Top 5 Record-Breaking Young Female Singers

This week, Taylor Swift became the first artist in history with three albums consecutively, sold over a million copies in its opening weekend. Also the New Zealander singer Lorde turns 18, having already taken two Grammy awards and traveled around the world promoting her debut album, "Pure Heroine".

To celebrate with them, DTG Reviews has prepared a list of five female singers, taking into account that records were broken when they were just 20 years (or less).

Britney Spears

At just 19, the pop princess released her second studio album, "Oops! ... I Did It Again". The material was wildly successful: in one day, all copies of the album were sold out across the United States, having sold 539,000 units.

In its debut week, the album sold 1,319,193 copies, making the blonde the only female artist in history to debut with such a significant number of sales. Even today, 14 years later, the singer holds the record, having received diamond certificate only in her homeland (worldwide album sales totaling more than 25 million).

Beyoncé (Destiny's Child)

Before she rule the world with her solo career, the wife of Jay Z has made her mark with the trio's hit "Say My Name". The group was formed by this name when the singer was just 15, and in 1998, launched the first album which includes the hit "No, No, No, Part I".

However, the artists waited five years to have their work recognized by the music industry: only with "Survivor" on the album, the trio won their first Grammy when the mother of Blue Ivy was just 20. The same night, the group also secured a second award, both in the category of R & B.

Miley Cyrus

Starting her career at age 13, after battling the lead role in the series "Hannah Montana", the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus conquered her space in the new music scene as well. When she was just 14 years old, she launched the first soundtrack from the program Disney, sung entirely by the singer. In its debut week, the album reached the top of Billboard 200, as well as four of her later albums.

"Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus'' Hannah Montana: The Movie," "Breakout" and "Bangerz" also spent a week in first position on the chart, making the only artist in history with less than 21 years to have five number one albums. Previously, the record was hold by Britney Spears .


The New Zealand artist became popular in worldwide radios in the second half of last year with the debut hit "Royals", when she was 16, but her choice to become a singer and songwriter was already devoted some time to sign a record deal with 14 years.

With the great success of the single ("Royals" spent nine weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100) on the album "Pure Heroine", the artist was nominated for four Grammy Awards and became the youngest singer to receive the Gramophone "Song of the Year". And this all before reaching adulthood.

Taylor Swift

"Lucky You" was the first song she wrote, just 12 years after learning three guitar chords with a computer technician who went to her home. Since then, the singer has changed the music industry, equaling and breaking records since her debut self-titled album, released in 2006.

However, "Fearless", which hit the stores when she was only 18 years old, who scored her name forever in the history of music: the material went amazing 36 weeks on top of Billboard's country chart, and 11 on the first of the general albums ranking in the United States.

Altogether, the album sold nearly seven million units in North America alone, and the artist earned four Grammys in 2010, including the "Album of the Year". Swift is the youngest singer in history to receive the award, with only 20 years, breaking the record previously assured by Alanis Morissette with "Jagged Little Pill".

Honorable Mention: Joss Stone

The British singer is only 27, but is on the road for over a decade, having released her debut album in 2001.

However, it was the "disco Mind, Body & Soul , "2004, which put the artist name in the record books: the material shot for the top spot of the album chart in the UK, when Joss was just 17. The prior record was Avril Lavigne, who in 2002 was also stop at the top of the British chart with "Let Go".