The Evil Within walkthrough / hidden objects guide

The Evil Within is a survival horror video game with strong bonds of Silent Hill and Resident Evil and always serves up crispy Arena fights, and also some of the puzzles are quite crispy. So you don’t have to wander aimlessly in the aisles, we have compiled a comprehensive guide with some tips and tricks for you.

Table of Contents

*** Walkthrough in progress***
Chapter 15: Final Boss Battle

Collectible / Objects Locations

In the evil within, you will get the opportunity to browse collectible objects. You will find them in the form of map parts scattered everywhere. If you have found a part of the map, it returns during your next visit to the Save room on the wall, where you see them hung neatly.

The map areas are often well hidden and not so prominently disclosed as green gel or about ammunition. Look on all tables, shelves and behind you, when you have entered a new level, often assigned very high value items directly behind your feet as soon as you exit the loading screen and enter a new area. Use this knowledge!

***Walkthrough in progress***

Chapter 1: An Emergency Call

After the intro, you move straight across the square on the highly-pitched main building and enter through the large portal door. You come across the remains of a massacre in the middle of the Beacon Mental hospital wards. Look around here thoroughly. Behind the open door at the end of the room on the left side you will find one of the survivors.

You will now go to the terminal of the surveillance cameras and watched a live broadcast of a pretty wacky incident. Then you break together, then hit the unknown attacker.

You wake up in a nightmarish environment. Look around first and then rhythmically swings backwards and forwards, to reach the knife in the body in front of you. It frees you. The door in the left half of the space is complete. Now, sneak into the room instead of the butcher when he leaves the room for a short time. Take the keychain, which hangs on the ceiling and open the previously locked door.

The butcher is now chasing you and you should do nothing but just keep running forward. Once you arrived into the room with the rotating sickles keep easy all the time, until marked a magnifying glass that you can interact with the ground here. So go down the slope and dodging the obstacles until you end up in a pool of blood.

Leave the pool via the ladder, go through the door and then to the right. Further follow the path until you come to the dead man in a wheelchair, who has dropped a file. Read this and continue. You hit on two locked doors to the right you will find an open passage. Go into that and climb the ladder.

Once you reach the top take the file on the PC terminal and presses the red button right of the door next to it. Run down the aisle and come through a door into a new space. Continue to follow the tubular passage then you arrive into a back room, where you will be surprised by the arrival of your chaser. Hide in the locker and wait until the butcher is gone. Then follow him through the door and have to sneak now to the space around you, without being detected by him.

At the end of the tour, if you have to go into the room where he walks around, he will discover you anyway - but don't worry: just continue your journey and follow the path until you get into an elevator and so for the time being you are in safe area. Exit the elevator and sprint for the exit of the building. It follows a cutscene and the next chapter.

Chapter 2: Remnants

You wake up in a room, first you should check thoroughly whose objects you take with you. If you stand at the door and look out, you activate an important cutscene. You learn that you are at your save point, where you can save time and again in the course of the game and improve your status values.

Now it's back to reality and you find yourself in front of the wreckage of the burning ambulance, that you should thoroughly inspect. So you'll find a tube of green gel tube behind the car. Then follow the path into the Woods.

You will get a pool of blood next to a carcass and a box; you should smash to reach more green gel. Before you into the middle distance, you can see a light. Go there and take the lamp. Then face the zombie in the melee fight. Further in the forest you discover one of the passengers in the ambulance, he warns you of a trap – now you learn to defuse the trip wire. You receive a case part that you need in the future to restore bolts for the crossbow torment. So keep an eye out from now. Then follow the trail further and burn the body on the ground with matchsticks.

Finally, you will come to a cabin, there you will find new money as well as a broken mirror. Through that you can return repeatedly to your save point in the future, where your level allow. Have you done that, it returns through the mirror back into the hut and continue.

With a sneak attack, you can take the zombie furiously hitting against the closed door, hidden behind your former rider. Do this, enter the hut and follow the man through the window. So, you come to a point where you have to fight against two zombies. Use the bottle, at least to divert one of the two and then take the remained with a sneak attack. Then you move around the House and enter it on the back to find matches, gel, and ammunition.

Here you will also find a syringe, as a small Medipack a bit of much-needed health returns. Handy!

Continue and do not cross the bridge. Instead hit through the complex of houses. You can't run through the construction area; however you should always keep an eye on traps and collectible items. Eventually you'll reach a wooden portal, through which you proceed. Now remain on the path and sneak past the large zombie horde.

Chapter 3: Claws of the Horde

You go ashore and follow the ridge. On the right side, opposite of the landscaped boat you will find gel, campfire a health syringe. After you have collected these items continue the path through the tunnel. You step up the stairs and burn the body. Then enter the courtyard and then think you're quite right. Then follow the origin of a music recording leads in a house where you have to defuse two bombs and upstairs you finally meet a doctor, whom you know from the ambulance.

After a short cutscene, you have your goal clearly in mind: the patient of the doctor, you also already met her, ran through a large door at the end of the Court ahead of you. Now says: afterwards!

But in a roundabout. Leave the balustrade and go back into the room with the bed. Tucked you until the passing zombies are gone and goes after them down.

Now, leave the balustrade and go back into the room with the bed. Hide until the zombies pass then follow them.

Leave the building that you have entered few minutes ago and continue through the courtyard. To your right you will see a ladder that leads to a high seat. Climb it up and you will discover at the top some valuable items. Leave the viewpoint then again.

On the way to the gate, you discover an armed man, who shoots at you. Move from cover to cover and you keep not too long at one point. On the left side, finally, you reach him through the various rooms.

Overall, there is no prescribed way in this real, because in the end it boils down to free the entire territory, so the courtyard and the adjacent houses of zombies and eventually to compete against the chainsaw man in the barn. Only with his weapon, the unit can be used to cut the chain device at the gate and enter to the next section.

Chapter 4: The patient

Follow the doctor on the premises. After a few steps the game on a hut draws attention to you come from out of to your save point. Use this opportunity to level up you again as well as it goes on.

If you leave the hut, you should not enter directly in the opposite house, in which the doctor’s patient is gone. Instead, explore your surroundings and the surrounding houses. In the large building directly to the left when you enter the site, you hear strange noises - and fights against the doctor shortly after Valerio. After that search the floor before you go back to the square in front of the house where you have now heard the patient Leslo shrines several times. Briefly search the barn to your left and finally enter the building on the hillside that brings you to the path.

Here you go into the basement, through a red door. There you will find Leslie - overwhelmed and shortly thereafter the enemy sneak back to the entrance, you enter the room. It follows a cutscene, when you return to the two.

Follow Ruvik through the door. After the nightmare sequence you get off of the blood pool. The room in which you are staying now, is a kind of arena. Opponents will beset you only if you want to go through the higher door opposite the pool at the top of the stairs. Look closely around the room and think of a plan on how you can stop the zombie horde. The easiest way is to go directly after the trigger left at the Red rocker switch and do the zombies using the mechanism. The last possessed died, it's happening through the formerly sealed door.

Run down the hall and watched the corpse in the room on the corridor: Suddenly a monster appears that you should not fight. Instead flee back to the previously locked door at the beginning of transition and break open the door as soon as it opens. Then, down the hallway into the room and press the red button on the door. Then you go to the farthest corner of the room in front of the fence and climb down the ladder. And it continues on a brisk walk, until you have finally shaken off the monster after an elevator sequence. Breathe deeply!

Descend the stairs carefully - triggers after a short time your nemesis, which also does not turn it off her. Take the legs in the hand and flees back upstairs, where her another cutscene triggers, and therefore ends the chapter.

Climbs the stairs cautiously down - after a short time it triggers your Nemesis, which also can not turn off. Then flee back to the top where it triggers a cutscene and thus ends the chapter.

Chapter 5: Inner Recesses

First enter the room across from you, where you will find a note, as well as ammunition. Then Step through the mirror and you're leveling on to your savepoint. Return to the bathroom, leave it and go back down the aisle.

Let's not confuse you - a lot of hallucinations waiting for you. Behind this is an invisible Besse Sener, at the end of the aisle waiting for you. You will recognize him by his treacherous noise. If you kill him, open a door through which you must go.

Let yourself fall down a floor and go through the door easily sealed off. You discovered an electronically locked door which can be opened only with a matching key card. Therefore, go through the door, which is already open.

Here you encounter again an Invisible Man, however this is betraying that he knocks over items on the way to you. Shoot in the approximate direction and make him down.

Go ahead and enter the next tube-style room through the door. At the end of the road you will find the key card next to a dead body.

On the way back to the key card door you must do yet a further invisible, who walks through a door.

Finally, you see your Nemesis and follow it in an obviously closed cell. As you discovered spies in the wall through which you can discover three scenarios - shortly after the associated doors appear.

First step through the blue door, pressing the left button before the dead body table and then leave the room again.

You go through the wooden door, then press the left button again before the table.

In the last room you finally press the right button.

Now appears a fourth door in the Chamber, where it all began - Step into it.

You have found Joseph again and must find a way out with him. The trick: He loses health steadily and by briefly laying on of hands you can heal him again.

Now go through the corridors. If you remain always together, you can handle large opponents through the double firepower. After a cutscene, when it comes to a ... incident, you can level up you in a side room and again experienced a strange sequence. Then it goes back and outside through the door.

You now Step into an arena in which you must turn off several waves of enemies. You've got the business it is time to rid your colleague from the water tank. This follows the pipes through a corridor, which is lined with prison cells. Do the free-running zombie at the end, go to his cell and crawls through the opening in the wall. So, you stumbled a few steps further on the control panel, where you can make thanks to the numbers called to that your team is saved.

After the cutscene, you jump over the paragraph before you down and go to the newly created hole. Jumps down.

Squeezed the opening in the wall and follow the corridor straight ahead. So, you push back on your team. After a short cutscene, you should first follow the familiar sounds and you level up in the Save Point. Then continue down the aisle. So you have a red-lighted room where the more-legged hair Monster surprised you. Run back the way that you came and you can observe how the cattle seriously damage by fire. Equipped with this knowledge, it walks through the breach, which has defeated the monster.

Now you come into a space that will serve as the arena against the black-haired woman monster. Your task is a total of five times to inflame the monster - this can be done by lying around flares, exploding red barrels or traps, such as for example the incinerator on the left side, in that you can entice the cattle over the head and then Grill with the lever mechanism.

Have you done that, walks you through the door and after a short sequence to fight three possessed, you have to beat down / shoot them and wrest the cable connection in the head. Have you done this, the chapter ends.

Chapter 6: Losing Grip on Ourselves

Look at pictures and newspaper clipping on the table in front of you. Enable by the sequence of your lamp to see something can and level up to you if you want and can. Then go into the hallway, where you are always pre-empted back into the level and follow the nurse in a number of nightmare sequences. You meet again Lelsie and wakes up in sunken ruins.

Climb over the crates outside and go up the stairs. Follow the trail.

You will meet your cronies now must open the door. Basically you should be careful only to bombard the flammable barrels. So you should have no problem with the overwhelming odds. Did you get both, you'll find a sniper rifle in a case, and a way to save point - uses it!

For now you have to help at the same time zombies hurrying up, shoot from the building on you - then it goes further! It is difficult to offer a universal solution here, only on your ability to take advantage of the environment on the fly, it arrives here.

Do the chain saw oscillator best by stunned him - then you can move with massive sneak attacks to tackle. If it has also been found before in the generator on the map, on the other side of the arena one of two gates open - make up your minds for the left and you'll receive valuable ammunition.

Have you done the fight, you can once again visit the save point and then use the elevator in the next room of the next zone. Fight through the field and shoot the zombies before they reach the executioners place. Cross the ladder and defend Joseph. Once you have done this enter the new area you can only turn left and looking for loot, before you continue follow the path straight.

The road continues and through the large, Dark Portal, whereby a cutscene is waiting for you. Go next to the House and through the mirror to the save point.

Now out of the House and on the way back, from where you hear screams in the distance sounds. Your partner will give you coverage while you slowly working through the cemeteries.

Here you come across two giants, you should do quite easily with your shotgun. After the cutscene, you equip yourself at the Save Point and continue.

Continue through the course and you come to a room with four tables of victims and three levers. First operate the hindmost front left, then the front and finally the last remaining - now you hear a click and you can go further. Take the elevator to the top.

If you follow the course of the level, you meet a total of two times on a large dog - which is however quite quickly disassembled by concentrated shotgun fire and deafening bolt.

Chapter 7: The Keeper

You go the altar room and face the first match in the left aisle. Then go to Joseph, who set himself on one of the benches after a short time. After the sequence you find yourself back again in a vaulted basement. Follow the voice from across the room, past the coffin and up the stairs. But do not forget to destroy each vase on the way - always valuable ammunition hidden in them.

Follow the corridor around the corner and do the handful possessed. Then go to the end of the corridor and search only the room to the right, then go through the door. Search the room and and then your way right continues.

Break the castle and pass on the right side of the coffin, first go to your save point. Then return back into the room.

Use your key stone in the center hole of fragment of the coffin and two doors open. Go first through the left and connect to the rotary valve the gas supply. Go through the door and follow the course.

Take the two crazies running around from safe distance then take care of those trapped in the first cell on the left. Then you can search all the cell. At the end of the hallway you will find on the right side of a mechanism by which you can kill the crazies. Do this, then scans the room and then climbs the ladder down into the greenish glowing light.

Now go to two valves ahead and close one after the other, so that no more gas flows into the room. Then you come down over the wall and go through the door.

Complete the crazies in the hallway and follow the path, past the closed grid room on the left side, you will find a gate that you can open with the rotating device. Go through and complete the three creeper, which you can shoot from a safe distance. Then continue, open the next door with the rotary wheel and pass through. Hold on to the left and climb up the ladder.

Follow the path and interact with the door in front of you. Now you're back in the main hall of arrived earlier and can level up again in the Save Point before you go through the other open door. Search the room here and listen to the tape recording.

Thereafter proceeds. Do not climb the hole, but shoot across the gap on the two rotating mechanisms. The case will settle and it rises to the top and let pull you up like in a lift. Shoot the zombie, falling on your platform and the trail continues.

Shoot at the undead on the rope from a safe distance and then crawl left through the hole in the wall. Then go to the locked door and open it with the rotary mechanism.

You flow against zombie. In the room behind them, you can find a passage that is riddled with traps. You work along the way and you'll be richly rewarded. Now return to the starting point and the rotation mechanism and now open the door that will take you further.

Throw some grenades in the aisle next to the pit to trigger a trap. Then run into the aisle, interact with the door and you find yourself back in the main room, which you know already. Now you have all three key stones and can activate the coffin.

Go down into the Canal and run off. After the cutscene, you free yourself from the trap and run down the corridor toward the opening in front of you. Sprint and careful not to run into the red glowing traps! This is followed by a cutscene, where can free Leslie.

After you - unfortunately - have tried to open the next door, you stand now against the safe fighters.

Theoretically, the battles are not too hard, because villain will not tolerate much. In addition, they can always fall traps that hold them, if you shoot them on time. Move through the rooms and make sure to close the valves. Tip: the villain don't tolerate well particularly with shotgun and sniper rifle.

Chapter 8: A Planted Seed Will Grow

Search the cave area and do the rover. Next take the passage opening and go through the hole in the wall. Defeat the enemy and open the door to the rotary device.

Do your move on to the next section from the self-triggering shots. Go when the machine the machine don't shoot, bring the cold bolt and continue at the end of the passage. Listen to the tape recording and then go through the gate in your back.

Handle the many small emerging opponents with a cold pin. Then open the gate with the rotary mechanism.

Follow the path further and further until you finally come to a huge door, a light was impaled in the vestibule. Take the stone slab next to the body and puts it in the door so that the bloodless side facing you. Then you go through the opened passage.
There will be a cutscene after you leave the room and go to the door with the bright light. Flee before the emerging monster always down the aisle and you have done the chapter.

Chapter 9: Cruel Intentions

To the Save Point and save. Now go through the mirror at the end of the hallway.

Go along the forest lane and pay attention to small squares on the edge of the road, where you smash barrels and can take their content.

You find yourself in front of a property again, that is familiar to you. Step into it through the large portal door. You must now solve three puzzles to open the big door in the middle again. The puzzles are easy and always unique. After rattling off various rooms and follow the instructions and the direction. Just beware that the man in the hood as soon as he appears, you will not touch – keep distance so long, until he is gone.

At one point he will try to draw you into a circular saw - shoot, while you to slip on this, on the red flashing light on the case: So you can disable it.

After you've opened the door, you will experience a nightmarish sequence. Then you find yourself in a room laced traps, which you have to sneak without touching a wire.

Then you have to come across a room, going through the lattice climbing slowly. Go for it, first to the left, then when you are on the wall to the right, shoot at the padlock, further along the wall, turn left through the middle, straight, left, and crouch on the rotating knife. Run to the camera counter and then you are in the next room.

Go through the door and you see a new cutscene.

Only turn the red wheel, then the dark black. Then enter to the elevator and shoot again on the red wheel. Now you come to the top and to the saving window.

Fight against the zombies until Ruben reappears and takes care of his girlfriend.

Now you will return to the mansion. Go down the hallway and leave the room through the half-opened secret door in the wall.

Chapter 10: The Craftsman's Tools

Go down the hallway and up the stairs. You are experiencing a cutscene and then goes into the room that leads you to the Save Point.

Once you done there, return through the mirror in Chapter 10. Go down the ladder in under the wire through. In the right of room you will find some valuable items. Then you go down the passage.

You come into a dark room that is full of traps. Try to get to the door without triggering one of the traps. Otherwise, a carousel is in motion, which you can dodge hard crawling. In fact, however, it is even a good strategy, deliberately triggering the trap, since they will eliminate all enemies - it is only important that you stay crouched! Now work your way to the room on the right wall along and you encounter a generator, which however lacks power. Go outside and use the big door on the other side of the wall.

Have you walked through the door, then search the next room, where you will find green gel, ammunition and a fragment of the map. Then go down the ladder, wading through blood and take the ammo and go into the next large room.

The lever do not operate itself, so you take the syringes lying around there and go through the blue door on the wall side. Kill the enemies and walk the passage until you find a battery on a shelf - take it with you.

Go right through several rooms until you get into a bright room. On the right ammunition barrel and in the small space behind the traps on the right you see a hole, through which you pass. Place the battery in place, setting the blade traps in motion.

Now expect some opponents in the room from which you came. Because of the blades you can not walk straight, but have to go left through the corridor. Suddenly the curtain goes up and over a fairly intimidating opponent is facing you. He may catch you under any circumstances.

Either you fight the creature with a combination of ice bolt and gun, or you decide for the wiser and ammunition saving alternative: the gang again goes back and puts you behind the barrier. Observed through the window which way the monsters come to you, so run around it, pull the lever and dash under the rhythmically-lowering blade passing event.

You will face another trap in the next room - wait until the rods are extended and bent sneak under there through and to the right - so you come to a ladder that climbs up. Take the two opponents and then operate the coldness.

Behind it you must raise the latch with a lever and come back to the main room. Now you can go through the double door. Then follow the corridor and ignore the floating wheelchairs. Finally, you can listen to a voice recording left on the bed.

Nearby you will find another mirror after you took the diary. Once you are past the worst a double door, you come across the multi-legged animal with long, black hair again on Laura.

Go down the stairs in the room and use the lift. Sneak through under the bars. Behind it you come across left and right one on the course of a further corridor full of wheelchairs and behind it with cells.

Turn right into the Canal and lock out Laura. Put out the fire with the lever and then fire right up in the tube on the protruding, you will meet Laura here, escape from her left through the corridor.

In the next room you press the lever again to extinguish the flames before a ladder. Above it takes refuge in the left aisle and attracts a further lever. Flee now in the course of which you came, until the flames are gone. Then it goes to the right, look up and fire on and off switch, which can dry up the flames. From there go through the door.

Now you have to shoot on three switches, so that you control the flames. Shoot once just to the left - to find the other switch, you simply follow the pipes. In the next chamber you again plays the same game.

Now it is quite challenging because you have very little space to move and have to destroy the switch. A grenade keeps Laura briefly at a distance, and you can go to the lever to put out the flames. Important: On the pillar behind the lever a bomb hanging that you must get rid of before anything pressed on the lever.

Now just shut off and then goes to the elevator. You encounter Ruvik and then find yourself in the Manor House. All doors in the entrance hall are closed. The next cutscene, before leave outside collect the map fragment and follow the middle route.

Go through the bloodstained door in the hospital. Talk to the person in the second cell on the left and then return to the level. You drop into the Bay and again climb up on the other side to find some valuable items.

Jumps to the next manhole and to climb out again after the attack of the monster and go right. In the garage you will find some ammunition for the shotgun and a few meters away you will face disgusting mutant. You have to fight for him now.

Here you have finally more space to move and you can also use the many ammunition lying around everywhere.

In the small room in the front left you come across a grenade. Now it is important always to dodge the enemy when it comes to you. Ice bolts are a great way to stop him, as well as explosive ammunition. Also use the exploding barrels that stand around everywhere.

Once the cattle bare his eye, it aims directly. Continue to pursue this tactic. Always keep moving and get to the battle gained a considerable amount of gel. Before you finish the chapter with the elevator, you collect the remaining ammunition in the car park.

Chapter 11: "Reunion"

After you came out from the water, leave the building on the left side of the car. Then follow the road right.

Continue to follow the course of the road, crawling after the impact of the bus through the small passage into the building, open the door and walk into the next room.

In this and in the room on the right you will find a lot of useful items that you should collect all, including a fragment of the map and a very powerful magnum, which you should pick up for particularly stubborn opponents in the future.

Follow the corridor to the left of the jukebox up to the point where two houses dangerously move close to each other.

Go through the remaining gap. Right off the table at the mannequins there is a health pack, in the opposite direction, and other useful items that should collect. Now you can follow the remains route. After the fight with the firefighter you climb behind the white van on a cage, to drive you through the Zaung. . Kill the police with a sneak attack and grab the gel in the boxes.

If you go to the fence leaning at an angle to the Green container upward, you will find even more valuable ammunition. Then go through the blue door on the right. Some enemies appear after the alarm and you can then go through the open door.

In the area from which you came, you will find not only ammunition and matches, but also a key that opens the opposite door. Here awaits an opponent armed with a fully automatic gun, you should turn off as quickly as possible.

Run past him and open the door. Move behind the car to escape. Above you will find ammunition and including a blue container, it comes further down on the town. Further ahead, you fall into the water, climb on the car and swim through the concrete pipe.

If you jump further forward into the water, you will be devoured by a mutant animals. Instead, you break the hanging rope of the corpse in front of you and then distraction use to swim straight to the car.

Don’t stay too long in the car, always keep moving. Repeated the trick with the corpse on the rope and you always move forward.

Now some copies of Ruvik show up, which you can do with hand grenades rather quickly - because unlike the original, this copy is quite mortal.

A further visit to the savepoint is followed by a game of creep in the next section. Go left through the yellow gate that opens fully when you have done all enemies in and around the door.

Collect the ammo and then climb up the ladder to follow the yellow platform in the area behind you. Run back up the stairs or take the ladder to turn on the generator. Yet when it succeeded, you must defend yourself against enemies again.

Then climb on the opposite side of the ladder, pull the lever, just go to the elevator and covered you with ammunitions.

Wipe out the opponent while you sit in the elevator. Try to save ammo and use the barrels. After arrive, walk through the two pipes towards the building.

The vending machine that you see now, is worth mentioning: you use it once, get your gel. Once again conjures up a statue and the third time you think a bomb in your hand - so be careful.

In the office next to a mirror chamber, where you will find a document, besides some ammo. Then you continue the course, where you follow the woman cries. Then it goes on out there. Let you fall down from the top and jumps on the floating car. Watch out here, not to get caught by the grid and also not get caught by the monster in the water. Swim further right and climb to the car and then left to the stairs. Done!

Where Kidman holed up, you can't help from this side. Instead, you must again distract the sea monster with the corps and drive across. Here you can reach the wood panel, but you give an opponent a spanner in the works.

Since there are two sea critters present, you have to deal with this at the same time, while you swim there. Under the platform, standing on the Kidman, hang two bodies. Once the beeping starts, you shoot to both and then swim as fast as possible through the heaving lifting.

Up the stairs and into the room that Kidman has been locked out. You all can chase the opponent with an explosive charge in the air. Watch out for the bomb that hangs on one of the boxes. When the coast is clear, Sebastian Kidman gives all-clear.

Yet another special unit, where you have found a statue stands before the elevator. Down and further it goes the stairs on the right. Then it passes through the next door on right. Cross the backyard, collect the gel from the container and then go up the stairs and through the red door.

After a cutscene you find yourself in a room. Also you meet one of bizarre creatures, which you already know from the last chapter. Sneak past him, you throw the bottle as a distraction in the. The ladder on the left brings you to the top.

Follow the platform and finally let yourself fall down the right. Now you’ll face a sealed corrugated iron gate. Sneak between the cars along and you can do the running around enemies with a sneak attack. Then keep yourselves then it goes far left on the wall and goes to two guzzling fine. Before that, you realize the blue light that indicates a key card. Kill the opponent and get the card.

It goes back to the gate and up the ladder to top. There, you can see how Joseph runs in the direction of a train. Head back down and you come into powered mirror Chamber with a document.

After this brief pause the way and loot the container left. Then turn right to the Trppe high, where you'll find gel on the table in the above area. After defeating the opponent, you go over the bridge on the opposite side out there. Go left up the staircase, where you can see Joseph again and the chapter thus ends.

Chapter 12: The Ride

A creature like spider followed the bus, where you're sitting. Use the ammunition in the bus and cover four shots with one until it has drained from you. The rest is short-lived and shortly afterwards you have to fend off many, attack them from above. Use also the Red barrels.

After a cutscene Kidman is back behind the wheel and the journey continues - but not undisturbed: shoot back the monster with everything you have.

After driving through the tunnel you noticed the gunshot wound of Joseph and you have to search the newly discovered ambulance along the way for drugs - fend off the cops on the way there.

Along the way make sure no to draw attention of enemies: because many of them are equipped with firearms, this battle could be quickly on one side.

The required medication can be found in the ambulance. Now slowly return to Joseph - if you encounter a fight, destroy the machine gunners first, so that you can turn off the enemy, instead of wasting precious ammunition for the large caliber.

You may then control the bus before Ruvik stops you

Chapter 13: Casualties

Take the ammunition right and follow Joseph outside. Use the vending three times. Right on the bedside table, you will find a document, then use the mirror.

Go in the right pane and let you fall. Examine the control boxes on the left and follow the corridor until you find ammunition right before a hanging elevator. Shoot through the wire and follow the ladder down.
While Jopseh finds another way, you crawl through the shaft. In the following, a shot shows that a guard is on the loose. Disarm the trap in the hallway and off to the left. In the small room on the left, you can loot the Cabinet, giving you a few components and take the ammunition lying there.

Go into the corridor with the blood trail and fights the local opponents. Simply dodge in the passage on the left does not work, since there an acid trap waiting for you! Creep after recovering from battle continues in the next room with the bear trap. Detoxified the acid trap by the switch on the wall and it continues.

Collect the right three Gel tube and it continues in the opposite direction. Keep yourselves as much as possible to the left and follow the course level. Finally, it is also passes a Save Point, where you should use time and gel to improve you.
Back at the real level it goes through an open TPR, right find Muntion and let you fall then. Follows the course of enlightened and responds in a timely manner on the opponents who can blow you dynamite pretty quickly in the air.
In the room on the right you will find gel and components as well as fragment of the map on the table. Behind the door, go back into the famous Canal and get right back in a storage room.

After you've packed some items, you see in the adjacent kitchen, as Joseph struggles with a guard. After a short sequence, you're suddenly in reddish dark. Disarms the traps left and you’ll find more traps in the next room. The open floor traps are new and can be neutralized with a shot. Stay tuned for barbed wire and pitfalls!

Before the exit, you must defuse an acid trap again, in the following corridor, you will find plentiful ammunition, that you shouldn't miss. Walking along the corridor in the other direction, then meet again Joseph.
Waiting for the elevator and enter it, but don’t forget to take all the appearing valuable things before you exit! It follows a cutscene and the end of the chapter.

Chapter 14: Ulterior Motives

Follow the escalator and pass right through the door in a former retail outlet. Here you will find all sorts of useful stuff in the back room and even a map fragment. Then go out and to the right. You’ll find access to the save point, use it safely.

The adjacent laundry room is full of mines. Fighting against the invading enemy, also pays attention to the critters on the wall and do the vulnerable copy of Ruvik. Defused the bomb right and eventually lift the gate.

In the corridor behind climb another grid and enter the subway. From here you can kill distance opponents with the sniper rifle.

Then fall into the water at your feet and take care of the next opponent. In the next car you have to avoid or defuse a series of bear traps and bombs. Finally climb left out of the car and into the next, which is again heavily mined

So be careful when entering and using the explosives for use against local opponents. After a further compartment, you will see a temporary railway which can reach through a compartment next to you.

Leave this car and you come to a tissue that you destroy with a match. You come to a storage room, whose entrance is covered by a tripping hazard. Defuse it and then follow the course of the Ganges.

Always duck and go through the shank, where an undead is already waiting for you. Just go on, because a tentacle will take care of him.

In the hallway you collect the equipment and then defuse the trap. Continue the corridor until you find new useful items in the next room.

Take left on the fuse box and follow the path to the valve handle, with which you can drain the water in the room. Go into the next area and up the ladder.

Next on the ladder, burning with matches again the fabric and go through the meat lumps. The corridor beyond is full of enemies that fall down on you. Fight them.

Let the valve from the water. Go into the room and shoot the animal's face, so that it drops you back. Then follow the next level.

Balld come to a disabled lift, you have to repair. Left at the very end of the corridor on the breaker and then fired generator with the winds on the side.

But here you get caught the Tentacle and throw you in an arena. Fight bravely and focus on the face, until the animal is defeated. Take the gel and climb upwards. Power fast generator and solve the puzzle on the switch right next door.

Select the lowest of the three connectors on the right side and fix correctly.

Ride down, crosses the railway shaft and you come to the bridge consisting of the wagons. Go inside and walk forward. The last second it saves you from the train crashing down and enters the room, which you already know.

After the dialogue ended, you must do again three opponents and when they lie on the ground, cut off their connection to the machine. Once done, ends this penultimate chapter.