20 Most Unusual Weapons in video game history

In this list there are powerful on the ears: namely the 20 most unusual, loudest and funniest weapons in video games.

Lancer Assault Rifle - Gears of War 3 (2011)

The Lancer Assault Rifle is one of the games around the space hero Marcus Fenix as butter on bread. The bloodthirsty epic end not only made the cover system in action games socially acceptable, but led to the Lancer also the perfect all-purpose weapon in the fight against nasty Locust.

The highlight: The Lancer is semi-automatic shotgun and chainsaw in one. In the melee throw "Delta Squad" soldiers as Marcus Fenix, Dominic Santiago or the chainsaw and their opponents into manageable parts. At a distance there is a lead charge. A thieving as equally macabre fun!

Nevan - Devil May Cry 3 (2005)

Devil May Cry 3 - Dante's Awakening tells the story of how demon hunter Dante has become the cool thing who is one of the first Devil May Cry knows and loves. The guy has always been a rocker. And nothing screams after more rock 'n' roll than its electric sword Nevan.

This guitar Dante tells not only violent lightning damage. Nevan is also an electric guitar and looks as if Jimi Hendrix personally brought them back from the beyond. If you listen closely, hears even small guitar riffs that roar with each successful hit out of the speakers.

Keyblade - Kingdom Hearts (2002)

More recently, Square Enix put the popular role-playing game series Kingdom Hearts with Kingdom Hearts 2.5 - HD Remix scratch. And as 2002, the question arises: how should please hero Sora defeat with an oversized key his enemies?

In fact, the Keyblade is deeply rooted in the history of Disney role-playing game. Finally, Sora is one of the few who can use the Keyblade at all. Funny: Originally the comic book hero would even have to swing a chainsaw. But this idea was fortunately rejected in the development process of Kingdom Hearts.

Gunblade - Final Fantasy 8 (2000)

Japanese role-playing games don’t be stingy with oversized swords and creaking. But the first time in Final Fantasy 8 emerging Gunblade is really the whole to the crown.

For as the name suggests, combine the technology developed by Tetsuya Nomura weapon to handle a gun with the blade of a giant sword. The Gunblade became famous as a tool of Squall Leonhart Final Fantasy 8 but also appears in Final Fantasy 13 as a weapon of main character Lightning. In early games the Gunblade but later also for firing projectiles used exclusively as impact and slashing weapon.

Dubstep-gun - Saints Row 4 (2013)

Everyone knows Dubstep was developed by aliens to destroy humanity. All kidding aside, the dubstep gun in Saints Row 4 is a powerful weapon. Pulling the trigger starts loud electric music on and vehicles and people dancing in the streets. So distracted computer opponents are, of course, easy prey for the bursts of energy that shoot out of the gun.

Saints Row is already a good place for crazy shooters: In the third installment of the series, there are, for example, the Shark-O-Matic. The first fish remains on your goal, before suddenly a huge shark breaks through the ground and it devours. Crazy!

BFG - Doom (1993)

BFG 9000 is the mother of all creaking. It provides namely the strongest weapon in the classic shooter, Doom. BFG stands for "Big Fu**ing Gun" - sorry for the bad F word. But that name is right. Because with every shot from the shoota a huge plasma core, which erases all the hostile world on the screen. Should enemies oppose this first assault, escape the plasma ball a split second later still flashes that'll do the rest.

The disadvantage of the BFG: The Reuse and charging each shot takes a long time and also you will find little ammunition for that weapon of mass destruction. Incidentally, the BFG also appeared somewhat abated in the new edition Doom 3 - BFG Edition.

Portal Gun - Portal (2007)

The puzzle shooter portal is legendary for two things: First, there is the nasty, artificial computer AI Glados. They harassed a rotten and treated you as the guinea pigs in the laboratory. Fortunately, however, there is still the Portal Gun. It helps to find solutions to the myriad of puzzles environment.

The principle behind this is simple: With the first shot on a wall opens an entrance porch. The second relates to the output. This is the basis of portal that enables incredibly intelligent and exciting physics puzzle. Jumping the character, for example, with a lot of momentum into the input, it catapulted them with as much speed out again.

Redeemer - Unreal Tournament 3 (2008)

Sometimes, machine guns and grenades will not do! Then it needs something much bigger such as an atomic bomb. The Redeemer of Unreal Tournament 3 blasts opponents not only crush it in their molecular constituents.

Due to the huge blast radius, the Redeemer is suitable only for attacks from a great distance. In the secondary fire mode you control the rocket itself even to the finish. For such a powerful weapon ammo is naturally sweet: The gun holds only one round of ammunition. Interesting: In Unreal Tournament 2003 and 2004 the words "Swallow this" emblazoned - "sip it!" - On the cannon.

Gravity Gun - Half-Life 2 (2004)

The Gravity Gun is one of the most important weapons of gaming history. Because it gives Gordon Freeman and his allies in Half-Life 2 completely new ways to interact with the environment. Freeman picks up the gun with objects such as boxes or boards and places them somewhere else in the room. In this way he tinkers levels or even barricades against invading enemies.

But the Gravity Gun is also a strong offensive weapon. With it, Gordon spun his adversaries, for example, saw blades or against explosive gas cylinders. The Gravity Gun was a hugely formative element of the game.

Shrink gun - Duke Nukem Forever (2011)

In the shrink gun (Shrink Ray) - of Duke Nukem Forever , the name says it all. One shot and you are pig police and aliens not much bigger than a beetle. And what does the Duke? He stamps his enemies simply floored with his combat boots.

In the shrunken state Dukes enemies are about ten times more vulnerable to all attacks, than they would be in the normal state. But why make yourself even bother to waste valuable ammunition when a courageous step entirely sufficient? The Duke knows how to go about it.

SBC Cannon - Serious Sam (2001)

Who is reminded at the SBC Cannon on a cannon on the deck of a pirate ship, is not entirely wrong. This super weapon since the first Serious Sam integral part of the series. The chimney is operated with uranium filled bullets, so by hitting pretty much everything in their path. The result is a huge mess, of course, perfectly fits the precept of shooter series.

Shot can be recharged on top of that. In this way, it gives them more clout and made even bosses with only one hit. Since the balls targets not only squish, but penetrate the SBC Cannon is perfectly suitable to crush whole armies of monsters at a time. In short: Louder, larger and more primitive is actually little more.

Mr. Toots - Red Faction - Armageddon (2011)

Video games are not always deadly serious! Volition proved in his action game Red Faction - Armageddon lot of humor and treats us with the Unicorn Mr Toots. In a dark world that are teeming with aliens, death and destruction, the stuffed misses namely rainbows ... out of his ass!

Really good, Mr. Toots but does not feel it. At least he makes a face as soon as you pull the trigger. For his rainbows are all the more devastating. Simply pulverization everything and leave a landscape of rubble. Maybe there was at Mr. Toots yes Chilli oats instead!

Groovitron - Ratchet & Clank - Tools of Destruction (2007)

Ratchet & Clank without crazy shooters? Cannot do that! How about, for example, with the Tornado Launcher, which releases a hurricane on invading armies and hurls through the air? That's not bad. But it is really funny only when music comes into play. Ratchet throws the Groovitron at the party starts.

The music added to all adjacent characters in a kind of trance. They dance and forget completely that really wanted to be on Ratchet leather. Thus, the Groovitron is almost a stun grenade, with which the hero can buy a little time. The dazzling disco ball appeared among others in Time A Crack and Tools of Destruction.

Explosive Sheep - Worms (1995)

If worms wage war, it's not just hot, but also funny to the point. In the Worms universe therefore scurry around countless oblique weapons. But the cutest is certainly the exploding sheep.

By pressing a button you unleashed the white ball of wool. Then it jumps to big leaps through the countryside before it explodes like a powder keg with a second keystroke. In later offshoots classic sheepskin is replaced by Super-sheep. While the explosive force remains about the same, super-sheep is mobile and can even fly.

South Park - The Game (1999)

It is not so long ago, enthusiastic South Park - The Stick of Truth with its quirky humor and some absolutely crazy special actions - such as the politically incorrect Jews completely Jitsu. South Park but broke before well over 15 years, all the rules of good taste. In the first-person shooter South Park on Nintendo 64, for example, there was the so-called Cow Launcher.

Means: Cartman and Co. bombard their opponents just decided to beef critters. The effect is reminiscent of a rocket launcher because the cow explodes on impact. Better yet, does the cow launcher but in multiplayer mode. There, the projectile lands namely ass left on the skull of the other player, so this may be viewed from inside the cow.

Anal Probe - Destroy all Humans (2005)

There is an old legend: Aliens abduct humans and then perform nasty experiments - preferably by the ass - with them through. Just because it orients the anal probe from Destroy All Humans! .

Hailing from the planet Furon Grauling Crypto gets the task of collecting human DNA. And to that end he is favored to anal probe. It consumes - at least in the first part of the series - no ammo and fires a blue ball of energy, which drills into Cryptos victims. Not pretty, but somehow very funny!

Snake sword - Soul Calibur (1998)

It is hard to believe, but Ivy grew up sheltered existence in the British capital London. Her family was among the wealthiest citizens of the town. But her father - in search of eternal youth - ruined the family and ushered in not only his death, but the free of Ivy's mother. As the last surviving member of the Ivy Valentine read the will of her parents and found out that she was an orphan and was only adopted.

At the same time they also found out that her father in search of the mysterious sword Soul Edge - a core theme of Soul Calibur - Mythologie. They swore revenge and devoted to the search for the blade. However, in order to destroy it, they needed an equally powerful weapon and created the serpent sword. It is a living, magical organism and combined in the struggle properties of whip and sword. Distance to the teeth tear deep wounds. In close combat, however, the items snap back together to form a stable sword.

Hidden Blades - Assassin's Creed (2007)

Whether Altair, Ezio, Connor or Arno - All Assassins in Assassin's Creed carry the hidden blades. Altair, the protagonist of the first part, had only one of these deadly weapons. On his wrist His followers attacked thanks to Leonardo da Vinci's ingenuity in Assassin's Creed 2 on a second hidden blade.

The camouflaged short sword is essential for the assassin. It allows namely fleet, but absolutely devastating attacks - both on the ground and from the air. In the development of the series, there were numerous improvements for the hidden blade - such as poison. Arno from Assassin's Creed - Unity actually attack the phantom sword and kill his adversary so that from a distance.

Piano string - Hitman (2000)

What the Assassins are the hidden blades, Agent 47 is the garrote - a piano string. With it, the bald assassin strangled his victims since his first appearance in Hitman - Codename 47. Only the appearance of the handles has changed slightly in the history of the various offshoots.

The piano string is always the best tool for silent attacks. Although takes a deadly attack several seconds, but leaves no traces Agent 47. In Hitman - Absolution he draws completed adversary even with the piano string around and hides them.

Bayonetta (2010)

The witch Bayonetta is not only super sexy, but too damn dangerous. Thanks to the crazy battle system, the action game from Platinum Games quickly turned to the crowd. Bayonetta uses her entire body as a weapon: In combination attacks mutate their hair about to huge fists or even demons off their enemies.

As befits a femme fatale like Bayonetta, they naturally vibrate even guns. And of course emblazoned two shooters on the heels of her high-heeled shoes. How it operates? No idea, but the shoots are all effective.