Comics: The top 10 Marvel Heroes of 2014

We show the list of the top 10 heroes of 2014 filed by the same Marvel Comics. See the ranking here.

We continue with the counts of the best that left us in 2014. This time we present a ranking of the top heroes of Marvel Comics.

While various specialized sites and followers of the "House of Ideas" have their own list of heroes, this time we present the ranking made by the same Marvel Comics.

This year, Marvel decided to drastically change its staff of heroes, revealing a series of mysteries in Original Sin. Moreover, AXIS exposed the evil of each of its characters next.

Take a look at this list of 10 heroes who have made their mark last year, Marvel's own people.

1. Captain America

2. Captain Marvel

3. Medusa

4. Ms. Marvel

5. Superior Spider-Man

6. Wolverine

7. Deadpool

8. Spider Man

9. Storm

10. The Black Panther