard. The officer behind the counter tells you that Inspector Lestrade is not available. Go directly into the sealed room to examine the personal effects of the victim.

You will find a membership club, a watch, a pen, and especially a letter that says in your book as "Letter to Mr.Wayne".

Now go down to the morgue and examine the remains of Montague Dunne. Start with a review of the head. You report a deep cut on the forehead probably from falling over the edge of the basin. The eyes, mouth and nose tells you anything.

Now look at the skin on the left arm and the right arm of the victim and found no information. Interact finally the chest of the victim to start an internal review. Once the organs available, start with a thorough study of the heart. Rotate it to complete its full review.

Do the same with the liver and stomach without learning conclusive information on the death of the man. Finally examine the lungs and turn them to distinguish a bad injury.

Enter deducted mode and connect "key holder" and "Poison" to conclude that Montague Dunne was "Poisoned".

Exploring Kew Gardens Part 1

Baker Street

Before returning to Kew Gardens made a judgment Baker Street to search in the archives about the stolen plants. Use encyclopedias against the wall right next to the chamber Holmes. Visit the botanical section and read the book Vol.4 Alien Plants: Poisonous Plants.

Enter the mode of deduction and connect "poisoning" and "Flight of killer plants". You then get the conclusion "Theft and related murder".

Kew Gardens

Now take a cab towards Kew Gardens, a long investigation begins. Upon arrival, check the map on your left. For the rest of the walkthrough we will organize the exploration of Kew Gardens by area as they are named on the map. Examine each area of the map without forgetting its title to complete its review.

Try to open the door of the office building on your left. You get the same time information, areas of Kew Garden are locked. Then go talk to Martyn Hamish watering plants next door. Start by making her portrait with the following information:

- Myopic; cheap glasses
- Dirty neck
- Single
- Hands gardener

Then ask him any questions about available including the key. It teaches you that it is the son of Mr. Dunne who keeps them. You learn from the conversation that Mr Dunne are conducting weekly inspections was not to the taste of everyone.

The reserve

Let's begin our exploration of Kew Gardens by the reserve. Inside you fall on the son of Mr Dunne, Albert. Make her portrait using the following information:

Bloodshot eyes - Recently cried - Consumed with grief

- Razor cut
- Own hands

Then Discuss all topics available with him to get the keys including Kew Gardens that will open all the doors in the area except the locker room. In the same room look maintenance prepared by Hamish Albert Dunne tasks.

- La Palmeraie

Go through this area that does not contain important information for the survey.

- The greenhouse lilies

This area does not present new information from your first pass, so keep more in the direction of the Desert section.

- Desert

Here take the time to examine the many pots found on a shelf in the center of the room. With careful consideration you see a symbol under the pot that nothing like that of Kew Gardens. You will need to clear this up through the archives at your next visit to Baker Street.

- Outside

Go through the next door you reach the open air. Air with the smell of smoke since a fire still remains in the right corner of the garden. Use the vision of Holmes in order to examine the fire.

Several elements in the middle of the embers are particularly interesting. Raise initially plant remains and a door handle while similar to the colonial collection coordinates.

Then raise the presence of the remains of a charred brush, a framework and a gas mask!

Finally a broken pot under a wooden reveal to you a new symbol inscribed below does not correspond to the symbol of Kew Gardens, another mystery to unravel through the archives of Baker Street later.

- Ventilation

On the way to the ventilation system you notice a young woman who enters the seed shop. Pass the small gate and take a quick look at the water tank and the ventilation system. You can not currently do no more in this area.

- Graineterie

Enter the graineterie and go directly draw a portrait of the young woman who turns out to be Margaret White.

- Refined fragrance

Pink marks - Malnutrition past - Pellagra - Poor family

- Single

Ask the then available on all subjects. Now that you have talked to everyone in Kew Gardens you get proof of a lie on cleaning the colonial collection. Before leaving graineterie will examine the workstation in the upper left corner of the room.

On the desk review the study guide Albert, the pair of new as well as the book on navigation gloves. Sherlock deduces qu''il is the position of Albert Dunne work.

Finally, open the window to find it impossible to see inside the colonial collection from that position.

- The nursery

Enter now in the nursery with the key provided by Albert. In the first room you can not find anything very interesting walk through the door and landed in a narrow corridor. In a compartment compost you find a bust.

In looking more closely you see that it is Mr. Dunne. Use the piece of marble found in the colonial collection on the missing piece to the head to have proof that it is its origin.

Now go to the second part of the nursery. Examine the workstation in the upper left corner of the room. Thesis Hamish Martyn and a holster empty glasses teaches you that it is the office of Hamish.

Also open the window to find that the colonial collection is clearly visible from the office. Also examine the posters on the window to the right of the office to see that Hamish is very talented in his field. Other degrees in the room attest.

Now go back to Martyn Hamish and ask about the new topics available. Talk about the "Bust" and use "chipped statue" to contradict him. We stop there for this long exploration of Kew Gardens, later in Part 2.

Tragedy at Kew Gardens 

Suspicious death
 - Baker Street
 - Kew Gardens
 - Scotland Yard 

Exploring Kew Gardens 1
 - Baker Street
 - Kew Gardens
 - Kew Gardens 

A dog and caterpillars
 - Baker Street
 - Kew Gardens
 - Baker Street 

The Divine Union
Baker Street
Reconstruction of the murder
 - Kew Gardens
 - Scotland Yard
 - Kew Gardens 

Suspicious death

- Baker Street
From the beginning, interact with the dog then go check your mail. Then head towards the new destination "Kew Gardens."

- Kew Gardens
To begin, check the "List of Plants" to integrate it into your notebook. Then go around the water point and look at the "broken panel." Look at the record of "blood" at the water's edge and then go in and vision of Sherlock interested you to "fly" and traces of "land" on the shelf near the flower pots. Keep inspection with "footprints" and the "broken pot" on the shelf and the "door".

Linger on the "handle" and "sign" and examine the "wedge broken." Sherlock imagination still relive the scene by selecting the number 1 "down the door" and then choose "reverses the pot" and "falls on the fence." The progress of the whole scene now will save you the information "reconstitution of death."

Now enter the room and look at the "plants" at the bottom right and make use of the vision of Holmes to see, on the left marks "detergent" on the ground. Then look at the "stone chip" next to the detergent and then watch it in more detail by reviewing both sides.

Go now to the "windows" and then go on stage and bind deduction "door down" with "colonial emptied Collection" to get the information "Dunne autopsy." Appointment after Scotland Yard.

- Scotland Yard
After discussion with the police counter, go into the room sealed and inspect the business Dunnes. Among its effects, watch his "shows", a "pen", a "membership card" and the "letter" called "Letter to Mr. Wayne."

Out into the corridor and take the direction of the morgue down and look at the body Dunne. Start with the head and discover an injury to "front" then the eyes, nose and mouth, without specific information. So you are interested in the two "arms" and its "chest". Go further at this level and inspect the "heart" by turning every angle and repeat the operation with the liver, stomach and the "lungs" which have a "lesion".

Go deducted and connect "Porte down" with "poisoning" to get "Poisoned" mode. Back to Baker Street.

Exploring Kew Gardens 1

- Baker Street
Here, check your archives to the right of the entrance to the room and see Sherlock botany section and especially the book on exotic plants, Volume 4 door toxic plants. Go deducted then link "poisoning" and "Flight of killer plants" to get "Theft and related murder." Now go back to Kew Gardens.

 - Kew Gardens

Taking landmark on the map of Kew Gardens and then try to open the door of the building to the left and get talking with Hamish Martyn, full watering plants a few meters.

Make profile in the following order:

    - Myopic: Cheap Sunglasses
    - Dirty Col
    - Single
    - Hands gardener 

Now go through all the available topics and target the "reserve" with the map of the place.

Here, create a profile of Albert Dunnes in doing so:

    - Eyes reddened
    - Cutting Razor
    - Clean Hands 

Exhaust him with all possible conversations to recover the "keys" and inspect the maintenance tasks left of the door.

Continue your exploration of the area by visiting the "palm" and the "greenhouse lilies" and, finally, in the "desert".

On site, consider flowerpots positioned at center of the room, on a shelf. Look in more detail one of the pots to discover a strange symbol and then leave the room to find out. Then go and look at Holmes vision of the "fire" in detail. Inspect the "remains of plants" and the "door handle", the "calcined broom" gas mask "and" framework ". Observe finally" broken pot "with a new symbol on the bottom of the object.

Continue your way to the "ventilation", then, when you see a woman slip away, go through the portal and you are interested in "water tank" and the "ventilation". 

Now go to the Graineterie and establish the profile of Margaret as follows:

    - Fine Perfume
    - Pink Brands
    - Single 

Again, review all available questions for "Lie on cleaning" and inspect the "workstation" left behind the young woman paying attention to the "Manual of Albert" the "pair gloves "and" book on navigation. " Then open the window before you go to the "nursery" leaving Margaret left.

Once in the nursery, go to reach the first piece in a hallway and observe the "bust" in the hidden "compartment compost." Examine it in more depth and then use the "broken piece" flushed earlier in the investigation to make the connection between the two objects. Then enter another section of the nursery and you are interested in "job" to the left of the room and find the "eyeglass case" and the "thesis Martyn Hamish." Open the "window" then you are interested in posters plastered right on the desktop.

Join Martyn exiting the building and ask all the possible questions and make use of the "Shard statue" when discussing the topic of "bust."

Kew Gardens
Appointment in the administration building and start by reviewing the Director's office by taking the first door on the left, next to Hamish by making use of the discount earlier in the adventure key. Beside the office, look at the bottles of "Champagne" then go to the library to flush the "photography". Now inspect the office and look at the newspaper "Times" as well as the "letter".

Then you interested in "Safe Director", a new puzzle to solve. To open it, do this:

    - Two rounds left
    - Two right turns
    - Three laps left
    - Three right turns
    - Five rounds left
    - Five right turns 

Retrieve now inside the letters "letter of protest", "Legal Aid" and "personal loan". Go deducted then link "White and Dunne" and "Return of White" to obtain information "Disagree."

Exit the building and open the second door with your key in order to achieve a "laboratory". Here, check the "table experience" then select the "phonograph". Observe then "cabinet chemistry" and the "University Book" at the fireplace. Examine in detail the latter until you see a label on the back.

Linger then to the closet / dressing room containing "protective clothing" and target the empty locker. Browse vision of Sherlock and examine the tables and especially that close to the fireplace and the Hunt for "gold dust" and "tasks".

Now try to open the door of the locker room, locked, just to get started in a new riddle.

To achieve this, nothing complicated since you just align the grooves rotating cylinders.

Once the door is open, begin your inspection of the various traps. Examine one on the left on entering, belonging to Miss White. Look at the "bag" then zoom to see the "family letter" called "parental response." Then retrieve the "Letter to Miss Albert White" then you are interested in the little box, open it to look at the "jewels". Finish with the "degree" and "demand of White."

Go deducted and link "The family of Miss White" and "White and Dunne" to get the word "Maintained".

Then look at the locker Hamish, which is placed to the right of the entrance door in the room. Inspect the "Books of chemistry", the "Botanical Magazine," the "Letter from Hamish Martyn" and "photo". Return it to complete the inspection.

Finish with the third and final record (Albert Dunne) which contains different books as well as "rejection letter" and then switch to phase Sherlock vision to discover a "photograph".

Pull find Hamish and tell him to "Kew Gardens" before discussing "Photography" father. "Go now in the process of deduction and link" New Director "with" Anger Martyn "to get" Ambition " . 

Then head to the reserve, and Albert talk about the "Dream integrate the Navy" and wait for it to come out denies "Hopes of Albert" to get "The ambition of Albert ". Have finally deducted and connect "Humiliation Albert" with "Albert's ambition" to get the word "Revenge." Back to Baker Street.

A dog and caterpillars

- Baker Street
Watch your archives around the fireplace ("Research") to find the two symbols flushed under flowerpots in Kew Gardens then go to "The divine union" and "Gardening Equipment in London." Then go to the right of the fireplace in the "Reports" section and see "Scandal divine union," 1989. Finally Interact with Toby then return to Kew Gardens.

- Kew Gardens
In the skin of the dog Toby, follow the smell starting in the garden, to flush the cache. Smell it and then, once back in the body of Holmes, inspect the "hidden bottle" then zoom to discover the "chemical solution" and the "Track".

hen go talk with Hamish, Albert and Miss White before returning to Baker Street.

- Baker Street
Go to your analysis table and take care of the "unknown liquid" by making use of the pipette on the right. Pour the liquid in the tubes, grab one of them, look at it and smell it before tasting. Light the burner and use reagent Wagner and pour it into the second pipette to observe the reaction.

- The Divine Union
Once there, go across the street to the building and, after finding that the door was locked, enter Sherlock vision to see the small path to the left shards of pots. Then look at the "burlap" hidden behind a bench to flush pots, to consider as it should.

Now go create a profile of the man in full meditation in doing so:

    - Tattoo
    - Cals on fingers
    - Injury to the palm 

Take a tour of all conversations with him and talk about the "Set" and then answer "Trewan the god-king" to get the key. Then choose the question "Do you know Kew Gardens" and remove the "Symbol of Kew Gardens" when he denies.

Go deducted and link "Vol killer plants" to "Raiders of the divine union." Finally answer "partial Flight."

Now enter the temple through the freshly obtained key and inspect on the table placed on the left and the document "benefactors" on the right wall. Also interact with the statue and enter the room on your left. Open the cage in front of you and grab the "Track" in the cage being dedicated to them.

Continue to make the area and collect the three plants aligned.

Enter deduction phase and bind "Ingredient suspects" with "poisoning" to get "Experience killer plants". Finally open the door to the right of the statue to start a new puzzle. The same principle, you just have to properly align the grooves of the cylinder, nothing complicated.

Once inside, inspect the "opium tea", the "balls" and "table experience" before you look at the "cabinet of Chemistry." Retrieve the "bottle chemistry" and "label alkaloid" and then return to Baker Street.

- Baker Street
Go to the analysis table and take care of the killer plants. You can see the reactions of each of the three plants with alkaloid, caterpillars and the pin. Take the "Dionaea carnivora" plant and swap places with the "Carlina inebriare." Put the liquid alkaloid on "Florem diabolica" and insert the "Track" in the "Carlina Inebriare" and enjoy the result ...

Go deduction phase and bind "Disappearance of killer plants" and "deadly accuracy" and answer "No sect." Then connect "Albert's ambition" and "deadly accuracy" and then choose the answer "inexperience." 

Reconstruction of the murder

- Kew Gardens
Leave immediately chat with Martyn Hamish about the death of Dunne and do the same with Albert and finally discuss with Miss White before going into imagination mode. First select "Inhale spores" and "flees the room."

Then go to the position "tracked" in the "air vent" with Watson then go to the ventilation system located north-east of my then interact with it in the following order:

    - Turn the ignition
    - Turn the switch
    - Operate the starter
    - Turn the switch 

Then go up the pipes through the Graineterie then pull the lever next to the Albert office. Then go into the nursery to the office for Hamish also operate the lever.

Now go to the lab and get the "roll" in the small cabinet next to the fireplace and use it in the phonograph. Back to the deduction mode and connect "deadly accuracy" to "Use of ventilation" to get "Opportunity." Deduct maintaining guilt Martyn to get "Stop Martyn Harmish."

- Scotland Yard
Quickly go to Scotland Yard and converse with Lestrade in his office and then to Kew Gardens Take home already.

- Kew Gardens
Head to the reserve, cross it, head back to the palm and examine the body of Hamish thus:

    - Neck
    - Letter from Hamish Martyn
    - Left Foot 

Browse deduction method and bind "Confession of Martyn" with "Pied-bot" for "Complicity?" And "Talk to Lestrade." Discuss with him then after the recovery sequence, go to new phase deduction. Therefore connect "Chronology Martyn" to "Chronology of Albert" to answer "No Albert."

Connect now "Chronology of White" with "Timeline Martyn" and answer "time White" to finally close the deal.

You choose not to condemn the guilty or to view one or the other scenes. In each of these cases, you need to press the right buttons at the right time to evolve Holmes and Watson.

Secret Moonlight

Crime scene in Whitechapel

 - Baker Street
 - Half Moon Street 

A guilty too perfect
 - Scotland Yard 

Pawnbroker and Hellenistic treasures
 - Baker Street
 - Pawnbroker 

Climbing by moonlight
 - Half Moon Street 

Circus of Duval brothers
 - Baker Street
 - Half Moon Street
 - Baker Street
 - Duval brothers circus
 - Baker Street
 - Duval brothers circus 

Notting Hill mansion 

Crime scene in Whitechapel

-Baker Street
Once your premises, interact with the dog to get the "Cynophile" trophy. Finally, read your mail then go to Half Moon Street in Whitechapel.

- Half Moon Street
Here, go into the small alley to the left to reach a police officer and two bodies. Discuss with the representative of the forces passing all issues reviewed then attack the examination of the two bodies.

That of Vercotti inspect his left hand to discover a "tattoo" and watch his other hand, the wound in the abdomen and then his face.

Continue with the body of Butler inspecting his head then his left pocket, to get a "key." Go now to flush out a vision "piece of wood" mode, to examine in more detail.

It is time to examine the witness in standby position before the door of his apartment, Ryan Turner. Make profile as follows:

    - Medal
    - Missing Buttons
    - Need to support 

Then review all the possible questions and then proceed to phase deduction to bind "Turner at the window" and "dark window" to get "Conflicting Evidence."

Continue your way down the street and talk to Polly Powell before returning to Turner to tell him about the "contradictory Testimonials" and take the phrase "Contradiction Turner" so that it lets you enter his home.

In the apartment, first observe the chimney then switch vision Sherlock to uncover a "burning paper" to look from every angle.

Then go to the room, then inspect the bed and then back into the living room to discuss the kitchen table. Now look at the "knife" and then go view mode to see the "paper dust". Also inspect the shelf in front of the exit to get their hands on a "stick" to observe in detail. Attach the top "piece of wood" in your possession and take a look at books.

Open the kitchen window and watch from there the two bodies. Then go imaginative stage and place "1" phrase "took his cane," 2 "looked below" 3, having come down in the street near the body "broke his cane ".

Back in the apartment and put in "4" the phrase "took some thing", then 5, in the kitchen, "cut paper knife" and finally, at 6, "threw something fire" .

Watch now and then reconstituted before the shelf scene, switch vision to see traces of a book.

Zoom to find a "sheep's head" to a bracelet. Now go talk with Turner and mention "Go to the window" and then answer "Claudication Turner." Then ask him "the whole truth", then continue on the topic of "antique bracelet". Return to Scotland Yard.

A guilty too perfect

-Scotland Yard
After a discussion with the Inspector, go in the room sealed to inspect personal belongings Leighton. Watch his "shows" his "cigarettes" and his "gun". Examine the "barrel" and then rotate it to open and analyze the "cartridges".

Go deducted and connect "Leighton revolver" with "Shots various fire" and then choose the answer "Coup simultaneous fire." Then link "Leighton revolver" and "Two victims" to get "Double murder." Keep your deductions linking this-time "Evidence consistent" and "revolver Leighton" to get "overwhelming evidence."

Go now question the suspect Chapman, placed in a cell. Make their profile in the following order:

    - Deep Scar
    - Stylish Scarf
    - Tattoo Prison Westgate
    - Recent Hits 

Ask him then and you exclaim "Co-held Westgate" after referring to "Why follow."

Return phase deduction then link now "old knowledge" and "No loot" to get "Reason Leighton." Finally connect "Leighton Stories" to "Evidence consistent" to get "An imaginary man." Take home to Baker Street. 

Pawnbroker and Hellenistic treasures

-Baker Street

Once your premises, go check your encyclopedia to learn more about the mysterious bracelet. Look in the category Art and Architecture and then choose the book "Ancient Art from the British Museum." Continue your research by reading the newspapers and especially the article about the "theft of Hellenistic treasures" in 1885. A new location appears on the map as well, "Pawnbroker". Appointment there without delay.

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments PC - Screenshot 496

- Pawnbroker
Once outside the shop at the bottom of the street, make use of the key found on Butler and enter this place.

Here, first of all observe the shelf on the left and get a "climbing gear" and continue your investigations behind the counter to flush a "rocket launcher". Then search the left drawer of the desk to find a "necklace" and the "letter of Brian Vercotti." Then open the right drawer and take a look at the "Book of accounts."

Go deducted then link "Two victims" with "jewelry Butler" then choose the answer "Mobile: booty." Then go to Half Moon Street.

Climbing by moonlight

- Half Moon Street
Start by phase imagination and choose the marksman of the two silhouettes namely placed next to the Police. Now grab the pole placed in front of the keeper of the peace, against the wall, then associate this object with the lamp placed on the barrel next to it. Then look at the wall to see the impact of the ball.

Go therefore deducted then link "A third shot" with "two victims" to get "Murders" and choose "Shootout". Then link "Leighton Stories" and "A third shot" to get "The Invisible Man".

Go talk with the police to embody. The objective flush Holmes who hid the end of the street. Talk to him and repeat after he hid in again, this time on the left, in the corner of the alley. Going to discuss one last time with Holmes a little further, at Wiggins.

Go deduction phase and bind "visible Nook" with "Stories Leighton" for "Escalade".

Return to the pawnbroker and grab the climbing equipment and rocket launchers saw previously. Now go back to the scene of crimes and discuss with Brigadier Marrow then go in imagination to the point where Holmes was hidden last earlier. Select the rightmost figure (399) and then get ready to participate in a mini-game of climbing.

Nothing complicated since only two alternate keys while repeatedly pressing a third button to climb. Enter now in the building to which access has been released and go look on the "broken window." Inspect closer along the jacket pocket. In view of Holmes, Hunt for the "dark fiber" and the "broken glass."

Go deducted and link "Leighton Stories" and "An experienced climber" to get "overwhelming evidence" and choose the answer "Leighton is innocent." Then Retournz Baker Street.
Circus of Duval brothers

- Baker Street

Go to the analysis table and use the microscope to observe "black son" and then do the same with the "horse hair" and "hair" that you just downloaded. Go therefore deducted fashion and link "Hair exotic animal" and choose to "Acrobat Circus" "An experienced climber." Back to Half Moon Street.

- Half Moon Street

Talk to Wiggins before continuing to Baker Street.
Baker Street

Read the post that just brought Wiggins by focusing on "the image of an elephant." A new box appears and the "Circus of Duval brothers." Join her immediately.

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments PC - Screenshot 509

Duval brothers circus

Once there, after a brief exchange with the guard of the circus, already back to Baker Street.

Baker Street

Branch Chamber of Sherlock threading holding the bandit, a low-end hat and a beard. Take home the circus. 

Duval brothers circus

Now that you accept the guard, then head out into the tent after the dialogue, then go inspect barrels vision of Holmes to see a "shield." Kick on the crack at the bottom of this barrel and observe the "powder".

Go to the press located on the other side of the room and observe the different papers, and press "Print".

Now prepare a portrait of Charles Foley in doing so:

    - Key complex
    - Bloodied bandages
    - Armed
    - Ring-headed sheep
    - Bandaged fingers 

Go deducted and connect "antique ring" and "revolver Foley" to get "The man in the jacket." Then examine a lock on the table and solve the riddle by following the example of the following images:

As Foley asks you for how you knew, answer "Prison for theft." Then go to the Manor of Notting Hill.

Notting Hill mansion

Start a new puzzle because you have to pick the lock of the door facing you:

Inside, take the right door and enter the room, head to the library, next to the fireplace and watch the books on the floor. Now push the library to access safes. To open it, you run into a puzzle with cylinder, now a habit in the game:

Another lock is present, but it requires a key, that held by Foley. Start by observing the window placed in front of the entrance and go into the kitchen to watch the door leading outside door. Keep watching the door between the kitchen and the living room and then go upstairs and inspect the window. Also check the input then go retrieve a "collar" on the coffee table and dispatch beads on the bottom step of the stairs door.

Then made off move "cabinet" near stairs to block the passage to the window. Then open the "door" of the kitchen and then return to the lounge and catch the "carpet" near the library and place it on the door of the kitchen.

Pick up the "chair" of the kitchen and stuck it under the door handle and take the opportunity to get the "rope" positioned on the stove before returning to the living room.

Here, use your rope to secure it to "shine" in the middle of the piece and attach it to the "hammer". You finally hang the chandelier to complete the trap (win passage trophy "Haunted House."

After the sequence, use the newly won to leave open the safe key and enjoy its contents. Go deducted then link "Safe precious" to "Antiques missing" to get "Hidden Treasure."

After choosing or not to confirm the guilt of the suspect, make an ultimate choice in approving or not the action of the Merry Men.