Pokemon - Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire (3DS) walkthrough

Welcome to Walkthrough to Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire. Together we play by the old new Pokémon history and be a Pokémon Master in the Hoenn region.

Table of Contents

1. Littleroot Town
2. Petalburg City
3. Petalburg Woods
4. Rustboro City (1 Arena)
5. Rusturf Tunnel
6. Rustboro Gym (2 Arena)
7. Granite cave
8. Slateport City
9. Cycling Road (Route 110)
10. Mauville City (3 Arena)
11. Fiery Path
12. Meteor Falls
13. Mt. Chimney
14. Lavaridge (4 Arena)
15. Petalburg City (5 Arena)
16. Island in the South
17. Weather Institute
18. Fortree City (6 Arena)
19. Mt. Pyre
20. Team Magma/Aqua Hideout
21. Mossdeep City (7 Arena)
22. Seafloor Cavern
23. Cave of Origin
24. Sootopolis City (8 Arena)
25. Victory Road
26. The Pokémon League (end)

Littleroot Town

Join the adventure! After you chose the gender and name, you will reach in a van your new home - Littleroot Town.

Have you inspected your room and set the clock again, suggests your mother to visit Professor Birk. But that's just not in his laboratory. You must live in the northeastern house to meet your "rival" - Maike or Brix (depending on your gender).

Then you can pass the boy at the entrance. A few steps further meet the professor Birk, who is in a precarious predicament.

Select a Pokémon (Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip) and defeat the Poochyena.

To thank him give the professor the Pokémon. Next you go to Route 103 (north of Rustboro City) where you find your rival and a fight.

After that you get from Professor Birk a Pokédex and can take your trip.

Petalburg City

Now run the direction of Petalburg City and thence westward to the route 102nd and as soon you traverse this, you reach Petalburg City.

Before the arena you meet your father, Norman. Against him you can’t compete - before you have to win four other orders.

Later the Heiko help in catching a Pokémon and can move on.

Petalburg Woods

From Petalburg City you walk further west to Route 104th after that the house of Mr. brackish have left behind you, you reach the Petalburg Woods.

In Petalburg woods, you make first a member of Team Magma / Aqua and get the EP-divider.

Beyond the forest, the route 104 on, which ultimately leads you into Rustboro City.

Rustboro City (1 Arena)

First, you should challenge Felizia a trip to the arena. She specializes in rock Pokemon and has a small stone (Lv. 12) and a Nasgnet (Lv. 14). Effectively, eg water or vegetable attacks. Have you selected Treecko Mudkip or Torchic as a starter, you will have no problems. You will get the stone Order and the TM.

Once you leave the arena, you can see the hysterical man from the Petalburg woods.

In the house next to the Pokemon Center there is still the way to get the VM chopping.

Rusturf Tunnel

Now follow the man heading east on Route 116th. At the end you will find the
Rusturf Tunnel and Mr. Brack, who complains that his Wingull was stolen.

Now go into the tunnel and kill a member of Team Magma / Aqua to free Wingull and get the Devon merchandise.

In Rustboro City you give the Devon goods and will be asked in the building of the Devon Corporation, which will, inter alia, asked her to send a letter to Troy in Rustboro Gym.

Rustboro Gym (2 Arena)

Now it's back to Route 104 (behind the Petalburg woods), to the house of Mr. Brack.
Talk to him and he takes you to Rustboro Gym.

There you visited the arena to challenge Kamillo. He believes in fighting Pokémon and has a Machollo (Lv. 14) and a Makuhita (Lv. 17). Effectively, eg air attacks.

In victory you get the ankle Order and the TM. In addition, you told Kamillo of the granite cave where Troy Believed.

Granite cave

From Rustboro Gym, you will find the northwest granite cave (on Route 106).
From the Wanderer in the cave you get the TM flash. Then you follow the path down to meet Troy front of a wall painting.

You gave the latter to him and he thanks the TM steel wings.

Slateport City

Mr. Brack says to you that you shall deliver the Devon goods in Slateport City - it brings you also the same there.

Once you have the Route 109 examined, it can be found north of the city.

South-east you will find the shipyard where it asks you after Captain brig. This should be in a museum. Team Magma / Aqua, who previously blocking the way, and you can now warp to the museum.

Your upper floor is the master. During the interview you will be asked to fight two gym leaders, Team Magma and Aqua.

After that you can leave to the next town.

Cycling Road (Route 110)

Leave the Slateport City run north to Route 110th. There is a cycle that you can not even use because you have no bike.

Just before you reach the next town, Mauville City, you will meet or Maike Brix and be challenged.

Mauville City (3 Arena)

On the way to the arena, before you can fight against you will find Heiko.

Then you make your way through the arena to the arena manager Walter putting on Electric-type Pokémon. He has a Magnemite (Lv. 19), a Voltorb (Lv. 19) and a Magneton (Lv. 21). Effective against Electric Pokémon attacks of the soil type.

After the victory, you will receive the Medal Dynamo and the TM volts AC.

Fiery Path

From Mauville City you walk north on Route 111 (you get with that Team Magma / Aqua to vent mount want). A little later it goes west to Route 112th.

The elevator is blocked by Team Magma / Aqua, so you move into the cave, or in the Fiery Path.

Once you have crossed this, you are on the other side of Route 112 and 111 where you get the TM secret power and your first secret base. Run further to the north and west at the end of the route 113th

At the end of the route reaches its leaves alternating field.

Meteor Falls

In Deciduous forest you meet your rival because Team Magma / Aqua kidnapped Professor Kosmo.

Leave Deciduous forest in the west and run to the south along the Route 114.

Once you reach the Meteor Falls you will find Professor Kosmo, Team Magma / Aqua and your rival on the bridge. Your clash with your rivals a double battle and distributes Team Magma / Aqua.

You can learn the next clue: The Mt. Chimney. By the professor, there is also the TM catapult.

Your rival offers you earnestly to travel together to Mauville City - take the offer.

Mt. Chimney

From Mauville City, you walk back the same way north to the Fiery Path. To the right of the entrance there is the elevator, which is now no longer guarded by Team Magma / Aqua. So you get to Mt. Chimney.

At the top, you defeat the boss of Team Magma / Aqua and make you then set off for Lavaridge.

From Mt. Chimney of you have south to the ball through. After you have passed this, you will reach the route 112th West of it is Lavaridge.

Lavaridge (4 Arena)

In Lavaridge you care for your fourth Arena Order. The Gym Leader Flavia sets on fire

She fights with Slugma (Lv. 26), Torkoal (Lv. 28) and Numel (Lv. 26). Effectively, however, attacks are type of the soil, rock and water.

After a successful battle you get the heat Order and the TM heat Koller.

Before the arena you meet your rival, with whom you can fix by traveling Petalburg

Petalburg City (5 Arena)

In Petalburg City, you can go with your father, Norman, because you have now collected four medals.

Norman used Pokémon of type normal and fights with Letarking (Lv. 28), Vigoroth (Lv.28), and Letarking (Lv. 30).

Against the normal type attacks only the type battle are effective.

You will receive the balance Medal and the TM retribution.

Your father stays with you outside where you meet Heiko and his father. By Heiko's father you get the VM surfers. Also, you can go directly back to Mauville City with Heiko.

Island in the South

From Mauville City you walk east on Route 118th Surfing on the water section, later you will meet Troy. He offers you help and will take you to the island in the south.

Here you meet the counterpart Latios / as. Defeated in a double battle with Troy Team Magma / Aqua and the mysterious Pokémon.

Troy also gives you the mega bangle, now you able to perform mega-developments.

Back to Route 118 run north and take the route 119th at the end you will find a bridge that will once again blocked by Team Magma / Aqua.

Weather Institute

In the air-Institute you have to fight your way through to the Team Magma / Aqua Board and defeat this. In the building there is fortunately a bed to rest and a computer to change the Pokémon.

Have you Team Magma / Aqua, sold you will receive in return the Pokémon Castform and the item bump helmet.

Heal you and leave on the building. Now run to the east across the bridge. At the next step you intercept your rival and challenge you to a fight.

Once you finished the fight successfully, go further north and reached a little later Fortree City.

Fortree City (6 Arena)

The way to the arena is blocked by an invisible wall. So leave Fortree City
once again in an easterly direction.

On Route 120 you meet on the bridge Troy. He gives you the basic item Devon Scope. So you can see invisible Pokémon. A battle ensues against Kecleon.

Now you can go to the Arena in Fortree City free up and challenge the Gym Leader Wibke.

Wibke relies on the type of flight and fight with Swellow (Lv. 33), Altaria (Lv. 35),
Skarmory (Lv. 33) and Pelipper (Lv. 33).

Against this type of attack of the type of rock, ice and electric are effective.

After the battle, you get the spring Order and the TM resting place.

Mt. Pyre

Now you can continue on Route 120 and pass the path that was previously locked.

Then go east to Route 121 where the team Magma / Aqua meet and find the Safarin zone.

To the south you will find a pier from where you get to the Mt. Pyre.

You defeat the boss of Team Magma / Aqua, who steals a precious stone and go in the direction of Slateport City - it makes him equal.

Team Magma/Aqua Hideout

In Slateport City you go to the port and place Team Magma / Aqua. After a few battles you bring Captain Brig after Lilycove City.

From the Pokémon Center run right up the stairs, you intercept your rival and challenges you to a fight.

To the east of the city you sit on the beach a surfer and float thr large cave in the hiding of Team Magma / Aqua.

Crossing the hiding until the submarine where you fight against the Team Magma / Aqua Board. Do not forget the Master Ball (Video - 31:52) collect in the hideout.

After that you can leave the hideout.

Mossdeep City (7 Arena)

From the hiding swim east to Route 124

In the southeast, you will find Moosbach City, where you can get your seventh challenge.
Prompt here the Gym Leader Ben & Svenja to a double battle out. You sit on the Psychic-type and fight with Solrock (Lv. 45) and Luna Stein (Lv. 45). Effectively attack the type beetles, mind and Unlicht.

After the battle, you will receive the Order and the Mental TM ideas.

Once you leave the arena, it pops huge. Troy offers you the go to the bottom and gives you the VM diver and a Devon-contained breathing apparatus.

Seafloor Cavern

From Mossdeep City, you swim south to Route 127 and pass this until you reach Route 128.

Here you can use the divers, so as to achieve the deep sea cave.

At the end of the cave you fight the boss of Team Magma / Aqua, which brings a legendary Pokémon after the fight.

Your next target is Xeneroville. Only times but back to Mossdeep City.

Cave of Origin

From Mossdeep City you swim to the southwest of the route 124 in the route 126th Here you can again use divers, so as to achieve Xeneroville.

Troy, Vasily and all the rest are waiting for you and you open the Cave of Origin .

You will receive a suit and can go into the cave to compete against Groudon Kyogre.
If you have previously collected the Masterball, you can catch the legendary Pokemon easily.

Do you have the task of efforts to address the world's only once rescued ... now for the last order.

Sootopolis City (8 Arena)

Vasily, whom you just met is the Gym Leader of Xeneroville and relies on water-type Pokémon. He fights with LUVDISC (Lv. 44), Milotic (Lv. 46), Sealeo (Lv. 44), Whiscash (Lv. 44) and Gold King (Lv. 44). Effectively attack of the type and power plant.

After the battle, you get the thrill Order and the VM cascade that you need to reach the road to victory.

Victory Road

To get to the Victory Road, you have to take Route 128 (for deep sea cave). Further east you will find a waterfall, where you have to use cascade.

You can reach Ever Grande City, where you can heal your Pokémon and then go to the north.

At the end of Victory Road Heiko calls you to a fight. He battles with Altaria (Lv. 46), Delcatty (Lv. 46), Magneton (Lv. 46), Roselia (Lv. 46) and Gallade (Lv. 48).

Then it proceeds further and reaches the Pokémon League.

The Pokémon League (end)

Heal your Pokémon and covers you with a sufficient drinkers - then it goes to the top four.

1. Combat: Ulrich

Mightyena 50 Fight, Beetle, Fee
Absol 52 Fight, Beetle, Fee
Sharpedo 50 Fight, beetles, Fairy, plant, electrical
Shiftry 50 Fight, beetles, fairy, fire, air, poison, ice
Noktuska 50 Fight, beetles, fairy, fire, air, poison, ice

2. Combat: Antonia

Dusclops 51 Unlicht, mind
Banette 51 Unlicht, mind
Sableye 51 Fairy
Banette 51 Unlicht, mind
Dusknoir 53 Unlicht, mind

3. Combat: Frosina

Glalie 52 Fight, rock, steel, fire
Walrein 54 Fight, rock, Electro, Plant
Froslass 52 Fight, rock, steel, fire
Froslass 52 Fight, rock, steel, fire
Glalie 52 Fight, rock, steel, fire

4. Combat: Dragan

Altaria 53 Rock, Dragon, Fairy, ice
Kingdra 53 Dragon, Fairy
Flygon 53 Dragon, Fairy, ice
Flygon 53 Dragon, Fairy, ice
Brutulanda 53 Rock, Dragon, Fairy, ice

5. Combat: Champ Troy

Skarmory 57 Fire, Elekro
Aggron 57 Fire, ground fighting
Claydol 57 Plant, Water, Ice, Bug, Ghost, Unlicht
Cradily 57 Ice, Fighting, Bug, Steel
Armaldo 57 Water, stone, steel
Metagross 59 Fire, soil, mind, Unlicht

You did it! You are the new champion and you can sit back and enjoy the ending sequence and credits. The main story is played out, congratulations ...