Grey Goo (PC) All Missions Guide

Here you will find all the missions, which have to be fulfilled in Grey Goo, in addition to some strategy tips:

Battle: Hunter’s Valley (Mission 1)
Battle: Ruk’s bend (Mission 2)
Battle: The Quarry (Mission 3)
Battle: The Trench (Mission 4)
Battle: The Crash site (Mission 5)
Battle: The Headwaters (Mission 6)
Battle: The Wetlands (Mission 7)
Battle: The Observatory (Mission 8)
Battle: Mago's Pass (Mission 9) 
Battle: The Terminal (Mission 10)
Battle: The Cauldron (Mission 11)
Battle: The shallows (Mission 12)
Battle: The Grotto (Mission 13)
Battle: The Barricade (Mission 14)
Battle: The Aperture Device (Mission 15)

To be continued ...

Battle: Hunter’s Valley (Mission 1)

At the beginning of your first mission, you should build a refinery and put the extractor on the Resources field, south of the base. Consequently, you should build a factory and produce units. After about 4 minutes in fact carried out the first enemy attack that needs to be stopped.

But don’t worry! This is only a very small force that could hardly do any damage. It is also recommended the same to build a second factory, so you can expand your troops quickly.

Follow it with a few units the only path that there are to follow, you come across "undergrowth", which can be destroyed with a single attack. How mr issues, entrench yourself there three daggers. This should not be a problem. You also encounter equal to the nearest unit, a Gladius. This can already cause significantly more damage, but as long as you are still in majority, also eliminated quickly.

The narrow passage ends and leads you to an open valley, where you will meet an air reconnaissance. This can hurt you, so we ignored it further. He vanishes already a short time later. Much more attention should give to the daggers that are busy in the northwestern part of the valley, to destroy a Katalyst-vent plug. Destroy them and take them off the job, because underneath is to find another resource space.

Build near a small distributor and link to a refinery to harvest the resource. It can not hurt another, at best, average distributor to position near to build more factories and to increase troop constant. After storm brought every few minutes attacker, whose number increases further with time.

Tip: Always remember to train units, click the factory and then click the circular arrow. Consequently, click on the unit you just form to automatically form again and again.

Pulling further, you come across an outpost, which is guarded. Destroy the enemies and leave the building for the time being ignored (you can not be attacked). Once this is done, repair pad that you have just found, repair and use.

Tip: To repair a building, you click on the second of three icons on the minimap (wrench)

Around the distributor you can now have a place for the newly registered extensions select (armored and airborne extension).

Important: Don’t forget the factory! A factory that is not connected to the manifold with the extensions, these extensions cannot use namely.

In order to fulfill the bonus target that builds armored extension and a factory and forms from predators. These are stronger than your previously built units.

Again, follow attacks, which you have to resist. Take care to destroy the howitzers. This could easily be overlooked because their reach beyond your field of vision. They wreak surface damage and it would be a shame to lose all the units previously generated so hard again.

Do you feel prepared to take you on, you're aware that you get to do it with the main base of the enemy! You don’t need long hours of training units, but also dares not too early. A counter-attack could cost you big distributor so at worst.

Simply destroyed the first enemy units and is dedicated to you right after the factory. So your enemy is no longer able to train units and you have all the time in the world to destroy the entire main base.

Have you done that, the mission is successfully completed! Congratulations!

Battle: Ruks Bend (Mission 2)

Tip: To build a large factory, you need only the small standard factory. In addition, an extension of the same distributor should be connected where you want to build a large factory.

Do you have some commands (or later predators) ensures you the best with wall from the towers and let them use it as a gun. For here a defense already fall noticeably heavier as if in the first mission.

In the north-west of our base we find the farm at which we should eliminate resident enemies to come closer to our target bonus one step. This farm is the only one of the three farms, which is really easy to release. Only three daggers face towards us. If these are removed, we get a "thanks" reinforcement in the form of five commands.

Caution Marching north instead of taking the road to the east of your base, you will be attacked by an elevated level, while other enemies on the other side a charge on you. The problem: Your sight, because it is not given to the higher level. Send your troops so as soon as possible on the hill and eliminates these bombers. Have you done that, refuels on units! It is far more difficult to you.

So rather than continue to march to the north, it is recommended to take the path (from the base) to the southeast. Here you encounter a new resource-source, but also an enemy base, which is not difficult to destroy. In addition, the next farm is directly above and can be secured.

To the northeast is the nearest enemy's base. In the last farm. Here wait howitzers, daggers and defense towers on you, so be well prepared!

Is the third and last base destroyed (In the best case, the farm also saved previously), our mission is considered complete. Continue with the quarry!

Battle: The Quarry (Mission 3)

As a bonus mission here have the order to destroy the enemy before he reaches 25,000 resources, it is necessary to hurry.

In the south of your base you will find a second natural resources. To bring on this one extractor, you need only one unit that send you to the vicinity to discover the field of view.

The three depots, which you shall equip with refineries are marked on the map. You can build directly on these deposits which, even before they can be achieved with a single unit. Share it cannot be that, when they are constantly under attack. The extractor does not have to be built for this purpose, but it is a nice bonus, as can usually be found nearby natural resources.

Tip: Your base is not attacked in this mission hardly to why you should focus attention primarily to the depot.

Every five minutes, are also exposed to your building an earthquake. After some time, they are more often. So make repair your buildings and over again.

It is also recommended here predators in walls that are best rings built around the depot to house. If you don’t you just feel strongly consider the depot let in the north aside and focus you on the other two.

Tip: There is a woody area between the central and the south-eastern depot. If you your artillery and a few units that protect them, turns off there, you have good cards because your units so only can be detected when the enemy comes dangerously close.

Will you destroy the enemy base (ie the bonus target in time to meet), you will find between the forest and the depot in the center of the map a cairn. Ruined her this, you come immediately into the enemy, but strongly guarded camp. Of course you can also try on the east, but there are waiting in line on walls between you and artillery, which makes it difficult for you to move forward.

Have you collected 45 boxes by the depots or destroy the enemy base, the mission is completed.

Battle: The trench (Mission 4)

In the north of the base you have space for two extractors, but let yourselves with the second bit of time!

You are in fact attacked in the first few minutes of radians, drovers and runners. Tactics is needed!

Station a tower (wall) directly to the right of your extractor and continues into the available right from the start predator. Also builds a factory immediately. Placed two or three walls and east of the base and is in a few commands you will need them.

Tip: If commands of sit in the towers, then on forms Stalker (you set far more damage).

Only then is a good time for the second refinery. After three minutes, you'll get it in an emergency, even with a constructor (Siege Tank) to do, so be prepared. Hailstorm here are great because they can fire over the walls, while the enemy should be abgelengt with your towers.

Tip: Build and air units, as they Goo's are not prepared for air strikes!

A little further east you have the opportunity to two other refineries. But does not advance too far ahead, because as things look different. So stay with the troops in the vicinity of your new refineries and defended this as usual with walls and artillery. You can now also file your flying units and destroy some of the strong units. The Hand of Ruk, whose construction should prepare now.

Have you found a safe place for a large distributor and all its available places, expanding it and fitted it with all extensions and factories that you have to build your hand!

Pay attention to the time! After the hand Ruks leaves the factory, it requires at least 5 minutes to complete the mission within the time limit!

Tip: Equips Ruk’s hand with predators. Take it as a gun position (similar to the walls) a.

Depending Other times you can also the mother of the Goos seek and destroy. They usually crawling around in the East and is difficult to identify due to their motion. If the time is tight, then nothing like on the specified destination in the east of the map!

Ruks hand is strong on distance and can take a lot, but he's not invincible! Especially when tons of enemies behind him. Let's leave them alone but not distracting, but simply reached the goal and mission is accomplished!

Battle: The crash site (Mission 5)

We have the mission to defend our position until reinforcements arrive. That's 15 grueling minutes.

Luckily we found right at the start of the mission against a wall that was built around our headquarters. This is partly guardian, in part, the courts are still full.

We are fighting back against the Goo's, which send masses of units to us to make us the survival difficult.

Position hailstorm close to the walls to decimate your enemies quickly when they arrive. A good support while offering the hand of Ruk, which is also from the beginning, but badly damaged, is one of the party.

Tip: Even if the hand of Ruk is also very strong in such a condition, it is not recommended to use it to attack Fiende outside the walls. One mistake and it is destroyed.

Caution: If the artillery is not too close to your walls. If time is short, you also get visited by Kraken, which your artillery can decompose quickly.

Are the 15 minutes around, gets her reinforcement in the form of a second hand of Ruk. You should use them equal to launch a counter-attack. It is recommended that they preface about the East, as most enemy units in the center of the map their path cross and so your hand can quickly destroy. Destroy all nests that can find.

Tip: Build as soon as possible Repair-pad and search new resource sites that you like the ever built walls. Otherwise, your enemy is using these resources and attacks you with more and more units.

In order to reach your new destination, you have all the nests and roosts do all your enemies. This can become a tedious process, since these districts are mobile and would like "slime" of a resource unit to the next.

Tip: Restrict the way for them using walls from (as seen in the pic on the mini-map) to restrict their range of motion.

Once you have completed this goal, it goes on to the next mission!

Battle: The headwaters (Mission 6)

For the first time in the campaign put hand on the human people. Right from the start it says: enemy contact.

But it is only a few weak units of Goo's. As a human race you have the technology to build defense systems, anti-heavy guard. This should make in no time that you do not disturb these creatures further.

Southeast of the map can be found in front of a Goo-nest. It knocks off immediately if you follow him. Should you do so, get on a few units taken that want to stop you, destroy it. Eliminat the Fiende first then you have access to a new technology, the tank extension.

In contrast to the beta you have here any extension mount where it is needed, which means that the expansion tank must be attached directly to the factory. In the north you will receive by turning off the enemy presence also new technologies. The artillery enlargement, and the artillery guard.

Tip: Do you want to complete the bonus objectives, you should not continue for the time being you venture. Otherwise, it could well be that you have completed all the opponents and the mission is automatically completed successfully.

Battle: The Wetlands (Mission 7)

This time your goal is to find Singleton and escape capsule. At first you have enough time to build. Familiarize yourself with the people before you go forward, but stores better.

Northwestern (marked on the map) can be found in front of the first part of your bonus target, because here you will discover a disabled drone. If you round off all the enemies around these drones, you can activate and control them.

South-west of your base, even over the next forest area, you will find a new source of resources. If you installed rails, you can build quite near a refinery.

South in the forest lurks a fairly large number of enemy units. So engage just before there if you feel confident enough.

Tip: Just below this forest is the next resource site. The problem is that enemy attacks pass over this way and so should your extractor, you still want to build a refinery, probably often is destroyed. In order to counteract can hide in the woods and secure with additional units their artillery.

To the southwest of the map is the enemy base. Just to the right next to Singleton, heavily guarded and protected by walls. You should for safety have reached the maximum capacity of the unit and then dare you there.

Have you Singleton free, it is appropriate to continue the attack on the main base of the enemy. Thus, the beta are distracted and do not reflect heavily on Singleton which you are to escort back to the main base.

If you realize that he can not even destroy the main base, draws you back. The main thing you have singleton now brought to safety. If the base is destroyed, it's time to head to the next mission.

Battle: The Observatory (Mission 8)

Right from the start it has anti-aircraft units needed her urgently too. But after a short time, you will get it to do with land units.

Northeast of the base is another natural resources. If you build you with the tracks in the area, don’t forget it, nor to build defense towers previously.

Tip: Build yourselves with the bills continues to advance, equipped it with a heavy-guards and anti-aircraft towers. Establish the artillery defenses at a great distance behind.
This can in fact shoot very far!

Following the path, you can still find a resource deposits.

Tip: Watch out for the woods! Here lurking enemy units.

Behind the Mountains of natural resources is an enemy base, which preferably air units and air defense.

Attention air defense units of the beta is seized, even to attack land units!

If you feel for an attack, do so as soon as possible because your extractors repeatedly exposed to enemy fire (through air units and / or artillery).

Once you have destroyed the base, build the tracks to discovered new mineral deposits. Air units you are now, more rarely bother with the destruction of the first enemy camp.

North and west of a small piece of the map is the nearest enemy base. Turn you from this, the production of heavy units is reduced.

Tip: Behind the walls is no forest. Entrench you there in order to largely remain undetected while you destroyed the walls.

The last camp of the enemy is waiting to be destroyed. Follow the path heading north and then east, you encounter it. At best, have the maximum number of units to fend for yourselves here, because here waiting again all of you. Of occupy walls to light as well as heavy troops and more.

Will you previously complete the bonus objective, however, you must collect only the boxes that store around the natural resources.

Have you done the last base, the victory is yours!

Battle: Mago's Pass (Mission 9)

Refugees seeking protection in the security systems. On the way there, but they are in danger. It should not be too many die, otherwise the mission is failed.

In the north of your base you can at the very beginning find another resource site. You should as soon as possible equip with heavy artillery and guard towers to protect yourself as possible.

The refugees run out of the entrances of the building to the respective numbers in 3 plants. Your task is to protect it at this time.

To them not everything "chasing" note on patrols.

Under the security Sang location, north of the map, you have a forest by yourself you can hide.

The security system south of the map, is located close to your base. In addition, a forest is very close. To protect the people along the way, should not be a problem.

But there is also a third plant in whose vicinity there is no way to hide. Here you should leave the bulk of your army.

Every few minutes, run off a new "wave" of civilians to seek shelter in the Appendices. So you have time to prepare you. If you can focus the construction of the message you Portes incidentally also Nocha fu, you can also enter the bonus target.

Tip: Soltet you have trouble, keep after the Goo-quarters look out. Turn her from her roll on less Feridne

Battle: The Terminal (Mission 10)

Our goal is simple. Destroy the Goo and protect our newfound friends’ basis.

To complete our target bonus, we could from now on our Alpha, the elite unit of the people who build.

Southwest, northeast, and northwest of our base is located in each case a resource site that should give us plenty of resources to the end of our battle. Protect yourself with walls and builds a refinery if you have enough resources to do so, and the construction is not unnecessarily interrupted.

Initially, your friends can not defend very well alone. Later, however, they succeed only hard to survive. To help them out, ask a few units from nearby. Can you guard them well throughout the game, they are good allies and take you from a lot of work.

Caution: During the game you will encounter for the first time on a hostile elite unit. This is extremely difficult to remove unless you yourself can still show no elite unit.

Do not forget that you keep time, you should definitely want to venture.

Do you have finally stopped the Goos, then you have completed the mission successfully! Good job!

Battle: The Cauldron (Mission 11)

From now on, you're playing the third and final race in Grey Goo. Your task is to free the mother-Goo should be completed unseen, at best, otherwise you do not fulfill the bonus target.

Tip: There are two paths that you can follow. The path to the east is monitored by two drones. It will therefore be easier for you to follow the path north to a forest. Provide the most units there move from now on, is too high to be discovered.

Take a drover (they are small and faster than the other units) and you move eastward. Will seek to ensure possible to migrate south as the enemy base directly on the node of the map.

Tip: Achieve its easy-to-sighted forest, crawl as quickly as possible because any moment might appear a drone. It is west of the forest land wait a few seconds before it moves north. Take the chance, as soon as they disappeared into thin air in order to destroy the quarry, south of your position,

Behind the quarry awaits your main goal waiting to be activated by fire.

Your new goal: To destroy the main base of the enemy

The Goo mother should put on a resource base immediately. Once a bar, which represents the amount of resources collect, is filled, you can train the little amoeba, which in turn can form three different standard units. Wait a little longer, you can form a second Goo-nut and collect more resources!

Tip: The Goo mother can crawl over any terrain. Whether forest, swamp or mountain makes no difference to them.

Should destroy the enemy base hardly be a problem. The only hurdle could be the heavy guard, which always times like reconstructs our enemy.

Tip: Your most effective unit is the Goo-mother herself! She is building decompose quickly!

Battle: The shallows (Mission 12)

Dre encryption nodes are to be found and destroyed. These nodes flying around in the area and therefore have no fixed position. Therefore, it is important that you do not crash you in danger, just look at this.

If you are moving with every new mother-Goo to the next occurrence resources, you give a few units along the way, so that it can always be sure.

Tip: Close to almost every occurrence resources you will find a forest. So you work with tactics forward. Build parent-Goo, move to the next space resources. Unit with chic on the way and they hide in the nearest forest.

Have (seen on the picture) you all encryption nodes destroyed, you will get a new task: Chop the MUM and protect the mother-Goo.

To do this you have a nut-goo "attack" the main building of the enemy. However, only begins when you are sure to be able to fend off some attacks. A timer starts. When the time is up and your Muttergoo the building still "hacks," you have won!

Battle: The Grotto (Mission 13)

The cave should probably be called "the wall" because of it you will be more than enough to get to see in this mission.

But it is easy to destroy and to unit that are on foot, you encounter rarer than in so many other missions.

You start again with a goo mother and a few units.

Tip: To attack walls used Kraken. Thus, these also have a field of view it without coming to the attention of them, you need either a unit with great visibility (mother-Goo) or a unit that can take a lot of damage.

There are again small bases which should destroy it before you should go to the main base of the enemy.

With its destruction it weakens your enemy much, so it pays to explore the entire map.

If you attack the main base, do not forget to leave your Octopus run last. If this enemy fire exposed, it is fast with them.

Have you wiped out the base, it is to hack the communication phalanx. Of course, one of your Goo-mothers is to again necessary.

Battle: The Barricade (Mission 14)

Build Goo-mothers, she sends to the six resources seats available to you in the lower half available and do not wait too long to build your elite unit.

Remove not the walls that separates you from the other half of the map, you will constantly attacked. So be well prepared!

Attention! You do not get to do with one but with two hands of Ruk. In addition, you expect eight enemy bases that you have to turn off and a lot of air units that make you life difficult.

The most important thing in this mission is to demonstrate patience. With how many units you also attack.

Tip: Build the best two cleaners, give them a few destructors and air defenses along the way. The hands of Ruk also come to you, if you do not overextend so they let on "your" half of the map come and send your / cleaner close to this approach. Not only that, the hand is rapidly decomposed, it may be made of such scarce distance not fire his big gun!

Once Ruk defeated, the rest of the mission is significantly easier. Be careful of a base at a time. All of them are occupied with walls and different units, but the fewer bases there are, the easier it will fall to you the next attack.

Once you have destroyed all the bases, it goes on to the next mission!

Battle: The Aperture Device (Mission 15)

In the last mission you have to take three control nodes, each with a goo mother and hold.

You can (northeast) to attack and destroy the base of the beta (northwest) and the base of the people. Then you have to do a little less, but still constantly attacks follow.

Tip: Before you shall possess one of these, let your Goo-mothers on the location provided degrade resources and then forming units. Only when you possess the control node, take the attacks.

Soon after you got control of all three Puntke, you got the message that the hand of Ruk was built and must be stopped. This destroyed follows the elite unit of the people, the Alpha.

Tip: Even if you have previously destroyed the bases, the elite units must be conquered.

After you have held the control points, you have to chop again. The building to which we are concerned is marked north on the map.