Strategy to make more money in Forza Horizon 2

Forza Horizon 2 challenge players to drive powerful cars through the European tracks, winning several events and opponents. You need a lot of money to keep the car competitive against opponents. Check out some tips for making a lot of money in the game.

Configure the difficulty

The main tip to make lots of money in Horizon 2, is the setting of the difficulty of the game. The fewer assists tied, the higher your profit at the end of the race. The bonuses can reach 100% extra, if you disable functions like tracing lines, antilock brakes and traction control.

To do this, pause the game, go to "Configure" and select "difficulty".

In the example, with some of the functions disabled, and intelligence of the opponents a little high, profits rose to 80%.

Choose the certain advantages

The benefits system is one of the great new features of the game, and one of the main allies in time to add money to the car of your dreams. Before unlocking all the advantages, take a good look and choose first those that can benefit your pocket.

Keep an eye on advantages as "Profit share", that the additional money for every painting sold to other players or "chameleon", which increases your income every time a bracelet is unlocked.

Challenge runners by map

You can find dozens of other runners around the map, which can be challenged for quick cracking, but they're worth a lot of money. If you find that your car is ready, don’t think twice before inviting one of them, holding the X button.

These races are often very short, and not very difficult. Just follow the map to reach the end point, or even find some way, which are also valid. In the end a few minutes yield fine amounts.

Unlock new bracelets

In addition to ensuring access to new evidence in the game, and the resulting progress in the campaign, the bracelets are also responsible for fat injections of money into your account.

Do you need a few thousand bucks for a new car? Complete proof, level up and unlock a wristband that will give you a lot of money.