Chapter 1
Secret Locations: Residential

Residential Area Right in the Garden of Mark Evans house Milk

Secret Locations: Shopping District

Residential Area Right above the football field. Red Coin
At the main gate Links above the football field. Karo Shoes
At the main gate Bottom left next to the football field. Instructions: photon flash
At the clubhouse At the entrance near the clubhouse. Exercise gloves
At the clubhouse Across the parking lot on the left side of the map. Elan 45 points
At the clubhouse In the parking lot, between the truck and the gray car. Instructions: Star Cruiser
Dorm EC At the upper end of the corridor. Elan 150 points
Dorm EC In the room with the fitness equipment. Mineral water
Dorm EC At the lower end of the corridor. Fresh studs
Dorm 1st floor At the lower end of the corridor. Blue Coin
Dorm 1st floor In the second room on the upper part of the gangway. Youth tunnel

Secret Locations: Riverside

River Bank On the lower left side of the card. In addition to the large skeleton. Blue Coin
River Bank Centered at the bottom, next to the river. Mineral water
River Bank Behind the outhouse. Youth tunnel
Football pitch ON the upper road, on the right. Instructions: Warp Tunnel
Football pitch To the right of the left stairs. Blue Coin

Secret Locations: Tokyo airport

Outside Tokyo airport Left of the left green bus in front of the building. Karo Shoes
Outside Tokyo airport On the right side of the bridge in front of the yellow car. Instructions: Dribbling
Tokyo Hall Airport Upon entering, all in the lower left corner. Yellow coin

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