Demi Lovato is elected by CNN the most important celebrity in the fight against mental illness

Demi Lovato was honored for her work to raise public awareness about bipolar disorder, depression and other

CNN reported on Saturday (17) a list of the top celebrities in the fight against mental illness, placing the singer Demi Lovato as the main "fighter" of the case in the United States.

The American, who suffered from bipolar disorder and depression throughout her adolescence and still receives treatment helped numerous organizations to educate the general public about the importance of talking about these problems.

"I want to show the world that there is life - an amazing, wonderful and unexpected life - after diagnosis," said the singer of "Heart Attack" when spoken at the event "National Alliance on Mental Illness" ("National Alliance Mental Illness").

In addition, after the death of her father, Patrick Lovato, the artist founded the Treatment Lovato Scholarship program, which funds treatments for brain diseases for patients who cannot afford to pay for drugs, tests and more.

"I got the help I needed. You can have it too," added the singer.