Far Cry 4 Fix Defects with Corrupt Game Saves on PS3

Far Cry 4 has shown a serious problem in the PlayStation 3 that is corrupting the saved files of the players, erasing all their progress. The Ubisoft has issued a statement explaining a solution to this defect, but the solution will also cause users to lose their most recent save data. Check out how to fix this issue.

Apparently the defect manifests itself only in players who bought Far Cry 4 in its digital version on the PlayStation Store, so users who opted for physical version are free of this problem. Contrary to what was believed initially, there is no relationship with Far Cry 3 file.

Step 1: Turn on your PlayStation 3 normally.

Step 2: Delete the Far Cry 4 Play your console and all its related data.

Step 3: Make sure you also delete all the saved game Far Cry 4.

Step 4: Download Far Cry 4 again on PlayStation Store.

Step 5: Go back to play and your saves will not be corrupted.