PES 2015 master Free / Penalty Kicks

PES 2015 has arrived and brought with it significant improvements in the gameplay and visuals on the popular soccer game from Konami. One of the ways to win important matches is getting good use the next dead ball to the area. Need assistance to convert penalties? Check out the tutorial.

This is undoubtedly the most common and versatile alternative because it can be applied to different situations. Aim the ball at one end of the keeper corners, and apply enough force to make the ball go over the barrier.

In closer to the goal collections, just under half the power bar is often enough to make the ball reach the goal.

Creep Kick 
Convert penalties in diagonal angle to the goal, tripped pump can be a very efficient way to score a goal. Choose a strong player (Ronaldo, Bale, Rooney, David Luiz), move the left stick up until the cursor touches the lawn.

Then just pick a corner and to perfect in strength. Try to make the bar reaches almost to the maximum, but never in the red part, or the chances of isolating the ball are huge.

Curve Ball
With refined technique of players, the free kicks with bow often deadly. You can make the ball go around the barrier, or simply fooled the goalkeeper with a sudden drop.

Use the left stick to set the curve and the height of the ball. Never use very exaggerated curves, as they tend not work (except specialists, as Pirlo and Gerrard). The force must be very moderate.

Second Hit
The set pieces may seem pure eye candy in the game, but when use correctly, can greatly delay the goalkeeper's response, increasing the chances of conversion.

Use the left trigger and the directional pad to call a second hit, and then hold LB / LT (Xbox) or L1 / L2 (PS) to make the athlete covers the lack quickly. Use the same principles of sight and strength of the high ball.

Cut Light
Also in the area of set pieces, a false charge of a batsman can bewilder the barrier, opening the way for an easy goal. First, call the second batter (left trigger + directional down). Now aim your collection normally.

In the hit time, press the shot button, and quickly pass button. This will make the first hit great pass the ball. Then just enjoy the chance to kick quickly with the second collector.

Short Passing
Another good alternative practice recovery is the short pass. That way you can take advantage of the large number of displaced athletes to the barrier to deliver the ball to one of his players, free of marking.

First, call the second hit (left trigger + directional down). Then just hold the modifier button (LB, L2) and press the pass button. Finish quickly, or try to circumvent the markers that will leave up the player.

Manual Positioning
The positioning of the players without the ball is not always optimal. This often makes it impossible for you to use the lack for assistance, or even a cross. In such cases, holding the modifier (LB / L2) and then move the player to anywhere you like. With the right analog stick, you can change the controlled player.