The Crew (Ubisoft's racing video game) Walkthrough

Table of Contents


- Preliminary considerations
- Environment and interaction
- Garage
- Modifications
- Level and Benefits

US Travel

- Skill Games
- Pick up your souvenir - Collectibles

Top Events - Midwest

- Before the storm
- Welcome to Detroit
- Driving Test
- Initiation
- Watch the Paint
- A push
- The workaround
- The flight
- Mourning
- Create a ghost
- Territorial War
- Career battleships
- Friends forever
- The driver
- Revenge
- Omar
- Extortion
- Dominate
- Xfinity Speed Challenge
- Shattered Zone

Main Events - East Coast

- Harry
- Tsu
- On the case
- Terrain
- The Harry Situation
- Pressure
- Dirty Money
- Green
- The shadow
- Handed
- Burrows
- All or nothing
- Family Issues

Main Events - South

- Alita
- Proven
- Forehand
- Intervention
- 5-10
- Second assault
- Training
- Blow below the belt
- Counterattack
- Main Event
- Dilemma
- Fearful Symmetry

Main Events - Mountainous West

- Vegas, baby
- Proof theory
- Local noise
- Meandering
- Escorted
- Detective
- Timeout
- Open air
- Bully
- Exhaust speed
- Proofreader
- Burn to Coburn


- Away from justice
- Ring White Mountains
- Tied
- Leaving the country
- Shortcuts

Game Cheats


- Get all the trophies available in the game


Preliminary considerations

The Crew is a racing game playable with many options and playing various branches of motor sport, yes, adapted to an arcade title. In the United States there is evidence of all kinds and therefore know that each category of car is limited due to their characteristics. Each vehicle is better in an area than in another and the best way to spend your monies is knowing distribute costs and don’t buy.

In the enormous mapping you're not alone. That is why so you can find other players in the same session with crews to train teams-with which to compete and add even more money. You also have the ability to invite players to play co-op missions.

The formula to get money is to gain evidence. There are long lasting hours or more-or-a simple events few seconds. Obviously the amounts of money and experience earned in one or another vary widely, but always nice to fill the pocket. Another way is to connect every day to get the daily salary divided factions after its release.

If you have no desire to participate in events is always wandering American roads. The country is faithfully represented their cities and natural monuments-and artificial-most iconic and famous. The player has collectibles as signaling activities of all places, finding antennas to unlock pieces of evidence or abandoned cars.
And if those reasons do not convince you still buy an American classic, put hands on the wheel and crosses Route 66.

Environment and interaction

Ivory Tower wanted to make a video game that convey the feeling of going through a country within a virtual world. Reducing distances have managed to perfectly recreate the traditional atmosphere of the country of the stars and stripes. But how? For simple. Typing its most representative places in just five regions, but they give much of himself.

For roads and cities you can find plenty of drawn recreations of reality. The states are not fully represented because of the fifty states 'only' remain five. Not that I have forgotten the rest, but have a general name for each of the five and then have gotten into the same bag the rest.

While vague on US roads there are different activities to do.

Story Mode

The story is based on your progress. The storyline is based on a series of activities that the player has to perform and play ensures that each mission has a relationship with history. As you move forward on this, you will unlock new evidence, regions or vehicles among others.


You can join five are going unlocked as you unlock areas. They are groups of pilots who try to impose on the rest. This slope is characterized by long-term tests and plenty of money at stake.

Secondary activities (Games)

If you're in the open world you can access secondary character evidence. They are not as varied and complex -within what Cabe as the story mode but entertain, give playing time, help for practice and especially Bucks and experience.


There are a number of items to collect or visit in American geography. An adventurous side that nobody resists.

Because of the long distances Ivory Tower has wanted to introduce fast travel with reduced spending time. To explore the terrain you're leaving a trail which certifies you've been there. Allows access to evidence from anywhere or travel to train stations or airports that allow you to reach nearby.


The Crew has a generous range of vehicles. More than anything is the amount of changes you can make to your racing car. In the same vehicle you can make six variants (if they are all available):

- Standard: freshly baked car.
- Street: Used for street racing and road trips.
- Performance: This is a powerful aerodynamic kit which is based on tests of asphalt.
- Terrain: Fast roads and highway.
- Rally: To get him on all surfaces smooth. Very useful cross country.
- Circuit: Fully transformed to bust chronos and overtaking cars on track car. The most powerful in the game.

To purchase vehicles car salesman sees any city in need thereof (Detroit, New York, Miami, Las Vegas and Los Angeles). Each dealer has exclusive vehicles can be tested before buying. To modify a car you have to go to specialist workshop (Detroit [serial] / New York [SUV] / Miami [performance] / Las Vegas [rally] / Los Angeles [circuit]) Both are unlocked at a certain point in history so go forward to purchase new vehicles and components.


It is one of the strengths of The Crew. You can build your own car to suit your style and the terrain you like. Here are the changes:


Visually you can modify the car almost as you want. Have a lot of pieces in the window to add to improve (or worsen) the aesthetic level of your racing car.

- Bumpers (front / rear)
- Interior
- Spoiler
- Bonnet
- Mirrors
- Painting (type of paint / vinyl)
- Skirts
- Rims


Performance parts are earned by winning tests. Depending on your score (platinum, gold, silver and bronze) you can put better or worse parts to your car. If you buy a new car and want to put him power to your engine you should purchase a power pack a certain level-each ten- or go buy one by one, but you must if any earned in previous races. These pieces will make your car level rise marks.

- Exhaust
- Injection
- Ventilation
- Gearbox
- Stator
- Tires
- Brakes
- Suspension
- Differential
- Weight reduction

When you win a test, the piece you've earned will add a distinctive bonus. For example; Tires + bonus grip.

Level and Benefits

The level is the crux of the matter in The Crew. When you go from level new items are available. To do this you need testing or find collectibles. Upon completion of work a small portion of Grande-or experience points to your level bar adds. The maximum level in the game is 50. Having reached this level unlock platinum medals.

Re-playability and provide new targets. Good time to increase the score of your vehicle.

One of the rewards for the next level are the advantages. The advantages are a number of enhancers for a particular aspect of the game. They give you the different allied characters to help you along the story.

US Travel

Skill Games

Skill - Skip

A somewhat kamikaze ability. Speed and jumps grabs an elevation close. Like a jump it were falling as far as possible. A delimiter marks indicates you the minimum of each metal.

Skill - Escape

We must escape from a radio that is spreading as time passes. Go as fast as possible until the time runs out.

Skill - Up hill

Usually located in mountain areas. You must reach a flag-usually located at the point louder before the time runs out. Go through the prompts to earn extra points.

Skill - Online career

A line is marked on the racing line. Go over without leaving and trying to go as fast as possible. Try to go fast to increase your combo score and thus accretion. When the second zero is complete.

Skill - Slalom

It is a test spin. Spend zig-zag along the outside of the virtual sticks that have been placed in the middle of the field. Time passes and you need to walk a few more feet better. Remember not to skip or hit anyone, as this action will penalize you.

Skill - Speed

Drive a lane as quickly as possible without leaving or hitting terrain elements within the timeframe.

Pick up your souvenir - Collectibles

Abandoned Car Parts

There are five exclusive cars that are unlocked by finding its parts. These are scattered throughout the mapping. If you go near one you indicated a symbol of a car in the upper left side minimap. A red light flashes in one part of the map. Follow it and in parallel to putting yellow and green you'll be closer. Passing beside you pick it up.


There are over 200 places to visit. Just go to its icon and get above the mark. Sign in to watch your video presentation. All are real!

Data Stations

For secondary activities or collectibles in the game map is necessary to find the data station. Like abandoned vehicles, a glow in the map will warn you of their proximity. When the light becomes green means it's closer. Go to the part where the beam is stronger. Anyway it is a very distinct structure of several meters.

Top Events - Midwest

Before the storm

The first contact with the game is here. Drive a Ford F-150 and must escape from the police.

The chase goes on a hill located near Detroit so you go off-road. Try to control falls rugged terrain to avoid losing control. To complete the event must go through a series of checkpoints until the finish line. The second run and need to go full speed to arrive on time.

This is one of the tests performed as a prologue. Immersion in the game is the main landmark of this and the following events, so try to get into the game. Then ask how you go chauffeur to a certain place to have in mind the different characteristics possessed the title.

Concluding the chrono looks towards the station data. Look at the minimap and go to the green dot, which becomes more intense as you approach. When you get fixed a waypoint to the nearby barn to pick up the car that will serve for the next race.

Welcome to Detroit

- Type of car: performance
- Level 1 (pilot)

After collecting the car barn mark a waypoint on available career. Come to her from the old barn into an industrial area of the Motor City.

It's an easy race but expires in urban areas: wide tracks, highways and large venues. Enjoy and activates the nitro at the exit of corners and wide straights.

After the event Dayton carried within the time frame. They make an ambush and corrupt officers would remove the medium, the main character is arrested. After five years, and Zoe, a woman involved in 'matters of state' offers you an alternative. Want your help to capture a criminal through racing, so get to work.

Buy the car that fits your needs and then take it to the tuner. Complete test.

Driving test

- Type of car: street
- Level 1 (pilot) / 11 (car)
- Gold (16000) / Silver (9000) / bronze (1000)
- Reward: UCM NV2

Meet Zoe to run a race while you chat with her. It is a simple test that just runs against her in a central layout of the city of Detroit.

Slow a bit later she at the first corner to take the first position and watch traffic and intersections. Control your position occasionally turning the camera and cover the spaces so you don’t forward.

After the race the game transports you to your first base. From there you can organize whatever, so it is a place of vital importance for the development of the game.


- Type of car: street
- Level 1 (pilot) / 11 (car)
- Gold (16000) / Silver (9500) / bronze (1000)
- Reward: Ventilation NV2

Similar to the first but with a greater difficulty race grill. The setting is located in the suburbs of Detroit industrial estate again.

Sal fast to avoid collision with train approaching at high speed. Rival are powerful muscle. As always, the best advice is to drive your vehicle on corner exit or in long lines to catch top speed.

There comes a time when the police show up. There will be too much physical contact, as most units are blocking the road as a fence. To win the race worry rivals before the police.

Finally the boss of the place shall be in you and charge you overcome various jobs.

Watch the Paint

- Type of car: borrowed
- Level 2 (pilot) / - (car provided)
- Gold (12500) / Silver (7500) / bronze (1000)
- Reward: Tires NV2

The chief wants you to give a small gift to the guests. Bring a gleaming Aston Martin to the place of delivery.

You need to bring the car in one piece. The fewer strokes get better. It seems that much if not rejoice stripes des its sporty beautiful. Being a timed test looks at high speed without colliding with anything to get to the gold medal.

Least one or two streets where traffic increases and decreases the width of asphalt, they are usually long and wide enough to advance places avenues.

Bottom of 1: 55: 000 to make the cut.

A push

- Type of car: borrowed.
- Level 2 (pilot) / - (car provided).
- Gold (10000) / Silver (7500) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: Exhaust NV2.

We have prepared a modified rallies Ruf on a road near the coast. Want to take off the middle of a rival boss who goes on a Ford F-150.

To complete the proof you need to collide against the adversary. The challenge happens in the dunes of a sandy beach, so the boats are the order of the day and damping suffer more than expected. Follow the footsteps of rival driver and go crashing the back of his pick-up. The place is ideal for crash wait rotate twice in succession on a giant dunes. Enjoy and give it a lateral blow.

After entering a cinematic scene and the mission will end.

The Workaround

- Type of car: borrowed.
- Level 2 (pilot) / - (car provided).
- Gold (16500) / Silver (9500) / bronze (1500).
- Reward: Injection NV2.

Finish first race to earn the trust of Troy. It is situated in the suburbs of Detroit, in an area of high labor movement. The vehicle you have been allocated a Nissan Skyline ready to rally.

Position yourself quickly in the top positions and closed spaces. It is a race in which there are a few jumps to address and gain time. Employ is important to win.

Caution should be exercised with vehicles entering and leaving the ships, because the area appears to be in 'rush hour'.

Finish the race in the best possible place.

The flight

- Type of car: street.
- Level 3 (pilot) / 18 (car).
- Gold (12000) / Silver (7500) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: Suspension NV3.

Troy just made a big blow and need to escape from the police. Guess who is going to help? Yes, you.

The chase begins in a residential area. To lose the cops you must leave the flashing circles-the minimap which indicates the angle of vision-. Do not go straight all the time because they might catch fast. Try to make sharp turns to complicate the work and thus out of sight.

As the forgetfulness mission will end.


- Type of car: street.
- Level 4 (pilot) / No car level.
- Gold (16000) / Silver (9500) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: Differential NV4.

Troy has another driver that makes you competitive but can be only one. It decided that the winner of this acceleration will test his right hand.

It's a very easy race, if you go straight is impossible to lose. Dale fine cane to nitro when you see fit to advance the opponent Mustang and win the event.

If you've met will advance in history.

Create a ghost

- Type of car: street.
- Level 5 (pilot) / 45 (car).
- Gold 10500/6500 silver / bronze 1000.
- Reward: UCM NV5.

Go to San Luis to perform the mission. Troy wants you to take them out of the midst of the V2 in the area. Our protagonist does not want to stain your hands so it will destroy your vehicle but not kill, something that will influence during future missions.

Exceed the level crossing and try to hunt down the Ford F-150 white. The best place to strike is expected to come out of the station. There you can give on its side, but otherwise you can do anywhere else to be allowed. But do it sooner rather than later to receive a gold medal.

You can see their level of 'life' on top of the vehicle to intercept. It is gradually filling if not hit.

Territorial War

- Type of car: street.
- Level 6 (pilot) / 66 (car).
- Gold 16000/9500 silver / bronze 1000.
- Reward: Weight reduction LV6.

There is a race in downtown San Luis is advisable win to make them see that the driver is Detroit.

It is a circuit that runs through central avenues and spacious, with a small complication of a stretch in the opposite direction of a highway. Rivals are aggressive so take over if possible at the first corner. Watch them occasionally to keep them controlled and cautious with traffic and parked vehicles.

After completing two laps crosses the finish line.

Career Battleships

- Type of car: borrowed.
- Level 6 (pilot) - (car provided).
- Gold 16000/9500 silver / bronze 1000.
- Reward: Brakes LV6.

The race of battleships is a challenge of the locals is to make the fastest time across a few hills with a vehicle prepared.

Sal and stand fast in the left shoulder of the opposite lane highway. Go to the next checkpoint and beware the nearby tree after the fall. Don’t go on the highway until you're forced and see no passing checkpoints. There are two difficult jumps that should have as advice not to accelerate its fall. You lose control and thus valuable seconds that can know gold.

Go through the remaining controls to the finish.

Friends forever

- Type of car: borrowed.
- Level 7 (pilot) / - (car provided).
- Gold (12000) / Silver (7500) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: Suspension NV7.

Troy has learned not finished the job with V2 of San Luis. Looks angry and has sent a few thugs for you.

To escape them using the same method as with police. As on this occasion is in a rural setting, things get complicated more. Maybe the best solution to the problems are fighting them to ravage them or make vehicles collide with trees and utility poles.

When you've fled the mission will end and we will send go to Chicago to meet another contact.

The Driver

- Type of car: street.
- Level 8 (pilot) / 79 (car).
- Gold (16000) / Silver (9500) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: Stator NV8.

In Chicago you know Herschel, a new contact that can get you the much desired ink V4. You need to take it to a particular area of the city.

It is a timed test by what he sees as fast as you can. They will not enter the third test, ie police or enemies. Worry about going to the finish line. While you will be telling your life a little overwhelming pay attention to traffic of the city. On more than one occasion you'll be forced to make impossible turns, going between two lanes or cross a large intersection with cars moving from side to side.

Reaches the destination for the mission concluded.


- Type of car: street.
- Level 9 (pilot) / 86 (car).
- Gold (16000) / Silver (9500) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: Suspension NV9.

The right hand of Troy now wants revenge on a central dot-dot career in Chicago.

The race does not have much complication. Most are wide avenues and large streets. The only problem is the traffic that going into town the subject increases. Beware of parked cars and especially with crosses.

Cross the finish line to humiliate the poor deluded.


- Type of car: borrowed.
- Level 9 (pilot) / - (car provided).
- Gold (16000) / Silver (9500) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: Exhaust NV9.

This mission is activated in Chicago but the action moves to the city's casinos. Zoe wants to hop a plane and fly to Las Vegas to meet a new contact that matters for the team.

It is a test off-road passing through a desert canyon on the outskirts of the city. The natural monument trace the path until a small portion of road gets. It is advisable to position themselves in front from the first meters to go controlling the subject from below. To do help yourself nitrous on the grid and then cover spaces with the help of eroded rock walls.

Earn a good job and Omar will be available on your computer.


- Type of car: borrowed.
- Level 9 (pilot) / - (car provided).
- Gold (16000) / Silver (9500) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: UCM NV9.

This activity is activated under the iconic Mount Rushmore. Herschel wants to try a new Nissan 370Z rally and need a good driver for it.

It is a test in which poor visibility is the order of the day. It is timed so do not waste too much time. First you go down the hill dodging trees and avoiding the loss of control of the vehicle due to the jumps potholes. After that circulates through a path and crosses the river. Back to follow suit and ascends along the way. Try not to crash into the woods protection to avoid wasting time.

It reaches the peak of the mountain pass to finish.


- Type of car: street.
- Level 9 (pilot) / - (car provided).
- Gold (16000) / Silver (9500) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: Gearbox NV9.

It is a kind of career a point 'A' to another 'B'.

It begins in a road in one of the vast prairies of the Midwest. Quickly move the race passes along roads with curves in 'S' in which the drawn amount to much for taking time to rest. After a brief series leads road to the finish line. The main factor of this section is not collide against trafficking, which is abundant.

Try to finish in good position.

Xfinity Speed Challenge

- Type of car: borrowed.
- Level 3 (pilot) - (service car).
- Gold (16000) / Silver (9500) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: Stator NV3.

The race is complicated because you spend driving 'slow' car to a machine to bust times. Begins near Yellowstone and ends in the heart of Chicago so be prepared to kilometers.

The first corner is vital. Even if you go slower seen without leaving the path. The AI will do the same and that's when you should seize the opportunity. From that point you can start closing spaces for rivals not get passed. The early stages take place in twisty roads but soon give a wide highways, except the last part which is in urban areas. Overworking the vehicle because anything you leave you will be almost impossible task back on the road. No nitrous actives for too long because the brute force of super car will make you lose control. If you follow these tips you will be infallible. Go for it!

Curiously the sponsor of the race actually exists.

Shattered Zone

- Type of car: street.
- Level 10 (pilot) / 129 (car).
- Gold (50000) / Silver (40000) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: Suspension NV10.

This is the last job before moving to the east and receive your ink 5-10 coast. Herschel informs you that you have to get rid of a test pilot who is at the airport.

You must hit your car as hard as you can. Start hitting the back and once again turn collide against Charger driving. Have a time that is depleted and need to destroy it before it leaves the runway. Beware of planes taking off and landing.

After that your goal is to become a race car brought from Europe. Few laps to go slowly to avoid passing through the checkpoints, otherwise they will insert into the pits and all work will go to ruin. As soon as you get a cinematic will come into action.

A few thugs chasing you and not only by car, also by helicopter. Being a very powerful vehicle and adheres very well to make quick turns to surface out of sight. Lower the seconds after leaving his radar to succeed.

Main Events - East Coast


- Type of car: street.
- Level 11 (pilot) / - (not recommended level).

The main protagonist of the game is to find an old friend in New York. It is a simple and easy task. Just to drive a point 'A' to another 'B' within the time frame.

Affordable and low risk, the only thing to keep in mind is the overwhelming traffic in the Big Apple.


- Type of car: street.
- Level 12 (pilot) / 138 (car).
- Gold (16000) / Silver (9500) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: UCM NV12.

Tsu is the 'villain' of the city, the boss and the scariest. He is calling you seconds before the race starts. Start intimidating, communicating if you do not win rethink tracking settled in the area. Give a good bang across the mouth.

The route runs through alleys and parks of New York, up to a fire. It is not easy. Minimap helps to know the moves you have to do that at peak times must be very agile. He also plays streets full of cars and subway pillars at its ends, also adding parked vehicles. It's chaos you have to solve.

Finishing in first position Tsu regrets what he said.

On the case

- Type of car: street.
- Level 12 (pilot) / 138 (car).
- Gold (16000) / Silver (9500) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: Ventilation NV13.

An anonymous caller places an order with the protagonist. You have to carry a valuable commodity at the same time dangerous to the other side of town. The airport is the ultimate goal and that is where his men await.

Started under construction across the street and follow the teeming city traffic skyscrapers. The teeming street is the main problem, and perhaps causes the odd
setback, especially in the bridge.

Lead the pack within the set time, a good recommendation is to activate the nitrous off curves, because with so much traffic on the straights nitrous very little cash.


- Car Type: SUV.
- Level 13 (pilot) / 175 (car).
- Gold (16000) / Silver (9500) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: Injection NV13.

Omar is in a cabin in the deep woods near New York. Has a career ready for you to have to win.

It is the best of three laps. The test takes place in a ground loop with occasional fork and you have to be careful with the ever annoying wooden fences to collide against them break and cause you to lose valuable time. The first curve is appropriate to place you in first position and from there control the panorama. Being a narrow circuit will not have problems in close spaces.

Win the race, otherwise the mission will fail.

The Harry Situation

- Car Type: SUV.
- Level 14 (pilot) / 175 (car).
- Gold (16000) / Silver (9500) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: Tires NV14.

Travel Zoe Harry suspects. He wants you to head to their location within the timeframe.

The timed mission takes you on an autumn prints, tree cover with bold colors and overall a pretty picture. Adhering to the technical level there are many bumps and curves dangerous, especially the 'zig-zag' of the first ascent, where there is a time when your angle of view does not perceive a reverse camber. Try to go slowly to avoid falling into a slight ravine. After that there are curves of all kinds and occasional leap important.

When you reach the -meta- cabin is not what it seemed at first. He had simply made a visit to a woman.


- Car Type: SUV.
- Level 14 (pilot) / 180 (car).
- Gold (16000) / Silver (9500) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: Exhaust NV14.

Things were complicated. What promised to be a simpleton delivery has become an ambush.

The police on your heels and are not easy to confuse. You can use two formulas: go off-road and wait for police vehicles colliding with obstacles or lose them by road.

Whatever you do try to go as fast as you can. When you escape the police radar a second hand go down. When it reaches zero the mission is complete.

Dirty Money

- Type of car: street.
- Level 15 (pilot) / 192 (car).
- Gold (10500) / Silver (6500) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: Weight reduction NV15.

We must destroy the vehicle owner's interests out of the way. The chase takes place in the capital.

It's a pretty simple mission. With so many crosses waits for turn one and hit it sideways. But you can try to beat your rear bumper or attempt to remove him from the asphalt.

At the end it will end the mission.


- Car Type: SUV.
- Level 14 (pilot) / 180 (car).
- Gold (16000) / Silver (9500) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: Differential NV14.

In a coastal town on the east coast a race to be won is held. You can not afford a mistake, and that alone is victory.

In the first corner the other riders will slow soon. Exploits Sneak down the sidewalk to win the first position. Over the next -urban- meters is no permit or a hole.

Drive the road for a few meters and get into the road that follows the coast. I was careful with the jumps and the yard of the final meters. Through the two bridges and reach the finish line.

The Shadow

- Car Type: SUV.
- Level 15/220 (car).
- Gold (16000) / Silver (9500) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: Brakes NV15.

This is a timed mission in a deep forests of the East Coast.

It has a twisty and irregular layout that may hinder things. The terrain is steep and is why so abounding pending. The ups and downs in 'S' are frequent. A very entertaining and beautiful scenery clock.

Try to activate the nitrous to go hard right curves and plotted taken to avoid imperfections.


- Car Type: SUV.
- Level 16 (pilot) / 225 (car).
- Gold (10500) / Silver (6500) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: Stator NV16.

It seems that one of the buyers of stolen cars 5-10 seeking Tsu has appeared. Immobilize your vehicle to pass the mission.

The test takes place inside a huge quarry with all that that entails. There are many giant vehicles moving through the environment must be careful with them. The mission is not difficult as anything you use some logic you're going to complete. Wait a curve in which you can put your height and collides in a fiercely against him.

By destroying your 370z will say that he sold cars was Harry. Alex leaves it in the air and communicates Tsu who has escaped to exculpate his right hand on the East Coast.


- Type of car: street.
- Level 17 (pilot) / 206 (car).
- Gold (16000) / Silver (9500) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: Exhaust NV17.

Find Harry in the time frame. Suspicions accrue and the atmosphere is tense. You'd better arrive on time.

You are faced with a time trial in the Big Apple. The track itself is not all that complicated -the roads are wide. The hard part is in traffic. There are huge avenues in one direction and more than once have to go upstream. If you want good advice, look at the dashed line asphalt to go between the crushing and heavy traffic.

The NPC never change -not rail forward each other- so no major problem.

When you arrive it seems that it was all a misunderstanding.

All or nothing

- Type of car: street.
- Level 18 (pilot) / 212 (car.
- Gold (16000) / Silver (9500) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: Gearbox NV18.

Tsu brings to the table a race through New Jersey and links to New York. You must win to recover the money they both pursued.

Pass through the tunnel. Traffic is high and curbs sometimes difficult than Left alone. Maybe the car makes you a stranger if you get on them, but it is also difficult to go forward to vehicles of citizens. Follow the road and passes through Central Park and Times Square. They are one-way roads and wide zero problems.

The race ends in a huge bridge over the Hudson River.

Family Issues

- Type of car: [/ b] SUV.
- Level 20 (pilot) / 260 (car).
- Gold (50000) / Silver (40000) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: Suspension NV20.

A career all or nothing. The winner's car adversary wins. You must earn at controlling the roost in the area to earn your ink V2.

The enemy has a powerful Bentley Continental, but unlike you it can only go by road so its path is larger. The game will mark Earth shortcuts you can take to take advantage. Be careful, as they come spontaneously to asphalt roads with danger involved. Finish the tour first.

After that Alex will take the powerful fireball. The opponent says the police if your vehicle has 'stolen'. Escape the police. Changes fast street and I swiftly and accurately to get rid of it.

Finally driving near Harry (do not separate radio's on the mini-map) to get to the place you are going. It will not warn and turns will be a little awkward, so do not go too fast because you spend braking more than once.

Congratulations. You have your ink V2.

Main Events - South


It's a simple mission where you have requirements or reward. You have to go to Miami to activate, in the south.

Alita is a local girl who can lend you a cable to conquer the territory. Go where you are and take it to base for me to explain everything.


- Type of car: performance.
- Level 22 (pilot) / 330 (car).
- Gold (16000) / Silver (9500) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: UCM NV22.

Alita want to test Alex. Therefore, it has organized a race with his team that runs from Miami.

There is little mystery. They are powerful cars but in a race organized on a number of motorway and expressways. With no collision with enough traffic. At the exit of corners using nitrous and book a bit of it for straights.

End at first.


- Car Type: SUV.
- Level 23 (pilot) / 284 (car).
- Gold (10500) / Silver (6500) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: Ventilation NV23.

Looks like one of the guys Can is lurking near Cape Canaveral. You need to stop him.

As already elusive Mini Cooper leading the intended victim must be added to the police. It is best to ignore the latter and go direct to the target. Picks up speed and hit it. After passing the ferry there is a curve in the form of 'L'. Take advantage and hits his side to let disabled.

After that the mission is complete.


- Car Type: SUV.
- Level 23 (pilot) / 335 (car).
- Gold (16000) / Silver (9500) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: Injection NV23.

It's a long lap which runs through a typical rainforest in the area. The [b] road is twisty / by frequent curves 'S'. To make a good time to stay on the path should not collide with any NPC vehicle.

Just the way before the seconds from zero to draw attention to the corridors of territory and so make a name.


- Car Type: SUV.
- Level 23 (pilot) / 284 (car).
- Gold (16000) / Silver (9500) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: Tires NV23.

The voice has run and has drawn attention. Want to see what kind of driver you are and if you really are good. Warns you that if you do not win and can go packing their bags.

It is a test that prowl dense forests and grasslands. Frequent changes of gradient and also the danger lies in nearby trees too close together. It contains short lines that quickly end with a sharp curve.

Win the race.


- Car Type: SUV.
- Level 24 (pilot) / 292 (car).
- Gold (16000) / Silver (9500) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: Differential NV24.

There is a race in typical Florida marsh and reed beds. It is normal for it an SUV is used.

At first travel water invades the road and often spend puddles (and totally flooded areas) of several centimeters deep. In the swamp the road is twisty and narrow, but there is another part of the test where the road leads to a small shipyard. The danger in this area focuses on the various vehicles carrying ships.

Controlled opponents in the rearview mirror and the race win for sure.

Second Assault

- Type of car: performance.
- Level 25 (pilot) / 376 (car).
- Gold (16000) / Silver (9500) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: Weight reduction NV25.

This is another record that marked Can exorbitant and that no one has been able to overcome yet. But now you're to do.

The route runs along the Texas city of Dallas. Started by a large elevated highway but soon you get into the dense city. Traffic surrounded everywhere and big business streets of tall skyscrapers. Always go in the right direction to avoid shocks and crossings open yourself as much as possible.

It is within the timeframe to complete the mission.


- Type of car: borrowed.
- Level 25 (pilot) / - (car provided).
- Gold (12000) / Silver (7500) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: UCM NV25.

There are a number of boxes containing high scattered field value. And of course, there's no better way to ruin it burst your merchandise face.

Get started with rally car and go knocking boxes. When they are placed one after another but when you get to the end of the tour's are everywhere and meaningless.
Always follow direction and hits the eighty boxes needed to complete the test.

Blow the belt

- Type of car: street.
- Level 25 (pilot) / 340 (car).
- Gold (12000) / Silver (7500) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: Brakes NV25.

Can previously challenge you to a duel between you and him. Alex asked him to choose the place. Soon you will understand that it has tended like an ambush.

Police are behind you and you need to throw her off. To do a quick change continuously sense for police patrols pass braking and land unusable. The helicopter chasing you is whelming but soon will run out of fuel.

Escape the police to end the mission.


- Type of car: street.
- Level 25 (pilot) / 348 (car).
- Gold (10500) / Silver (6500) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: Stator NV25.

One of the colleagues Cam flows through New Orleans.

The streets are not fast enough to go at high speed. Take well drawn and tries to hit him. Halfway comes reinforcements. If you go fast there will be no problem because lose fast. Focus on eliminating the target.

After the mission will leave unused come to an end.

Main Event

- Type of car: performance.
- Level 27 (pilot) / 400 (car).
- Gold (16000) / Silver (9500) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: Gearbox NV27.

Cam wins a race that passes near a marshy area. Also along the coast, so any pay out face.

The road is conventional but should not get out of it. There is always some other obstacle against which it is not advisable collide: houses, fences, parked cars trees or water. We must also add the traffic, which is diverse and where the greatest danger lies in the trucks. Rivals are agile although the main supporter is the Aventador Cam and a guy who carries a 370Z.

Keep them at bay to stay in first position.


- Type of car: performance.
- Level 27 (pilot) / 400 (car).
- Gold (17000) / Silver (11000) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: Exhaust NV27.

Coburn wants to remove a driver who does not want to see or painting. Calls kill him but Zoe has found another solution.

Follow it, do not knock it. It is a somewhat curious persecution, since each is on a different level of a road under construction. Where you go you are a good number of jumps. To be liked stops accelerating and controlling the vehicle as soon touch surface. Control just enough to avoid falling into the void. Try not to get away from the radio.

The chase ends once you get to a village. The pilot who were chasing was stopped.

Fearful Symmetry

- Type of car: performance.
- Level 30 (pilot) / 420 (car).
- Gold (50000) / Silver (40000) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: Suspension NV30.

Can Coburn wants to kill the guy who exiled him south. Prevents does.

Reach its position. It is a clock located in sunny Miami. The main factor of this mission is traffic. Abundant and annoying to a fault. Don’t go too fast if you're not sure because you'll end up having an accident. Use the nitro to accelerate and be careful when you have too many cars on the road.

Go into position. Get in the car ready and go for bullies. To this the ever annoying reinforcements are added. Follow his line and as making turns to another street hits his shiny Jeep.

Misleads reinforcements and get your ink V4.

Main Events - Mountainous West

Vegas, baby

A simple preparative mission in which Roxanne know a hacker to ask your help to get his sister to change dominate the region.

Roxanne carried to the base of Las Vegas within the time prescribed. The time frame is exaggerated, so you'll get plenty.

Proof theory

- Car Type: rally.
- Level 32 (pilot) / 494 (car).
- Gold (12000) / Silver (9500) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: UCM NV32.

Roxanne warns that there is a cargo destroy. This will serve to provide reputation mountainous west.

It is a series of boxes spread on dry land. Initially seen drawing a concrete path, past the cannon and small drops. Reach a large square with the rest of clustered boxes. Here there is a path to choose. They are located almost at random. Begin to run objects as fast as you can.

Reach 80.

Local noise

- Type of car: performance.
- Level 33 (pilot) / 450 (car).
- Gold (16000) / Silver (9500) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: Ventilation NV33.

The media coverage has come to Las Vegas. The pilots of the area have noticed your presence. For this we have organized a race.

The test passes from the Strip to the iconic Hoover Dam. Toca natural land with urban, but the presence of traffic in the first case is not exempt. They are reverse - lane roads with great flow of cars and trucks. Maybe more than once you may have to depress the brake pedal. Worst of all is that unless the Strip, the rest are curves and elevation changes.

Remain in first position.


- Car Type: rally.
- Level 33 (pilot) / 501 (car).
- Gold (16000) / Silver (9500) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: Injection NV33.

You must deliver a package within the set time.

The mission is drawn through the Grand Canyon. At first you have to go by road but suddenly cross country comes into play. The slopes are common and may cause more outstanding than a disappointment. When driving 'in the middle of nowhere' no vegetation can slow you down and make you lose valuable time. Besides being annoying harm your body smeared vehicle.

Reach the river so that the recipient goes by plane with your package.


- Car Type: rally.
- Level 34 (pilot) / 545 (car).
- Gold (16000) / Silver (9500) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: Tires NV34.

Race against as many 5-10 in a career spanning part of Monument Valley.

The first meters go through a dirt road with protections to prevent falling to the nearby ravine. We recommend advance as you can in the first two corners to not eat the rest of the enclosed path between the other riders. Before walking through field mapping is a leap that you can take. After that, and after passing through the small plain reach the rocky part. This part is complicated by their visibility. Loose and large solid walls that can hurt you camouflaged rocks.

Come first.


- Car Type: rally.
- Level 35 (pilot) / 520 (car).
- Gold (10500) / Silver (6500) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: Weight reduction NV35.

It seems that a rival is walking a nearby canyon. You must take it off the medium.

The enemy carrying a big, heavy car. The canyon has sections zigzag and some jumps posts in large rock arches, which leaves the name of the region. To get the gold keep Nitrous for the first line and take the leap. Then again propel another bit of nitrous and hit the back. Skip the rise and crash it again.

Destroy the opponent and the mission will end.


- Type of car: performance.
- Level 35 (pilot) / 520 (car).
- Gold (16000) / Silver (9500) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: Differential NV35.

You need to deliver a package to a specific destination.

The route through which passes the test is quick, albeit twisty curves has large amplitude, so you can pedal thoroughly. The only problem is the traffic, which may hinder more than a line. After passing Santa Fe road becomes somewhat more complicated, but nothing out of the ordinary. Stop just before the slower and takes curves.

End before the time runs out.

Open air

- Car Type: SUV.
- Level 36 (pilot) / 530 (car).
- Gold (16000) / Silver (9500) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: Brakes NV36.

Another race that is winning.

It is located in the north of the map, in an icy region in which you will not see more than snow, trees and mountains. The test begins on the outskirts of a town.

Cross part of town and delve into Mother Nature. In this small detour you can take advantage of the remaining portion of land between the two ways to buy time, to be a rally car he will not notice. Cross the area of trees and continues. The road has fast corners, but is slippery because of ice stuck in the road. To make matters worse the route passes through a far less dangerous scenario. A huge wall on one side and on the other a precipice without end.

Get to the finish line.


- Car Type: rally.
- Level 37 (pilot) / 540 (car).
- Gold (10500) / Silver (6500) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: Exhaust NV37.

Coburn has sent an assassin to eliminate you. Make likewise before the end of you.

The mission has a spectacular start. Sales from a runway ski jumping off a snowy mountain covered with vegetation. Skip and crosses cross country forks by fleeing the enemy to close the gap. Now that you're around and hit him good speed. Follow the road and cross the fence through which entered the bully. Down the hill -in which you can take advantage and hit him - dodging trees up to Salt Lake City. This is your last stop. Or you hit or the mission will end. You can take the curves with a tighter line and crashing your vehicle.

It ends with the adversary.

Exhaust speed

- Type of car: performance.
- Level 37 (pilot) / 540 (car).
- Gold (16000) / Silver (9500) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: Stator NV37.

Walk a port of snowy mountain with your car performance. You have to reach the point of delivery at the set time.

Asphalt is very complex. It is covered with ice and snow, is narrow and has many sharp bends. To avoid tops and outputs do not rush track while you're entering a curve. Nor hit a sharp spurt in the output. Try to activate the nitrous in the longest straights and watch out for traffic.

Reach the highest point of the route within the set time to finish the stage.


- Type of car: performance.
- Level 38 (pilot) / 550 (car).
- Gold (16000) / Silver (9500) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: Gearbox NV38.

This is a career in a mountainous environment.

At first the test is very complicated due to the difficulty of controlling the vehicle in snowy roads. The best for this race is to use a performance vehicle with AWD, but is going to suffer for 50% of travel. Use the motor and throttle curves and sees bringing the speedometer of a progressive but not aggressively. Rivals control the vehicle perfectly, as if not differentiate between different surfaces, so you can say that is unbalanced. There comes a time when you descend in altitude and the road is cleared. It's time to take advantage of the state of asphalt and not waste an inch off line. Go as fast as possible to make the victory.

Burn to Coburn

- Type of car: performance.
- Level 40 (pilot) / 620 (car).
- Gold (50000) / Silver (40000) / bronze (1000).
- Reward: Suspension NV40.

It's time to send to prison to a human scum, the corrupt agent Coburn.

Prevent he and his team reach the tests. To do this go to the set point within the timeframe. It begins in downtown Las Vegas, crosses part of the desert and up the steep vertical wall by a twisty road. Traffic is a pain and bother over a line.

When you go to the designated site Alex be mounted on a 4x4. Toca destroy boxes mapping. It is not difficult if you look at the layout of objects on the minimap.

Follow the racing line marking to reach destroying 80 of them.

Coburn arrives thereafter. Pursue him and will not leave the radio that is marked on the map. Cross part of the desert, dodging the tumultuous city traffic casinos and reach the airport. There Zoe is responsible arrest.


Away from justice

- Faction: wolf.
- Car Type: SUV.
- Level 11 (pilot) / 165 (car).
- Time: about 15-20 minutes.

It is a middle distance race is done with SUVs. Drive lanes passing through lush forests. It begins and ends near the Pentagon in a town north of New York.

The terrain is not complicated. It is well signposted and should not get away because abound wooden fences so annoying. Being 'airtight' roads position from the outset in first line is recommended for controlling the rest from your position. There are occasional twisty curves and jumps a small portion near the cliffs.

Ring White Mountains

- Faction: wolf.
- Car Type: SUV.
- Level 11 (pilot) / 165 (car).
- Time: less than ten minutes.

This is a snack to what races are usually of this type. It is a race that takes place in the same region, surrounded by small hills and vast forests.

Start with small curves and straights but in the final stretch is going a bit more complicated. Enter precipices game and prone to accidents tight corners. A nitrous to exit curves and have secured victory.


- Faction: wolf.
- Car Type: rally.
- Level 37 (pilot) / 564 (car).
- Time: Approximately 40-50 minutes.

This is a test of long-term rally. Participants come from a glacier park near Yellowstone at dawn.

The race goes from a cold room covered with ice and snow to a warm area where vegetation is a word that does not exist. Almost no roads as such are cross country routes where everything is possible. At first you must overcome slopes of ice and thereafter a similar slopes but with abundant vegetation; Beware of trees!

Don’t think that when you pass the difficult mountainous region will have passed. After stage passes through a region of scrubland and plain but with large pothole and jump. Special precautions with them. The stretch flow through a steep canyon covered boulders and sandstone. The provision is in zig-zag so you have to take special care with rock outcroppings.

The 'straight' goal is to exit the twisty natural monument.

Leaving the country

- Faction: wolf.
- Type of car: street.
- Level
- Time: about 15-30 minutes.

You have to reach springs within the timeframe.

Detroit salts. Crosses the city dodging traffic and get going on the highway. There comes a time when the GPS shows you the route for a road. Here comes the tricky part. Without being difficult sections if there are features to avoid. For example should not collide against the fences and wooden poles to save time as well as taking the open plotted to prevent further damage. It is a section of land with diverse forests where any failure can be costly. Take the highway and then from road to reach the docks.


- Faction: wolf.
- Car Type: rally.
- Level 37 (pilot) / 564 (car).
- Time: less than ten minutes.

The scenario is the typical way duel western movies. Only instead of bandits and revolvers touch rid of the cops.

This time follow the path is an unwise decision. It is narrow and nothing to touch you'll lose control. Put direct and go off-road. Being a rally car you can control either the jumps performed when crossing bumps. The patrols are 4x4 but are not prepared to go at this speed for a desert environment. Make frequent changes of direction and passes through risky areas for the police to go lagging behind. The helicopter will go as time passes, but if you take too can make another relay.

Escape the police.


Get all the trophies available in the game

Overview of trophies

Total Trophies: 51
Bronze: 38 - Silver: 10 - Gold: 2 - Platinum: 1


- Unlimited budget: Try more expensive car.
- 05/14/10: Help Herschel and get your first ink. You're 5-10.
- The Crew: Complete a mission as part of a team (2-4 players).
- Chasing Ghosts: Defeat any skill ghost platinum.
- Hold the line: Reach a combined speed of 870 mph (1,400 km / h) with a team (2-4 players).
- A place on the podium: In a team (3-4 players), finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd in PvP faction against faction event.
- Stay out of trouble: Escape the police at least once in each region.
- Best: Come first in PvP robin event.
- Enthusiast: Tuning a car up to level 510.
- Made to succeed: Get your car unlocked the 5 types of driving.
- First attack: Escape from a police chase in free driving 100 times.
- Daily dose: Complete a daily challenge.
- Street Genius: Get Platinum medal on a mission story with a street car.
- A very dirty bird: Get a platinum medal story mission with an SUV.
- Garbage Finder: Build a hidden car remains.
- Perfect performance: Get Platinum medal on a mission story with a performance car.
- Rally for the scoreboard: Get Platinum medal on a mission story with a Rally car.
- Training: Get Platinum medal on a mission story with a car circuit.
- Who needs roads ?: Burning nitro exactly 88 mph (141 km / h).
- V2: Salva Eric's shoes and get your V2. You are ascending.
- V4: Defeat Cam and draws attention to Shiv. You're a V4.
- V6: Coburn is in jail and West Mountainous is under control. You're such a V6.
- We will stand united: Complete 50 events PvP team vs. team (2-4 players).
- The breadwinner: Increase your daily wage to 10,000 bucks.
- Do not forget my name: Score over 100,000 points of reputation.
- Evergreen Spirit: Complete Mission Tour faction points of interest in his team (2-4 players).
- From coast to coast: Complete mission faction From coast to coast as part of a team (2-4 players).
- Drift synchronized: Get 3000 bucks on a multiplayer combo stunts.
- Never drive alone: Spend a total of 24 hours in a team (2-4 players).
- Highway 1 Upper: Walk across Highway 1 with a team (2-4 players).
- Stellar Service: Improving platinum all parts of vehicle performance.
- Walking around money: Get 500,000 bucks in your wallet.
- Lifting: Customize all visual parts of a car.
- Rocket salty Reach speeds above 236 mph (380 km / h) at Bonneville Salt Flats.
- And the award goes to ...: Score over 10,000 points award.
- Fanfarrón: Perform a combo of acrobatics of one minute.
- Road Trip: Drive at 5 regions with a team in one session (2-4 players).
- Meeting people: Cruzate with 2000 players on your travels.


- The outdone: Tuning a car to the 1299 level.
- Data Finder: Connect to 30 stations US data.
- Domestic Economy: Visit 242 attractions in America.
- Profitable skill: Win a gold medal in 500 skills.
- The boss: Advance to level 50.
- Indy Pilot Complete 200 laps around Little Eagle Speedrome in total.
- V8: Defeat Shiv and have control of 5-10. You're the V8, you never will drive alone.
- Versatile Performance: Get Platinum medal in every type of skill in 5 zones.
- Difficult Terrain: Drive 2000 miles (3219 km) across the field.
- A man and his mission: Complete 100 missions.


- Exceeding the limit: Drive a total of 5000 miles (8047 km) in the same car.
- An extra mile: Earn Platinum Medals in all story missions.


- King of the Road Get all the trophies.