Tomb Raider: Best and Worst games in the series

Tomb Raider is a highly acclaimed action adventure video game series. Alongside Mario 64, this game helped define a title in three dimensions should work in terms of camera and movement. Even more importantly than that, it was the first interactive title to bring a female protagonist into a position of complete glory. To conclude it is one of the most success series of the gaming world, the DTG Reviews decided to create a short list of best and worst games perpetrated by Lara Croft.

For more than a few female characters had already achieved some status among fans of the genre, notoriously Samus Aran and Chun-Li, Lara Croft reached a scale never imagined before. Of course we can not forget that not everything about it is some progress, especially if we take into account that the character was also the first video game character to be massively objectified, stamping the covers of men's magazines and asking teens and grown men drool in their digital curves.

Despite the initial roaring success that earned even two movies starring Angelina Jolie, the franchise ended up being overexploited by their creators, resulting in different sets of dubious quality. Only Sonic has a comparable collection that combines amazing and mediocre titles on the same shelf. Check out the full list!

The Best:

Tomb Raider II: Dagger of Xian (1997)

The second Tomb Raider meets all the requirements of a major sequence. It caught everything that went wrong in the first game and expanded it to become even better. The new title was bigger, more beautiful and better produced than the original and has helped to further elevate the popularity of the franchise.

In Tomb Raider II Lara visits several real places such as Venice and the Great Wall of China in the quest to find the Dagger of Xian, a mystical artifact can turn their possessor into a fire breathing dragon.

Tomb Raider (2012)

The latest title in the franchise was given the same name as the original game and acts as a sort of reboot. Here we find Lara Croft much younger, before becoming the adventurer we all know.

The new Tomb Raider was subject to strange coincidences. On the one hand, the theme of the series was one of the main inspirations for the excellent Uncharted. Nevertheless, the new venture has decided to follow step by step what went right in the Nathan Drake game, resulting in virtually a copy of this well made classic PS3 with the narrative toward Lara.

The game was a resounding critical success and sales, ensuring the future of the Tomb Raider series to new generations.

Tomb Raider (1996)

Few games are able to define a generation of consoles. Tomb Raider was one of those rare gems for the 32-bit generation (released for PlayStation, Saturn and PC), a template that would be used as a reference for all subsequent games of the series.

Maybe this is not exactly the best game Lara Croft, but he was the first and most memorable game of the English millionaire. A bet the developer at the time, which ended up revolutionizing the gameplay in 3D with a camera that worked better than most, and polygons which at the time seemed very realistic.

The Worst

Unfortunately the series was also beset by many terrible games. Check now the games that can be considered the worst of all franchise brave heroine:

Tomb Raider Chronicles (2000)

The first time the series has suffered from fatigue from the public after releasing three successful titles, Tomb Raider Chronicles was another game with minimal changes to the original formula. The public got tired of paying for the same thing and became the title Chronicles of Lara least sold at the time (later he would be overcome in this regard).

Chronicles is not a horrible game, many fans even like it, but for the general public was a game exactly like its predecessors with virtually nothing new.

Tomb Raider: Underworld (2008)

The first game truly third generation of the series (released for PC, Xbox 360 , PS3 and Wii), broke a good run of releases from Crystal Dynamics, which began with Tomb Raider Legend and proceeded to Remake christened Anniversary. The problem Underworld, beyond the weak story, serious defects were camera, and a poorly artificial intelligence.

Despite the impressive new visual and motion capture done with Olympic medalist Heidi Moneymaker, fans were not excited and the title alone sold 2.6 million copies, which would put the series on hold until the 2012 reboot.

Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness (2003)

The first Tomb Raider game to a new generation of consoles. The idea here was to give new life to the brand that could no longer sell as well in their first games. The first experience with the PlayStation 2 was absolutely disastrous, fans hated the game for its terrible controls, bad camera, endless bugs and a mediocre combat system.

The thing was so severe that Eidos decided to fire the studio behind the game, Crystal Dynamics hiring to take care of the series. Angel of Darkness goes down in history as the worst game Tomb Raider.