Angry Birds Transformers: Beginner's Guide (Android /iOS)

Angry Birds Transformers, the latest video game from Rovio brings a totally new style and graphics. The jumpy birds gained armor turn into cars and defeat the legion of pigs in an incredible way! The DTG Reviews prepared this tutorial to introduce you this new style of game that now has a lot more action, special effects and mood.

Step 1: Download the game from the AppStore.

Step 2: The game starts with the famous comic strip of all Angry Birds bringing it into the game story. Tap the screen if you want to skip.

Step 3: You will be directed straight to its first mission monitoring the nervous bird version of Optimus Prime. The game walks alone, and the user's role is to tap the screen where you want your robot to shoot. In the first moments of the game, a short tutorial guide for these basic movements.

Step 4: To complete your missions, coins and heads of pigs that were killed during your battles will be retained. These heads are used for some achievements such as release of a character. His first character to be released is the yellow Angry Bird Bumblebee.

Step 5: The various levels of mission available are shown on a beach and each of the games lead to accumulation of piglets to be exchanged for Bumblebee. The game guides you in these early stages to begin a new mission and how to reach the goal of redemption. Follow the instructions in the game and there will be no problems with the missions.

Step 6: The game itself will guide you to the next steps to release the character from there, you can buy new beaches with other missions and new characters to be rescued and thus collect more coins and pigs. With each move, look to the fullest destroy as many buildings to collect more coins and the largest number of pigs in order to free the other robots. The number of shots per game is unlimited so you can make mistakes and shoot as many times as you want and wherever you want.

Step 7: As you earn more coins in new missions, the game opens up the possibility to purchase upgrades for your characters to make them more strong, sturdy and fast. Select at the bottom of the screen to the beaches Upgrade option.

Step 8: Always remember to perform updates on characters far as it completes a mission and earn coins so that future missions become easier to complete. The gameplay is quite simple and the initial guide helps.

Angry Birds Transformers was a great option found by Rovio to escape the initial pattern that was maintained by versions of Angry Birds making it more action and more fun options.