Assassin's Creed - Rogue Hunting tips

Table of Contents

Black Bear
Arctic fox
Arctic Wolf
Arctic Hare
Black Wolf
Canadian Lynx
Gray Wolf
Polar bear
White Whale
Humpback Whale

Black Bear

Locations: lle Des Pins, Otetiani, St. Nicolas

Not as many weaker animals in Assassin's Creed - Rogue does not run the black bear in front of people. He is very dangerous and it is recommended to attack him from a distance or to settle a Quick time event.

Arctic fox

Locations: Burgeo, Harbour Deep, Miramichi

These little guys are catching very fast and nearly impossible if they get wind of you. It's best to use a ranged weapon. If you have enough time and patience, you can hide in a bush and wait until one of the foxes running past you.

Arctic Wolf

Locations: Gros Morne, Deep Harbour, Havre-Saint-Pierre, Lewisporte, Terra Nova

Just like the black bear, the Arctic Wolf is dangerous and does not flee before you, but attack. Even if he does not have much damage, but consideration should be exercised. With a Quick time event can also easily do this animal. If you do not want to make your hands dirty, you can still do it from a distance.

Arctic Hare

Locations: Burgeo, Deep Harbour, Havre-Saint-Pierre, Lewisporte

After you have fought with wild wolves and bears, a small rabbit should not be hard. Killing him is not the problem, but to catch him, for the beast is nimble. Hunting after them and drive them to a tree or a cliff into a corner.


Locations: Glace Bay, Grand-Entree, Nerepis, Yarmouth

If you are looking for no challenge, then you devoted the beaver hunting. They are not only very slow, but also not fight back.

Black Wolf

Location: Or-du-Nord

Without question, the rarest animals in Assassin's Creed - Rogue is the black wolf. Your furs are too expensive on the market, so should you Or-Du-Nord pay a special visit.


Locations: Various locations

Best narrow deer like rabbits on a wall or a cliff one to hunt them. However, range weapons also very good.

Canadian Lynx

Locations: Grand-Entree, Le Chameau, Nerepis

Even if they are not a big threat, they still jump on you and force you into a Quick Time Event.


Locations: Sept-lles, Ash Creek, Coeur-de-l'hiver, Greystone, Red Bank, Riviere Aurifere

Where a deer running for his life, battling the moose matter. You have him in a Quick time event bringing around the corner when you come too close. Otherwise an attack from a distance is recommended. Let the moose out of his sight. They are hard to find and their furs are very expensive.


Locations: Albany, Dekanawida, Mount Vernon, Ruisseau du Renard

Foxes are very nimble. It's best to urge them like rabbits and deer into a corner so they can not escape. Otherwise, you should use a ranged weapon to do the critters.

Gray Wolf

Locations: Old Growth Forest, Sleepy Hollow, Twin Snake Path, Two Bends, Vallee Verte

If you come too close to the gray wolf, he will defend his territory. It's best to shoot the beasts off with a ranged weapon or attack them from behind. So you can do it with one blow.

Polar Bear

Locations: Fogo, HMS wreck, Sapphire

Arm yourself with guns to confront the Polar Bears. Otherwise, the quick-time event or your ranged weapons will help you. If you not create the Quick time event, it will be bad for you.


Location: North Atlantic, southwestern side

Best located beasts on the map. They are easy to kill if you have leveled the harpoon. If the shark reaches the surface, shoot it with the harpoon.

White whale

Locations: North Atlantic Ocean, west side or south-eastern corner

If you encounter one of these rare whales, get ready to fight with the harpoon. The White Whale is very aggressive and persistent. However, you should be able to follow these tips to do it:

- Shoot the whale with the harpoon
- Take your time with it, take well aimed shots the most damage
- Be prepared to lose no rope and even taking damage
- Prepare well before each shot and meet him when he was recurrent dips


Location: Numerous locations

Finally! A small animal, which can easily overtake them. Run after them and finish them off with a simple kick attack.


Locations: North Atlantic (just to the north or the south-east)

The humpback whale is not making much resistance, which makes it easier to kill than other large marine animals.

If it shoots him, the hunt begins. The whale swims away very quickly, but the cable which you have attached to it, it can not escape and gives you the chance to throw more harpoons at him when he comes back from the water surface.

Chances are that the whale will pull you through ice. If that's the case, make you a surcharge taken to avoid damage. If no ice in sight, then throw further with harpoons.

After a while, the whale will deliver you, and you can add him massive damage. Now is a good time to finally slay him.


Location: North Atlantic (near the middle or in the southeast)

Without a harpoon you can not do the killer whale. So do this before you attempt to hunt him.

They are huge animals and you should have no problems, they meet with your harpoon. If the hunt to an end tends to get ready and aimed straight ahead. The whale is jumping out of the water and swim towards right on your boat. Do not let it happen, but shoot him right in the nose.

Locations: North Atlantic (North East)

Narwhals are similar to kill as killer whales; you need the right equipment. So be sure that you have the harpoon before you put yourself on narwhal hunting.

Actually it is exactly like you take a killer whale, but a narwhal is much harder to face. But that's not enough, he is also attacking your boat. Aim low and throw your harpoon when that happens.

Kill a narwhal brings you an Achievement or Trophy.