Super Smash Bros. walkthrough 3DS / Wii U

Super Smash Bros. on Nintendo 3DS is the first installment of the famous series to be published on portable console, a series between worlds different game. Up to four players can play locally or online. This game will let you play 53 licensed characters by Nintendo and Guest as Megaman, Pac-Man and Sonic the Hedgehog famous Sega license. This comprehensive guide explains how to do all the challenges of the game, get the highest scores in the mini-games and unlock many characters and combat zones of Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U.

Table of Contents

Getting Started
Smash Adventure
Classic Mode

Getting Started

This comprehensive guide to Super Smash Bros 3DS / Wii U will explain the different ways to play the game modes as well as how to properly begin to quickly unlock all the challenges of the game. Initially, you will have Numerous game modes that you can choose. If you want to play a game mode in particular, refer to the part that will be dedicated to it.

In the classic "Smash" mode, you will first need to set the criteria for your part:

Time Limit
Custom fighter
Choice of course
Choice of objects

Once the settings, choose your character you will face your opponents.

After you choose your fighter, you have to choose your league. Note that as for the fighter, you will be able to choose "Random" and choosing procedurally the course in question. Each level will have different properties: some levels will change, others will destroy, etc. By completing certain challenges , you will have the opportunity to unlock new courses combat.

Once the fight started, you will face one or more opponents. Your goal is to hit him in order to increase its percentage. The higher the percentage will be high and the figure will be ejected quickly and away from the arena, the goal is to get him out of the screen to win the fight. Some modes require you to earn the score and others will be sudden death: Winning the score: eject a maximum of enemies falling to a minimum. At the end of the fight, the scores will be calculated.

Sudden death or eject your opponents off the screen without dying.

Depending on the settings of your fight, you may or may not recover objects in the game. Some items you can deal damage and other grant you superpowers, for you to manage the full potential of the object. Finally, do not forget to protect yourself when you touch the enemy. In Super Smash Bros 3DS / Wii U as in previous games, you will often be possible to dodge or block enemy attacks. Some characters can even teleport to dodge an attack or counter.

Smash Adventure

Need a solution for Adventure Mode Smash? You are on the right page! This adventure mode will be available to the right of the icon "Smash". In this mode you will have five minutes to explore the map and defeat the greatest enemies. By defeating enemies, you will hold bonuses that will improve the statistics of your fighter. Make your fighting a real war machine, and measure yourself to other players in a final battle.

Run and you will gain speed, hit and you will become stronger. Each share increases a little one of your statistics. You can also equip your fighter with various accessories. While some improve your stats, others explode. To use the accessories, touch icons on the touch screen. Make best be equipped before the start of the game. To see the game map, touch the left side of the touch screen.

At first, choose your character you'll be playing this game mode. Note that you can have a character "customized" with various accessories that will increase the power of it.

Once in this section, the maximum increase your stats. More you fight a monster and you'll get items that increase stats of your character. Note that you will also be able to open chests and defeat "Boss" giving you more stuff. Once the five minutes are up, you will see the statistics of your team and you will fight an opponent to earn rewards.

This fight will take place in a conventional manner: at the end of the elapsed time, the computer will record the number of deaths on both teams and following your points you will earn or not the final battle. Numerous awards will get as shown in the image below: abilities, items, gold, etc. (Image9) Note that with the "Classic" mode, it will be two games giving you more collectibles to pick up Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U.


This comprehensive guide to Super Smash Bros will now approach the All-star mode. In this All-Star mode, you will battle enemies in predefined locations that will aim to trace the history of video games and Nintendo in particular. Below is a list of different enemies to fight and in what arenas.

Year Training Opponent
1980-1984 Flat Zone 2
Boxing Ring
Jungle Japes 
Mr. Game & Watch
Donkey Kong
Little Mac 
1985-1986 Gerudo Valley
Duck Hunt
Princess Peach
1986-1990 Reset Bomb
Yoshi's Island
Dr Willy's Lair
Mute City 
Mega man
Dr. Mario
Captain Falcon 
1991-1993 Green Hill Zone
Dream Land 
King Dadibou
Meta Knight 
1994-1998 Unova
Pokémon League
Spirit Train
Diddy Kong
2001-2006 Golden Plains
3D Land
Distant Planet 
Cartoon Link
Samus without armor
2007-2013 Gaur Plains
Arena Ferox
Rainbow Road
Prism Tower 
Harmony and Luma
Coach Wii Fit
Pit Evil

In this game mode, you'll see the enemies to face before entering the portal "challenge." Note that once the battle is over, you can recover from life and objects before passing through a new portal. At first, choose your character and mode of difficulty: Easy, normal or hard. You will then fight your opponents in different arenas.

Once the battle is over, you arrive in a hub where you can see in advance the different fighters you will have to face in the background and that this will be the year. Before entering the gate, do not forget to pick up objects at your disposal on the ground and. You will then continue to fight the enemies to get the highest score and collect unique items like suits, gold or statuettes.

The Classic Mode

The "Classic" mode will be the most prolific in terms of fashion items to win. DTG Reviews is going to go that extra mile through this very complete guide to explain its functioning and fight in hand-Crea better.
Initially, you should choose your character you'll realize this little adventure. Once selected your character, you must choose your difficulty level. More difficult will be higher and you will have the opportunity to obtain unique items: gold, skills or statuettes.

Once the difficulty selected, you must choose one of the proposed directions. Depending on your route, you will get gold coins and arrive in front of one of the many challenges.

- 1vs1 battle standard
- Fight against an opponent metal
- Fight against a giant opponent
- Battle against a group of opponents
- Fighting in "Battle Royal"
- Fighting against a team

Note that before each battle, you must choose a wheel with the reward you get if you win this challenge. More difficult will be higher and the rewards will be significant! After the first five challenges completed, you then arrive in front of the final boss of the classic mode. Then you have to overcome Crea-hand to complete this challenge. Note that if you die, the game will automatically decrease the difficulty and you will lose some awards received during your run.

Crea-hand will be the hardest to beat the game opponent.
Unlike the other characters, you will need to lower his life bar to zero and not eject the arena, arena which will be very simple: a simple platform that will not change.

Load at first, the Boss will darken over you. To avoid this you just need to jump at the right moment. The easiest way is to have a character that can hover or fly like Meta Knight to avoid without much difficulty his office at ground level. Crea-hand will also perform a different attack load starting up and back down a few seconds later, faster.

Platform: Crea-hand then you can throw cards "platform". You will then go to the left and right of the screen so you do not end up ejected from the screen. The method to avoid its platforms will perform dashs, pressing briefly on the stick left or right depending on your position.
Remember that you will "only" two lives to defeat this Boss, otherwise a gameover require you to decrease the level of difficulty of the game and lose a reward. All attacks will be set randomly, however once all learned attacks, you should be able to avoid most of them.

Crushing: Before you begin the attack, Crea-hand will go over your character and wait a few seconds before crashing on you. To avoid this, make a dash at the last moment, use your shield or a teleportation which will have some characters.

Typed: this attack will be particularly difficult to avoid. When Crea-hand approach you do nothing, you will get away as much as possible otherwise it will capture you. If you get caught, you will be ejected out of the screen or left on the ground, your character will be stunned few seconds.

Pistol hand back down and will point the finger. Keep moving to avoid getting hit by his or her tires and possibly move closer to inflict heavy damage after attack.

The plane: Crea-hand leave in the bottom of the screen will darken over you at ground level. Stay levitating as possible otherwise you will feel and eject the screen.

Laser: the Boss to the right of the screen and you will begin to throw rays of his fingers. This attack can be avoided by going to the back of the Boss and dealing damage or remaining levitating far left of the screen.

Finger snap: Crea-hand will approach you as well as a snap that you deal damage while pushing you. Stay away from it when you see this movie happen.

Fire loop: Boss summon a fire zone and crush with a snap. Avoid pieces that fall and take the opportunity to inflict heavy damage to Crea-hand.

Walking: Finally, Crea-hand can get in position "on". Fly over it so as not to get hit. Well, you know now all of his shots and it will do more than you train hard to achieve the maximum level of difficulty of the "Classic" mode!

Once the battle is over, you will get your rewards but also a statuette of your character. Note that each character in the game will have different statuettes next game modes successful. Finally, the end credits are displayed and you have to knock on the designers' names to fill the table at the bottom of the screen. The more you fill, the more you get gold, up to 100G.


You will see here does the fashion Bomb Smash, Smash and Home Run Smash mass. Most of these challenges you will get many rewards by releasing the challenges of Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U. You will find especially in this comprehensive video guide that allows you to get 100,000 points to unlock one of the many challenges of Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U.

- Smash mass

Smash mode mass will be divided into six parts

- Smash against 10: Eliminate 10 enemies as fast as possible
- Smash against 100: Eliminate 100 enemies as fast as possible
- Smash 3 minutes: remove a maximum of enemies before time runs
- Smash rival eliminate more enemies than your rival
- Smash endless: Remove a maximum of enemies in this fight indefinitely
- Smash cruel: Battle of ruthless enemies, only the best will survive

In all of these modes, you must first of all select your character to play with and battle enemies with one or more imperative. The goal is every time to eliminate as many enemies as possible and / or as soon as possible in order to emerge victorious from the many challenges. Please note that by playing for the first time in all these modes, you unlock challenges as well as unique items allowing you to continue your progress in Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U.

- Smash Bomb

In this part of the complete solution of Super Smash Bros 3DS and Wii U will find out how to play Smash Bomb and achieve more than 100,000 points to unlock one of the many challenges of the game. First go to the menu and Stadium select Smash Bomb. You will then take a character and start the game. Note that zooming out, the bottom screen, you will see the entire field to see where the targets to aim.

The countdown starts when you hit the bomb. Deal him maximum damage and eject it before it explodes. The bomb exploded when the countdown reaches zero. It destroys everything that is around.

There are two tests to try to achieve the highest score possible. Tap the touch screen to obtain an overall view of the area.

The premise of the game is to increase the tonnage of the bomb hitting it and then using a Smash attack to project it onto one of the many targets on the right. Note that you will lose the game if you do not launch the bomb after the countdown. Conversely mode "Home Run Contest", you will be directed where to throw the bomb and not just send it as far as possible to recover points.

- Home Run Contest

To start a mini-game, you will go in the "Stadium" and then choose Home Run Contest. You will arrive on the presentation screen characters where you will take the one who will have the difficult task of launching as far as the punching bag. In this challenge, you will need first of all to maximize the percentage bar to send it as far as possible in the air...

You have 10 seconds to inflict maximum damage on Sandbag. Pick up the bat and sent it as far as possible with a smash attack.

More Sandbag suffered damage, the more distant lands. Once the bar high bag, grab the bat and use the attack Smash your fighter to be sent as far as possible. The more it will go away and you will gain a high reward. Note that to unlock one of the first challenges of the game, you will start Sandbag over 300 meters and before the final count.


You can find the complete solution of Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U all he can do in the extra fashion: customize their characters, look at his trophies, listen to all the music game as a safe and well more!

- Customization:

The mode and as the name suggests you will "customize" a character and / or a fighter Mii.

Fighter: create a custom fighter from your own Mii. Choose from three types of fighter Mii: boxer, swordsman and marksman.
Assign up to three pieces of equipment in your fighter to increase or decrease its statistics. You can get additional special attacks in your games. Note that you can even choose a hat and an outfit for your fighter Mii.

Character: Set the strengths of character you want by customizing. Assign up to three pieces of equipment in your fighter to increase or decrease his stats (attack, defense and speed). Each piece can reduce statistical and increase another. The equipment may have different effects on your fighter bonus as do larger ejections create an impact after a dash or create an attraction on Balls Smash!
You can get additional special attacks in your games. For each type of special attack, all fighters have three distinct options. You can create up to ten templates customization for each fighter. Note that you can choose from eight outfits / colors / different skins for each character in the game.

- Safe

The trunk is the perfect place to show the different rewards that you got to your friend (s)! Initially, you will have the headings:

- Photos
- Videos
- Statistics

You can enjoy at any time of the game to keep a memorable victory in memory or the wonderful photos you can review by returning to the trunk of the game to finish, you will also find all the statistics of the game: how battle you win, the key moments by unlocking characters, the first time you turned on Super Smash Bros 3DS / Wii U and more.

You'll also be able to listen to all the music of the game in the "Sound Bank" and read the many tips available to you in the "Smashtuces". Finally, in the trophy section you will be able to admire your statuettes, buy new items in the store and especially earn new trophies by going to the "Trophies galore". In this part you will need to spend gold to play a mini-game. This mini-game is to kill the maximum number of bricks in a given to win new unlockable trophies in game time.


The challenges you will recover all of the characters, arenas and the items in the game. Die You will be able to unlock some of the challenges before the release on the table because the challenges of the second and third table will be invisible as you don ' have failed to fully complete the first. You will find below the complete list of all the challenges to achieve.

Challenge 123456 7
A A1A2A3A4A5A6 A7
B B1B2B3B4B5B6 B7
C C1C2C3C4C5C6 C7
D D1D2D3D4D5D6 D7
E E1E2E3E4E5E6 E7

Table challenges No. 01:


A1 - Get at least 30 different trophies
A2 - Win 1 times the final battle of Adventure Smash
A3 - Complete All-Star mode on easy difficulty level
A4 - Create at least one Mii Fighter in the customization menu
A5 - Fight at least 3 times on the road course rainbow sky
A6 - Use the Final Smash Kirby
A7 - Score at least 300m in Home-Run Contest


B1 - Score a max combo of 10 hits or more in training mode
B2 - Unlock the secret character Ness
B3 - Get 5 coverest heads different customization
B4 - Play Bomb Smash Mode for the first time
B5 - Play Smash Rival for the first time
B6 - Play Smash StreetPass for the first time
B7 - Fight at least 2 times in the course Tortiland


C1 - Collect 10 different types of accessories used in the Adventure Smash
C2 - Play mode Gogo Trophies for the first time
C3 - Use the Final Smash Pac-Man
C4 - Play Home-Run Contest for the first time
C5 - Fight at least 3 times in the course of Forest Bombs zeros
C6 - Win 3 battles with Captain Falcon
C7 - Unlock the secret character Pit Evil


D1 - Successfully complete Classic mode with an intensity of 3.0
D2 - Unlock the secret character Wario
D3 - Play Smash against 100 for the first time
D4 - Play 3 times with Villagers
D5 - Play Smash endless for the first time
D6 - Finish Smash against 10
D7 - Deal at least 20 KO smash in 3 minutes


E1 - Destroy 300 blocks Trophies fashion galore
E2 - Earn three fights with Luigi
E3 - Win two fights with Ness
E4 - Play Smash Cruel first
E5 - Get 3 different outfits customization
E6 - Win 2 battles with Zelda
E7 - Get a score of 100,000 or more in the Bomb Smash Mode

Table challenges No. 02:


A1 - Win Final Battle Adventure Smash with 5 different characters
A2 - Score a max combo of 40 in training mode
A3 - Unlock all the playable characters
A4 - Change 3 different characters in the Personalization menu
A5 - Destroy 1000 blocks in the way Trophies Galore
A6 - Deal 100 KO
A7 - Get at least 150 different trophies


B1 - Attain a total of 200,000 records with the characters in the Smash Fashion Bomb
B2 - Make 5 dating game StreetPass
B3 - Get a score of at least 10 Mode Smash Rival
B4 - Fight at least 3 times in the course Salon
B5 - Deal at least 10 KO forcing your opponents to dab in Smash StreetPass Mode
B6 - Collect 25 types of accessories different in Adventure Smash
B7 - Finish Smash against 100


C1 - Reveal 99% of the image during the credits
C2 - Complete Classic mode with five characters
C3 - Fight at least 3 times in the course mii in Peril
C4 - Win 5 battles with Meta-Knight
C5 - Unlock Mr. Game & Watch
C6 - Defeat Master Hand Supreme
C7 - Deal at least 20 with a KO against Smash Street


D1 - Score at least 600m in Home-Run Contest Mode
D2 - Deal at least 30 KO in a single battle in Smash Endless
D3 - Play 5 times with Adventure Smash
D4 - Unlock all stages
D5 - Play 10 hours in total
D6 - Win 10 battles with Samus
D7 - Get 15 special attacks different customization


E1 - Obtain 5 different outfits customization
E2 - Inflict 300 KO
E3 - Play Home-Run Contest with at least 15 characters
E4 - Create 8 fighters Mii
E5 - Get 10 caps different customization
E6 - Complete All-Star mode to normal mode
E7 - Earn 8 hours of game

Table challenges No. 03:


A1 - complete classic mode under difficulty 9.0
A2 - Make a score of at least 1,000 feet in Home Run Contest
A3 - Edit 10 characters
A4 - Edit 10 characters
A5 - Perform 50 KO Smash Rival Mode
A6 - Perform 100 KO Smash Mode Cruel


B1 - Destroy 3,000 blocks in the Trophy fashion galore
B2 - Complete Classic Mode with all characters
B3 - Finish Smash Mode against 100 in less than 3 minutes
B4 - Have market 50 km in the game
B5 - Having ended Smash Mode against 10 in less than 20 seconds
B6 - Get over 400 hits with all characters in Training Mode
B7 - Finish All-Star Mode with all characters


C1 - Destroy all targets in Smash Bomb
C2 - Conduct a score of 15.000 meters with every character in Home Run Contest
C3 - Collect 500 trophies
C4 - Finish Smash Mode against 10 with all characters
C5 - Get a score of over 200,000 points in Bomb Smash Mode
C6 - Finish Smash Mode against 100 with all characters
C7 - Play 50 hours


D1 - Winning Home Run Smash with all characters
D2 - Make a jump of 10 km
D3 - Play Smash Bomb with all characters
D4 - Hitting enemies other enemies 20 times in Fashion Street Smash
D5 - Perform over 100 combos in Training Mode
D6 - Play over 20 hours
D7 - Perform 4 KOs in Cruel Smash Mode


E1 - Finish All-Star Mode in difficult
E2 - Make 1000 KO
E3 - Perform 2 KO Smash Mode Cruel
E4 - Perform 200 KO Smash endless mode
E5 - Get all visible objects in Smash
E6 - Complete All-Star mode with 15 characters
E7 - Get 600 trophies

The "Challenge" will explain the different challenges to achieve to unlock characters, arenas and objects. After the first painting completed, a second and a third will be displayed. Note that some of the challenges you will get a "hammer" button on the right. This hammer can destroy a box if you ever find yourself stuck in a particular challenge.