Call of Duty: from Worst to Best games in the Series

Call of Duty is one of the most popular FPS series in the world with over 10 games in the catalog. The series has already led the players from the trenches of World War II to huge battles with modern equipment. Check now the best and worst games in this series.

CoD 3

Released in 2006, CoD 3 received criticism for not being available for PC, like the other games of the series. In addition, the game was developed with a schedule of eight months, which somehow justifies the end product.

Above all, COD3 does not have many ambitions: just add a new glossy layer. Nevertheless, the campaign was easily forgotten. Some points may be found guilty of that as generic missions where players were forced to move, poor AI, a lot of bugs and the lack of variety in the gameplay.

CoD: World at War

Despite being superior to CoD3, World at War was considered an error. That's because the game back to the plot of the World War II after the great success of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Launched in 2008, the game has brought great moments, though it was the worst performance of the franchise.

Even with the voices of Kiefer Sutherland and Gary Oldman, the campaign ended up being one of the least memorable. Additionally, the multiplayer, even with first vehicle did not appear to have the same rate of his predecessor. Perhaps, the obsolete weapons or the design of the map, the game just does not charted, despite including the famous mode with zombies in the series.

CoD: Ghosts

There was a lot of noise around the launch of Ghosts due to debut release in the new generations and the potential of the game. Nevertheless, Infinity Ward has just launching a product that actually made little sense.

The textures don’t quite correspond with the proposal of a game for PS4 or Xbox One. With this, the campaign was rather short and superficial. The Extinction way, though again it was seen as a somewhat elaborate way of changing the resources after the zombies were a little tasteless.

CoD: Modern Warfare 3

The game features some elaborate graphics. Furthermore, the generic and boring storyline devalue the game. Even ignoring the campaign, the visual integrity of the series declined sharply.

Compared to the previous games, Modern Warfare 3 is quite disappointing. Although not presented as bad as Ghosts, performance some say that MW3 was a bad addition to the CoD franchise.


The first CoD is a very good game. Despite the lack of a decent story, the gameplay was made for the title to be a great game of first-person shooters. There was nothing very surprising, but the release brought a new addiction for most fans of the genre.

The model defined in the first title was followed until the last of the series, in which the player turns a soldier who is part of a platoon. Despite this, the game has received critical acclaim at launch. Instead, the game was seen as a weaker version of Medal of Honor, without an online multiplayer.

CoD: Black Ops

Black Ops took the series to the Cold War, and pave the way for the best stories that the series has seen. With a single player campaign to optimum quality, Blac Ops is also known for Zombie mode and the evolution of cooperative multiplayer, which was introduced in World at War.

The Treyarch invested enough time to develop the intriguing story, where the protagonist Alex Mason interacts with famous historical figures such as Fidel Castro, John F. Kennedy, Robert McNamara, and hit the right soundtrack with songs from the Rolling Stones and Creedence cleanwater Revival.


CoD2 has the elements of the most challenging, engaging and entertaining series. Despite the genre of War being somewhat saturated, the players have left the venture with ancient weapons.

The game is quite intense. With battle lines drawn beautifully, you will be encouraged to use cover and attack maneuvers. Additionally, the game brings a lot of audacity, besides showing the horrors faced by American, Russian and British forces during the war.

CoD: Black Ops 2

Black Ops 2 is extremely fun, with impressive maps, game modes and great. Treyarch was pretty bold. With a storyline that continues the story of the first Black Ops, the new release focuses on Alex Mason during the Cold War, and son David, in 2025.

Virtually all elements of scope offers fun since the campaign developed by smart and thorough experience with zombies

CoD: Modern Warfare 2

Extremely promising, the result was perfect. With an exciting and interesting campaign from the outset, MW2 multiplayer brings a high level with amazing and revolutionary ideas of modern warfare.

With increasingly absurd scenarios, the game began to ignore the demands of realism. However, the multiplayer has become more accessible. For some, this game was one of those responsible for making the famous franchise.

CoD 4: Modern Warfare

Featuring an amazing campaign, great story, amazing characters, impeccable soundtrack and revolutionary multiplayer, CoD4: Modern Warfare has shone the star of the franchise that had very still shining so strong again, becoming a big hit. Its multiplayer mode has reached levels never before reached with the progression of the player and other features.

Despite having changed almost everything in relation to its predecessor, the game was excellently received by critics and players, which featured the amazing cinematic single-player mode, which helped raise the FPS style to another level. There were many other good quality games in the series, but none so addicted players as this one.