FIFA 15: Best Attackers to use in the Ultimate Team Mode

FIFA 15 allows football fans to play to be coaches in Ultimate Team mode, where you can build teams with players from around the world and face leagues and tournaments. Unhappy with the performance of your attacker? See our suggestions for your team in FUT.

Ibrahimovic (PSG)

The Swedish big man is unanimity when it comes to scoring goals, and FUT the story is exactly the same. The attacker is strong, skilled and killer, both by air and on the ground. The price is salty, but worth the investment, 600 000 coins.

Remy (Chelsea)

The French sprinter arrived at Chelsea for this season, and it's been successful FUT with his explosives pikes and good finishing. The price is also inviting, rarely passing the house of 10,000 coins.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid)

CR7 needs no introduction, being considered the current best player in the world. In the game, his superiority is such that it can be difficult to find the player sale. The price is the highest of the entire game, more than two and a half million coins.

Bony (Swansea)

Bony is no pop star, but is doing fine appearances for Swansea. In FUT, Drogba's successor in the selection of Ivory Coast wins from defenders with great force, and ends with violence, making life difficult for the goalkeepers. The price never moves from a thousand pieces.

Higuain (Napoli)

After some beautiful matches in the Cup, Higuain has won praise at Napoli, and also in the Ultimate Team. The Argentine striker owns a beautiful letter, with good numbers in several attributes. The price is also good, 1700 coins.

Ibarbo (Cagliari)

Ibarbo is a curious case in Ultimate Team. While in real life the attacker does not show a lot of quality, your virtual self is one of the most absurd in the game. Extremely fast, tall, strong and dribbler, the Colombian is a tank which costs about 3000 coins.

Neymar (Barcelona)

The boy wonder of Brazil also has space between the top of the FUT, thanks to its amazing attributes of speed and dribbling. Break, Neymar still finish well with both legs. The price is salty, over 220 thousand pieces.

Emenike (Fenerbahce)

Old acquaintance in the Ultimate Team mode, Emenike is another example of player that is better in the game than in real life. The Nigerian is big, strong and very fast, not to mention the powerful finish. The value is no more than a thousand pieces.

Lewandowski (Bayern Munich)

After the controversial move to Bayern, Polish remains high. Great finisher and good handling, the attacker is a dangerous presence in the area. The price border the 90,000 coins.

Van Persie (Manchester United)

Player refined technique, Van Persie is the torment of any defense with his ability to finish in various ways, or give companions with sugary passes. The price is right, about 40 thousand pieces.