Dragon Age Inquisition Buy and Sell Valuables / Items

Dragon Age: Inquisition is the latest installment of the infamous RPG franchise from BioWare. In the game, you can purchase a variety of Valuables / items or sell those that just take up space in your backpack.

Buying Items

Step 1. Find a seller. Generally, the icon on the minimap is recognized by the silhouette of a carriage, but there are other characters that can also sell items. They are often found in large cities or near camps;

Step 2. When talking to the seller, will be charged a screen with the items he sells. Browse by category icons and find an item you want for your class. In this window, if possible, switch between the heroes of his party and make buying items to make them stronger;

Step 3. Before purchasing, make sure the Main Statistics are larger than the ported item. To do this, simply select and view the change in their attributes in the bottom of the screen. Then, check the capacity of the backpack, also at the bottom. It has a limited space that is occupied by each item collected. To reduce this space, you can sell or drop unnecessary items;

Selling Items

The process of selling items is much like the purchase. To go on sale section, click the 'Sell' on-screen menu of the seller. If you agree with the value, select the button that is at the bottom of the screen. If you want to sell all the stock items, just click on the 'Sell All' option, although not a recommended option.

The ideal is to keep until the last moment the item that you consider useless, as iron or straw. This is because they can be useful to create weapons projects, armor, among other things. Sale this type of item only if necessary.