Enemy Types

The opponents, which Arno encountered in the course of his adventure, are all part of a prototype. We will list the strengths and weaknesses of them.

These prototypes are available in different clothes, so that you can close the Uniform first time on any enemy types. However, the individual types always have the same equipment and outfits so that you can recognize them.

Red dressed opponents belong to the extremists. They belong to the Templars and access Arno on sight.

Blue-clad opponents are guards. To access Arno only if he commits a crime in his field of view.

Members of both factions fight each way when they meet on the street. You can utilize this to your advantage!

Just like the Arno opponents have also experience levels. An indication of head (diamond-shaped mark) informs you about the stage.

Assassin's Creed - Unity Walkthrough


Soldiers are the most common types of enemies.

- You do not have any particular strength. A parade and one or two combos are usually sufficient to eliminate them. Even compared to ranged weapons they are very vulnerable.

- Their ability to discover Arno is also relatively weak.

- Only High Level soldiers have a gun

Parade ability
1 20 No 15
2 30 No 15
3 60 Yes 22
4 100 Yes 30


Brutes are the tanks under enemy types: Slow but powerful. You can recognize them by their imposing outfits.

- Your recognition ability is like that of the soldiers limited in battle, they are dangerous opponents. Your basic attacks can be prevented only display with the red symbol strong attack is not effective e and Arno throw to the ground when hit. So that you should avoid.

- Although you may be able to kill with standard attacks, but it takes a long time. Effective are strong attacks or ranged weapons.

Parade Ability
Strong Attack Damage
2 25 No 1520
3 50 No 2030
4 80 No 3035
5 150 No 4045


Monitor (also called Protect or sniper) are usually found on rooftops or towers. In restricted areas, they are sometimes encountered on the road. They are equipped with long-range rifles.

- Their discovery capability is very high. In combination with their preferred locations this is very annoying for Arno.

- Once they have discovered they are equal fire on you and you should also open up with your long-range rifles

- In the short distance but they have their weaknesses and are not stronger than regular soldiers.

Parade ability
2 20 No 15
4 40 No 30


Defenders are equipped with a spear and specialize in melee.

- Their discovery capability is poor. However, once a war has erupted they are serious opponents.

- Perfect parades against them are possible, but very difficult. Your health is very high, what makes fighting against it tedious.

- A special attack of them is the leg brush that brings you from the feet. Watch out for the red icon over their heads, announcing the attack.

- Your escape from their melee range they own it all, yet a pistol.

- Particularly effective against the defender is the Berserker Blade, which puts them against your own allies. Alternatively you can from them Sequence 10 by means of a perfect parade, a smash and the mercy strike done quickly.

Parade ability
Strong Attack Damage
3 60 Yes 10 15
4 80 Yes 15 20
5 100 Yes 22 30
5+ 130 Yes 30 40

Viewfinder and officers

Viewfinder (extremists) and officers (guards) are the strongest opponents in the game. They have all the strengths of the other enemy types: they are fast, strong, tough and alert also range in both near and far. In addition, they can throw bombs, To dazzle Arno.

- Your normal attacks are fortunately effective and can be countered with subsequent attacks. However, they differ from most deadly attacks.

- First, do your viewfinder and officer by executes a perfect parade or a smash and then fire the phantom blade.

- Also effective are bombings and attacks with the Berserker Blade

Viewfinder (extremists):

Parade ability
Strong Attack Damage
3 60Yes1520
5 100Yes2035

Officers (guards):

Parade ability
Strong Attack Damage
2 30Yes1015
3 50Yes1520
4 80Yes2230
5 100Yes3040


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