Citizens of Earth (PC) review

When creating an RPG, especially in the old style, fantastic approach leaves virtually alone. At the end of the day, to create a credible combat system, relying on weapons, armor and magic is almost indispensable. Few games of the genre are able to get out of this bind, because if we rely on the current time how our characters would attack and defend? And the fact of making battles, either in real time or shift, not leads to an epic story as a backdrop.

Few games have gotten away from these conventions. One of the great successes of the saga person, for example, is to achieve break these limits and develop its story in contemporary times, with realistic characters who are not warriors or mages. But to succeed must be supported in a supernatural plot, where the suspension of credulity hangs in the balance when our characters all weapons bought at a store that served in this fantastic world.

Citizens of Earth does something similar, but believe us we are really fighting at the present time it goes all the letters of humor and parody. At the end of the day, we are the vice president of the world that we accompanied first by our mother and brother to fight the problems of our neighborhood, waves of protesters, opposition and other hazards. In fact, our vice president did not struggle. As a good politician, leave everything in the hands of the faithful "subjects" which can recruit adventure along certain requirements and completing side missions that require us to join our cause.

A Familiar Vice

You have to see it to believe it, but it is. The attacks of our mother go through the scolding, anger, punishment or spanking. While other allies like the baker bakes scones to heal teammates or perform thermal attacks. There are units that serve more supportive than attacking, healing weaknesses and replenishing energy points needed to perform the most powerful "magic" they wear and replacing in each innings.

Thus, Citizens of Earth manages to create a set of old-fashioned kind, directly legacy of the overhead time of the role of the 8 and 16 bit, away from the sword and sorcery. Almost like a title created with RPG Maker, but with a distinctive and different from pure pixel style. But is humor that has to hold the entire program to differentiate themselves hundreds of games that follow as standard procedure, and is probably where the work of Eden Industries and Atlus more falters.

The mood which has to hold the entire program to differentiate themselves hundreds of games that follow as standard procedure

His parodies are based on an inept vice president, more concerned holders, hairstyle and to bring the coffee to govern, with his mother who follows her clothing at night and making food. But gradually the plot will focus on political parody, went through many areas and chapters serve as a dungeon, where you will fight (attention) mosquitoes in bubbles, goats phone queues or a plot by seeds biomechanical cafes seek to dominate the population through its special blend of espresso. Sound better than it is, really.

If this is your kind of humor, then you get past the difficult, because the rest of Citizens of Earth is as careful as any good work of turn-based RPG. Its fights are becoming increasingly complicated time, with a handful of skills, strategies to follow and effects to consider. The large number of characters that can recruit on our adventure is such a huge variety of situations, where we will be more useful sometimes have a strong team and other mainstream support an ally to heal the number of states is obtained that weaken us, or do the same with the toughest enemies.

Unfortunately, the graphic style does not help. With some designs for cities and dungeons very, very simple, without any special frills in battles, in attacks or accompanying scenes exploration. Vivid colors, but very flat if they serve to lay the foundations of the game do not quite appeal to the player.

We must be fair: thanks Atlus effort to bring a work to save almost the same depth as the type of role that is used to offer and, above all, with a commitment to originality trying to get out of established patterns; but beyond hitch that pose the fighting, the other major pillar that RPGs are supported for dedication of hours you have to invest a player is a story, or at least approach interesting. It may be that we have not managed to connect with his type of humor, and while it has helped us to see that there is life beyond the epic fantasy genre, do not believe the trip parody of a children's vice president is the answer.

Citizens of Earth is a good RPG in its pure facet of turn based RPG fighting. It has lots of characters and side quests that help to give a huge variety of clashes and situations. Unfortunately, you cannot say the same for its humor and its approach quite forgettable and that does not help us that push to want to move forward to know and see more, which always makes gala this genre. Originality when away from the convention is appreciated, but fails in its simple implementation and unattractive.