Conflict between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift turns dining theme in American restaurant

The Back Bay Harry's restaurant, Boston, USA, will offer tomorrow night (31) New Year dinner inspired by the recent conflict between two of today's biggest pop stars.

Titled "Katy Perry vs. Taylor Swift," the event will feature a menu inspired by the repertoire of artists, including a mention of the song that started the rumors of tension, "Bad Blood", which gives its name to a drink.

Among the menu options are "'I Kissed a Girl 'Tofu", the "Strawberry Pie' White Horse', Your' Birthday' Everyday Cheesecake", and drinks "Regina George in Sheep's Clothing" and "Kitty Purry."

During dinner, guests can watch a battle between singers with videos of her greatest hits, which will be broadcasted throughout the night. The menu will include a drink named John Mayer, as the musician has a romantic past (and troubled) with the two singers.

Check out the promotional image below: