Styx Master of Shadows guide

Styx Master of Shadows is a stealth game sprinkled with some RPG elements developed by Cyanide Studio and published by Focus Home Interactive. You play Styx, unique in its kind goblin with a large expertise in the robbery and murder. Its objective is to cross the gigantic tower Akanash to recover Amber on the World Tree protected by Humans and Elves. To achieve this, Styx will be resourceful and discretion to compensate for its small size makes it difficult attacks forehead. To help you climb the floors of the Tower, DTG Reviews offers a complete solution to guide you through the many levels that you must cross. As a thief, Styx cannot help but pick up coins lying around everywhere, we will also unveil the location of each treasure, coins and relics scattered in the levels of the Tower. 

Table of contents

(Prologue: Memories) Introduction: Reminiscences 
Mission 1: Akenash Atrium
Mission 2: Master Key!
Mission 3: Deliverance
Mission 4: The Creator
Mission 5: The Architect
Mission 6: Conflagration
Mission 7: Renaissance + Ending 
Relics Location

Prologue: Memories - Introduction: Reminiscences 

In this section, you will discover the path to complete the three sectors of the introduction: Reminiscences.

Reminiscences 3

Main objectives:

- You need a weapon, so get your dagger.

- Make yourself then at the distillery.

After the cutscene, go ahead and go into the hole with the (default) "c" to decrease or "f" to perform a roll. Then jump to the "space bar" to access the hole a little higher. Proceed on the boards making sure not to fall across the room and grab a Vial of Life.

Climb the wall in the next room by hanging and jumping up to reach a higher platform. Fall into the hole, then press the "c" key to enter stealth. Go past the sleeping guard quietly. In the next room, you'll learn how to extinguish the torches in order to advance in the shadows. Put it running, then flip the lever down the hall to open the gate.

Always follow the label and sneak into the hole in the wall. You must get to the other side of the room but several guards are present. Wait until the closest you turns back to pass under the scaffold and thus go to the other side. Finally pick up your dagger and plan on the wall. Crochet door now "e" pressed the button, then move on.

Climb the wall to reach the passage height. You'll have to kill your first enemy. Drop down on the carpet below, then proceed through the back of the man to run. Hide the body in the closet, and then pull the lever in the next room.

A soldier will confront you face to face. Adorn 2 times his shots to get rid of: watch, timing is difficult to acquire, it takes almost the last moment of the attack to be able to parry. In the next room, you'll learn how to use sand to extinguish torches distance. Now move to the small passage to the side and wait for the guard to turn around to go forward.

After the series of steps, flatten yourself against the barrel leaving support the right mouse button, and wait for the two guards to go away to continue.

Flatten yourself against the railing and walk along the edge to reach the other side. In trying to move forward, one of the guards arrive to your location.

Make a U-turn to return to the entrance of the room and have an open window to enter the hall. At the very end, crochet lock to finish this level.

Reminiscences 3.2

Main objectives:

- Get amber at the distillery
- It's time to leave the distillery

Crouch down and go behind the backs of two men talking in the hallway. Take a look through the keyhole of the door by pressing the left mouse button. The way is clear, therefore crochet the lock to open the door. Then collect Vial amber on the chest. You get to create a clone of Styx that allows you to open some doors and later to occupy enemies.

Styx Master, Shadows guide

Come to the closed gate, create a clone by pressing the "1" key, and press again to "1" to move the clone. Make it through the gate to lower the lever back.

Walk towards the mechanism through the pipe on the right and discreetly remove the guard. Operate the mechanism to move into the next room.

Use your vision amber by pressing the "3" key, which allows you to better distinguish your environment. The goal is to reach your hideout indicated by the marker. To do so, many paths open to you. You can go right to the right and remove the sleeping guard, or opt for a passage to the bottom floor you sneaking in under desks scribes.

The easiest way is to pass the sleeping guard and pick the door on the right. Neutralize the guard leaning against the crates, then jump on the cart below. It'll just climb the wall to reach the pipe to your hideout.

Reminiscences 3.3

Main objectives:

- Find your way to the hideout
- Get the hook to reach the hideout

Secondary objectives:

- I should steal the relic

Do not jump directly below or you may make you very ill. Get off rather using hooks on the right wall. Come closer then the man behind the grill that you will open a secret passage. After the discussion, climb the stairs and use your amber vision to identify brands to follow.

Climb the wall to meet another man who tells you about the hidden relics. Continue your climb up a guarded corridor where you can pick up throwing knives. Go down the stairs and quietly assassinate the guard.

Jump on the scaffold to face down more safely to the ground. Avoid or eliminate the guards, then climb the stairs to get closer to a hiding place and the sewage worker hook.

Use your amber vision to identify and interact with the symbol to open the entrance to the hiding place. Inside, you can get a vial of amber and especially the sewerman hook. Guards will then fall on you: press the "4" key to become invisible and thus avoid them.

Continue on until you reach a well which roam three guards. Pass them quietly or silently eliminate them one by one to pass. Always follow your goal to reach a large square with a statue. Bypass guards using the edges or heights, then go right at the bottom to finally find the entrance to your hideout.

Mission 1: Akenash Atrium

In this section, you will discover the path to complete the four areas of mission 1

Akenash Atrium 4.1

Main objectives:

- You have to infiltrate the embassy immediately

Secondary objectives:

- Kills Godebert and shoo away his body

After visiting your stash for the first time, you can get started in the next mission. The objective here is to enter the embassy. Proceed to the large closed gate. To pass, you can either go through the top by climbing the wall to the right or through the left to go directly to the other side.

You then head to the right and wait for the two guards discussing separate. Then take the height scaling the attachments on the wall, then jump up to reach the highest platform on the other side.

Spend the guards and return to the ground to see Godebert necessary for the secondary objective. Approach him slightly to trigger discussion between him and his accomplice, then follow it to the secluded to eliminate. Then carry his body and throw it into space.

Now climb the wall near where you murdered Godebert for quick access to the top floor. Cross the goods to the front door without getting noticed, then enter the hole. Climb the stairs finally paying attention to the guard making his rounds.

At the top, jump fasteners attached to access to the upper floor. Enjoy the conversation between the two men to sneak in the shadows to the sides and up the flight of stairs.

The final piece is heavily guarded. Wait until one of the guards coming towards you to remove it or pass it. Wait for one of the last two guards to go around the brazier to climb from the bottom cupboard and come in the room next door. It'll just go through the door to the embassy.

Akenash Atrium 4.2

Main objectives:

- Provides up schedules airship
- Now make yourself at the library

Secondary objectives:

- You could loot the vault

Climb the stairs to the right and unlock the door above. Enter the room and pull out once for not being spotted by the guard happens. Wait until he walks away through the door where it came from.

Just to be quiet, get rid of the two guards discreetly on this floor. Styx place before a lever and create a clone for it to interact with the second lever on the other side: Both levers must be activated almost simultaneously. Now that the vault is open, enter to get a room, a vial of life and a vial of amber.

Exit this room and now follow the marker schedules airship to reach a room with two guards. Poison food on the table to get rid of both simultaneously. Climb the stairs on the right and get rid of the man who cleans the floor. Then climb to reach the top floor without being noticed by the guard. If the other janitor surprises you, let him be silent before it alerts others. Now go down the hall until the soldier turns his back.

The guard in the hallway is sleeping. Take the opportunity to access the railing height. Just behind the wall, you see the schedules of the airship.

Wait until the two guards look in another direction to steal the document.

It'll just get out of here to get to the library. Go back into the hallway and then leave right after. Go down one floor using fasteners on the wall.

Go down one floor still using other attachments without much worry about the meeting held. Follow the guard still in his back, then quickly crochet has large door to exit this sector.

Akenash Atrium 4.3

Main objectives:

- Finds the Ector Ozkan which you have spoken
- Ector seems to know the way, follow the
- Now make yourself in the dining plans
- You did not just run away from the incinerator

Secondary objectives:

- You should bring the book wants Ozkan

In this area, you do not have to be spotted at the risk of losing the game. You can always kill the enemies as you please, but if one alert is given, it's over. Go straight towards the marker, then climb the wall to the right. Follow the ledge to reach the next room.

Two guards are present here. Wait until he looks in the opposite direction to the mat for you to drop it. Hide yourself while under the shelf, then go down the stairs when the way is clear.

Down the stairs, jump fasteners attaches to reach the stage. Neutralize rafter quietly, and go into the opening after the series of steps below.

Advance avoiding another rafter, then down the stairs to reach a guarded by two men room. Pass them discreetly or eliminate them, but in any case continue to come down to finally find Ector in conversation with a guard.

To finally climb through the hole in the shelf to discuss Ector. You must now follow. Ector can walk freely here, but this is obviously not the case. So keep your distance and avoid being detected. When it stops, talk to him again so he opens a door and asks you to remove two rafters. It gives you vials of acid that can be used to remove the body.

Start with the enemy marked "Target". Assassinate the then use a vial of acid on his body. Move then to the luster to detach. The second rafter will then approach, allowing you to remove it easily and do away with the corpse again.

Before following Ector, get all the way down following the "Cache" marker. Use your amber vision to perceive and interact with a brand to open a secret passage. Pick up the book inside to complete the secondary objective.

Turn now from Ector to use the new path that you opened. Create a clone to pass the gates to activate a lever to advance Styx. In the next room, past the two guards on the sides or top to a lever that allows you to open the gate of the base.

Follow the marker, and then open the front door. You now need to activate the four braziers around the statue in the right order to get the shots. Looking at the statue in front, move the lever left rear, right front, left front and right rear finally. To complete the area, unlock the back door to gain access to the incinerator.

Akenash Atrium 4.4

Main objectives:

- It's time to go back to the hideout

Secondary objectives:

- I should steal the relic

You must now pass through the incinerator to return to your lair. Initially, follow the ledge on which you are. Right at the end, climb down the well to end up below. Cross the room following the marker, while avoiding being detected by the guards.

Then down the steep flight of stairs. Crochet door down, then remove the man with the hammer that turns its back on you. Drop down into the great room and pull the lever to pass.

Progress always avoiding the many guards in the great hall of the incinerator and turn down another lever for other markets. At the bottom, go through the small passage height and eliminate the archer if it bothers you.

A little further, you encounter strange creatures called Cabysses. They are totally blind but at the slightest noise, they jump on you. Enjoy that it is only for the murder, and then pull the lever at the bottom to go to the next room. Many of these bugs are present here.

Before rushing toward your goal, get to the bottom of the wall covered with fungus to access a hidden part of the sector. Basically, you distinguish four Cabysses guarding the relic of the mission. Tread carefully making no noise to get it back.

Now you can go back and refer you to the output of this sector.

Mission 2: Master Key (Sesame quarters) ! 

In this part, you are going to the four areas of mission 2

Sesame quarters 4.1

Main objectives:

- Join the docks through the viaduct

Secondary objectives:

- Finds the hiding places smugglers

For this section, you have to reach the docks while finding three hideouts of the smugglers. Spend the guards, then climb the stairs to the right. At the top, climb the wall through the hooks to access upstairs.

Take the guard, then crochet the lock on the door upstairs. Be careful here, a guard will come straight at you: hide yourself so time for it to leave.

Then You head to the gate on the far left and create a clone for the lever back. You find a piece in the room and a vial of amber.

Now head to the "mechanism" marker and interact with the lever to open the gate. Now follow the "Cache" marker on the right. Walk under the arch, then jump across to reach the cache that contains a piece and a vial of life.

Now follow the last marker "Stash". Come back in the mechanism, then go this time by the way-above. Drop down at the brazier to reach the last cache of knives and throwing a coin.

Replace this time follow the "Docks" marker. Climb the steps to reach a heavily guarded room. Round rafters spaced enough to allow you to sneak between the guards and reach the door to complete the sector.

Sesame Quarters 4.2

Main objectives:

- Infiltrate you in apartments Barimen

Secondary objectives:

- I should steal the relic

The goal here is to access apartments Barimen by hiding in the trunk of goods. Go on the right to reach the wagons. Go past them and up the stairs.

Climb the wall to access the balcony. Go to the right and press the button slightly hidden. A slab moves under which you find the relic of the mission.

Now head towards the tower progressing on the beams. Then enter the building from the bottom. Go upstairs and follow the path to reach a large storage room.

Step to the side to avoid the many soldiers present. You will need to do some jumps to get into the room containing the safe. Wait until the guards away from the trunk and step inside to leave the industry.

Sesame Quarters 4.3

Main objectives:

- Now you must steal the key Barimen
- Return to the safe house now that you have the key

Secondary objectives:

- Empare up the valuable "Queen" of Barimen

Your goal is to recover the key to Barimen. New enemies are present here: the knights. Unlike other guards, you could not remove them directly with your arms, then you should either avoid or use the stage for the kill. Open the door in front of you. Behind a first knight makes his rounds. Climb on the right to gain height and enter the library through the ceiling. Wait for the second knight goes under the chandelier to unhook and remove.

Head to the "Stash" tag to identify a large room. Get rid of the guards, then use your amber vision to spot a sign on the library. Interact to open a secret passage to a long corridor.

At the end, you can see the marked tiles and obviously trapped. To pass, you need to follow a well-defined path. It is guessed by looking at the signs painted on the banners on the sides. You will need at times to jump to reach the next slab unentrapped. On the other side, pick up the report on the desk, and the key. Then triggers a cutscene, and you can see the opening of a new area, and the arrival of many guards.

Pull the lever to deactivate the traps, and then turn back to the room. Wait until the guards move to win the hall by climbing the railing. Once the two soldiers in the hallway separate, benefit through the door that opened when the kinematics.

Then unlock the front door toward the marker "The Queen". By observing through the keyhole of the second door, you notice that the soldiers, including a knight watch over the desired object. Climb to the right and completely go around the building to enter through a window. Detach the luster to eliminate two enemies.

It'll just pick up "The Queen."

Turn back to continue down the stairs. Many men go around here, but you can easily avoid them when they are in motion. Go down another floor to reach a large patio. Take the stairs in the center forever down toward the drain.

For convenience, neutralize the guard, then go through the pipe behind him. At the end, let you down in the hallway, and then unlock the door. Spend the guards, then down again to reach the balcony. Jump to the other side to avoid the adjacent room containing many enemies.

Open the gate with the lever, then progress in sneaking off under the car to reach the entrance to drains. This exits the sector.

Mission 3: Deliverance

In this section you will find the path step-by-step the four areas of mission 3: Deliverance.

Liberation 4.1

Main objectives:

- You have to reach the elevator to the jails
- Monte now in the elevator and hide

After a little well-deserved break in your stash, you're left to your new mission: to deliver your friend locked up in jail. You will quickly recognize an area you already know. Get off the platform and move avoiding the guards. Scroll down using the clip on the right. Continue to the well, then go through the arch on the right.

Jump below and proceed to the "mechanism" tag: you get to a large square with cars. Climb the railing on the left to reach the floor. Get rid of the guards and go off crates height diversion.

Take advantage of the panic to reach the other side, then go activate the mechanism, which makes up the lift.

It'll just come down through fasteners and hide in the trunk of the elevator to exit the sector.

Liberation 4.2

Main objectives:

- You have to activate the lever of the east wing
- You have to activate the lever of the West Wing

Secondary objectives:

- Enjoy to steal the pot guards

Advancing a little kinematics presents a new opponent: the Inquisitor. Continue to the bridge and use the tabs to the right to go upstairs.

Go into the left room and sneak up under the desk and the stage to earn a small passage in the wall. Open the cell door, then wait for the guard turns his back to the lever, which will start a riot in the prison.

Take advantage of the panic to climb the stairs to the bottom and grab the pot on the table. Now that we have completed the secondary objective, it is time to go to the main objectives. Back down a floor, then move the lever to reach the mechanism. A first gate rises, but you must do the same with the second mechanism.

From this position, jump on the tabs across to reach the other side of the sector. Once on the other side, stand on the left rail and chain jumps to reach directly the second mechanism.

You can now direct you to the lab. Come back in the middle lane and pass the guards. It is very easy to remove two rafters one by one, then kill the two guards with a knife and finally kill the last, in the worst case a duel. In the next room, climb the right wall to reach the balcony and neutralize the rafter. Finally, go through the gate to leave the area.

Deliverance 4.3

Main objectives:

- Introduce yourself in the area of high security

Secondary objectives:

- Fly balls to the refrigerant Ozkan

You start at the top of a tree. You have two options to go down, but in the end both paths lead to the same place. The easiest way is to drop straight through the fasteners to access the soil at the bottom. The other way requires you to make a big detour with bonus room littered with enemies. Once you are at the foot of the tree, move to find a closed gate. Use your clone to cross and the lever.

Proceed down the long corridor until you see a knight and two inquisitors to the chat. Then follow the knight to find the location of the coolant ball for Ozkan. To recover easily, stand on the two cabinets in the hallway, take the small tunnel to enter the room, and wait for the guard turns his back to pick it up.

Progress to reach a large torture chamber. To simplify things, get on the right at the vacuum pipe to reach a lower. At the end of the tunnel, climb to reach another torture chamber. Turn right and you reach the prison orcs.

Follow the marker to the high-security area to notice a sleeping orc block the path. He is blind, but not deaf! So go walking as gently as possible and enter the duct towards the next area.

Mission 4: The Creator

Now the 4th mission of Styx: Master of Shadows.

Mission 5: The Architect

On the 5th mission of Styx: Master of Shadows!

Mission 6: Conflagration

Here we come to the 6th mission of Styx: Master of Shadows.

Mission 7: Renaissance + Ending

Here is the final mission of Styx: Master of Shadows!

Location relics

- Location of the relic in the introductory mission Reminiscences:

This relic is located in the well of 3 Reminiscences sector.

- Location of the relic in Mission 1: Seraglio of Akenash:

This relic is located almost at the end of the last sector of the mission, and is protected by several dangerous critters.