Street Fighter 5 vs 4 - Graphics Comparison

Street Fighter 5 has just been officially announced by Capcom for the PlayStation 4 and PC after the leak of a teaser trailer and we could already see some of its new graphics.

Check out a graphic comparison between the new title with the previous installment of the series, Street Fighter 4.

Initially, just looking for Street Fighter 5, the graph jump may not seem stunning, but to revamp the lighting and detail the evolution becomes more evident. The metal Chun-Li bracelet now really seems to metal and the outfit of Ryu seems much more real, worn and torn so many fights.

You can also notice the artistic direction taken by the producer Capcom to choose a visual style similar to Street Fighter 4, where the proportions of the models are not exactly realistic. This lets you keep the classic features, almost "cartoon look", the first chapters of the saga.