GTA San Andreas HD: Improve CJ’s skills (Xbox 360)

GTA San Andreas HD is now available for Xbox 360 with a revamped HD version, but telling the same adventures of CJ and his gang in Los Santos. In the game, you can make the character evolve, improving aspects such as breath, strength and endurance.

Check out our guide below:

The resistance (or stamina) is one of the most important attributes of the game, since it defines how CJ can run, swim and ride a bike without the need for breaks. This ability is improved with the passage of missions, while the character runs or anything.

To boost the stamina of the character, visit a gym (marked by an icon of halter) and use the exercise bike to increase CJ resistance gradually. When heavier the workout, the greater the result.


This ability allows CJ to stay longer in underwater without the need to come up for air, and without losing your life bar. It is usually developed as players swim with the character.

As this ability is required in advanced game missions, whenever run into any lake in the game, do not think twice before wasting a few minutes training the breath of CJ. Use B to dive, and wait until the bar is almost breathless at the end, and then back to the surface.

More life

The life bar is one of the main allies of the players, especially in more complicated parts of the game, and is also enhanced during the campaign. It grows slowly, after long runs and physical activities in general.

A beautiful way to enhance the life of CJ is fulfilling the missions of paramedics, which add a good space at the bar, making it even more resistant to bullets, falls, explosions and road kill character. To accomplish these missions, steal an ambulance and press LS.

Ability to vehicles

The skill with CJ vehicle is also an important factor in the game, and can also be improved over time. This will prevent cars skid often, and the bikes fall easily.

To improve these attributes, the only clue is driving much in the game. Look for open slopes and reach high speeds with the necessary vehicles. CJ remain longer in the vehicle, the greater your ability.

Skill with weapons

Just like vehicles, CJ can also get close to some classes of weapons, significantly improving your aim, scope and pace of firing during the fighting.

To improve the handling of weapons, just use very favorite category, which will target updates. Fighting between gangs and police often yield even more, then do not run them.


Besides giving visual for the character, the muscles also contribute to the damage done by melee attacks CJ. This attribute can be improved in the gym, plus the ability to learn new moves.