Famous artists who refuse to Stream Their Music on Spotify and YouTube

Taylor Swift, Thom Yorke, Prince and legendary Beatles refuse to be part of new music platforms. Learn why.

Although it seems that all artists have taken advantage of new features in the music industry that downloads and CD sales have plummeted and the new music platforms are dominating, there are some musicians who refuse to expose their music on Spotify, Youtube and many other platforms.

Taylor Swift

She is not available on Spotify.

REASON: Swift and her record label, Big Machine, seem to be waiting for Spotify catalog includes only 'premium', pay. "I'm not willing to contribute my work to an experiment that does not compensate enough for writers, producers, artists and creators of this music," she said shortly after success with her new album named "1989" released in October. Until now Spotify has refused to change. Onsite catalog Swift appears on paid streaming services like Rhapsody, Tidal and Beats Music.

Jason Aldean

He is not available on Spotify.

REASON: "I want everyone involved in creating my music being paid fairly," were his words.


He is not available on YouTube.

REASON: I really don’t know exactly. Prince has had a love-hate relationship with YouTube, posting impressive material gig while removing most of his songs and albums. On the contrary, his two albums, 2014 are in Spotify, like most of his classic catalog, but the Emancipation is noticeably absent.

Garth Brooks

He is not available on any platform.

REASON: The country megastar refuses to iTunes, YouTube (which he calls "the devil") and any other online music service except for his own download stores Tunes Ghost.

Bob Seger

He is not available on any platform.

REASON: Due to a long dispute between the management of Seger and Capitol Records. "The music business is 50 percent of what it was 10 years ago, so they are trying to cut costs. Until it is resolved, we leave very little outside” recently he told to Rolling Stone.


The band is not available on any platform.

REASON: The vocalist Maynard James Keenan has never allowed their catalog of the nineties to include on streaming service. Digital music, told the Phoenix New Times in 2013, "you can not touch, or feel, or experience". His side project Puscifer, however, is available everywhere.

King Crimson

The band is not available on any platform.

REASON: Robert Fripp, has criticized the unfair payments for digital music, Crimson has been out of iTunes until recently. Not yet find In the Court of the Crimson King or Red on any digital platform.

Pete Townshend

He is not available on any platform.

REASON: Townshend believed that iTunes is a 'digital vampire' and has not changed course in the era of streaming.

Thom Yorke

He is not available on any platform.

REASON: Spotify, Yorke called 'the last desperate fart of a dying corpse'. But the albums Yorke unchecked, including most of Radiohead catalog, are available

The Beatles

The band is not available on any platform.

REASON: Are the Beatles, the kings of rock.