Skill Trainers / Locations in Risen 3 - Titan Lords (PC)

Calador - Skill Trainer

Nate (Demon Hunter)

Location: in the fishing village or at the Citadel

Take Beagle Boys, master thief, pulling teeth, horns skills


Location: Tavern

Skills: knife, monkey trainer, Intimidate, Dutch courage


Location: Tavern

Skills: distiller, drinker


Location: pig farm west of the tavern

Skills: carnivores

Drake (Demon Hunter)

Location: Citadel input

Skills: Making crossbows, Medicus, Sayings

Eldric (Oldest)

Location: Citadel

Skills: potions, alchemy, ritual master (spirit 100)

Connor (Dealer Demon Hunter)

Location: Citadel

Skills: Chandler

Henrik (Demon Hunter)

Location: Citadel

Skills: Blade Dancer, slashing, stabbing weapons, swords, blades Safe

Wilson (blacksmith)

Location: Citadel

Making musket, shotgun, pistol, Critical Strike, talismans: Skills

In addition, the joining the demon hunters, with the other Demon Hunters and Wilson
learn the magic replace the runes that you can find.

Risen 3: Titan Lords walkthrough, Main/Side missions

Antigua - Skill Trainer


Location: First house in the east of the city

Learn potions, alchemy skills


Location: Behind the warehouse

Skills: stabbing, slashing, counterattack, Master Thief

Takarigua- Skill Trainer

Tanner (Inquisition soldier)

Location: Lighthouse (after the quest of Jack on the beach)

Skills: Intimidate, Untotenschlächter

Jose (cook in Puerto Sacarico)

Location: Kitchen

Skills: Dutch courage, Medicus, carnivore

Rodriguez (Inquisition soldier)

Location: near the kitchen house in Puerto Sacarico

Skills: Musket, Shotgun, gunsmith, Bulletproof, magic Sure, Distilling

Taranis - Skill Trainer

Safi (gnome)

Location: on the pier

Skills: distiller

Gadi (gnome)

Location: on the pier

Skills: monkey trainer, Beagle Boys, Master Thief

Baker (Guardian)

Location: Guardhouse top of the pier, he will lead you to the magician Celebrations

Skills: take silver tongue claws

Magnus (Guardian General)

Location: Mage Celebrations

Skills: counterattack, Blade Dancer


Location: Mage Celebrations

Skills: Magic Safe


Location: Mage Celebrations

Skills: monkey trainer, Medicus, Dutch courage

Gordon (blacksmith)

Location: Mage festivals in the house right next to the house of the Magi

Skills: forging, manufacture talismans


Location: Mage Celebrations

Skills: pistols, daggers, Beagle Boys, Master Thief


Location: Mage festivals in the kitchen in the basement

Skills: Dutch courage, drinker, distiller

Nergal (Mage)

Location: Mage festivals, house of magicians in the basement

Skills: potions, alchemy, ritual master

Faruco (Mage)

Location: Mage festivals, home of the Magi on the 1st floor

Skills: Making Sayings


Location: Mage festivals, home of the Magi

Skills: Focus learn

If you join the Guardians can also learn her from most guards on Taranis and some
magicians Crystal Magic skills. These replace the scrolls that can be bought and

Kila - Skill Trainer


Location: On Shipwreck

Skills: monkey trainer, Stealth, Beagle Boys, Master Thief


Location: North of the wreck at the huts

Skills: stabbing weapons, swords, batons, Bulletproof


Location: North of the wreck

Skills: counterattack, Blade Dancer


Location: pirate camp

Skills: land stabbings, daggers, Critical Strike


Location: Inside the cabin in the wreck with the pirates

Skills: silver tongue, Chandler, potions, alchemy, ritual master


Location: Village of the natives

Skills: Medicus producing talismans, spells produce


Location: Village of the natives

Skills: remove the skins, horns take


Location: Village of the natives in the jungle below the village

Skills: remove the skins, pulling teeth, pull claws, horns take, draw Trophies.

Do you have gained the confidence of the natives, and you connect them, you can additionally by the natives Voodoo Magic skills to learn.