CoD: Advanced Warfare: Create a Custom Class

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare brings back the stylish customization of classes of forerunners. With it, players can create thousands of combinations of weapons and equipment. Not yet created your class? Check out how to do this in this tutorial.

Step 1. Have you logged into the multiplayer mode of the game, select "Create a Class";

Step 2. Choose one of the slots to create the new class. If you already have some, choose one of the options empty to prevent accidental changes.

This screen contains all of the class customization options including weapons, equipment and abilities of soldiers. On the top screen, you can check the maximum number of items (13) and how many you've used.

Step 3. In "Primary Weapons", you will select your primary weapon. Use the shoulder buttons to navigate between the different categories, such as rifles, shotguns and snipers.

Step 4. In the "Attachments" option, you can add a wide variety of equipment to weapons like scopes, grips, extended magazines, and other options.

Step 5. In "Secondary Weapons" are available guns, missile launchers and other weapons options reserve. They can also carry equipment.

Step 6. In the right corner of the screen, you will find the Perks, which are the special skills for soldiers. Attributes are divided into three categories, including more speed to the soldier, faster recharging, extra strength and other options.

Step 7. One of the major novelties is the Exo Ability to add a special power to the soldier. Options include invisibility, speed bonus, recover quicker life, as well as other good alternatives. With temporary duration, these skills are activated by the left shoulder button during gameplay.

Just below the Exo Ability, you'll also find a variety of grenades, activated by the right shoulder button.

Step 8. Scorestreaks awards received are as the player defeats enemies in sequence. You can select which bonus each class, including enemies detectors, random items and air support.

Step 9. Wildcards are items that allow players to "break the rules" of the game. Some good examples are the permissions to use two main weapons, equipment and more than two a few more options.

Step 10. After finalizing edits and rename your class (if deemed necessary), just get in a game and select it before beginning. You can still edit any information in class, repeating the same process.