Assassin's Creed Unity (DLC) Dead Kings walkthrough

The complete solution for Assassin's Creed Unity Dead Kings (DLC - Memory 13) is currently work in progress, so please return to the site often for more updates.


The 13th Memory in the DLC "Dead Kings" puts you in the role of Arno in the Paris suburb of Saint-Denis. This new venue hosts a basilica in which the bones of many French rulers. Napoleon Bonaparte therefore investigated in the deep caves of the earth for a Templar artifact that promises him great power. So you descend into the depths, to forestall the grave robbers.

Because of the difficulty of the missions is quite high and the add-on is linked to the main story, we recommend you the campaign of "Unity" for the time being discontinued. Equipment and skills your assassins are in fact included in the new venue.

Memory 1 Buried words

Difficulty: 3 of 5

In the first mission you must find the royal crypt. Go out the door and move toward the target. We recommend the way to the left of the garden, as in the building patrol there are many guards. Jump over the cars parked on the tree. From up here, you do the first enemy, who is located just below you.

Attempt you move quietly and keep right on building an eye out for an input. Either you take - very classic - just the door or use the wooden plank to get through the window. Now you're looking back in the room with the hole and climb down. If you lackey - as in our case - are still on the heels, you can simply take the ladder down or massacred for fun. The choice is yours!

Once you have arrived in the royal crypt, you open the door in front of you and look for the grave of Louis IX. You realize it at the eye-catching size, in the room next door. Then you get to see a cutscene.

Now you have to follow the militiamen, the captain rose imprisons in the crypt. So run after him until he falls down the abyss and dies. Now take the card and the lantern to you.

With a lantern in his luggage, you must first fill this in the bin provided. Then will return in order to scare the creatures on the wall and climb up. Follow the target marker until you have set fire to two coal basin - this open the door in front of you. Remember always getting back to repopulate the lantern.

To be able to safely complete the following climb, you equip the lantern again so that the bats do nothing. Once at the surface, you get a new goal: the monastery. Run toward the mark.

In the courtyard you should definitely move quietly, otherwise you have fast 10 to 15 men standing in front of you. Use the hideouts and bushes to go unnoticed to the library. This is located in the green highlighted area on your map. From the entrance, you will find the target on the right side. Take equal to the first or second door.

After you've got the book, you have to escape from the monastery and leave the area. Keep an eye out for the stairs that take you to the next floor. There you will find a room with the windows open. Jump out and hide. Now, your first memory is completed.

The book thief - Memory 2

Difficulty: 4 out of 5

The search for the boy Léon, go to the windmill. At the destination, you should initially climb to the lookout point to further unlock the card. Then you have to find entrance to the tunnel. This is also marked on the map. Along the way, you can sneak past the guards and kill them all. You should find the entrance immediately, you can use it to help your eagle eye. This also marks the patrols.

Now you are in the quarry and get to see another short cutscene. Then you make yourselves on the way to the underground tunnel. There are several ways to get there. There Léon keep the looters caught. Kill the other two guards and talk to the little ones. before you can finally free him, you have to kill the leader of the rogue. Once you have done this, flee the other guards.

Open the door to the dungeon and follow Léon. Here you get the Guillotines shotgun that you must use immediately. Kill the minions with ranged and melee attacks and fight your way before Léon.

Once you've found Léon, you run after him a few steps until you have the next cutscene on the screen. After you meet Napoleon, the little boy flees again.

In the next room you have to solve a small puzzle. To open the big steel doors in the middle, you have to activate two platforms. With your lantern you can visualize the fluorescent ink. Thus you can find the way to both platforms. The first can be found on the ground floor, near the entrance of the steel door. For the second you need to complete a short climb and do some looters.

If the doors open, climb to the surface. Here it follows the trail of Léon, until you reach the green area in the map. The brat is located in a small courtyard between high walls and an overturned car. Speak (for felt 1000 times) with him to complete the memory.

A Shadow from the Past - Memories 3

At the beginning of the third memory, you must follow Elise and stop them. To finish the added challenge of over- or under-crosses three objects.

After the chase, you make yourselves on the way to the orphanage where you will find Léon. Here you get a short cutscene again to face. Then you have the third - completed memory - and very short.

Raising the Dead - Memory 4

Difficulty: 4 out of 5

Together with the young Léon, you will find the "key" to the caves. Then it marched towards the Basilica to read the note of Dom Poirier. So you uninterrupted open the first floor, you can climb up and go into the windows the great gate.

After you've found the note, you go out the door again and examined the tower of the sword on the right side of the basilica. Based on the new information, it makes you looking for the relics of Suger. The first puzzle is resolved it by you put yourself on the roof of the monastery. This enabled again your eagle eye, that ye may know better the hidden symbols on the walls. The first icon is also located on the right side, on the outside wall of the basilica.

Now you get shown on the map the location of the second riddle. At the destination, you see a green highlighted area. Here you will find the second and third icon. Climb left on the big building and examined the stone slab at the tower. After you've interacted with, you climb down again and put yourself on the ground on the western side of the building. At the big wooden door you see the third mystery. Now you have "Suger's Legacy 03 Diabolus" completed and identifies the first relic.

Next, run - again - to 250m distant target, compile the second relic. Interact with the marked target. The first puzzle can be found on the back of the mill. Then you walk back and keep eye out on the high stone walls. This is just the second icon. To complete the puzzle, you put yourself to the final destination. The Last Hieroglyph be found again at one of the high stone walls. The site is also marked on the map, so you can make little wrong here. Now you have decrypted the second relic and simultaneously completed the memory.

In the third part of the fourth memory, you must first examine the crypt. Arriving at the convent, you take the stairs back down into the cellar. Between the royal coffins, some guards are waiting for you. You can fight it or just go through to the finish. Once there, you will see a cutscene in which more looters try to open the gate.

Then you need to kill the leaders to instill fear and their lackeys to scare simultaneously. In addition, you must enter where short wait puzzle waiting to be solved by you two rooms. If you opt first for the eastern area, you have the brazier infected using your lantern in the correct order.

The first coal basin, which have to kindle it, which is equal to the first platform. You will then see the inscription. This is also equal to the solution to the puzzle. You must infect the pool in the order in which you would form a cross on your chest.

This means that after the first brazier was lit, it floats on the middle platform and fill your lantern scratch. Now jump even further north and puts the second tank in front of you. Now go to the left, runs past the first brazier and lights at the rear. This consequently repeats her on the right side. You will hear a scream and the spirit of the king disappears. The first puzzle is solved.

Then you climb the black tower again and put yourself to the second destination / Puzzle. Go down and interact with the Spirit. To solve this puzzle, see in the following order (from left) on the platforms. 3 - 1 - 2 – 4 the first time you climb the pillar again and run for the third mystery. After a short climb you have arrived factory on the lower floor.

At the beginning it brings to you the blessing of the Spirit, fill your lantern on new and ignites the coal basin in the middle of the room to. Now you have to bring the four pillars in an appropriate height so that you can climb at the end. You have to activate the platforms as follows:

Taurus: Press the ON times
Leo: press two times
Adler: press three times
Sun: Press four times

Again, the spirit of the king disappears. Climb to the first column (animal with horns, possibly a bull), tunneling you a way up to the top of the building. In the main hall arrived, you have to find the right keyhole. With this, the fourth memoir is complete.

Under Lock and Key - Memory 5

Difficulty: 4 out of 5

At the start of the new memory, you walk to the market. There you hang you on the heels of Napoleon's officers. As usual, you are allowed to not lose sight of your goal. However, you should not get too close to them. To avoid the patrolling guards, you can take advantage of the way across the rooftops of Paris.

At some point, the officer has reached a house. Get on the roof looking at the back of the building, an open window. On the upper floor arrived, you overheard the two soldiers among you. Then you run one of them afterwards and stop him by any means. After you have determined the location of the hideout of the looters, you walk to your next destination.

In the catacombs you follow the path up to the marked area on the map. Here you must track down Napoleon's coveted chest and open it. Either you sneak through the corridors or her does the leader to drive out the other looters mostly. The yellow chest on your minimap is your goal. Have you opened the door, you can loot the entire room.

The Crown of Thorns - Memory 6

Difficulty: 5 out of 5

With the key from Napoleon chest, you can now proceed through the big gate, which has blocked you the way to the artifact.

Once you have fallen into the depths, you may have your lantern once resume. Now go to your destination, you should then fill up with fresh oil. Use Arnos climbing skills until you have to activate on the floor the first platform. Now you have opened the door and have to go out again. Climb right up the wall, balancing on the beams, so that you can jump through the open window. Here you activate the second platform, walk through the next gate and fill your lantern with oil. Then you walk back and climb the window from which you are just arrived. Now you use the bar to continue the way. The wall with the creatures of darkness, is now, thanks to the shining lantern no longer a problem.

In the great hall, you can decide again if your reputation might have served as assassins and sneaking through the enemy masses or whether you massacred them all in cold blood. At the temple you see a cutscene. This is followed by a struggle - done Capitaine rose. For the bonus challenge their parried three enemy attacks. Have you Rose defeated, you need to kill the rest of his lackeys to continue.

Now you have to solve one last mystery, but that is pretty simple. Lit your lantern in front of the gate on the ground in order to make visible the four symbols. Ignite the four basins in the correct order and the mystery is solved. Then climb to the entrance of the gate and grab the relic.

You have to use it in the final meters also clever because otherwise you quickly faded away. Upload the artifact with the indicated key on and let them go as they approach too many enemies. At the same time, you are moving direction output of the temple to complete the DLC.