Disney's Big Hero 6 (UK) movie review

There is no doubt that Disney has big expectations for "Big Hero 6". The film was marketed in prime time in the middle of Christmas Eve-Donald Duck and film posters scream out the message "From the creators of 'Jam' and 'Frost' '. The latter coupling is very peripheral, it turns out, but on the other hand, you quickly realize that "Big Hero 6" does not need any celebrity couplings to go home.

13-year-old Hiro devotes his time to win money in various illegal missile duels. His older brother, Tadashi impels him, however, after much nagging, and instead starts at the university where his well-developed brain will better into his own. It takes a while before you understand that the brothers are of Asian origin, manganese will not be fully realized in this computer-animated format.

Despite the prohibited robot fights in the futuristic melting pot of San Fransokyo’s shady alleys is no future dystopia painted up. On the contrary, inventions, such as the many wind turbines that float above the city, to help mankind.

The Michelin Similar nursing robot Baymax is just such. With the help of Hiro robot war experience, he may kindly go courting however, a more fearsome armor. The school's geeky inventor bunch also form, for the good sake, superhero constellation Big Hero 6. The link to the animated series of the same name is pretty vague, but the devotees get their after the credits when Marvel giant Stan Lee appears in a supporting role.

Just as the best superhero movies are "Big Hero 6" is not just action but also an occasionally very sad story about loss and about friendship. It requires its audience, the age limit is thus something to consider.


  1. Disney mickey movies emphasize on importance of having a good character. Some Disney movies feature characters who initially start as villains but ultimately turn into heroes. Like the one in superhero movie Sky High.


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