Far Cry 4 Side Missions: Yogi and Reggie / Longinus

Side Mission: Yogi and Reggie

A total of four missions are available for the two stoners, that brings you a new skill, and above all lots of money. Moreover, the two fellows are really entertaining - that alone made each visit is worth to them.

Mission 1: Lost and Confused

Yogi and Reggie pump your blood stream with full mind-altering substances, then you wake up suddenly without weapons in a cave, but have significantly sharpened senses - your entire environment is already marked, as you would have them scanned with your camera. Make yourself to the benefit of and sneak past the bears that you can also distract her with stones if necessary.

Yogi and Reggie have your equipment. Find them.

You leave the cave, plop on this job. You can not go wrong: Run easy to mark and is possible to get rid of predators.

Who I am and what I want to achieve in life?

Before the shrine, your buddy vanishes into thin air, then you must continue your drug trip. You can also use vehicles, if you find any.

Find Yogi and Reggie to get back your equipment

At this destination suddenly appear rhinos and you want the skin. Make your way to the next marker...
Your equipment and Yogi and Reggie are gone. Find them.

Where even though waiting enemy soldiers with live ammunition on you. So here again hurry to get away and fast. In a cave her Yogi and Reggie will then, after the effect of the drug wears off slowly.

After the mission you unlock the ability Duration boost, with which you can reproduce this perception at any time.

Mission 2: The Burning Forest

Essentially change in this mission is not much, only this time you have a firearm for defense. Take them on at the beginning and walk the few steps up to the mark.

Find Missing Things

Boars come against you, that you can also ignore them confidently. Run to the marked position.

Who I am and what I want to achieve in life

Shoot the red barrel to the right of the two soldiers to turn it off in one fell swoop. Then you put yourself to the destination.

Yogi and Reggie have your equipment. Find them

The same game: hunt a bullet in the barrel to the right of the guys, then it goes on.

Your equipment and Yogi and Reggie are gone. Find them.

You can find Yogi and Reggie on the roof of the small hut. They disappears into thin air, it will be two enemies. Then go into the house and collect your upgrade.

Mission 3: Naked & Screaming

Again, the same mission objectives, but this time with a wet start. You start off in a cave and have to dive out of this. Just follow this beacon among setter until you are back in the open air go up and there on the Jetsky. Essentially, you have to go along now only on the water marks, what's done absolutely no problem and quickly. Enjoy the trip.

Mission 4: Fly or Die Trying

You fall - really deep. After a moment, you bang into the water, where your trip is not just better. Follow again the markers that have ready a surprise for you every time.

Side Mission: Longinus

The charged in the days of his past Longinus still feels guilt, so you have to help him in a total of four missions there. In contrast to Yogi and Reggie the preacher moved his position after each mission.

Mission 1: A Short Hunt

For this mission you get not only a nice financial reward, but also the ability Magazine juggler. Once you've unlocked them, you are much faster to be able to reload with every weapon, which can be a not to be underestimated advantage in battle.

Reach the specified location

Far is it not, that swing to the quad in front of Longinus' tent and makes you on the way.

A smuggler approaches. Do not let yourself discover

You must now go undetected for a while, which works just like the rest of game as well. Are you too close to your goal, you show a corresponding indication of when you were fully exposed. You don’t have to worry much about it. And even when you are discovered, the mission does not over automatically - your goal expresses only a little stronger on the tube, while his followers opened fire.

Follow the smugglers

Go behind the smuggler where your maximum distance should not exceed 120 meters. He leads you into his hidden location.

Loot the corpse of the smuggler

Take the lifeless body from the Finals for the vault.

Enter the vault since you want to yes in the vault, it does not help to follow the markings on the mountain. Instead follow the road and enter the cave.

Take the blood diamonds

On the small wooden desk you will find what you take the trouble to you. Pay attention to the two soldiers who were placed inside.

Escape with diamonds

Once you have added the diamond, the entrance is surrounded by enemies. Destroy some (or all) before you leave the area. Pay attention to the numerous snipers.

Bring the diamonds to the transfer point

Now you have the blood diamonds to put them in the box in the selected cabin.

Mission 2: Recompence

Drive to the bridge and immediately grab a hovercraft, as the persecution continue on the water and you will discover if you just standing on the bridge. Before the vault then follow inevitably greater shooting, because you do not have the possibility to avoid the enemies. So she bangs one after the other, you clawing the diamond, flee and return it off in a small hut.

Mission 3: A High Price

This mission takes you from all across the airway while it significantly harder to the point goes than in the previous missions. Just inside the camp you take some soldiers.

Mission 4: A Final Penance

Lighter than the previous and generally not in any way striking: A final atonement is done relatively fixed. Then it is time for Longinus, other places to atone for his sins.