Lego Batman 3: BG Find All Gold Brick Locations

Find all Gold Bricks in Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham: In our mini-solution, we take you to all locations of a total of 250 Gold Brick in the game. First, we provide you with some useful tips on how you can optimize the search for the Gold Brick in LEGO Batman 3. Here you worried the first red stone, the "Gold Brick Finder" houses

This can be found in "Level 7 - Europe Against It." There, you play as Plastic Man and activate his special pad to collect the special Red Brick. Cost you 200,000 studs, in the Bat-cave on the right side of the trophy room or in Watchtower's Red Brick Station. Then you activate the red stone in the cheat section of the pause menu to simplify the search for the golden stones. By activating its golden stones the game is much easier. However, you can also omit the gold brick page.

In addition, you will receive Gold Bricks for different goals that you encounter. You will receive a gold brick, for example, for the completion of each level. Overall there are 16 levels including the bonus level - this makes a total of 16 Golden Bricks. Collect all 10 Mini-Kits, which are hidden in each level. This will give you a further 16 Gold Bricks. In the following we listed you all gold bricks in the game. Soon we will present you tips with videos to all locations.

- Complete Story mode in each level (including bonus level) - 16 Gold Bricks
- Meet the True Hero brick per level - 16 Gold Bricks
- Find all 10 mini-kits per level - 16 Gold Bricks
- Find all Adam West in Peril - a total of 30 Gold Bricks
- It is said that 172 Gold Bricks are hidden in the game. Use the Red Stone "Gold Brick Finder"