Borderlands: Pre Sequel - Choose the best weapon for each enemy

Bordelands: The Pre Sequel Weapon Guide:

Bordelands: The Pre Sequel is an action and first-person shooter video game that tells the story of the previous series. Available for PC, Mac and Linux, the title makes players assume the role of villains. In it, there are available various weapons, each of which has certain specific functions against enemies.

Assault rifles

With good amount of ammo, this is a weapon for general use. Most rifles come with a count of more than 200 bullets, and is very easy to find ammo, either through a fallen enemy or a vending machine nearby.

Keep this weapon close by when facing typical enemies - ie, all the time. When it comes to armored enemies, however, you'll need something stronger.


This is a new kind of weapon in the series. Despite being a novelty, the use of it is quite common when the player is in space battles. However, they come with two different types of shot mode: there is a direct shot and continuous laser beam that can cause more damage to bigger enemies.

Both are quite strong. As the two consume plenty of ammo, save the bullets for the most difficult or need to stop a group enemies quickly.


Usually, guns are seen as the last resort, when the player is out of ammo on primary weapons. This is because this type of weapon has few bullets and the firing rate is slower. However, some guns are useful, even if you're playing a sniper. Therefore, use when you really need them. Some stronger types of pistols, including, can also be used against more powerful enemies, like bosses.

Rocket launcher

With one shot this gun, you can make a hell of damage. Most often, a well taken shot can wipe out most enemies. However, the gun has little limited amount of ammo and reloads.

So, look to use them when fighting bosses or stronger or when surrounded by groups of enemies Scurvs.


The submachine cause the same effect as assault rifles. However, they are smaller and carry less to load ammunition. Very effective against large groups of enemies, this weapon is not very UTILO when it comes to stronger enemies. In that case, look then use a legendary submachine gun that will cause more damage.


This is another weapon that does not have a lot of ammo. Nevertheless, she can do great damage. The guns are the best weapons for short, just be prepared for low reload speed. So, to save shots when you encounter bosses based in Skirmish or larger enemies.


The sniper rifle is the most effective weapon of the series, if you have the necessary precision and can deal with the low rates of fire. However, when you hit, the damage is extremely high. Thus, this gun is great to stop enemies from a distance, especially bosses who shoot from afar.