Assassin's Creed - Unity walkthrough

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Table of Contents


Sequence 1

- Memories of Versailles
- The Estates General
- High Society

Sequence 2

- Imprisoned
- The Rebirth

Sequence 3

- Graduation
- The Confession
- Server-bridge 1898 - Fin de Siecle

Sequence 4

- The Kingdom of the beggar
- Le Roi Est Mort

Sequence 5

- The silversmith
- La Halle Aux Bles
- The Prophet

Sequence 6

- The Jacobin Club
- Templar Ambush

Sequence 7

- A Cautious Alliance
- A meeting with Mirabeau
- The confrontation
- Server Bridge - Paris 1944

Sequence 8

- The King's Correspondence
- September Massacres

Sequence 9

- Famine - The Starving Times
- The Hoarders
- The Escape

Sequence 10

- A Dinner Engagement
- The execution

Sequence 11

- Bottom of the Barrel
- The rise of the Assassin
- Server Bridge - Paris 1394

Sequence 12

- The Supreme Being
- The Fall of Robespierre
- The Temple

Introduction - The Tragedy of Jacques de Molay

At the beginning of the game you can see, he was the Grand Master of the Knights Templar and this was King Philip of France condemned to death by fire the memory sequence "The Tragedy of Jacques de Molay". The Templars were to become rich too powerful and, also, the king was the destruction of the Templars get rid of its debt.

Cursed still on the cross Molay the king and his ancestors for several generations.

The events at the beginning of the game illuminate an aspect of the background story, later the complications around the Assassins "Victor Arno Dorian" and its relation will become more apparent to the Templars.

You must now start an ally de Molay control, while the fortress of the Knights Templar is attacked by the troops of the king.

Now you can watch Molay is familiar with the control. First intermediate task to follow. This is not difficult, you can run something the Parkour training (see Control Explanation top right).

The next waypoint, you must now save an important artifact from the temple. Follow the green Waypoint and embark in the temple, on the facade on the left side of the drawbridge.

There you reach a balcony inside. (Declaration climbing jump, top left, control checks) is the stone steps down to a cutscene starts.

Next destination kill the Assasssinen and retrieve the stolen goods!

So pursue the Assassin and challenge him to a fight your opponent will probably escape you, so stay tuned and puts it. Once he is defeated, he blaspheme drop the artifact.

Time warp / Next memory sequence

Versailles December 27, 1776 / introduction of the young Arno:

The young "Victor Arno Dorian" is left behind by his father on a chair and suddenly appears a young girl and asks the boys to catch them.

You must then steal an apple for her and secretly smuggle these past the guards.

For this you have to lure the guard and then pass behind the bushes and back into the building. (Explained in the game)

Then follows the girls, your game then we suddenly interrupted by dramatic events.

Sequence 1 (Memory 1) - Memories of Versailles

We are located, and 13 years after the events at the Palace of Versailles, Arno is now a man who lives under the care of Francois De La Serre, it had taken him after his father's death and it allows a childhood in the wealthy upper class circles of France.

The memory sequence starts with a dispute between the Arno and a certain Victor, obviously Arno lost his father clock in the game and had them back stolen.

In the scramble losing the clock and the brother Vicor escapes with the clock through the crowd in pursuit of you have sent to insert the Parkour modes in order not to lose Hugo out of sight, which is the distance keep low, otherwise the intermediate target missed.

Back in the possession of the clock, you must now escape the brothers and leave the area and are anonymous! As soon as other game characters pay attention to you and persecute you, for example, appear red question mark that you show the position and once their hang on the roof and take cover, you will be invisible and the chasers lose you! So do this!

The next interim target is the property of De La Serre; follow the Waypoint!

Sequence 1 (Memory 2) - The Estates General

Mission Objective: De La Serre find and handed the letter as soon as possible!

Sequence 1 (Memory 3) - High Society

Mission Objective: Arno is important to identify Elise before leaving Paris, she tracks down from the ball in the "Palais de Versailles". Sneak into the place and spend the evening with her!

Sequence 2 (Memory 1) - Imprisoned

Mission Objective: From the Bastille to escape (additional target smoke bombs to escape use!

Sequence 2 (Memory 2) - The Rebirth

Mission Objective: to explore the interior of Saint Chapelle! Open this secret door and follow Bellec to the Assassins.

Sequence 3 (Memory 1) - Graduation

Mission Objective: Kill the guard and the destroy bell (above).

Sequence 3 (Memory 2) - The Confession

Mission Objective: Charles Gabriel Silvert see Notre Dame and watch, and then kill them! (One of the killers of De La Serre)

Server-bridge 1898 - Fin de Siecle

Mission objective: find the portal and then escape from the metro, then climb the Statue of Liberty and again pass through the portal!

Sequence 4 (Memory 1) - The Kingdom of beggars

Mission Objective: Find the agent of the Templars, it is in Cour de Miracles and has information about Le Roi de Thunes.

Sequence 4 (Memory 2) - Le Roi Est Mort

Mission Objective: Le Roi de Thunes track in the sewers under Cour de Miracles and murder!

Sequence 5 (Memory 1) - The silversmith

Mission Objective: Francois Thomas Germain track, the man who has built the murder weapon that was used for the murder of Le Serre. Gather information about his role!

Sequence 5 (Memory 2) - La Halle Aux Bles

Mission objective: Examine the Halle aux Bles and find out what's up Lafreniere.

Sequence 5 (Memory 3) - The Prophet

Mission Objective: The Grand Master of the Parisian rite Chretien Lafreniere gathers his troops prevent this and kill him. He gathers his troops in the Cemetery of Holy Innocents.

Sequence 6 (Memory 1) - The Jacobin Club

Sequence 6 (Memory 2) - Templar Ambush

Mission Objective: Find Elise, kill the villains, Elise defend, escape from the labyrinth, kill the viewfinder and escape the villains.

Sequence 7 (Memory 1) - A Cautious Alliance

Mission Objective: Follow Elise, examine the workshop, defend Elise and kill the sniper.

Sequence 7 (Memory 2) - A meeting with Mirabeau

Mission Objective: Mirabeau must be warned Germain - visit his estate.

Sequence 7 (Memory 3) - The confrontation

Mission Objective: Examine the trace, find the killer, confront Bellec and kill.

Server Bridge - Paris 1944

Mission Objective: Finding the way out of the sewers, the Eiffel Tower, get to the top of the Eiffel Tower, destroy the attacking aircraft and escape through the portal.

Sequence 8 (Memory 1) - The King's Correspondence

Mission Objective: Destroy the compromising letters that are in royal property.

Sequence 8 (Memory 2) - September Massacres

Mission Objective: Hold on Rouille, the storm the jail Grand Chatelet and execute the occupants want.

Sequence 9 (Memory 1) - The Starving Times

Mission Objective: Find the cause of the famine and solve the problem.

Sequence 9 (Memory 2) - The Hoarders

Mission Objective: Penetrates into the palace and kill Marie Levesque.

Sequence 9 (Memory 3) - The Escape

Mission Objective: Meet Elise and flee together from the area.

Sequence 10 (Memory 1) - A Dinner Engagement

Mission Objective: Poisoned Le Peletier and make an attempt with a hidden blade.

Sequence 10 (Memory 2) - The execution

Mission Objective: Germain found at the execution of Louis 16 then escape with Elise and defend!

****Walkthrough in Progress

Sequence 11 (Memory 1) - Bottom of the Barrel

Mission Objective: Find the leader of the gang of thugs that you stole the clock.

Sequence 11 (Memory 2) - The Rise of the Assassin

Mission Objective: Explore the territory and kill La Touche.

Server Bridge - Paris 1394

Mission Objective: Find the portal and differ from the projectiles.

Sequence 12 (Memory 1) - The Supreme Being

Mission Objective: Entice Robespierre out of hiding.

Sequence 12 (Memory 2) - The Fall of Robespierre

Mission Objective: Bring out Robbespierre where hidden Germain.

Sequence 12 (Memory 3) - The Temple

Mission Objective: Complete Germain, he is hiding somewhere in the temple.