Dying Light (PC) Survival Guide

Survival Guide - Overview

In our Beginner's Guide to Dying Light, we give you some initial tips and tricks on how you can survive in the zombified world. Here you can find everything about the different types of weapons and enemy types Lootspawns. We also give you information about the first game mechanics, such as day and night cycles, and the combat system.

Parkour System: Quick and safe through the city
Experience points and level up in Dying Light
Fight Tips
Kinds of Enemies
Mutation Stages
Day and Night Cycle
Find and Unlock Safe Zones
Military Branches and Gadgets
Find a Better Loot

Parkour System

A special feature of Dying Light is the Parkour System. So you can climb and jump through all of Harran and so escape the ravenous zombies. Almost every edge in the game can climb. Although the goal seems a little too high, worth a try. Most Loot waves on the roofs of the city as a reward for avid explorers. Even at a very high roof, you should keep your eye out for garbage at the foot of the building. Jump into bags to avoid fall injuries. This is extremely helpful to quickly get back on the ground and continue the journey.

Levels - Practice Makes Perfect

In Dying Light you get experience points for specific actions that you can invest in your skill points later. Unlike other games, it rises but here in three different categories in which you collect independently XP. To arrange this, of course, also perform different actions. In the table you see a first overview of how quickly it drives your leveling up. If you want an accurate read on the skills in Dying Light, then take a look at our comprehensive skill guide.

Unlockable skills
Actions for experience
Survival Rank More inventory slots, longer-lasting equipment, temporary buffs Quests done, collect airdrops, rescue survivors
Tight turning Stage Dodge, rolling, sliding Climb, jump and escape zombies
Power level Enhanced strength, various attacks Each attack and any creative attack (combos)

Tips Fight with Brains

Also fighting in Dying Light to be learned. In this section we restrict ourselves to a few helpful tips for combat system. Want to know more? Then take a look at the various genera and opponents weapons and gadgets in the game below. As with almost all zombie cycles: Aim for the head. For critical matches, whether by blow - or firearms, it is recommended to the sensitive spot your opponent target. It is also advisable in human opponents you'll encounter in the course of your adventure in Dying Light.

Another useful tip: Use your tread regularly. With this you think you are not only destroy zombies, but also save on endurance. In contrast to melee weapons you consume with the passage no valuable endurance. If this is applied, you must first recover completely and are meanwhile almost defenseless. In addition, you have the opportunity in the game later, to further improve the passage through skills.

Human Kinds of Enemies

In Dying Light there are two different types of threats. On the one hand you have the horde of zombies that you want to virtual leather and on the other the enemy survivors. We show you which enemy comes in Dying Light and how to proceed against them. A good overview gives you the box to the enemy types and mutation steps.

Human Opponents

Rais Men: These bats are among the Warlord Rais, the Harran has in his grasp. They are equipped with melee weapons or even firearms. Especially at the beginning of the game you should definitely stay away from them. Only if you have some skills and weapons then you can battle. Since they usually occur in groups, they are always dangerous.

Patrol Leaders: The leaders are much better equipped than the normal bat. You should attack them, because they are the biggest threat. They can withstand significantly more damage before they fall to the ground. So take your best weapon at hand, if you regard the leader.

Hostile survivor: Not all survivors depend on your help. Some try to trick you and will attack you as soon as the opportunity arises. So be always alert and pay attention to your surroundings when you save someone. Apart from the element of surprise, the survivors are usually equipped with only sparse and there are no great danger in battle. It is only burned when jump several enemies at you. Remain calm and then use the Dodge skill to avoid being encircled.

Mutation Stadiums

Mutation stage
Zombie style
Special Features
Step 1: Breakthrough Infested Infested not bite, but are fast and aggressive. They are more like survivors, as zombies, because they are in an early stage of infection.

Fiends Very strong Infected. They carry powerful weapons and have a high operation range. Uses the Dodge skill and lands a few hits in order to strike down with time.
Step 2: Transfer Biter Slow zombies that run in packs through the city and are attracted by the noise. You Can be dangerous only in the majority and in the night. Then, they are faster and stronger.

Suits Scientist in protective suits that have become infected. You can not bite, but beating. Tried the gas tank on her back to make.
Level 3: Failed outbreak Rammer Particularly strong Infected that stand out by its pure muscle. Wait till they attack you, then dodges to connect to land a few hits.

Toads These toxic infected spit a poisonous substance on you. This attack can also overcome some distance. Eliminates this first opponent in a group to build you doubt a distance between you and your enemies.


\This Zombie style will try to get you as close as possible and then to blow up in the air to entrain you. Tried it with ranged weapons or eliminate discards.
Tight turning Stage Screamers This little zombie genre is no physical danger. However, they emit a shrill cry that stuns you immediately attracts close zombies. So tried it off quickly or getting around, so they do not cause reinforcement.
Step 4: Rise Shadow Hunter Shadow Hunters are the most dangerous type of zombies in Dying Light. They occur only at night (See also day and night cycles). Proceed very tactical and persecute you over long distances. Most guarding nests in which to grow more Shadow Hunter. An attack on it is extremely dangerous.

Day and Night Cycles

In Dying Light result, depending on the time of day, completely different game situations. On the day you have mainly slow zombies as enemies. Only the other survivors, as Rais men, you can be really dangerous when they attack with group. This time of day most tasks that Collectibles sag and look around for prey. The whole thing changes quickly when the night falls.

At night all the zombies are much stronger and more agile. Rooftop no longer serve you here as a safe refuge, because the undead can overcome these hurdles. In addition, you always have to do it again with shadow hunters. This particular zombie genre is as agile as dangerous. The visual radius of the hunters you see on your minimap. If you discover one of the hunters, you quickly have to look into the distance. The open struggle against these zombies is almost hopeless. To quickly gathered a horde and run over you.

The only point of retreat is the safe zones, which you can find on the map everywhere. For more information on how you unlock them, you will find under the same heading. So go to the Safe Zone or the tower to save. However, in the night continuously experience point if you find yourself outside. If you survive a night, you get a very big bonus. So you always have to weigh the risk against the profit.

Safe Zones Find and Unlock

Safe Zones are secure areas of Dying Light. Here you can manage your inventory and skip time by using the bed. During the campaign you must activate some of these zones in order to progress. However, there are optional Safe Zones that are available to you. You should stumble across one of these zones, it unlocks to keep your escape routes briefly in the night.

The free end of the shift is the same for each safe zone. Seek them out first on the map. You will know in the red house icon. Then you have to check the access points and ensure that no zombies can get into the field or in the building. Finally, you just need to find the power switch and switch on. Then the lights are turned on, they protect you in the night from the zombies.

Weapons and Gadgets Index

In Dying Light, there are different types of weapons, which you can find in the course of the campaign. These range from rudimentary melee weapons on arms with modifications to firearms. Melee weapons are silent, but need to be repaired with metal parts when they lose their durability. This can happen only a few times before they become unusable. So always pay attention to the number of possible repairs.

In addition, there are some throwing weapons such as grenades and throwing stars. These are perfect to destroy some zombies from a distance, before you go into the melee. In this way you can develop a tactical advantage. So take your enemy under fire from rooftops before you approach.

The most powerful weapons are the weapons in Dying Light. Hand weapons and assault rifles, sniper rifles to everything is represented. However, you must always weigh the benefits of these weapons. They are so loud that other zombies or survivors are attracted by the noise. Go, therefore exercise caution with firearms.

The last category of equipment are gadgets such as flashlight or UV light. With the latter you think you briefly avoid the zombies in the night. Flares give you a portable safe zone that keeps for the duration of illumination Zombies. You get the grappling hook later in the game. With it you can quickly zoom and pull tabs so better navigate the city. To protect you still have a shield with which you can fend off enemy attacks and parry later.

Loot Find

There are various ways in Dying light to reach better weapons or other items. Search all containers and cabinets when you enter a new room. The whole thing is made you much easier by the Survivor sense. This ping shows you all the objects with which you can interact in the game world. As a result, you will quickly find items, which you can use for crafting or action.

Items such as cigarettes or coffee are particularly valuable and will bring you a lot of money. Sell them to the local merchants in the city or in the tower. With the gained money you can buy better weapons and other items. Given that the range changes as soon as you ascend in rank survival. In the same skill tree there are even some skills that you permanently reduce prices in stores.

But even in the city can find excellent weapons. These are located in locked boxes which can be found on the roofs of buildings. These crates you can crack only with a skeleton key. For this you need to find the right spot in the mini-game to unlock it. Hear it just for the click of the lock. If the sound is a bit metallic and higher than the others, you are in the right place. In addition, you can try around a bit before the Dietrich breaks.