Fantasy Life (3DS) Furniture / Decoration for your house

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Decorative objects
Wall Decoration


All the furniture that you can use it for the decoration of your house will be listed here. Per City (3 in total) you can decorate a room. Maximum fit 18, 25 or 35 objects in your room (depending on the size of the room). Here's what you can have in your home: furniture, walls, floors & pets.


Wooden bed2,4001From the beginning, available in wood & Fried Castle
Pink bed800-Wood Fried Castle
Green bed800-Wood Fried Castle
Yellow bed800-Al-Maajik: Sand City
Blue bed800-Puerto: Palastweg
White bed800-Puerto: Palastweg
Black bed8001Al-Maajik: Sand City
Seaport bed @42002Puerto: Palastweg
Piratenkoje @6,0003Puerto: Palastweg
Canopied bed @12,0003Al-Maajik: Sand City
Forest-bed @9,0004Urforst: village
Nightmare bed @80004Al-Maajik: Sand City
Royal bed @90005Snow Peak - House of Crowned Knight


Wooden cabinet @1,5001From the beginning, available in wood & Fried Castle
Seaport cabinet @4,0002Puerto: Palastweg
Pirates cabinet @5,5003Puerto: Palastweg
Sky cabinet @7,2003Al-Maajik: Sand City
Spirit World cabinet @7,0004Al-Maajik: Sand City
Forest cabinet @60004Urforst: village
Royal Wardrobe23,0005Snow Peak - House of Crowned Knight
Wooden cabinets @20001Wood Fried Castle
Perl cabinet @30002Puerto: Palastweg
Piratenschränkchen @3,2003Puerto: Palastweg
Sky cabinet @4,8003Al-Maajik: Sand City
Ominous cabinet @14,0004Al-Maajik: Sand City
Forest cupboard @5,6004Urforst: village
Royal cupboard @12,0005Snow Peak - House of Crowned Knight


Wooden chest of drawers @2,0001

Wood Fried Castle
Perl dresser @ 4,200 2Puerto: Palastweg
Pirate Chest @ 4,200 3Puerto: Palastweg
Sky-dresser @ 7,0003Al-Maajik: Sand City
Nightmare dresser @ 7,0004Al-Maajik: Sand City
Forest-dresser @60004Urforst: village
Royal Chest @16,0005Snow Peak - House of Crowned Knight


Green dining table500-Wood Fried Castle
Pink dining table500-Wood Fried Castle
Blue dining table500-Puerto: Palastweg
White dining table500-Puerto: Palastweg
Yellow dining table500-Al-Maajik: Sand City
Black dining table500-Al-Maajik: Sand City
Wooden dining table @2,4001Wood Fried Castle
Perl dining table @3,8002Puerto: Palastweg
Pirate dining table @5,8003Puerto: Palastweg
Sky Dining @6,8003Al-Maajik: Sand City
Bloodthirsty table @10,8004Al-Maajik: Sand City
Royal Dining @14,0005Snow Peak - House of Crowned Knight
Wood side table @2,8001Wood Fried Castle
Perl side table @3,0002Puerto: Palastweg
Pirate Side @4,0003Puerto: Palastweg
Sky-side table @6,0003Al-Maajik: Sand City
Occult Side @7,8004Al-Maajik: Sand City
Forest Side @6,8004Urforst: village
Royal Side @12,0005Snow Peak - House of Crowned Knight

Worn chair--Available from the beginning
Wooden chair600-Wood Fried Castle
Green chair400-Wood Fried Castle
Pink Chair400-Wood Fried Castle
Yellow Chair400-Al-Maajik: Sand City
Blue Chair400-Puerto: Palastweg
White chair400-Puerto: Palastweg
Black stools400-Al-Maajik: Sand City
Seaport chair @2,4002Puerto: Palastweg
Pirates Chair @2,0003Puerto: Palastweg
Sky Chair @5,2003Al-Maajik: Sand City
Chair of atonement @6,2004Al-Maajik: Sand City
Forest-chair 1,6004Urforst: village
Royal Chair 9,0005Snow Peak - House of Crowned Knight
Chair of Dreams (?)??Schreiner Rank God (?)


Wooden sofa @2,8001Wood Fried Castle
Port city-sofa @3,2002Puerto: Palastweg
Sky sofa @6,0003Al-Maajik: Sand City
Pirates Bank @4,6003Puerto: Palastweg
Wicked sofa @20,0004Al-Maajik: Sand City
Forest sofa @5,800 4Urforst: village
Royal Sofa @ 13,0005Snow Peak - House of Crowned Knight

Decorative objects

Grinseblume 2000 -Castle Castle - Castle Gardens (free), OR Wood Fried Castle
Basket @600-Wood Fried Castle
Crate @960-Wood Fried Castle
Trash @400-Wood Fried Castle
Bottles 300-Puerto: Palastweg
Ewer800-Al-Maajik: Sand City
Barrel @1,200-Puerto: Palastweg
Tote Bag700-Al-Maajik: Sand City
Umbrella Tree8001Wood Fried Castle
Teddy Bear1,8001Wood Fried Castle in OR:Castle - grocery
Candle1,6002Wood Fried Castle
Yucca2,0002Puerto: Palastweg
Sweet Turtle3,0002Puerto - Palastweg: Cocina Rica (Snuuts rarities Shop)
Fortunately cactus4,0003Cactus Cove - nomadic traders
Treasure Chest3,0003Al-Maajik: Sand City
Toy Camel7,0003Al-Maajik: Grocery
Great arch support12,0003Urforst: village (free if you have hunter champion)
Stump and ax12,0003Urforst: village (free if you carpenters to master)
Bushy tree1,5004Urforst: village
Castle Souvenir8,0005Sternenglanz Garden (at Divinus Agent)
Puerto Souvenir8,0005Sternenglanz Garden (at Divinus Agent)
Al-Maajik Souvenir8,0005Sternenglanz Garden (at Divinus Agent)
Urforst Souvenir8,0005Sternenglanz Garden (at Divinus Agent)
Emporia Souvenir 8,0005Sternenglanz Garden (at Divinus Agent)
Lunares Souvenir8,0005Sternenglanz Garden (at Divinus Agent)
???Only with update version 1.4
???Only with update version 1.4
???Only with update version 1.4


Easy wall (white)1,200-Pet Shops in Castle - in White Green (free), OR: Wood Fried Castle
Easy wall (green)1,200-Wood Fried Castle
Easy wall (Pink)1,200-Wood Fried Castle
Easy wall (blue)1,200-Puerto: Palastweg
Easy wall (yellow)1,200-Al-Maajik: Sand City
Easy wall (black)1,200-Al-Maajik: Sand City
Easy wall (white)1,200-Puerto: Palastweg
Castle Wallpaper2,0001Wood Fried Castle
Plaster wall1,6002Puerto: Palastweg
Concrete wall4,0002Puerto: Palastweg
Pirate Ship Wallpaper9,0003Puerto: Palastweg
Maajik Wallpaper8,0003Al-Maajik: Sand City
Sunset Wallpaper?3Quest complete by Gottfried in fort (free)
Wooden wall4004Present from the beginning Wood Fried Castle
Enchanted wallpaper14,0004Al-Maajik: Sand City
Wall wallpaper3,2004Urforst: village
Castle Wallpaper 4,8005Snow Peak - House of Crowned Knight


Simple carpet2,000 -Present from the beginning of wood Fried Castle
Hardwood Floor2,400-Wood Fried Castle
Single floor (green, pink) 1,200 -Pet Shops in Castle (green & pink as a boy as a girl - free), OR: Wood Fried Castle
Single floor (yellow)1,200-Al-Maajik: Sand City
Single floor (blue)1,200-Puerto: Palastweg
Single floor (black)1,200-Al-Maajik: Sand City
Single floor (White)1,200-Puerto: Palastweg
Castle rug3,0001Wood Fried Castle
Forest floor2,0001Urforst: village
Stone floor5,0001Lava grotto in snow peak (Mini-Shop: Secret forge)
Brick floor4,0002Wood Fried Castle
Ocean Bottom2,5002Puerto: Palastweg
Concrete Floor4,0003Puerto: Palastweg
Wooden Floor9,0003Lava grotto in snow peak (Mini-Shop: Secret forge)
Terracotta floor15,0003Wood Fried Castle
Pirate ship ground8,0003Puerto: Palastweg
Cursed ground9,0004Al-Maajik: Sand City
Desert Floor7,0004Al-Maajik: Sand City
Castle Grounds4,0005Snow Peak - House of Crowned Knight


Fort-curtains960-Wood Fried Castle
Simple Curtains8001Wood Fried Castle OR Florina (Western prairie, free)
??2Puerto: Palastweg
Sky curtains10,0003Al-Maajik: Sand City
??3Puerto: Palastweg
Shadow World curtains20,0004Al-Maajik: Sand City
Forest Curtains8,0004Urforst: village
Royal Curtains17,0005Snow Peak - House of Crowned Knight


Simple doormat @2,000-Wood Fried Castle
Castle doormat3,0001Wood Fried Castle
Port city doormat3,8002Puerto: Palastweg
Port City Area Rugs5,0002Puerto: Palastweg
Journal doormat10,0003Urforst: village
Clover rugs14,0003Urforst: village
Sky rugs11,0003Al-Maajik: Sand City
Sky doormat9,0003Al-Maajik: Sand City
Deck rug13,0003Puerto: Palastweg
Pirate doormat10,0003Puerto: Palastweg
Underworld rugs14,0004Al-Maajik: Sand City
Doormat the dark 18,000 4Al-Maajik: Sand City
Royal Rugs 15,0005Snow Peak - House of Crowned Knight
Royal doormat20,000 5Snow Peak - House of Crowned Knight

Wall Decoration

Patched hole ?-?
Ruffled skirts 4,000 3Puerto: Palastweg
Pirate ship window 6,0003Puerto: Palastweg
Wood Floor9,0003Snow Peak - House of Crowned Knight
Forest Kingfish image -3Forest Kingfish proposed in life Guild speaking flower
Dark Bass image -4Write a dark perch in life Guild speaking flower
Swordfish image-4Swordfish proposed in life Guild speaking flower
Jolly Roger (?) ? 4?
Portrait of Erik -4?
Portrait of Olivia - 4?
Portrait of Daemon - 4?
Secret door -4Carpenter: Master → Castle - Trade Quarter (of Bibbo)@ (How to)
Imaginary window-4Schreiner: Expert → Puerto - near the pirate ship (Decker) @ (How to)
Map of the world -4Carpenter: Master → Puerto - near the pirate ship (Decker) @ (How to)