The Crew: useful tips

The Crew is the racing video game with MMO elements from Ubisoft , released for Xbox One and PS4 . The game has an open and online world with many choices of activities and missions where the player can venture in control of various vehicles, personalized or not. Now check out some useful gameplay tips below:

Visit the Data Stations

The Ubisoft has the habit of making the players have to unlock your maps, which actually is not a bad thing. In The Crew, players will have to visit the various Data Stations located on the map, unlocking points of interest, as well as allowing quick trip.

To find a Data Station, use your main map, then establish a landmark in the location where it can be found. Are you looking for icons that look like small satellites, and will probably find three or four in one area. Once you approach the landmark, consideration is given to the radar set, following the pings until they become green. Continue to adjust your course until you find the Data Station.

Set a waypoint

It is very likely get lost while exploring the enormity of the game and its many roads, streets and cities. When this occurs, try to use the game map and set a waypoint (March) to the destination you have in mind. No matter what circumstances you are, the GPS system of the game will adjust to its location, even outside the road leads you to the chosen point.

Join the skills challenges

To make sure you do not get bored or bored while traveling from coast to coast, Ubisoft has included a lot of mini-games in the game, not only to keep you entertained, as to accumulate some rewards. The challenges of skills can be of various forms such as: Climbing, escape, then jump, precision, zigzag and speed.

These optional missions can be started regardless of their direction of travel, and can be completed more than once, allowing break their own records, as well as those of your friends.

Take shortcuts

Once you find in some of the game's missions, you will notice that Ubisoft did a great job in plotting the course for you. It is very difficult to get lost, and because of this, a little easy to miss some quite significant shortcuts.

In addition to the shortcuts, stay tuned to hear the narrator of the game, Zoe, for some tips. If the mission seems impossible to complete while running against the machine, this could be your lane if you have any alternative route that can be taken.

Invite others

Compete only against the machine is optional and quite fun while you're playing in campaign mode. However, the game is designed to run against other people. That way you will be able to derive maximum enjoyment of the game and start to really improve your skills.

Players can adapt and learn, that way, you will not find a more intense journey than they will have with other players. Visit one of the mission points on your map and complete it choice in co-op mode, inviting other players to join the action.

Make money fast

Initially, if you are looking for a lot and fast money since I have a tip for you.

Track the Midwest once from the best all satellite dishes attention.

Then you can see on the map all the sights and can travel to all flashes.

Per attraction you get something EXP (experience points) and over 2,000 Bucks (game currency).

Of course, this principle is applicable to all 5 sections maps.

Alternative Vehicle Control

I once calibrated an alternative control in the options that is more direct and precise than the default. However, if first only suitable for road vehicles! This works best control from the cockpit or bonnet view and is ideally suited for cruising.

The slider corresponds to a scale of 1-10

Help level vehicle handling HARDCORE

Control sensitivity: 2

Steering Linearity: 5

Steering Speed ​​Factor: 7

Steering dead zone : 8

Give it out!

Get Comfortable Bucks

Once you've released after a few hours of play the PvP race I recommend you all rush to go. No matter whether your first or last will, the 6000 Bucks to you after the race safely.

Getting Started is Easy

Because if one has chosen the right vehicle for that!

I initially played with the "Ford Mustang GT", it occurred to me that I myself at a higher level vehicle had no cuts against other players, including Gold Medal's I've hardly get, despite flawless driving.

Now, a friend introduced me deducted constantly and over again and I decided to buy me the same vehicle, so I bought the Nissan 370Z (which can also be upgraded for street, area, performance, rally and race), shortly after the game went loose from hand, even a world record I ended ..

Before you "chic" in a crash, you should in any case long enough for a test drive make, because in retrospect can be very expensive to "buy" back to the top ..

You should from the outset your "Advantages" in the "advantage" invest which gives you a chance of xx% to get another helping every advantage point to allow better nitro, better brakes, better profits (Bucks + EXP), better handling and much more geskillt in no time.

And don't forget: NEVER DRIVE ALONE!

Earn in an hour 120,000 Bucks

When your road or rally car already has platinum upgrades and have spent at her Alita HQ 5/5 advantages for the stunts, it's an easy way to earn in an hour approximately 120,000 bucks.

Journey to the Great Dune northeast of Las Vegas in addition to the Bonneville Salt Flats. There you can criss-cross jump over the sand dunes and then enter stunt combos of over 2000 bucks per minute. From time to time drift not forget the multiplier! In 10 minutes, the Bucks are already 20,000 and in less than an hour you already have about 120,000 bucks to many beautiful things to buy.

Alternatively Grind Bucks

For this method, you need only to the ski jump in the southwestern snow-capped Rocky Mountains to go. It is located just northeast of Salt Lake City. They can also easily find it when you selected on the map with "test" the filter "jumps".

Again, you should at Alita HQ 5/5 advantages for the stunts have spent to achieve maximum profit. The car (preferably a robust rally or road vehicle) should make the jump at least a bronze otherwise no epic jump is possible, the Bucks brings the most.

So you start the Grinding Go into the options and disabled under "Game Options" the last point (places in the world in free driving map). Then travels on the road to the top of the hill, just before the start of the ski jumper. Ride down the hill (now the test is disabled). In flight, the stunt-counter should show at least an epic jump. Then quickly put down another two-drifts on the ground (be careful with the goal posts at the end of the runway) and at best you have a 2.0 multiplier for the 2500-3500 Bucks Stunt get.

Repeat the procedure as often as you want.

Easy Searching for the Items!

If you want to make you work easier in finding the 20 tails parts from a mission area; then you should enable easier search!

For this purpose, all you have to unlock all radar stations and then simply switch on 'M' (Map) on attractions.

As a result, you have an approximate location of the tails parts and can collect them so easily.

But in order to unlock the Hood Rod is always the HQ of the respective area important; ye it not unlocked; one will you deny Hood Red yet.

Earn Bucks Friends

Once you've unlocked the fraction missions, there is a possibility your friends or send your friend a ghost on the mission. Simply select a mission that goes on the "Friends Send" (second from bottom) and selects one or more friends. Thus, you can go on missions or explore the world and earned almost in passing a few bucks. I recommend you the added advantage of Roxanne to buy that allows you to send four friends on missions to maximize your profit. However, you will receive not get the full benefit, but only a reward. For missions lasting over an hour, then there is usually 16,000 bucks.
PP-points event objects Destroy

You can destroy the established pylons and marking labels of lanes in the salt desert, if still objects to the PP event points missing. To get them quickly just briefly round three sets, lightning travel somewhere else and back and you are all pylons and signs again there.

To successful in The crew shot at additional advantage points

The Crew (EP + Bucks in Mission) - faster leveling and more money

Worthwhile tests (Ep + Bucks in tests) - faster leveling and more money

Quick Start (Full Nitro at start) - better chance to win

Daredevil (Bucks for stunts) - more money

Total gifted (Faster success) - runs some tests easier

(Ab Lvl 50)

Infamous - increases reputation

Best Player (EP and Bucks in PvP) - more money

(Otherwise a matter of opinion)

I have lowered the cost of repairs (insurance). have mobile mechanic fully equipped and special sales, making the production cars are cheaper. - For those of you who want to play with friends specifically for sure, "Friends With Benefits" Option

"Double effect" plays an important role! You can invest 10 points advantage, but it gets the VP 10 (50/100 * 20 = 10) ridiculous bill-why is it worth it? It's worth it because you can reset the advantage points. Double effect you should therefore as soon as possible skill to 10 and then when you are lvl 50 resets its your advantage points and is now investing course no longer in "double whammy". So you have characterized an additional 10 VP.

Who is very crafty, saves a lot of money, resets the advantage points, this is now being so that prices while earning / removing of cars go down and then buys many cars in one fell swoop. Then you set the VP again just as you want them. While this will cost approximately every 10,000 bucks but is cheaper than the cars and pay their full extensions. This saves you money and uses the existing best.


At the smartest, it is up 'first' to buy a new car !!! Why? Now that you are doing anyway with the entry-level car many tests this is 'relatively' very good. A new car like the Mercedes SLS is true of home faster, better, cooler BUT also this car you would have to bring back only to 1299. It makes sense therefore more money to save and the entry-level car in every area (ST, RA, GE, PE, RE) to reach 1299. BECAUSE if you once you reach 1299 you can get it directly on 1299 when upgrading a new car !!!

So if you have successfully eg in Bereich PE and RE 1299 can you buy now ecu eg the SLS and this drive directly to 1299.

View / Factions

This race should make it anyway. You gain not only additional bucks, but is also able to enjoy 'real' demanding races. The races are usually very long which makes it quite challenging. The opponents are you fit, so you make them any time / score and win can (the adaptation of the opponents intercepts the recommended level of.


This generally makes sense to explore. Whether on the way to the next mission or in free driving. Whenever you can you should approach specifically for sightseeing or stopping them. Attractions bring you every 2000 Bucks. Apart from that, you will receive insights into partly very cool locations.


By level 50 is reached, you can now participate in PvP events. In order to have a realistic chance of winning, you should have 1299 vehicles, however! However, PvP events are always good for a quick buck.