Dragon Age 3 - Inquisition kill enemies with one blow

Dragon Age 3 - Inquisition kill enemies with one blow

What's needed is Cheat Engine (CE). Start the game and move to the opponent. Press the [T] button. Look at the health point (HP) of the enemy and switched to CE.

In the Value HP give to the enemy. In the Value Type field MUST switch to float. Run Now FirstScan. After the CE value has been detected it switches over to play and does a little damage on opponents. Again, we go to CE and filter the HP out by the Value field, the new value. It must be about 6-15 values remain. If it still comes in different values - repeat the process. This selects one and presses with the right mouse button (RMB) and choose "Add selected address ...".

Now to choose again these values, in the lower box press "Enter." Now choose to change the number to 1, for example. 0 NO! Again "Enter" and back to the game. Now you are going to get out of the tactics menu and make the opponent finished. And only now you can delete the value back and start all over again.

This trick is suitable for intermediate and bosses - opponents. Have fun playing!