Wilko Johnson says he is cured of cancer that was considered terminal

The guitarist Wilko Johnson stated that he is cured of cancer which almost killed him. The British guitarist who became famous in the '70s as a member of Dr. Feelgood, was diagnosed with a tumor in the pancreas in December 2012.

According to his doctors, the cancer was inoperable and that he would have no more than a few months to live.

Wilko decided he would not go through chemotherapy and would continue doing shows as possible.

Gradually it became clear that something extraordinary was happening, as the months went by and he was still apparently well, doing shows and even recording an album alongside Roger Daltrey, lead singer of The Who.

It was then discovered that the tumor was less aggressive than imagined and surgery could be attempted. In April this year the musician underwent a delicate operation that lasted more than 11 hours and the tumor weighed almost 3 pounds - his pancreas, bladder and part of the stomach and intestines were removed.

Wilko Johnson made his first public appearance yesterday (22) in the delivery of "Q Awards". Speaking to reporters guitarist said doctors had managed to heal him and he is already planning his comeback.

Listen to "I Keep It To Myself" from "Going Back Home" that Wilko recorded with Roger Daltrey.