Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - complete guide

Table of contents

1 Induction
2 Atlas
3 Reger traffic
4 Nuclear fission
5 Aftermath
6 Manhunt
7 Catch Hades convoy
8 Utopia
9 Sentinel
10 Crash
11 Bio-laboratory

***Walkthrough in progress***

12 Collapse


It begins, as is typical for CoD, with a small sequence in which you simply have to press the indicated button repeatedly. Hammering on the button and save your comrades life. Then you wait the events that then pressing again, what the game dictates you, and leave the capsule. Now it's really happening.

Meet with one Blasts Rupp

Follow Cormack around the corner of the room and wait until the enemy comes. Crouch and with the weapon at the ready, they welcomed her and then continue. Jump at the end of the room down and use your Boost (button appears), to stop the fall. Run - reach the bottom - out and follow again Cormack.

It is the passage in the debris along where to meet on the other side of North Koreans. Stay behind the debris cover and turn off sire; pay attention to the enemies who want to sneak up on your left side.

Then the drone of enemy attack. Run to open the car door and break it off; use the door as cover against the drones and run further to the gun. Now Keep the drones in the air in the eye and keep it with the gun until the EMP is fully charged. Then fire them in order to get the drones from the sky.

Leave the gun again and follow your squad through the streets. Now it is in the hotel. At the end of the stairs, some enemies will rappel that will stay primarily in the pillar in the middle. Kill them and respects the left and right of the column on escapee. Then set your path continues, remains in coverage and does the next wave.

Pays particular attention to the opponent on top of the balconies and slowly follows the path of the next stairs. Wait here until Cormack has smashed the glass and then jump with your boost (press and hold) on the other side of the building. From there it goes down and then back behind your squad.

Waiting the end of the path until the enemy ship has squashed and then decreases with your Boost floor below. Follow the path and you will meet other Koreans and their drones. Stay behind the wall remains in coverage and pays attention to the stragglers, right in front of your current position. Take care primarily about the drones and then the enemy soldiers. Have you done both, follows Cormack through the rubble.

Now run through the old subway and wait there until the Koreans use their smoke grenade. Counter with your warning grenade (secondary grenade) and do the bastards. Now it is the escalator (the Koreans have come from there) up and keep going till in the Great Hall. Run up to the gate at the end and press the indicated button; it follows a brief conversation with your allies. Then go up and back on the road.

Stay tuned to the right to avoid the enemies. Ignore the enemies on the upper level. Instead run into the house, done here (at best with a shotgun) the attacker and then follow the stairs to the upper floor. With grenades and shotgun you can destroy all remaining enemies here.

Now you can use the various floors of the building to fall the enemies in the back and turn the opponent on the other side of houses. Also, you can easily turn off of the windows from the shooters on MG (on the road).

Jump back to the road and follow your marker. Watch out for more enemies in the narrow alley and - at the small crossroads - absolutely on the soldier who appears in the upper right of the window. This has a rocket launcher, so turn it off immediately. Then continue your way.

Turn right into the alley and immediately countered with your grenade warning when the smoke appears. It grabs quite a few enemies, so stay in cover and use your advantage. Then follow again Cormack. At the end of the sprint you are in the second floor of a house and look with Cormack on the road on which it is teeming with enemies. In addition, here is the Havoc Launcher.

Destroy the Havoc Launcher

At the end jump of entertainment on the road and there follows the course up to your fallen comrades. Pay particular attention to the North Koreans in the upper. Run to the end and grab there the charges mentioned in the dead Marine and the grenade launcher.

Now run to the nearby mounting the North Koreans and settled there the shooters at the elevated position. Then use the grenade launcher to get the drone of the enemy from the air.

Now following Will Irons up to the Havoc Launcher - pays on your way to other opponents - and give Will the charges. It follows a final sequence and the mission will end.


Wait for the speech and then press - when available - the indicated button. Then follow Cormack on the carpet, away from the coffin.

Save the President

Follow your comrades across the meadow and stay crouch. There appear three enemies on the terrace. Turn out one of your comrades take over the other. Now Take care of the stragglers and then follow the rest of the team to the kitchen.

Run up to the secured door and throw a grenade warning through the open gap. Then switche your enemies marked by the wood through out. Watch for it to really hit the wood, because your ammo can not penetrate the stone of the building. Then go into the room and follow your squad down the hall.

Place you at the marked point at the end of the hallway and turn mute charge. In the room ignore the enemies in front of you. Instead target the enemy to your left, which will take the President hostage. Give him a head shot and then take care of the stragglers, the next to walk right through the door.

Follow Joker now back to the entrance of the house and wait until the drones have moved. Leave the house and come closer to the pool. If the move right there and use the cover while the enemy ranks with grenades. So you come here ahead quickly.

Follow Joker past the pool and put you into the grass as soon as he mentions the enemy patrol. Let them pass and wait until Joker starts to move. As soon as he is seen by the enemy, you throw a grenade to destroy the mounted MG. Then go to the rock for cover and shoot the other opponents.

Follow now again Joker, until the evacuation zone. Take cover behind one of the pillars
And shoot the enemies, appears to your getaway car. Now run to the car and press the indicated key to enter.

Follow Gideon / Save the President II

It is followed by another sequence. At its end, you drive with your boss in the car and wait for the conversation. At the end of the ride you just follow Gideon and do what you are told. It follows the repair of the arm and the test at the shooting range.

You have completed all training units, again follow Gideon and choose your equipment before you start the simulation again. Then you follow again the instructions. You can not go wrong in the simulation. Fight with the best weapons that seem to you most familiar with.

Investigate during the mission an access point and use your warning grenade; shoot your enemies and advance. With the shotgun you have the best chance here. Follow the course of the hallway, watch for enemies that break through the doors and continues the way to the media room. Through the door, shoot the enemies in front of you, then the one who comes in and has left at the end of the hostage-taker. Take the President and continue the path to the goal point.

At the entrance you'll switch to EMP grenade, do the drones and advances. Set - after the order came - your drone and clean the area around the pool of enemies. Think of the vehicle with the mounted gun. Then it follows Gideon.

Set the President at the end of the path in the getaway car and then take care of you for the attacker to the right of your position. EMP grenades and normal grenades grant you the time that you need, seem to escape your flyer. Hold the position and then leave the disaster area by plane.

Reger Traffic

Once you are back, wait the short conversation and follow Gideon. At the end of the path through the door and follow your people left high on the roof. Run further until you approach the wall climb it to the top right. At the top you place at the marked position the mute charge and wait until you break through the ceiling. Kill the enemy troops on the right of you. The other takes on your mates.

Now run down the hallway to the end of the large room and placed the harmonizer at the marked spot on the wall. Now you can mark behind the people in the room. Four enemies. Simple: mark the objective which have been and / or move. The people who are kneel hostages. Shoot on the head of a hostage-taker soon as you are ready.

Hold the KVA Hostage Truck

Have you saved the President, following Gideon out of the room. Now it comes down the stairs and out of the building. Across the street and down the hall of the next building. You are once again on the road.

Have you reached about the middle of the square, attack the enemies. Kill the first enemy with the rocket launcher on the truck / buse and then the MG-vehicle on the road. Then sniper dive right on the balcony. Do that also.

There are more and more enemies. At best, you throw a grenade warning, to get a better overview. After a few exchanges of fire of the tankers will fly in the air. Once that happened, it follows again Gideon.

You come to a small square with many opponents. Stay left in coverage. The most dangerous enemies are the soldier on the roof and the enemies in the opposite side of the building. Take care of them while your comrades clean the street. Then it goes again after Gideon.

Let's open the gate and then continue running the way to the mark. In the small T-junction an enemy vehicle appears and opens fire on you. Bend in the case from now on there right and run up the stairs.

Now follow your team to the place where you take the vehicle again under attack. Remain crouch, cross the space to the left and flank since then the target. Directly to the left of the gun there is a building where you should take a good cover and then shoot.

Have you done all opponents, continue your way. Climb over the wall marked and follow Gideon over the place. Do at the expressway opponents on the other side and just run over. But beware of the attack dogs after the last road crossing.

Wait now with Gideon that the target truck passing rush to you and jump, once the game prompts you to do so. Now you have to just be careful to turn off the driver of enemy chariot and time to jump on another bus when it runs right next to yours.

It follows an action sequence in which you must turn off the attack in the other car and press the keys indicated. Followed by a small jump back and shoot. And then again keystrokes. At the end of your dive behind the truck and dive to the rescue of the hostages back on.

Nuclear Fission

Your first enemy is the terrorist on the porch. Above all, ensure the soldiers with rocket launchers; this should primarily be turned off. And then follow your allies troops. Right of the path is a small summit, where you will enjoy a better overview, coverage and take advantage of the position.

Tip: Once you learn that the drone pilot and / or the shooter are dead, use your equipment. Then follow the marked point to the Titan moves on the plan. Left the road takes you the rocket launcher and on the opposite side of the ammunition box for a second shot.

Tip: Use for the shield drone, which is on the road and was just mentioned, to take as little damage as possible while advancing.

Have you done the titanium, your squad can continue their way to the control building. Follow them. Run into the building, you approach the elevator and wait until it is opened. Jump to the cable and slide it down. Follow again and Gideon Carter.

Will be communicated to you at the end of the path that you must hurry and many opponents are attacking. Try to get on the increase on the right side of the room and clear you from here out of your way. The cover and the index is up there much better and you can move forward much faster.

Fight through to the end of the corridor and then run through the big gate further. Rent next to the selected freight elevator and ride it a floor upwards.

Once the doors open, rank with your attack drone. Remember that you are therefore coming up the stairs and so reached more enemies. But not going too fast, because you make the enemies fast otherwise your broken toys. Advance in the case independently prior to the checkered flag. Coverage, there are more than enough.

Then follow the marker and wait there for your comrades. Without it, it goes no further. With them up in the control room, where you have to use the highlighted console. After it goes outside. If from now on always near your party and you should mark the target without major problems.


At the beginning of this mission you simply follow Gideon and await events. Go to the scanner at the bike marked. At the end of the ride you will automatically advance on the bike and have to once again follow Gideon.

Stay tuned to your comrades and open the school, in the room with the dead bodies. Stay tuned to Gideon until you leave the evens go down on the floor below. Now if you stay crouch and wait until the second enemy closes the valve inside the suit, you can continue and use the stairs at the end of the path, without being detected.

Follow the stairs up and sneak behind the enemy in protective suit in order to reach your destination. Again, you need only stay crouch and can do without force of arms.

Sneak along the dark passage, and it follows an action sequence in which you have to press the indicated button quickly to survive. Have you killed the soldier follow his comrade out of the room in which your objective marker end. Sprints there and beat him out

Close again to Gideon on and pay attention to the road ahead of you on the dogs. Work best in the little house to the left of your position in coverage and rub the enemy forces from here on.

Now enter into the building which is heavily defended. Follow the stairs up and shoot the next opponents. A grenade warning gives you a great overview here.

Once you have almost crossed the room more opponents appear. Use the Overdrive to weak their defenses; then you look for a good cover and do the rest.

Next, contrary to the objective marker you'll find the second squad and a sniper rifle. Use the latter to save the former. Then continue. Shift the overturn bus with Joker together across the street to escape the fire of the enemy. The first wave you can stay with your own shield and reflect. Then you have to think only from and to refrain to the pushing and attacking enemies to do.

Have you reached the end of the road, follow your squad into the marked building, right by the road. As soon as you enter the large side room, the opponents throw a flashbang; so stay back a little behind Gideon and then quickly take all attackers in the vicinity of your comrades. Then you can help a grenade warning, to keep track of. Battle your way forward slowly and come closer to your destination. You have to do it with a lot of opponents and all the time in the world; So take your time here.

Have you reached the marked door, press the melee button to do the enemy at the door, shoot your right, take the opponent on the window with an aimed blow. Then you have the docs in your custody.

Do you have the doctor again follow Gideon. At the end of your path you wait for the events and then follow him through the door again. Run down and start the bike. If you now simply stay directly behind Gideon and his presentation follow him to escape have no problems. But be aware that the bike has a very sensitive control and should direct its appropriate caution and calm.


Grab Ilona of the scanner and it makes you to identify and select Hades. Your goal is to start usually very far to the right. He wears a brown leather jacket and is best shown by the fact that it always precedes a bodyguard. Moreover, push and he rip his protector, which makes him quickly noticeable.

Follow Ilona now. After the transfer, Ilona leaves you and runs into another area. Follow her just the road that lies before you. At its end, you stumble back to Ilona that distracts the guards for you. Sneak, and slay them.

Follow Ilona again and wait for the events once you have entered the first building together. Your enemies are highlighted. Sneak behind the patrol and finish them with a melee attack. The two in the room behind you can turn off in quick succession via head shots.

Now run with Ilona up and wait until complete the sleeping enemy. Then follow her into the next room. Shoot the man on the monitor at the moment, where it shall command you, Ilona. Then go to the table and confirmed the indicated button to move you.

Now take over the control over the WASD drone and zoom with her to the top room of the building in front of you. There is Hade and the conversation which you want to eavesdrop.

Once you have taken over the movement of the drone, she flies to the side of the truck to see the guard may well responsive to the driver. Shoot him. Then you done with all the drone guards who Ilona pretending you. Only the two guards who keep watch above the square (left on the railing and a bit further to the right).

Stay with your drone now turn to Gideon. He will want to open a door on the first floor, from which an enemy appears. Shoot him. Directly under Gideon's position there are three opponents. Shoot them quickly, the rest is done by the team.

Position your drone now on the other side of the wall, directly in front of the glass wall (fly down) and give the command to advance, as soon as you're ready for it. Quickly give you an overview and then carry out all enemies.

Now fly to the left with the drone and keep an eye on your team; fly with the drone back up and finished the two guards at the top of the stairs. Then shoot at the car in the parking lot, which is located furthest away from your team. After that you will do the three guards who want to check the alarm. At best, from back to front. The team then advances further.

Fly with the drone again around half the building, so that you can view directly Hades and Mark. Now waits for the events and the drone then swing back to the right to shoot the attacking opponent. Pay particular attention to the machine-gunner in the car.

Catch Hades Convoy

You have lost control of the drone, Ilona follows from the building to the outside. On your way to the finish mark will attack you again and again soldiers. Do not shoot and never going faster than Ilona, then you have no problems with this chase. The firefights from positions out you should use a grenade warning.

Did you fight your way along the streets and about the place, open the selected door / grille and set your path with Ilona together. It follows another small Atlas transmission. Wait now until Ilona opens the door and the sniper targeted you. Then run from marker to marker.

Now change from you with Ilona. First you run to the new target position and then you shoot at regular intervals on the sniper (yellow marker) so Ilona can follow you. Down the street you are running to your mate in the cover and get the drones with an EMP grenade. Then continue your way.

Follow Ilona until you get the command to bring the Stinger. Just walk to the position on the first floor, throw another EMP grenade on the drones, bring you the rocket launcher and shoot the bell tower.

Help Ilona now to vacate out of the way and then just stay tuned to her. Set the bomb to the marked position and presses the detonator, once Ilona gives the command. Grab the grenade launcher and then give room free of enemies. Have you done that, run to Hades' Truck and open it. Then you just need to press the indicated key and Hades is defeated.


Follow Gideon to Ilona and wait for the events. As soon as Gideon and your boss are gone, you wait until the alarm is triggered. Beat the MP down in front of you and shoot - as soon as possible - the other policeman who Ilona threatened.

Now run with your mate up to the elevator and wait until the lock opens behind you. Then go to the marked position on the wall and climb up there. Now run along with Ilona from marker to marker point and jump over the railing of the roof. You'll land in the water. Next it goes to the next mark behind.

Float through the channel, climb up the ladder and then follow as long Ilona until you encounter resistance. Remain in motion, passing through the building, instead of over them street and you should have no problems. The fully-armored opponents, just before the dock, use EMP grenade here. Check out the place in the middle. There you will find a heavy MG, which can solve the job also reliable. Then use the boat to escape.

During the subsequent chase you have to be careful that you must steer gently and dive when Ilona missile warning there. Journey to the end of this wild roller coaster and then go again on foot.

Follow Ilona via grappling hook on the platform above your present position and repeat the game all the way up. Battle your way here by the wave of enemies and set your path then continue upward. Now you just need to follow the marked path and this section is history.


After the "briefing" you find yourself back in the middle of the announced mission. Follow initially your remaining team via grappling hook until you reach the property. Wait now till you can mark targets, this new ability tests directly by the guards that you can already see her and then swing you with the grappling hook to the property. Remember that you must not be discovered.

Now wait until the guards leave. Then sneak into the thicket, entice the enemy with a pipe and do it quietly with the grappling hook. Follow then crouched and carefully target marker.

Now swing to the roof to your right, and leave it on the right side down, directly in the flower bed. Here you can use the bushes as cover and continue your way to the right. Get rid of the guard at the end silently and then crawl on the other side of the road again in the next greens.

Swing from here on the roof with the railing in front of you, run to the other side and take care of the drones on the right of you. Jump to the other side of the roof and directly back into the vegetables. Mark out of this security guard to your right and the two guards at the target point. Attract to a guard and do it silently.

Sneak through the bush now closer to the just mention guard zoom and swing unseen to the roof over your mark. Immediately go into cover, so you can not see the drone and then placed the EMP at the selected point on the roof, when the drone runs off again.

Now run to the selected table and use it. Run then back to the starting point and swing to the roof again. Jump from there back in the flower bed, where you just hidden and follow its course. Oscillate at its end to the roof again and tuck you there immediately in the bed. Continue gently and marks all enemies that are possible.

The easiest way leads now - if you have the drones in the eye - the left side. Swing on the roof on the other side and immediately jump back to the bottom and to the safety of the bushes. Go left around the big rock and you have a clear view of the two guards on the balcony.

Wait until one warp and then do the other with the grappling hook. Immediately creep into the bushes and finish. But beware on the drones. At best, Mark. Then creep further left in the bushes and come closer to the careful study. Always remember to mark each and everything to the big picture.

Now use again your grappling hook to get to the roof, which is located directly in front of you (where the drone disappears out the scans both civilians). Go well to the edge of the roof and marked in the yard all the guards, civilians and drones. Then run crouch on the other side of the roof and wait until the drone disappears on the side of the building.

Now jump off the roof, you instantly hide in bed and wait for the best time to go on the roof to your left. Get out of the pool and even a higher. On the other side you come, if you long creep directly on a level with the drone. Always wait until it is removed and run directly at the beginning of a great piece far before you hiding, otherwise you discover the part.

Once on the other side, you jump in the pool where submerge her until the drone is gone. Then appear and use the grappling hook at this time to come one floor up. From there it goes on. Go into the building and meet you there with Cormack.

Wait until the alarm is triggered and follow Cormack then down the hall. Kill the two soldiers who come and set your path through the elevator continue through the door. Follow Cormack, until you reach the convoy, wait for his "go" and then crawl under the last car. Then wait for the events.

Once in the warehouse, swing to the very top and then follow again Cormack. Record at the selected point on the entertainment and then climb to the hook back up. Just follow the markers / Cormack. Shoot the first visible enemy and then sprinting to the starting plane and hooked you in there.


Wait until you've reached the target aircraft and then climb to the mark to place the charge. Now wait for the event. Once you're on the ground again, the Atlas troops attack. You join your party and strike back. Now fight your way through up to the marked cargo and help Cormack here to charge the container.

Then go on your guys in coverage and ward off the atlas attacks. After a while, the ground collapses beneath you.

Now wait for a moment, to Ilona clears the way and then follow them through the cave. At the end of the corridor you done - as soon as it commands Cormack - the two soldiers on the hill. Then advance your way. On the bridge you just need to follow the instructions and see what happens. Then it's back behind your comrades.

Once you Cormack says that you have to dive do so and follow the underground cave course. On the other hand it will do the enemy and break through the next wave. Always stay with your fellows.

Along the left side you can get your opponent now handle well and drop them in the flank. In the next gear you think you are right for the same reasons and then it goes afterwards via double jump Ilona and Cormick.

Now follow the mountain path, use EMP against the drones and make sure that their is always safe. Right it goes down deep. Grab the sniper rifle at the end of the path and take as many enemies as possible. Then it goes in the direction of freight; only above ground and as soon as it sinks underground.

Now wait for the conversation with Gideon, then follow him and grab the rocket launcher from the ground. Then from cover and shoot the helicopter Gideon character. Then run after him immediately to the downed helicopter and secure the cargo.


Run! Stay behind Gideon, but slightly to the left or right position. Then the sniper threat has no value to you. Stay behind your friend and follow him through the field.

Camouflage you as soon as Gideon "go" are for it and then stay tuned to him. If you listen to his instructions, this section is not a problem. Coverage start running, turn off: only if it says Gideon. So you reach in a few minutes Cormack. Abseil from you after finishing from the mountain.

Camouflage you, follow the other and shoot either one of the two guards or the camera. Your team will do the rest. Then Place on the label Mute charge. Wait for the breakthrough and complete the enemies in the room beyond. Camouflage yourself and your path is continued.

You pave your way - slowly and disguised, to the next room and go to the marked console; wait for the following and then stop again at your advancing comrades. Shoot your way free and make sure to turn off the sensors. Use warning grenades to save you over a vital advantage.

At the end of the path, below you will find the tag for your charge. Place them. Follow the other out and ignite as soon as it receives the command. Now it goes out. Stay with Gideon, running through the warehouse; there is her more ammunition. Kill all the enemies that approach you and try to stay on the force. The terrain is too broad and open. And without good coverage you are dead quickly.

Tip: To come against the heavily armored enemy on the mark: directly opposite, on the roof, you will find one ore by powerful sniper rifle. There you will find the dish on which you have to place the violator.

Once the door is open - until then give fire protection - can you be gathered with the other right there and then continue your way. In large storage room at the end you will find the tank that will serve you as a getaway vehicle. Waits for the events and then climbs with the others in the tank.

In the run we need only to follow the path. Against infantry you use the mini-rocket (left), against tanks and large targets the gun (center) and against drones and helicopters for the EMP (right). Stay calm, do not ride too fast and the fight is easy.