Far Cry 4 (PS3) Hunting and Crafting guide

In Far Cry 4 hunting is an important element to make you enjoyable the game. By hunting manage to get your valuable materials to make you better gear, such as larger prey bags, belts weapons, grenades, bags and more. So if you want to carry more than one weapon is essential for a successful hunt.

Luckily you don’t have to be a dealer or artisans for making your new equipment: you can watch everything you need to produce yourself by visiting your inventory in the tab "production".

Bow and Arrow - your most important tool 
Simple rule for hunting: use bow and arrow instead of firearms. On the one hand a bow and arrow is much quieter and you will not frightened other wildlife, on the other hand you are so effective: The skins are not as badly damaged as by gunshot or even explosive weapons, which brings you more prey and thus save time.

Good news: Even your bow and arrows you can upgrade in the course of the game. This should be your primary goal.

Also, very important: Advanced soon as possible your bag: Nothing is more annoying than finding a long-awaited fur to it but can not take, because the other expensive loot blocked the square.

Where can I find the cattle stuff now?
Just you can tell no one. But a glance at the map tells you where your prey drives about your mischief. Make your way easily to the appropriate mark on the map and look for loose around after the coveted trophy. But: A little patience you must of course bring anyway.

I Eat Flowers, Because I Feel Sorry for Animals
Or not: Red and Blue can plant your process to syringes that you allow, even behind bushes and rocks to spot your prey as brown shade. For this, you have to learn, however, only the ability (available from start and cost one skill point).

What do I need in total?

6 Tibetan Wolf skins
7 Malayan Tapir Skins
3 Honey badgers' Skins
4 Bharal Skins
3 Assasm Macaque Skins
6 Asian Rhino Skins
8 Sambar Skins
3 Pig Skins
4 Demon Fish Skins
4 Wild Boar Skins
5 Dhole Skins
8 Bear Skins
5 Yak Skins
4 Clouded Leopard Skins
7 Bengal Tiger Skins
7 Snow Leopard Skins

Holster Upgrades

Only missing the Kyrat Fashion Week quest to improve your equipment to the max!

Upgrade 1:

During the first or second mission you should do this can already: 3 Tibetan wolf pelt for your needs and can use it to carry a sidearm and any other weapon.

Upgrade 2:

Allow you to wear a sidearm and any two weapons. For this, you need 3 Malayan Tapir Skins. You can find them west of Prabhakars farm or in the vicinity of the propaganda tower near Banapur. Warning: The tapirs appear almost only at night!

Upgrade 3:

You need 3 Honey Badger Skins for this upgrade. You can find them in the south Kyrats South Ashram of the seven treasures.

Wallet Upgrade

The upgrade of the purse each increases the amount of cash that you can carry with you.

Upgrade 1:

Require 2 Bharal Skins which you can find in the prologue mission.

Upgrade 2:

Require 3 Assasm Macaque Skins: you can find them in eastern of the bell tower at Banapur.

Upgrade 3:

For this purpose, you need 4 Asian Rhino Skins. Unfortunately, hunting with the bow is very difficult, so you should use this time exceptionally heavy weapons.
You can find them at the southeast of Banapur waters.

Upgrade 4:

For the last upgrade you need the Mad Devil’s skin (Kyrat Fashion Week order).

Loot Bag Upgrade

Upgrade 1:

The first upgrade allows you to carry 60 items. To upgrade, you need 3 Sambar Skins staying near Banapur.

Upgrade 2:

Upgrade 2 allows you entertainment of 90 items. The necessary 3 pigs and their skins you can find them on the first outpost. In addition, in the vicinity of many villages.

Upgrade 3:

This upgrade your needs 4 Demon Fish Skins. You can find the fish in waters in South West of Kyra Tea Weigh Station.

Upgrade 4:

For this, you need the spirits Bear Skin (Kyrat Fashion Week order).

Syringe Kit Upgrade

Upgrade 1:

The first upgrade you can carry with you up to 4 injections. Need wild boar (2 skins) you will find north of Banapur.

Upgrade 2:

A bag for 5 syringes. 3 Tibetan Wolves you have to skin it. You can find them automatically when your accepting the quest in Banapur to help the old woman who has a problem with stray wolves. Otherwise, there are those north of the Ashram of the 7 treasures.

Upgrade 3:

A bag for 6 syringes. You need 4 Malayan Tapir Skins. She can be found north of Banapur.

Upgrade 4:

For this you need the Sky Tiger’s skin (Kyrat Fashion Week order).

Bait Bag Upgrade

Upgrade 1:

Herewith you can carry 3 bait with you. You need 2 Dhole skins you can find them (north of Banapur) near Isha's house.

Upgrade 2:

Requires 3 Yak Skins. Yaks can be found south of the Varshakot fortress.

Upgrade 3:

Requires 5 bear skins. They can be found north of the Varshakot fortress.

Upgrade 4:

Requires skin of Gulo (Kyrat Fashion Week order).

Ammo Pouch / Bag Upgrade

The upgrade of the ammunition pouch increase your ammo.

Upgrade 1:

Requires 2 Wild Boar Skins. The wild boar is your north of Banapur.

Upgrade 2:

Requires 3 Bharal Skins (east of Banapur).

Upgrade 3:

Requires 4 Clouded Leopard Skins. The leopard strays north around the Kyratea weighing station.

Upgrade 4:

Requires a shadow leopard’s skin (Kyrat Fashion Week order).

Throwables Bag Upgrade

Increase the number of missiles that can carry with you.

Upgrade 1:

Requires 2 Yak Skins. Yaks are south of the Varshakot fortress.

Upgrade 2:

Requires 3 Dhole skins. They are northeast of Banapur.

Upgrade 3:

Requires 5 Bengal Tiger skins. It is in ashram east of the 7 treasures.

Upgrade 4:

Requires the Black Water Dragon’s skin. (Kyrat Fashion Week order).

Explosives Bag Upgrade

Increases the number of explosives that you can carry with you.

Upgrade 1:

Use 2 Asian Rhino skins. You can find them in Banapur southeast of the lake. Bring with heavy weapons, since hunting with bow and arrow is rather difficult.

Upgrade 2:

Requires 3 Snow Leopard Skins. This you can easily find Longinus during the first mission.

Upgrade 3:

Requires 5 Sambar Skins. This takes you directly east of Banapur.

Upgrade 4:

Requires Thick Skins’ hide (Kyrat Fashion Week order).

Heavy Ammunition Pouch

Increases your capacity for heavy ammunition.

Upgrade 1:

Requires the skins of two Bengal Tiger skins. The tigers are found east of the Ashram 7 treasures.

Upgrade 2:

Requires 3 Bear Skins. Can be found north of the Varshakot fortress.

Upgrade 3:

Requires 4 Snow Leopard Skins. Snow Leopard is easy during the first mission for

Upgrade 4:

Requires Karkadann’s Skin (Kyrat Fashion Week order).

Quiver Upgrade

Increase the number of arrows that you can carry.

Upgrade 1:

Requires a pig skin. You'll find them mostly in nearby cities and freed outposts, are also Amita's first mission (The wolves kill a pig in front of cave).

Upgrade 2:

Requires the skins of 3 Clouded Leopards Skins. Jaguars roam around the north Kyratea weighing station.

Upgrade 3:

Requires 4 skins of Honey Badgers Skins. Can be found in Kyra tea weighing station.

Upgrade 4:

Requires Tenzin’s Skins (Kyrat Fashion Week order).

A coat for every application?
The Kyrat Fashion Weeks missions are on a mission to the last upgrade your equipment, respectively. Since you always need for the skin of a particular animal that is not normally found in the world have to accept your special missions to find this animal.

Available are the Fashion Week quests once you've taken the first outpost. Go from there south to Kyratea weighing station. Imagine west of there with chiffon ago. Now you can take the missions.

Wallet Mission

For Stage 4 of the Wallet you need the skin from the Mad Devil.

Quest: Keo Gold Storage

Kill the wolf best with a bow or a crossbow.

Reward: 36550 rupees, 350 experience points, Mad Devil Skins

Loot Bag Mission

For Stage 4 of the Loot Bag You need the coat of a Ghost Bear skin.

Quest: Keo Pradhana Mine

The easiest way to kill the bear with a shotgun.

Reward: 36550 rupees, 350 experience points, skin of Ghost Bear

Syringe Bag Mission

For Stage 4 of the syringe bag upgrades you need the Sky Tiger’s skin.

Quest: Barnali's Textiles Outpost

Kill the Tiger (White, the other two are his companions) with an assault rifle.

Reward: 31500 rupees, 500 experience points, sky cat fur.

Bait Bag Mission

For Stage 4 of the bait bag you need the skin of Gulo.

Quest: Pranjiagat School

The easiest way you can hunt Gulo with a gun.

Reward: 27000 rupees, 450 experience points Gulo Skin

Ammo Bag Mission

For Stage 4 of the ammunition pouch upgrades you need as a Shadow Leopard Skin.

Quest: Keo Logging Camp

The shadow Leopard is the only leopard in the area who is not white. Kill him with a gun.

Reward: 36550 rupees, 350 experience points, Shadow Leopard Skin.

Throwables Bag Mission

For Stage 4 of the Throwables Bag you need the skin of Black Water Dragon.

Quest: Kyra Tea Weigh Station Outpost

The easiest way to fishing here with dynamite.

Reward: 18000 rupees, 350 experience points skin of Black Water Dragon.

Explosives Bag Mission

For stage 4 of explosives bag you need the Thick Hide Skins’.

Quest: Rajgad Gulag (Pagan Min's fortress)

The easiest way you can do this Thick Hide the flamethrower. Kill it with fire!

Reward: 45000 rupees, 650 experience points, Thick Skin Hide.

Heavy ammo Pouch / Bag Mission

For Stage 4 of the heavy ammunition bag your needs Karkdanns’ Skin.

Quest: Shanath Breeders Outpost

Attack Karkadann best with a shotgun.

Reward: 18000 rupees, 350 experience points Karkdanns’ Skin

Quiver Mission

For Stage 4 of the quiver your need Tenzin’s skin.

Quest: Kyra Tea Terraces Outpost

You need to shoot Tenzin with the bow and 4 arrows.

Reward: 18000 rupees, 350 experience points, Tenzin's skin.

Hunt animals more easily and quickly
Everyone knows the problem already from previous game: to find and hunt animals is hit or miss because they are not always in place. The fourth part is now possible to use bait. This you get from slaughtered animals. So that you can hunt until you run out of ammo. For hunting, I would recommend you the sawed-off shotgun, as it is deadly for a specific shot, the Indian Rhino is 3 shots. Sneak to the animal zoom once it has scented the prey, and pull the trigger. The rest is obvious.


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