FIFA 15: Team of the Year in Ultimate Team mode

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team mode and just received the special cards based on the best players of the season. Released annually, the Team of the Year contains enhanced versions of the athletes with the best performance in real fields. Check out the elect.

The TOTY cards can be earned from gold packages Ultimate Team mode. But they are quite rare: to get them, it takes many tries and a good dose of luck. To overcome the difficulty, players are extremely competent and can be sold for fortunes in the game auctions.


The defense team of the year - one of the most contested at the awards - is undeniably strong. Formed by the German champions of the world Nuer and Lahm, the defense is made by the Spanish Sergio Ramos, champion of the Champions League with Real Madrid. The "kitchen" also features Brazilian Thiago Silva and David Luiz.

The highlight is the speed of the defenders: one of the most important attributes of the game. The numbers in defense and physical are also absurdly high, hindering the offensive attacks of the opponents, whether the high or the floor.

The most expensive defenders goalkeeper Manuel Neuer is, which comes to cost one million two hundred thousand pieces. The second most expensive is Ramos, in the house of one million, while greater account is David Luiz, which is only 450,000 coins.


Formed by Iniesta, Di Maria and Tony Kroos, the middle year of the team's field has everything the industry needs to equip the attack, not to mention the ability to finish the play.

The highlight is the Argentine Manchester United, who shone in the World Cup with the shirt of Argentina. In the last edition of the Champions League, the player raised his glass for Real Madrid. We have reached almost two and a half million coins.

Other options are the beautiful half of rivals Real Madrid and Barcelona, with attributes very high in passing and dribbling. In addition, they have a quality long distance finishing Kroos, which is also great collector of faults.


It is no coincidence that this is one of the most anticipated and valued sectors. The team's attack of the year has Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi, winning seven of the last ten balls of gold. The trio is closed by the Dutch Robben, main name of the beautiful campaign in the Netherlands in the World Cup and star of the victorious Bayern Munich.

The letters are the most powerful in history, complete with a Cristiano Ronaldo 99, maximum possible level in the game. The values are also scary, with the Portuguese coming to cost 10 million coins, while Messi is at around 6 million. Robben can be found for about 4 million coins.