Catch Legendary Pokemon - Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Welcome to this fishing guide to Catch Legendary Pokémon in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire.

You can catch a lot of Legendary Pokémon, Here I will show you how to catch almost everyone!

Note: Groudon (Ruby), Kyogre (Sapphire), Rayquaza (Delta Episode) and Deoxys (Delta Episode) will not be treated here as you meet the Pokémon in story progression.

Preparations (Regi Pokemon)

You need the following VMs:

VM02 flies (From rivals after fight in front of tree Hausen City)
VM03 surfer (by Heiko's father, according to Arena Fighting in Petalburg City)
VM04 strength (from rivals after fight at Route 112)
VM07 divers (From Troy, in Moosbach City to Battle Arena)

You need the following TMs:

TM28 Dredge (In the Fosill Maniac’s House on Route 114)

You need the following Pokemon:

(Bring Wailmer on Lv. 40) Wailord
Wailmer (with Super Angel in Moos bach City and vicinity)
Relicanth (in seaweed underwater, Route 107)

You need the following items:

Super Angel (for Wailmer in Mossdeep City in the house of an angler)
Chunk of ice, eternal ice, stator-ice, snow or frost ball board (chunks of ice-location: Climate Institute at reception)

Seal Chamber

Before you can catch the first three Regi Pokemon, the secret cave must be exposed.

You should have this:

Pokémon with Dredge
Pokémon with surfer
Pokémon with divers

Make your way by raft Brunn and surf west to Route 132nd you have to keep in south to ultimately come to a deep water point.

Now require a diver, swimming south until you find a clearing where you can re-emerge and reach the seal chamber.

Run to the north wall and look at the Braille. It says "shoveling here". So at this point will the attack Dredge and it will open a secret passage that leads you deeper into the seal chamber.

Now go back to the northern wall with the Braille. It says "Relicanth first, Wailord last". Exchange your team now so that Relicanth is top left and bottom right Wailord.

Click again on the wall and an earthquake is triggered ... with the news that in the distance, ancient ruins have opened. There you can now catch the first three Regi Pokemon.


The first Ruin is the northern Road 105

You should have this:

A Pokémon with surfer

Run to the north. Set a surfer and swim to the cave in the Route 105. The cave surrounded by stone columns.

Once there you will find again in front of a wall with Braille. It says "waiting until the time is twice". Close this message and set the 3DS for two minutes aside, because you have to wait until open a secret passage.

Behind is the legendary Pokémon Regice.

Note: If you have caught Regice, then give him a nickname. This is a condition to catch Regigas.


Your next stop is the desert on Route 111th

You should have this:

A Pokémon with starch

Head over after Mauville City and walk from there north to the desert on Route 111. In the desert you can find the second ruin southeast.

The ruin is again a wall with Braille inscription. There, "Twice down the right and twice, then strength" is. So runs two steps to the right and down - preferably use the directional pad. Now requires a strength to expose a secret passage.

Behind is the legendary Pokémon Regirock.


Third, it goes to the ruin on route 120th

You should have this:

A Pokémon with fly

The ruin can be found southwest of tree Hausen City.

Once there, you decipher again the Braille inscription. It says "Last time, hope and love, the Mid heaven." Run four to six” steps down into the center of the room and begin flying to expose the secret passage.

Behind is the legendary Pokémon Registeel.


After you've caught the first three Regi Pokemon, you can grab your Regigigas.

The following conditions need to fulfill her:

- Groudon / Kyogre captured or defeated
- Regice, Regirock and Registeel are in the Team
- Give Regice eternal ice, Stratos ice, snow ball, frost or ice chunks panel to wear
- Chunks of ice, for example, you take the Climate Institute by the receptionist
- Regice needs a nickname (if you have not assigned the task, there is in graphite Port City name Reviewer)
- If its the Regice, Regirock and Registeel have caught one by one, you have to wait one day until you can catch Regigas (it must be light).

If you have completed all, go back to the cave on the northern Route 105, where you have previously caught Regice.

Imagine appears in the center of the rear compartment and Regigigas.

Ho-Oh and Lugia

When you grab Ho-Oh (exclusively in Omega Rubin) or Lugia (exclusively in Aplha sapphire), the two legendary Pokemon from the Johto region.

You should have this:

A Pokemon with surfer
A Pokemon with divers

You should have done:

Caught Groudon Kyogre or / defeated

Head over to the Sea Mauville (Route 108). There is on deck a researcher who tells you of a scanner, he should bring to Captain Briggs. It said he had examined everything, just not below the waterline.

Move into the interior and run in the southwestern corridor. There is a deep water site where you can dive. Float down into another room and examine it. If you've found the right spot, a message comes to a found item - this is the scanner.

The researcher asks you to bring the captain the scanner.

Now fly for graphite Port City and studied the Captain Briggs, who is in the harbor. He thanks you and gives either the Clear Bell (Ruby) or Tidal Bell (Sapphire).

Now it's back to Mauville. Upon entering the deck, the Bell lights on weak. There appear enigmatic rings. In Ruby, it is on deck at the end of a metal rod and sapphire in underwater areas where you have found the scanner.

If you studied the ring, followed by a battle against Ho-Oh or Lugia!


No legendary Pokémon, but when you're on the sea, grab yourself directly the Spiritomb that hangs out there.

You should have this:

A Pokemon with surfer
A Pokemon with divers

You should have done:
Catch Groudon Kyogre or / defeat

Go into the interior of the Sea Mauville and set in the south aisle, and then diving surfer. Float now completely around, on the other side, where you can re-emerge.

Here you enter the first room on the left and get a message that you will probably observe. Now go to the shelf in the upper left corner and it looks after you.

Click around now so that your screen is completely concealed in the item- or Pokémon menu. Now, when you close the menu again, Spiritomb is at once behind you!


Next, you make yourselves at the sun grotto (Route 120) to catch Heatran.

You should have this:

A Pokémon with surfer

You should have done:

Catch Groudon Kyogre or / Defeat

Once you have entered the sun cave, you'll find after a while Flavia, which tells you something of a legendary Pokémon.

Do you go deeper into the cave and find a way to the northern wall. Run best left along, because there you will find also the Glurak Y.

In the next room you will find again a mysterious ring where you can trigger a fight with Heatran, if you examine the ring.

Wondrous Places

There are 40 wondrous places in Pokémon ORAS. There are normal and those where their legendary Pokemon you can catch. These places can be found only on high-flyer Latios / as (Eon Flute play). Of the normal wondrous places you can visit one every day. As you hover over a luminous circle, they are easy to spot. For the Wondrous Places with legendary Pokemon need to fulfill their particular conditions to which kindly of our users is discussed in the next post already.

In addition to new Pokémon you can in the normal wondrous places will also find lots of fossils that you can do to Pokémon. These are cracked rocks. In Ruby and Sapphire there is to find four different fossils.

List of Fossils you can find:

Old AmberAerodactylRuby and Sapphire
Dome FossilKabuto Ruby
Helix FossilOmanyte Sapphire
Feather FossilArchen Ruby
Head FossilCranidos Sapphire
Panzer FossilShieldon Ruby
Fossil ShieldTirtouga Sapphire

In normal wondrous places you can catch following Pokémon:

Sun core

Criteria for Locations of the Legendary Pokémon

Have written here something that must be met in order to find the following Legendary Pokemon.

I need all Pokemon except for Heatran use the Eon-Flute and find the island with the Red "crystals".

There you will find portal, but to get in there, or to find the other locations of the Pokémon, you need to fulfill the following criteria:

The Pokémon are all at level 50th

Note: You should always save the fighting. If you have defeated some legendary Pokémon games, you can try to catch it again, if you've defeated the Top4 and be drawn back into the Hall of Fame.

Pokémon: Heatran

Location: Sun Grotto (Route 120)

Requirements: No special factors.

Pokemon: Mesprit, Azelf & Elves

Location: The unexplored cave

Prerequisite: 3 Pokemon in a team with maximum happiness. Visit the cave at different times of the day to catch the three: Mesprit (4 to 20 clock), Azelf (21-4 clock), Elf (20 till 21 clock).

Pokemon Dialga (Alpha Sapphire), Palkia (Omega Ruby)

Location: Heaven column

Prerequisite: Mesprit, Azelf, Uxie in the team have.

Pokemon: Giratina

Location: Heaven column

Prerequisite: Dialga Palkia & have a team.

Pokemon: Cobalion, Terrakion & Virizion

Location: Nameless level

Prerequisite: Having a Pokémon with maximum EV values in the team. Visit the plane several times a week. Cobalion (Wednesday, Friday, Sunday), Terrakion (Monday, Thursday), Virizion (Tuesday and Saturday).

Pokemon: Reshiram (Omega Rubin) & Zekrom (Alpha Sapphire)

Location: Mysterious Cave

Prerequisite: Having a Pokemon to level 100 in the team.

Pokemon: Kyurem

Location: Cave of cleavage (near Deciduous field)

Prerequisite: Reshiram & Zekrom have on the team.

Pokémon: Lugia (Alpha Saphir) & Ho-Oh (Omega Rubin)

Location: See Mauville

Prerequisite: scanners available in the basement of See Mauville and captain Brigg bring in graphite Port City.

Pokemon Raikou, Entei & Suicune

Location: Wild Forest (near Rustboro City)

Prerequisite: Lugia and Ho-Oh have in the team. Visit the forest at different times: Entei (first 19 minutes of every hour), Raikou (between 20 and 39 minutes of each hour), Suicune way (between 40 and 59 minutes of each hour).

Pokémon: Tornadus (Omega Rubin) & Thundurus (Alpha Saphir)

Location: Black clouds (near tree Hausen City)

Prerequisite: have Castform the team.

Pokémon: Landorus

Location: Black clouds (near tree Hausen City)

Prerequisite: Tornadus and Thundurus in the team.

Pokémon: Cresselia

Location: Mirage Iceland

Requirements: No special factors, the island occurred by chance (every day the world map with flyer scan).