Far Cry 4 Side Quests and Activities in Kyrat

The Arena

Once you have freed the arena in the main quest you can always return. There you can try three game modes:


Battles are like the Arena battles in the campaign, but much more difficult

Endless Mode:

In Endless Mode you fight until you bite the dust.

Weapons challenges:

Here you have to survive a challenge with weapons given 5 laps.


  • Especially at the beginning of a round, you should not rush wildly into the fray, but explore and strike with good timing; otherwise quickly as possible, carved out of the mt. pine
  • Takedowns also bring more points than vile kills
  • Do not go to the center of the arena. There you are completely vulnerable
  • Use the wild animals to attack your enemies. The animals always grab the closest people.

Armed Escorts

In armed escorts quests, your supplies must bring for the golden path from A to B. It's that simple! For this purpose, you have a smart grenade launcher mounted on your vehicle. Have fun with it!

Supplies for the Golden Path to combat Noores (X: 337 Y: 585)
Contraceptives (X: 353 Y: 660)
Books (X: 452 Y: 773)
Weapons for the Golden Path to De Pleurs (X: 460 Y: 491)
Suspicious items from Golden Path (X: 461 Y: 339)
"Liberated" Gold (X: 572 Y: 624)
Food (X: 648 Y: 805)
Weather balloon (X: 782 Y: 691)


You can repair your vehicle at the beginning of most armed escort jobs you can take one M-79 grenade launcher find that you can use as a side-mounted weapon.


Stealth Assassination missions are missions where it matters, secretly eliminate a Pagan Min's army leaders. They always have four sections:

  1. Kill the army leader without being seen
  2. Get his dog tag
  3. Hiding his body (optional)
  4. To be seen without scram

The coordinate in the following are the places where you can take the orders - The application is usually somewhere else.

Outpost Bhirabata (X: 533 Y: 810)
KEO Lumber Camp (X: 419 Y: 760)
Kyratea terraces (X: 391 Y: 330)
Lhumtse Barracks (X: 784 Y: 602)
Pranijagat School (X: 348 Y: 623)
Rochan brick co. Shipping (X: 392 Y: 504)
Rochan brick factory warehouse (X: 441 Y: 540)


  • "Without being seen" means exactly that. You may leave traces (The Great Silence), the orders will only fail when you actually discovered
  • Hunting syringes you help to keep all enemies in sight
  • Pay attention to your surroundings. A well shot at an explosive barrel makes for a lot of chaos

Bomb Disposal

The bomb disposal is similar to the story mission "The sleeping saints". You have to defuse bombs, without being detected. If you will discover you have still time to defuse the bombs before the countdown expires. However, this is associated with enormous time pressure. The bombs are, moreover, only armed when you will discover, if not enemies or similar bodies discover.

Airport (X: 273 Y: 545
Brick factory (X: 364 Y: 537)
Chal-Jama Monastery (X: 469 Y: 503)
Jalendu Temple (X: 560 Y: 644)
Kalesh (X: 753 Y: 750)
Kyratea factory (X: 399 Y: 429)
Re-education camps "Radiant mind" (X: 754 Y: 685)


Hunting syringes are also excellent to discover all opponents

Eye for an Eye

An eye for an eye orders are not stealth missions as opposed to attacks. Here is one of brute force. The coordinates here are the places where the order can be accepted.

KEO Pradhana Mine (X: 692 Y: 625) Weapon: Sniper Rifle
Kheta Manor (X: 447 Y: 453), Weapon: Pistol
Namboche Monastery (X: 804 Y: 724) Weapon: Assault Rifle
Ratu Gadhi (X: 562 Y: 604) Weapon: Explosives
Kennels of the Royal Guard (X: 605 Y: 708) Guns:
Ashram of the Seven Treasures (X: 431 Y: 388) Weapon: MP
Shanath-breeding (X: 380 Y: 547) Guns:
Shanath training ground (X: 255 Y: 542) Weapon: Knife

Supplies for the Golden Path

"Inventories" missions are just Checkpoint Race.

Coordinates of the starting points:

X: 281 Y: 445
X: 331 Y: 470
X: 338 Y: 381
X: 463 Y: 564
X: 478 Y: 680
X: 560 Y: 790
X: 675 Y: 647
X: 765 Y: 765

Hostage Rescue

In the Hostage Rescue You must kill without leaving hurt to hurt the hostages or the kidnappers. Speed and finesse are therefore required. As always, the coordinates of the location of the job allocation and not the place of hostage-taking.

Baghadur (X: 192 Y: 599)
Border observation post (X: 811 Y: 665)
Barnalis textiles (X: 446 Y: 687)
KEO-Gold Memory (X: 438 Y: 817)
Khilna Bazaar (X: 299 Y: 426)
Kyratea weighing station (X: 345 Y: 378)
Clinic of open heart (X: 387 Y: 674)
Pokhari Ghara (X: 552 Y: 748)
Gulag Rajgad (X: 811 Y: 786)
Royal Raksi Brewery (X: 554 Y: 535)
Checkpoint Sahi Jile (X: 669 Y: 764)
Shikharpur (X: 675 Y: 698)
Tirtha (X: 499 Y: 371)
Varshakot (X: 512 Y: 431)


There are three different types of hunting orders: control (a population of animals is cocky and needs to be decimated), inventories (You need a certain number of animals hunt to get to inventories) and survival (You have to protect a group of civilians against wild animals)


Shanath (X: 446 Y: 605) Objectives: Dhole
Tirtha (X: 499 Y: 372) Objectives: honey badgers
Utkarsh (X: 492 Y: 758), goals pit viper
West of Sahi Jile (X: 642 Y: 759), goals macaques


Shanath (X: 447 Y: 607) Objectives: wild boar
Tirtha (X: 497 Y: 369), goals: Sambar
West vonSahi Jile (X: 642 Y: 759), goals: Yak
Utkarsh (X: 492 Y: 758), goals: Bharals


Border observation post (X: 810 Y: 663), goals: Snow Leopard
Rochan brick factory warehouse (X: 439 Y: 542), goals: Tiger
Kennels of the Royal Guard (X: 606 Y: 708) Objectives: Bears
Shanath training ground (X: 254 Y: 541), goals: honey badgers
Shikharpur (X: 674 Y: 699), goals: Wolves
Varshakot (X: 506 Y: 430) Objectives: Dhole

Kyrati Films

Kyrati films are rolling car and other vehicle race. They come in two types: Race and survive!

Race: Simple rides against the clock

Banapur (X: 214 Y: 430) - not a race, but you must first talking with Sharma salsa to unlock the race.
Border observation post (X: 809 Y: 659), quad
KEO Lumber Camp (X: 419 Y: 759), buggy
Kyratea weighing station (X: 346 Y: 380), quad
Pokhari Ghara (X: 555 Y: 748), Minivan
Rochan brick factory warehouse (X: 437 Y: 541), auto rickshaw
Kennels of the Royal Guard (X: 602 Y: 708) Hovercraft
Royal Raksi Brewery (X: 554 Y: 537), pickup
Shanath training ground (X: 250 Y: 542), quad
Varshakot (X: 509 Y: 430) Pickup

Survival: here counts the clock down instead of up. Each control brings you another 5 seconds bonus. In addition, you must change the vehicles regularly and become bombarded on the trip.

Barnalis textiles (X: 443 Y: 687), quad & gyrocopter
Khilana Bazaar (X: 298 Y: 429), Pick & Quads
Lhumtse Barracks (X: 783 Y: 605), quad & buggy
Namboche Monastery (X: 803 Y: 725), quad & hovercraft
Rochan brick factory abbot transport (X: 394 Y: 501), Darrah, Hovercraft
Checkpoint Sahi Jile (X: 668 Y: 761), scavengers, Hovercraft, gyrocopter
Ashram of the Seven Treasures (X: 434 Y: 389), quad, Hovercraft
Shanath Refuge (X: 382 Y: 570), jet skiing, Pickup
Shikharpur (X: 675 Y: 703), quad, Wingsuit, jet skiing

Pagan’s Wrath

Pagan’s Wrath orders are random encounters. You must destroy each order a convoy consisting of three Technicals occupied with armed to the teeth. You will know because on the map a hexagonal symbol with skull appears.

These orders have no relevance or impact on the main story. But eventually destroy things without making fun treats!

Propaganda Centers

You have captured the bell towers and demolished the propaganda poster? Fine, pagan min but still has an ace up its sleeve - the propaganda center. Here you'll just have to destroy the yellow on the map marked equipment while constantly reinforcing the army arrives. Truly no picnic.

X: 447 Y: 322 - here you meet DJ Rabi, your informant.
X: 359 Y: 577
X: 571 Y: 778
X: 710 Y: 709